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3.5 out of 5 stars26
3.5 out of 5 stars
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on 21 January 2014
I can guarantee that on first playing this you will love it, stunning graphics, initially plenty to do and explore, fun gunfights, what's not to like? Unfortunately there only so many times you can blow up a chicken with a rocket launcher before you realise that the main story isn't all that great and that the bolt on missions are very lightweight. Far Cry 2 was the superior game for me, this one feels a little lightweight, almost like Assassins Creed with guns.
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on 31 July 2014
Great game if you're willing to put the time in. The story is top notch, keeps you involved. Immersive and beautiful environment keeps your attention when free roaming. Action is for the most part quite arcadey but fun.
My only problem is you have to put in longer than I'd like to hunt animals across the map to upgrade your character. If you dont you'll constantly be annoyed by low ammo, full loot bag, no ability to switch weapons for different situations and lack of ability to craft more syringes. Sometimes the hunting is fun but I mostly found it tedious, saying that the game is huge and overall its a relatively small annoyance. Great replayability with upgrades, skills and collectibles. Liberating outposts never gets boring too.
Would recommend.
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on 14 November 2013
If recent computer games have taught me anything it is to make sure that I am never shipwrecked on a remote island. Gone are the days of speaking to a handball and instead you will be chased around the inlets by crazy death loving criminals. It has happened to Lara Croft and it happens in `Far Cry 3'. You play Jason, a bloke stranded on an island and separated from his friends. You must sneak and kill hundreds of psychopathic enemies to gather your pals and get off the island.

The `Far Cry' series has always been a slow burn for me and not something that I have any real attachment too. I have played all the games in the series, but found each a little overlong and dry. `Far Cry 3' is the best yet. The game is basically a first person shooter with limited open world aspects. Over time, large areas of the island open up to you; you can takeover enemy strongholds, undertake hunting missions, or partake in a race or two. All these run parallel to a story that has you trying to escape from more than one absolute psychopath.

It is integral for your advancement in the game that you undertake at least some of the side missions. Doing so gives you experience and money that can be spent on bettering your character, if you wish to take on some of the harder missions later in the game; you will need to have unlocked some of the more advanced fighting techniques. Thankfully, the side missions are excellent fun; especially the base battles. You can look around for a weakness and try and exploit it via stealth or all out action. The main story missions open up the game further and it is here that you get some excellent set pieces.

With plenty of the island to explore and a multiplayer mode, `Far Cry 3' is good value for money. The graphics are impressive and the shooting mechanics work very well. I was less impressed with the driving, as I careened down another valley by mistake. An area that did impress was the voice acting. The bad guys in particular were portrayed in a chilling fashion that really added to the game. `Far Cry 3' is perhaps a little generic in places to stand out as a classic of this generation, but it remains a very impressive title.
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on 1 June 2014
Something that has always frustrated me about open world games is that they are either allow you to do lots of things, but none of them are particuarly well done, like Skyrim. Or they are like every Rockstar game ever and have tedious and awkward on-foot controls. In FarCry 3 everything is well done or really well done and it all fits togethor extremely well. FarCry 3 is not just another generic FPS at all and it is well worth checking out. All mechanical aspects of this game have great attention to detail, the story doesn't, but i couldn't care less. I play games for the GAMEplay!
THE GAMEPLAY: FarCry 3 is an exceptionally well polished first person shooter, the controls are excellent and there is a lot of attention to detail, from sliding across the floor into cover, peeping in and out of it effectively when aiming out of it and the incredibly satisfying stealth kills with your machete where your character lurched forwards and sends his weapon straight your his opponents heart. It's actually a motivation to do this because it's so satisfying and rewarding to do so. The gunplay is really well done and has the precise controls of CoD combined with challenging A.I. encounters that will force you to be stealthy to survive on harder difficulty modes. This is meant to be a stealth game and it works very well as one and by far my favourite way to play this game is on the hardest mode with the spotted alert and hit detector guide off, so that you have to completely rely on your own point of view and wits to avoid detection and to figure out where you are being shot from if you are. This is the true experience and is definetly the best way to play it. If however you find this too hard or offputting there are plenty of difficulty modes and options to tailor it. The island the game is based on allows for effective and tactical use in order to survive and hunt and clever use of it is effective when taking enemy strongholds and doing missions. Getting around this island can be done on foot, various vehicles on both land and water and by hang glider! Hang gliders are short lived but great fun! All of them are. They are all fun to use, have high production values and attention to detail. The game effectively implements RPG elements in the form of a skill tree and crafting mechanics. They give you the motivation to build yourself up and add so much more to this game, really seperating it from other first person shooters. Acquiring the ability to drop kill an enemy with a knife from a height or reload your sniper rifle whilst still using the scope mean each advancement makes you feel more and more like Rambo! There are two drawbacks to this though, one is that some skills are useless, but the majority are not and it can be hard to pick which ones you'll buy and which ones you'll earn later. The other is that is suffers from the same crap every RPG suffers from to give it some fake depth: you start off completely incompetent and have to grind so that you can carry more than one gun and a handful of ammo. This isn't too bad though, you'll soon get going with stealth and smart use of what you do have. This game has REAL depth and complexity, this is not Dark Souls. The island is yours to fight for control of, to explore and just plain have fun with. The wild animals will stalk and attack you, plenty of times i have had a nasty shock sneeking up on an enemy base only to be attacked by a Tiger, Komodo Dragon and even bears. This is an aspect of the game that is really well developed, the animal inhabitants of the island act just like real animals and make the island more believable and fun.
THE GRAPHICS/PERFORMANCE:The game looks and performs really well on my GTX 780, the lighting, land,water and just the entire game in general are really good looking and help to draw you right into it.
XBOX 360 CONTROLLER SUPPORT: FarCry 3 has fully developed and integrated controller support and you can seamlessly switch between it and a M&KB if you want to.
SOUND EFFECTS: These deserve a specific mention as they are really goid and are key to this games immersion, every sound from different guns, to the different vehicles, the different animals and machete attacks is well done and effective. They all really add up to make this a great game.
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on 18 December 2014
Seems a decent, fun game once I sorted the Uplay issues I had. By turning off some synchronisation option in the Uplay app, and also running it as administrator, it nows runs fine after intitally crashing (the Uplay app, not the game). Yes, Uplay can be fiddly, but those two simple things make it work fine now, so I'm happy, and FarCry 3 is a great game. Sure, it's not an amazingly crafted story, but it's a 'sandbox' game where you can go around doing random things, and that's where it excels. It also looks great graphically, and providing you understand how the save system works, you shouldn't have any issues (within a mission, the game checkpoints a temporary save, but you have to complete the mission before you can do a proper save, and outiside of missions you can save any time. You might not be put in the exact same place if you die, but you usually get put back relatively nearby - within about 30 seconds travel time on foot).
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on 2 February 2015
A lot of fun and VERY long. I'm surprised they developed so much, the environment is huge and there is a lot to do. The map UI sometimes hangs and uplay is unnecessarily annoying, but if you can get past that, great game.
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on 20 May 2014
When I downloaded this it worked for about 2 weeks then it said game launcher is missing. When I did play it it was a good game. Alas due to technocal difficulties this has scored lower.
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on 18 April 2014
I love the Far Cry series and I get totally immersed in the single player game. I've never been interested in getting online or playing multiplayer,
With this particular game you have no choice but to install uplay which forces you to connect online to play the game even though you might only want to play single player. I spent about 5 hours getting this download as it is nearly two gig bigger than it says and then after the long install it updates you with patches and then ubisoft updates and updates and updates.
When you first attempt to open the game it opens uplay panel (you never get a direct link to the game, its all via the uplay interface) where it forces you to create an account. It asks for personal information and will not let you proceed until you agree to allow them to use your data and details however they see fit.
I attempted 8 accounts which all said the same that my account didn't exist. Its a nightmare and spoils everything the game makers did to make this game. uplay also install elements on your PC that will not uninstall afterwards that are considered suspicious by many (rootkits). There is a lot of anger on the internet about uplay and sadly ubisoft don't seem to care that they are ruining the good work they do with games.
As many have said when talking about uplay, its a shame that the pirated copy of a game works a lot better than the purchased copy. Uplay also messed up my PC performance and boot time significantly. Its as bad as a virus in my opinion.
I did a system restore.
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on 4 November 2014
DO NOT BUY THIS!!! activation key wont work no help or support from steam or uplay, waste of time, effort and money just buy the hard copy!
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on 28 March 2015
this is rubbish do not buy tried installing on windows 7 64 bit i5 16gb ram keeps saying cant load game cause so file is missing.
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