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on 9 May 2013
I ordered this to replace a 7 year old basic Dell model for my work, at this sort of price it's a fantastic PC. The Windows 7 installed isn't full of the usual bloatware if you're anything like me you'll appreciate the speed in which this one runs straight out of the box without the need for hundreds of tweaks. In the Windows performance test I'm averaging around low 7's with only the desktop graphics holding it back at around 4.2, gaming graphics rates a 6. The first thing I did was install Visual Studio and try to rebuild all my software and everything worked fine and was significantly quicker than the old Dell running XP, only mention this because when I have done similar on other PC's such as an Alienware 17 laptop it has actually been slower, the machine seems to be the perfect setup for Windows 7. The full MS Office suite runs lightening quick.

The only slight problem I had was the same as others have mentioned, it has a noisy PSU fan. I did try the BIOS setting first which reduced the noise a little but I actually found the solution to be much easier, it's not so much the fan that is the problem but the cheap case. All I had to do was loosen the screws on the left hand side panel (looking from the front) and just ease it out a touch. Doing that along with the silent running in the BIOS has made it as a quiet a PC as I've ever owned.**

** Edit 08/08/2013 Just to re-iterate this I've just fitted a 600w Corsair PSU so I can add more powerful graphics card ( B00ALYOTTI ),the Corsair is renowned for being very quiet and yet it makes no difference in this case, the only way of getting it quiet is to either slacken off or completely remove the left side panel, the case vibrates not the PSU.
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on 18 February 2013
Got this PC for mainly office work but it will also be used for photoshop CS6.
First I am incredibly impressed by this manufacturer for the Crap ware, or lack of it.
I started the computer and expected to find the usual list of crappy games, toolbars, anti virus trial thats a pain to uninstall.
But Zoostorm, no crapware. The only thing that I uninstalled was Skype, apart from that there was no other applications to uninstall and absolutely no trials of anything pre installed.
Antivirus set up with the free Microsoft Security essentials out of the box. It is really refreshing that a manufacturer is thinking about the customer and not shovelling loads of sponsored apps onto their computer without permission.
Case is nice, bit on the loud side but not the worst I have heard.
Flap does need to be down (90 degree angle) to use the USB ports and depending on the position of the PC it may be susceptible to snapping as it doesn't feel very sturdy but not the end of the world.

Bottom Line, Fantastic Computer for the money, Recommend to everyone.
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on 2 April 2013
Very fast delivery. Had it set up and running within minutes. Its an extremely fast machine but slightly noisier than I would like. The graphics are a tad basic but I plan on installing a new nVidea GTX 660 and PSU which should fix that.

All in all I would highly recommend this machine: an amazing piece of kit for the price.

EDIT: Well, replaced the PSU with a 750W unit, added a BluRay RW and a GTX 660 graphics card.

Now for the problems. :-)

The new PSU came with sheathed cables which means I can't actually reconnect the cables to the original DVD RW because of lack of space between the PSU and the DVD. Also the PSU doesn't have a square 4-pin auxiliary motherboard power connector so I've had to buy a 4-pin Molex converter cable to give the motherboard enough juice to make the CPU fan work. These are problems with the PSU and not the Zoostorm (apart from the space problem between the PSU and the DVD.)

The graphics card was a problem because the end covers of the Zoostorm are not easily removable. Only the one which lines up with the PCIe slot is removable. The rest are all part of one unit and you have to get quite physical with a screwdriver and tin-snips to get another off as the GTX 660 needs two end covers removing.

I still stand by my 5 star rating for this machine, though. The only problems I've had with it are because of the upgrades I've made. As sold its the dogs b*ll*cks!
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on 28 January 2013
My twin brother gave me some money, for me to buy a new computer, to update the one he gave me in 2005 on Windows XP. I'd been checking out what was available and found this Zoostorm on Amazon. I read the reviews and was greatly impressed with what folks had said about them. Everything is much faster than the old Windows XP I had before.

I'd never heard the name Zoostorm before and was apprehensive on something unknown to me. But the value for money, 1 Tb memory, ram and operating system swayed me. The computer arrived within days well before the due delivery date. I asked a friend round to help me set up and transfer everthing I wanted to keep from the old XP to the Windows 7 set up, without any difficulty. All my documents and pictures now up and running. Although the Zoostorm 7877-0095 came with a trial version of Microsoft Office 2010, I loaded in the 2007 version of Microsoft Office & Student I already had and it works fine.

The only problem I have had was that the mic and speaker sockets on the back of the tower were not working. I rang the Zoostorm help line after trying all the options open to me that I knew of. I was E-mailed instructions of a site to access to download the commands to my computer to make the thing work. I found that Aol, would not allow me to do this. So I'd already set up a Google account and E-mail address. Forwarding their mail to the G-mail account and I had absolutely no trouble getting the instructions through. I emailed the Zoostorm, Tec site and thanked them for all their help. Everything works fine now. Only one slight niggle remains is the W or w I print in letters and e-mails comes out faint. I have tried a few keyboards and the same thing happens. I can live with it though.

Very very pleased with the Zoostorm 7877-0095, I would reccommend it to anyone.
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on 1 March 2013
Casing construction is a little cheap with thin pressed steel that resonates a bit. This can be overcome by sticking some heavy material on the inside to resolve. Also there was no driver for the sound card when delivered. Zoostrom dealt with this promptly e-mailing e link to download the driver, the system now works well. I have to ask myself, how can a computer be dispatched that hasn't been fully tested?
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on 10 November 2013
I have now had this just over two weeks - so far so good. It is an excellent pc.

Unlike some reviewers I find it very quiet indeed. As some others suggest the case is a bit flimsy but perfectly adequate and not over-engineered like my previous machine.

The power supply is fine for normal use but may need to be upgraded for those needing a powerful graphics card.

There are two spare SATA data connections on the motherboard but no spare power connectors. I have just purchased a splitter for £1 which will give two more SATA power supplies from the Molex Connector. This has enabled me to install a backup drive which was on my old pc.

One of the reasons for purchasing this particular package was that I wanted Windows 7 rather than Windows 8, which many other suppliers ship as standard. Having used Windows 7 for just over a week I am convinced this was the correct decision. I am very impressed have previously used Vista, XP etc back to 3.1!

The pc is excellent value for money - having checked component prices on eBay and Amazon I calculate that I could not have build it for less.

The motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-H61M-DS2 DVI. You can check out the spec on the web.

The power supply is a FSP300-60HCN delivering 300w. Again you can check out the spec on the web.

The Hard Drive is a Western Digital WD Blue WD10EZEX 1TB

However, I suppose Zoostorm could always use alternative components.

There is one PCI Express x16 slot and two PCI Express x1 slot. These are close together so I am not sure how one would get on with "chunky" expansion cards.
It comes with one 8Gb memory module leaving one slot spare for future upgrades - thank you Zoostorm for being so thoughtful. But 8Gb should be sufficient for most users.

I have managed to connect all my old (some very old) peripherals with no problems except an HP 1220 series laser printer. This worked until Windows did a driver update- so do not accept this update if you have this elderly printer. However, I did manage to get it going again. Not sure what I did!!!

Also, it does not come with piles of unwanted software and the hard drive is not partitioned - again Thanks Zoostorm.

USB Keyboard and mouse are very basic but how many of us use the ones supplied with the pc?

I use two monitors, one connected to the DVI-D port and the other to the VGA. I would definitely recommend this arrangement if you have two monitors and the space.

Amazon were as efficient as usual and the pc arrived a day earlier than expected.

So far I am a happy bunny.

Its now April 2014 and I am still a (very) happy bunny.

Still a very happy bunny - August 2015.
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on 7 May 2012
Really pleased with this computer, very easy to set up, I connected an external monitor,drive,keyboard,mouse and printer immediately with no problems. the Intel i5 is very fast. The actual 'guts' is much lighter than it looks, plus making moving around easier. Windows 7 was new to me (previous OS XP), which I was a little worried about but having played about with my preferences everything is set up for my needs. Reviews anywhere should be taken with a 'pinch of salt' as its each to their own. All round great product, I would happily have an upgraded Zoostorm when the time comes.
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on 30 November 2012
This PC was easy to setup and change graphics card with. I would be suprised to find a PC like this made in Britain for under £570 but at £389 this is nothing short of a steal. Makes a great budget gamin PC for games such as the Total War series as the ram and i5 are excellent together, I just purchased a cheap Nvidia card and fitted it in. Beware when purchasing graphics cards for this model mas it comes with an average 300W power supply. Also beware of the fact that only the power lead is included so monitor connections must be bought elsewhere.
Great PC for a great price!
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on 17 May 2013
As has been stated here, the processor in this system is i5-2330 not the current 3330 advertised on Amazon's listing.

What you do get:

8gb of memory supplied on a single RAM stick, leaving the other slot free for upgrading further.
6 USB 2.0 ports, two on the front under the drop down flap and 4 at the back.
SATA 1tb hard disk by Western Digital
USB keyboard and USB Optical mouse.
Motherboard utility disc and guide books.
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit with External Recovery Media disc.

Graphics and sound are on board but fine for general use. 2 PCI Express X1 slots and one PCI Express X16 are available for further upgrade options.

Casing is basic but not unattractive. Fan isn't so noisy that it bothers me, although the PSU is only 300w.

While this is a good system, I am disappointed Amazon didn't supply the current processor version as advertised, so the docked review star is purely because of that.

Amazon say that they have checked their stock inventory and the i5-3330 version is unavailable from them but maybe available from 3rd party sellers.
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on 2 March 2013
I've had this pc for about 6 months, bought from another retailer. I was not happy with the built in power supply that was only 250 or 300 watts, this meant I could not upgrade the pc with a decent graphics card for modern games that requires more power . So I wanted to write this review for people who are thinking of upgrading this pc with a new power supply and graphics card.

I bought a nvidia GTX 550ti, which needed a more powerful power supply, so I also bought one at the same time, here are the two items I bought for this pc

both the new graphics card and power supply fit in the zoostorm tower case sold with this pc, so this is a pretty cheap upgrade to bring it to the point where it can play all games like Diablo 3, Battlefield 3, Crysis 3 and so on. You can go cheaper than this if you want to. If your pc does not come with a hdmi port, you can buy a cheap graphics card like this

This card also works with this pc as mine came with it when I bought it. This pc has a good cpu , only thing that lets it down the integrated graphics and power supply is not powerful enough to run high powered graphic cards, well mine wasn't, so I upgraded a few things and it's able to play all games I've tried on it so far, even the new tomb raider and crysis 3 work well with these few upgrades.

hope this helps.
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