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5.0 out of 5 stars Nailed it for this Formon..., 26 July 2013
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As a former Mormon, I was impressed by the author's tact and compassion towards the members of the church, amused and enlightened by his humorous, yet rigorously researched approach, and appalled by the level of whitewashing that I had been completely unaware of during my time in the church. Whilst I was young (14 or 15) when I was baptized, and got out after only about four years, I must admit a bit of an apologist streak, thus far, when it came to the Mormons, mostly due to the fact that I met so many wonderful people in the church... As an ardent and firm Agnostic Secular Humanist nowadays, I cannot read or say enough about the evils of organized religions. I agree completely with the author in advocating a mild, compassionate and gentle approach towards discussion with their adherents, particularly those ones so utterly and convincingly brainwashed by these particularly pervasive organizations. It is not easy, believe me, to rid oneself of these beliefs, however bonkers they appear to the uninitiated! It's lonely and cold out there, when first leaving religion behind, but it has utterly transformed and liberated me - yet not without some serious guilt issues and psychological torment, initially... Scorn the beliefs if you must, but love the believer... However, I have radically changed in my mildly apologetic stance, and I marvel afresh at how completely I was
taken in, over such a short space of time... Read this book and marvel yourself, at the complete lunacy!
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5.0 out of 5 stars An accurate and informative outsider's take on Mormonism, 23 May 2013
David Fitzgerald's style of writing is light, engaging and enthralling to read. His research is extensive, accurate, interestingly integrated into a compelling sequence, succinctly related and never ever boring.

As an exMormon (forty-three years a member) and author of five books in `The Mormon Delusion' series, I know a thing or two about the truth behind the Mormon hoax. My final analysis of David Fitzgerald's `The Mormons', is that it more than captures the most important aspects concerning the truth that any inquirer would ever need to know, in one simple fun-to-read volume. As I know a lot about Mormonism, I didn't really expect to learn anything new to me - but I was delighted that I actually did, and I loved reading every word.

Fitzgerald covers not just Mormon history, doctrine, schisms and insurmountable problems that apologists simply cannot rationalise, but also how some supposedly faithful members behave today. I was amazed to discover how many Mormons, including several Bishops, particularly in Utah, have been jailed or are awaiting trial for running massive investment scams or Ponzi schemes, defrauding hundreds of fellow Mormons out of hundreds of millions of dollars; and how the Church, most unusually, refunded hundreds of thousands of dollars paid in tithing by one perpetrator, presumably to assist in repaying duped investors. It seems the Mormon Church is not short of a few criminals - or plenty of gullible members. But that was just an interesting aside to all the factual evidence against Joseph Smith and his hoax.

I enjoyed the way Fitzgerald so eloquently covered each aspect in his work. It was a refreshing change to many other books on the subject of Mormonism - vibrant and entertaining from beginning to end.

My only criticism (if you could call it that) is that where Hebrew words are included, in the Kindle version, the letters just appear as a series boxes rather than Hebrew text. I had this problem at first in my own books but it can be fixed, so hopefully an update will take care of this (minor) problem at some stage.

I know very little about other similar religions and eagerly anticipate promised further works by Fitzgerald in this series. If they are as well researched and the information is as reliable and interesting as in this book, we are in for some more real treats.

A resounding `well done' from me - five star stuff! This book is a `must read'.

(Although David Fitzgerald recommends my own books in his `Select Bibliography' and `Further Resources', this review is entirely unsolicited and provided out of sheer admiration for an excellent publication by a very talented author.)

Jim Whitefield - author of `The Mormon Delusion' series. See:
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4.0 out of 5 stars The crazy groups that pass for Religions., 5 July 2013
G. Ash-porter (England UK) - See all my reviews
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This would be funny, if it wasn't so viscious and violent past of this cult that is now the second most wealthy religion.
Founded on the spoof finding of a known charlatan and fraud.
Finding gold plates that no one else ever saw, yet so heavy Joseph Smith couldn't have possibly have lifted them.
Then they dissapear - how convenient.
Translated into KJV English???
Thank you David Fitzgerald.
Good luck to modern followers, who are mostly nice people, not realising the corruption behind their leadership, past and present.
Religion divides families, especially this Religion.
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