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4.0 out of 5 stars295
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 24 November 2012
I bought this recipe book thinking it was for cooking with and in slow cookers - BIG WHOOPS! Some of these recipes are actually doable in a slow cooker (slow one pots; slow stews and braises) but not all and I will have to flag those pages for ease. However the recipes look particularly delicious (especially the puds!) and would suit someone with an aga quite easily - or a lady of leisure - but not all have that luxury. I certainly don't think its aimed at the suburban stressed working mother community. I'll stick to my slow cooker/dreaming-of-an-aga type of cooking for now but I hope to utilise this book on lazy rainy weekends, and learn to research books before impulse buying!
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on 1 November 2012
I happened to listen to James Martin on radio 2 talking about his book and he talked about fillet of beef that you brown in a pan wrap in clingfilm and place in an oven at 65 degrees centigrade for 3 to 4 hours and it will always come out medium even if it was in there for hours longer."This is what the books about" he said. Simple recipes that are easy to prepare put it in the oven and you cant ruin it.Excellent I thought I love slow cooked food I will order the book and get some interesting recipes.
Well I have to say it must be the most misleading title for a recipe book ever.It has very basic recipes hardly any of which are slow cooked , even the beef fillet recipe mentioned is an hour cooking and has no mention of reduce the oven heat and cook for as long as you want as stated on the radio.
It is a half decent book with some variations on fairly standard recipes but quite honestly it appears as if its been produced as a money maker for the Xmas market rather than a great deal of effort or thought has gone into it.In fact the more I look at it I have come to the conclusion that given a couple of weeks off and a decent photographer, that almost any half decent home cook could produce something far better. Sorry James but I think you can do far better than this.
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on 13 November 2012
I completely disagree with the previous review. I bought this book as I am a huge James Martin fan and watch Saturday Kitchen every week. I have cooked the 'Lamb shanks braised in red wine' on page 133 and this is a classic example of slow cooking. It took 15-20 minutes to prepare the ingredients, brown the lamb shanks and shallots (I used these rather than baby onions as they taste so much sweeter), then add the stock and herbs. I then spent a wonderfully relaxing 7 1/2 hours (just under the 8 hours recommended as the lamb was perfectly done by then)at home with my family with the occasional look in the oven to baste the meat. The lamb was absolutely delicious - slow cooking at its best!
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on 12 January 2014
This book is quite difficult to read due to the poor quality of the reproduction. It looks more like a slightly out of focus photocopy than a printed book. I'm glad I purchased this as a daily deal and didn't pay full price for it. The font also makes it hard less legible. I haven't really had a good look at the recipes yet so can't comment on them. - if your interested in this book go for a paper copy.
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on 26 October 2012
I am a great fan of James Martin's style and also slow cooking. I ordered the book the moment I heard him talk about it - hoping to find lots of slow cooker recipes -and was delighted when it arrived yesterday, reading it from cover to cover.

He does exhort us to blow the dust off our casseroles and slow cookers, and does suggest, for example, Irish stew as an ideal recipe for the slow cooker. So I was a bit put out when I found that it just had the casserole/oven timing and none for a slow cooker or pressure cooker.

However, if he had done this for all the appropriate recipes, the book would have been twice as long and twice as expensive, so it makes complete sense to just have the casserole timings.

The solution is really very simple. For those of us who have blown the dust off their slow cookers and pressure cooker, but have lost the instructions, buy 'Slow Cooking Properly Explained' and 'Pressue Cooking Properly Explained' from Amazon - rather than their shiny covered brothers.

The rule of thumb here is to find a similar recipe in these small but comprehensive books and use the same timings and order - hours for the slow cooker; minutes for the pressure cooker. And, of course, follow all the good advice in these guides.

As an aside, I see he has used a trad French raised pie mould on page 94. If you are into pies and really want to splash out and treat yourself for Christmas, try to find a non stick one as I did. And if you have used hot water crust pastry in the past, do try Prue Lieth's pâte à pâte pastry recommended as an alternative. It is tastier and likes being made in a food processer.
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I was initially going to buy the Kindle version but after reading lots of negative reviews about the Kindle version of this book I decided against it. I have a Kindle Paperwhite and apparently its no good on a Paperwhite. fair do's so I bought the real book. Actually, I prefer my cookery books in the real world where I can hold them and look at them and browse the pics etc. so overall my decision to go with the physical book was probably best for me.

I, like a lot of others, also misinterpreted the title initially. I 'thought' it was a recipe book by the delectable James for recipes to make in your slow cooker, but it is NOT. Its all in the title really, I and others just didn't read it properly. Its food that is lovingly slow-cooked - usually in the oven in a dutch oven, roasting dish or a stock pot etc. Great! I love long, slow cooking with my cast iron dutch oven and figured there would be lots of great recipes here for me, and there is.

Its a great book! Easy to follow recipes, great photography that makes you hungry looking at it and will be a superb staple cookbook in the winter months when we all want warming up here in Scotland when its freezing with gorgeous, delicious food.

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on 29 December 2012
I like this book, there are quite a few simple traditional recipes in it, but a few different ones as well.
I agree with other reviewers in thinking this was slightly cobbled together for the christmas period. In the awkward annoying font that is quite difficult to read at the start of each recipe he says of the treacle glazed salmon 'the only other thing I use treacle for is sticky toffee pudding' a few pages later is a recipe for.... treacle glazed ham hocks! Which he serves in his restaurant! Also in one recipe he says to use 2 Tbsp madras curry powder. No mention is made of the much later recipe which tells you how to make your own curry powder as bought ones vary- just a bit of lazy editing. The constant references to his childhood, grans cooking and tuck shops is a bit cloying and could easily have been written by a ghost writer for him to sign off after a cursory glance.
Having said that I do like it and plan to make a lot of the recipes. I have already made the squash and almond soup (delicious) and am making a jam roly poly, it's that sort of book. I am also looking forward to the braised salsify in oil as I grow it on my allotment and hav'nt found a good way of cooking it yet. For under a tenner why not?
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on 23 March 2014
These are great recipes! The blurb may say to dust off the slow cooker but there is also a clear instruction to let your OVEN do the work. The slow food philosophy was also mentioned, which does not necessitate ownership of a slow cooker; I have done slow cooking for years without one. I am not giving five stars because I agree that there could be some consideration for beginners who want to use a slow cooker, perhaps a chapter explaining how to adapt recipes? A more experienced cook should be able to do this for themselves.
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on 28 December 2013
Bought this as a present for a member of my family. A bit disappointed as it suggests slow cooking without using the slow cooker and what I was after was a book on using the slow cooker. The product summary give the impression that the book was for slow cookers; a bit misleading.
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on 30 January 2014
There are some very nice recipes in this book but I do have two major issues.

1) Slow - Not Slow Cooker. The recipes are designed for oven cooking (although slow cooker is mentioned at the start) and not for use with slow cooker. This I feel is misleading but OK, there are some good tips and a number of recipes are transferable with a little imagination.

2) It's almost unreadable - This is really unforgivable. The font on a lot of the instructions are a kind of mashed stylised bold italic (see the word 'Slow' on the cover - where you can't read the end bit of the 'w' so it looks like Slou - that but much much smaller) paragraphs of the stuff, and when written in white on a light brown background, it is just just awful. Terrible to read normally, bl**dy awful with flour covered hands in a busy kitchen.

There's some good recipes here, some interesting tips, but blimey they make you work to get them.
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