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4.4 out of 5 stars1,522
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 11 November 2011
There is no question that the SmartCafe mug is a brilliant device. I have owned and used several over the last 5 or 6 years and cannot imagine how I would enjoy my morning coffee without one. There are hundreds of reviews telling you how fantastic the mug is so I'm not going to repeat all that here but I do want to answer those few that keep complaining about coffee grains in their coffee and the size of the cup.

Here's how I make my perfect coffee. The aim is to keep all the coffee grounds below the fill line. Remember, any grounds above the fill line are NOT trapped by the plunger:

1) Before you start, make sure the cup is DRY inside. That will prevent coffee grounds sticking to the sides of the cup and sneaking past the plunger.
2) Put the coffee into the bottom of the cup - easy if you follow (1)
3) Add the hot water GENTLY - no splashing grounds up the sides - and most important ***FILL TO A LEVEL BELOW THE FILL LINE*** - a centimetre or so below the fill line should be OK
4) Stir GENTLY - keeping the liquid and grounds BELOW the fill line
5) Wait for 30 seconds or so to allow the coffee grounds to start to sink
6) Put the plunger into the cup so the filter just goes into the liquid and seals against the sides of the cup
7) Add more hot water, filling the cup as much as you like. Now that the coffee grains are trapped below the filter you don't have to worry about the fill line. No need to be gentle now either, you want the extra hot water to mix in with the rest
8) Allow to brew for whatever time suits you and your coffee, then push the plunger down GENTLY. If you push too hard and too fast you may get HOT coffee squirting out of the cup.
9) The end result is a FULL cup of perfect coffee, free of coffee grounds.

It's not as complicated as it sounds. Just common sense.
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on 12 May 2005
I use mine at work just to get away from the awful coffee machine. Great value and works really well.
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on 12 September 2013
So I have been using classic cafetieres/coffee presses and non of them hold up to this with such a simple design it is easy to clean, quick to dry, simple to use and stays hot for 40+ minuets.

I find that I am now using less coffee, enjoying a drink that lasts longer (heat wise) and not having that annoying feeling when trying to spoon coffee out of a glass container at the end to clean wash it up. It has a double layered plastic wall that means your hand stays cool when holding it, yet the drink is piping hot, the press comes out 90% of the time clean and just needs a rinse and using a tea spoon it is very easy to get the coffee out and put it in the bin/compost, this is mainly because it is a wider size than classic cafetieres and so there is more room to move inside.

A fair few reviews have slated this product saying that there are always coffee granules in there drink, but if you follow simple steps it rarely if ever happens.

1. Pop your required amount of coffee into the bottom
2. Fill with boiling water until the water level is half an inch bellow the 'max fill line'
3. Stir gently so the coffee begins to mix in
4. Wait 3 - 5 minuets for it to brew
5. Place the coffee press in, pushing down slowly so nothing spurts out
6. Fill with more boiling water, leaving enough room for milk and sugar (add as required)
7. Drink

It reminds me a little of a camping cup, but I use it at home for all my coffee needs, a really good investment and far cheaper than other alternatives.
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I hate Instant Coffee - try as I might, I've never found one that comes even near the taste of REAL coffee. But I don't always want to make a cafetiere of coffee and I certainly don't want to buy one of those expensive capsule coffee makers - apart from anything else, I've no space in my kitchen for one.

I sent off for the Smartcafé Cafetiere Hot Mug and I am delighted with it. When I opened the package I was immediately impressed with the quality of the cup and I couldn't wait to try it. I put a half a dessert spoon of ground coffee in the bottom and topped up with near-boiling water, waited a couple of minutes and inserted the little plunger and pressed it down. With a spot of warm milk, I had a perfect cup of real coffee.

The benefit of the thermal sides is that the sides stay cool while the coffee stays hot. As someone who sometimes takes his time over a cup of coffee this is just perfect. Although it doesn't have a lid the coffee stays hot for a surprisingly long time.

I have had this a few days now and am using it often and continue to be very impressed with it. For me, it's enabled me to have a cup of coffee whenever I want it with the minimum of fuss. I could have done with this many years ago but at least I've got it now and often find myself talking about how good it it with friends and family.
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on 27 March 2009
Finally I have purchased one of these. A friend has had one for years and yet I could never find a shop that stocked them. I love proper coffee but am the only one in my house who drinks it and so a full cafetiere is a bulky wasteful item. This is also far faster when I'm wanting a single cup before I head out to work in the morning. It is simple to use and the insulated mug prevents the coffee from cooling down too much whilst you wait. Sure, you can get the occasional coffee ground in the bottom of your drink but I find that with my cafetiere as well.

My only problem is the size of the cup. The plunger apparatus and grounds occupy the bottom of the mug and the max fill line is quite a long way from the top. Look at the picture. The colour change on the outside of the mug is NOT the max fill line. The max fill line is BELOW the top of the handle. Fill the mug past this line and coffee will leak out around the little tab at the top of the plunger. It all adds up to a coffee mug that holds only half a standard mug of coffee.

I love the thought behind this mug, I use mine every day and it is far superior to instant coffee. I just wish it was a little larger
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on 10 January 2015
I am a huge fan of these mugs. My household have been using them since August 2011 and still use them every day at home and work. We are currently running a fleet of seven mugs, starting with the Smartcafe mugs and now have several of the more recent Zyliss branded items. The Zyliss looks and feels identical to the Smartcafe even down to having the same 'Jasper Conran design' signature on the base. Don't get me wrong, they are a great product but of the original three mugs, only one remains in use. Long term, there are two main problems:

1) Filter plunger: The rubber style plastic gasket at the end of plunger gradually started letting coffee grounds through and in two cases, the filter mechanism eventually just fell apart. It can be glued back together but i ingest enough toxins already without adding my own. Worth noting that they are always carefully hand washed and living in a hard water area probably does not help.

2) In two mugs liquid somehow seeps into the inner vacuum insulating gap. I was wondering where a subdued but steady hissing sound was coming from. Was it a leaky radiator or a perhaps a gas leak? Turns out it was the mug! Eventually i could hear it swishing about when the mug was empty. No liquid leaks from the mug and it does not seem to affect the eficiency but i didn't fancy the possibility of drinking stale water, so into the bin they went.

So to conclude, give the mug heavy use and you should get 2-3 years out of it but it does not put me off at all. Cheap at the price. The benefits far, far outway any durability issues. Ideal for work if you want proper coffee over the instant stuff. Plus, the design means that it stays hot for 20-30 minutes and the outer wall remains cool. Perfect. One of the best 'gadgets' i have ever bought and believe me, i've bought a few over the years. Recommended.
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on 2 June 2011
I bought this Zyliss Cafetiere mug having been using this style of coffee mug for many years. However, this particular make/model is very poor. The plunger does not prevent the coffee grounds from emerging in to the main body of the mug no matter how carefully and slowly the plunger is depressed. I will not be buying again!
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on 21 November 2012
So following the instructions to the letter, this is absolutely perfect! No bits in the liquid, just perfect coffee, or even tea if the mood takes me...though may stew if left too long.

Having kids means I don't often get the time to drink my coffee as soon as I've made it...especially that first cup of the day. This mug has meant that I can prepare my coffee and let it sit while I make the kids breakfast then plunge...sit and drink with perfect temperature and my perfect 'one cup' before the day begins....otherwise grumpy mummy and grumpy kids.

Very pleased with this.
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on 12 October 2015
Whilst being a great idea, this product leaked coffee grains and therefore every cup of coffee was awash with bits of coffee. Not pleasant to drink coffee with bits of grit. Only alternative was to scoop the bits out, but this resulted in a loss of coffee and drink going cold whilst doing so. Also impossible to get all the bits out, so still ended up with a mouthful of grit. Very disappointed. It could just be that I got a faulty cup, but I will never know as it's too late to return, sadly (one month window of opportunity to return faulty goods. can that be right?)
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on 21 March 2011
I have just used this for the first time and it was great!

1. Great tasting coffee
2. No spillage when plunged (use common sense! Don't do it quickly or overfill it - see other reviews...)
3. No grit at all
4. Was a good amount of coffee

I can't fault it after this one and only use. Will take it to college to keep me alive after lunch. Might also get a second one for mornings, if it continues to be this good.

I got the red one. Very pleased all in all.

EDIT: Been using this almost daily for some time now and thought I'd largely confirm all of the above. It does taste slightly different to having it in a mug, but if your coffee is good, it won't matter too much. I am starting to get some grit, but I can't tell whether it is coming through the mesh or whether I'm just not cleaning it properly enough!

One of the big plusses of this mug, however, aside from the fact you can use great coffee with it, is how long it keeps it hot for.

So, after much use (approx. 20 months), I recommend to anyone who wants cafetiere coffee without having to actually use a cafetiere at work/college. I grind my beans at home and keep the ground coffee in a jar on my desk.
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