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2.7 out of 5 stars111
2.7 out of 5 stars
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on 30 August 2013
Two fun loving guys (Ariel Levy, Nicolás Martínez) and Gringo (Eli Roth) meet a hot Russian model and her two European friends while vacationing in Chile. Character is built for half the film, about 10 minutes too long. We get to know the characters fairly well in this time and they are all flawed. The earthquake hits and anarchy reigns supreme as criminals escape from a prison.

Outside of Nicolas Martinez as a Chilean Zach Galifianakis, I found the film boring, even with the young hot chicks. I didn't feel the horror or terror of what is more like a bad street snuff film.

Not recommended even as a rental.

Parental Guide: F-bomb, rape. Brief nudity-Male butt nudity, scrots, woman with pasties.
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on 5 April 2016
As a b / z movie fan I was looking forward to a fun disaster movie where out intrepid heroes get bumped off one by one in ever more thrilling ways, what I got was a bunch of people I couldn't have cared less about in a film which I couldn't make it to the end of it was so tedious.

For me, I found both the film and the characters within boring, unpleasant and with no redeeming features, couldn't recommend this to anyone in good faith.
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on 11 June 2015
I love gory and scary movies and am always looking for new films to shock me. Overall I really enjoyed it. There were some 'oh my god' moments when gross this happens.. Which is always good. perfectly watchable.. I have recommended it to friends since.
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on 22 August 2013
I was looking forward to seeing this DVD as I am a big fan of Eli Roth and loved hostel, however this film made uncomfortable viewing at some points and the end , was so predictable that it was just sad. If you don't want to know what happens, then don't read on. The characters were forgettable and not likeable, when one got trapped under concrete, you knew he was going to die, just from the amount of blood he was losing, so when he nobly told the girls to go and hide so they didn't get raped by the escaped convicts, you thought good for him, you are doing something great with your dying breath. Then when he was tortured a bit, he was about to give the location of the girls away so one ran out and was then subjected to being raped twice (uncomfortable viewing and put me off the rest of the film). From there on it got steadily worse, the characters you just didn't care about and when at the end, the final girl escaped onto the beach, I knew without even seeing it that she was going to get hit by a Tsumani as it had been building up all the way through the film, so no big surprise there. May I suggest if you like watching a group of friends touring through remote places then give the film The Ruins a go, it is interesting and the characters much more likeable.
So Mr Roth you need to try harder next time, Hostel 1 and 2 were great so go back to what you know and don't waste your time on this rubbish
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on 27 October 2015
A thrilling mix of disaster movie with tones of gory Hitchcock thrills. Fans of both genres (disaster and thriller movies) will like this movie and the build up to the thrilling scenes is so well done, the characters are all well written and are given good screen time and worthy scenes of drama so when the death scenes do arrive they are horrific and very powerful.
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on 24 November 2015
This is an excellent disaster movie with a mix of everything from comedy, human drama and action. There's a lot of character development at the start and you do wonder at what point something happens, but once the 'action' starts it doesn't stop until the end and I was left well satisfied. One of the better films I've seen on Prime. Highly recommended.
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on 12 April 2015
Not a disaster movie then. Not horror either. Thriller - really not enough plot for that. Torture porn? All goes too quickly to gain any satisfaction from the gore.

I can see what they tried to do. They spent a LOT of time building the characters so you would gain some empathy towards them so when an earthquake strikes you would feel a little sympathy and root for them. However as you will no doubt hate all the characters you lose interest when they start to die off in gruesome ways. The humour doesn't work. (Oh no my hand has fallen off, oh no, everybody has started to kick it around in the panic like the antidote from Temple of Doom...) then after the overly long character building phase is complete they do a quick earthquake, panic ensues, prisoners escape and start going on the rampage against the authorities for some reason instead of trying to escape, we find out that man is the real monster and then you get the twist at the end, which was telegraphed multiple times throughout the movie so if you didn't see it coming you must have a cabbage for a head.

The main chunk of the movie goes quite quickly and I am sure all the character building stuff at the start took up more run time. I'd check but I really don't want to see any of this movie again.

There really is absolutely nothing at all to recommend.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 11 September 2013
Eli Roth (Cabin Fever) really has gone downhill. There was a time when he was hailed as a something refreshingly new in the horror genre. However, if `Aftershock' is anything to go by, he really has lost his muse.

It's about a group of people, holidaying in Chile when an earthquake hits. The first problem is that all the characters are pretty unlikeable, spending their time trying to pull, moaning or taking drugs. This might not be too bad if the story quickly moves on to the action, but it takes the best part of the film for the earthquake to hit. By this time you really won't care much if any of them (besides Roth himself, who's `fish-out-of-waterness' is quite endearing) live or die.

Apparently in Chile, the general population consists of looters, rapists and murderers, for as soon as the earthquake hits, the country descends into anarchy. Then our - pretty horrid - heroes find themselves being pursued by people only slightly more unlikeable then themselves.

This film has no real redeeming features - a few moments of gore (which I didn't know whether were supposed to be humours or not) and that's about it. Granted there are worse movies, but there are a million better ones. If you do decide to watch it, you might as well start the film at about 45 minutes - at least you'll skip the bits that are even more tedious than the last 45 minutes.
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on 24 January 2015
Don't be fooled by the cover - this isn't a horror film about zombies or the afterlife or anything interesting like that. It's a terrible, terrible film, combining 35mins where absolutely nothing of interest/consequence/validity happens (other than, you know, 'oh look, everyone is getting to know everyone' stuff which is ultimately pointless), with what can only be described as unintelligent, voyeuristic, nasty, misogynistic and gratutious drivel. I rarely rate films because I either don't really care if they're awful, or am delighted they're brilliant so tweet about it. But this is truly hideous garbage: a film that glorifies and objectifies women for nothing other than male sexual gratification to start with, then on numerous occasions exploits their vulnerability for sexual violence that has no purpose other than to shock and (one assumes) entertain. If you enjoy this kind of drivel then I pity you. It's grotesque and repulsive. If you want proper, intelligent gore horror then go watch the Saw films; if you want a decent disaster movie, watch Deep Impact; if you want porn, you know where to get it. I'm repulsed by this garbage, and it really takes a lot for me to say that. As human beings, we should be far more intelligent than this nonsense.
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on 31 August 2015
absolute pants,bottom of my list alongside blair witch project and cloverfield.not worth the time, so dont waste it.this film could have had so much potential,however it appears that the cast and crew got bored part way through filming,and just rushed the rest of the film to get it finished.
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