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4.6 out of 5 stars1,334
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 6 February 2016
After reading many reviews including user videos, I finally decided it was time to get a dashcam. Without hesitation I decided to go for a Nextbase as not only have they received top marks from customers but the 402G model was awarded Best Buy by Which magazine. The camera arrived well packaged and includes a number of accessories such as a HDMI cable for direct TV playback, generous length power cord with a fused 12V accessory/cigar lighter adaptor, USB cable (for connecting to a computer), a suction mount for the windscreen and a CD ROM with the playback software and instruction manual. Note that whilst a quick start guide is included, there's no paper manual provided although this is available both on the CD provided as well as online from the Nextbase website to download or view. Not that you really need a manual though, the 402G is a breeze to use. You will also need to provide your own Micro SD memory card as the 402G does not come supplied with one. I recommend a good quality 32GB card such as Sandisk Ultra Class 10. As far as I am aware 32GB is the maximum capacity supported by the 402G, which should give you about 4 hrs of retained video at the highest resolution of 1080p. Note that the 402G like most dashcams records in a loop, so once the card is nearly full it begins replacing the oldest video. To reduce the chances of corrupted video files (and to ease finding the right moment in a recording) the 402G records many short video files rather than one single long recording. The default setting is 3 minutes per file, this can be changed to 2 or 5 minutes if required. These are stored in folders according to date, the camera manages its file system really well. The videos are stored in MOV H264 format, at 1080p (30fps) the data rate is about 15.2Mb/s, 32KHz 16 bit mono audio. There are a range of settings that can be adjusted if required, for instance you can choose to record audio or not, change the video resolution from VGA, 480P, 720P, 720P 60fps and 1080P. Other than the 60fps 720P mode all other resolutions record at 30fps. There's a setting to choose between 50 and 60Hz, presumably to minimise flicker from street lights, exposure adjustment, white balance adjustment, motion sensing and more. The camera also has GPS built in so as well as recording the exact location at any time, it also records speed, direction and time/date from the satellite. You can choose whether to have this information stamped at the bottom of the image, which it does neatly in a small clean font. The 402G also features G force sensors which are also recorded (acceleration and deceleration). In addition to the video recording there's a photo mode, should you wish to use the 402G as a simple still camera - it even's features an LED light on the front! The LCD screen on the device is reasonably crisp and 16:9, you can of course choose for it to go blank after 10s or optionally display speed and direction data. There's even a rest reminder option to alert you after a set time in order to take a break from driving.
Despite all the settings though the camera is supplied ready to go with its default settings, simply pop in a formatted micro SD card and it will begin recording as soon as you provide power to it. Note that although the 402G does feature a small built in rechargeable battery, this is really only designed to last a few minutes should the car power be interrupted and isn't sufficient to power the camera for any length of time. Of course you can power it from any 5V USB source such as a mobile phone charger or even a rechargeable USB power bank battery pack should you wish to use it in other situations. It can also be powered from the computer USB port provided it offers sufficient current (the camera requires about 600mA (0.6A).
The one thing I really noticed from the start is how responsive the menus are, nice and snappy unlike so many similar devices with sluggish controls. Top marks to Nextbase for the firmware, speaking of which mine came supplied with Revision 8 but I can see there's a Revision 9 update on the website. Not sure though what the update offers.
As far as image quality is concerned it's first class. At 1080p the images are sharp and crisp, loads of detail and low light performance is really excellent, without being over processed. Exposure control reacts very well to changes in lighting conditions and there's a decent amount of contrast even in very dark situations, very little chroma noise and plenty of detail. It's really outstanding at this price bracket, I can't wait to see the images in bright sunlight (unfortunately its been dark and raining so far since it arrived). Attaching it in the car is straightforward enough, the mount is well made and has a lockable suction pad to keep it secure. Getting the camera on and off the mount at first was a bit tricky, you need to squeeze the little tab on the holder when sliding off the 402G. I guess it will get easier with time though. The mini USB cable for powering the camera plugs into the top and there's a good length of cable to run along the headlining, down the passenger A pillar and to the 12V accessory socket. However if you want a more permanent solution check out the Nextbase car camera hardware kit which allows you to hardwire directly into the car fusebox for a neater job. I should also mention that should you need to, you can mount the camera upside down and rotate the recorded image accordingly.
The software supplied on disc (also available on the Nextbase website) runs on either PC or Mac (Hoorah!) and enables you to view the video files along with a moving map alongside showing position and speed and sensor information below. Full marks on this as its a really nice application.
Overall the 402G is definitely a high quality dashcam, capable of recording accurate high quality footage reliably along with important GPS and G force data. Definitely a worthwhile investment!
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on 14 February 2016
When first opening the box I was very surprised to see how small the 512G was, and very smart looking too.

I have only used this device a couple of time but it is easy to use once you work out what all the buttons do; a potentially very useful one have a large hazard symbol on it, which permanently saves the last chunk of footage for viewing later. This is conveniently placed on the left so you can reach it whilst it’s attached. As I have a small car I have opted to position it behind my wing mirror, which makes it less visible to the outside, and less distracting to the driver. This unfortunately hinders the view of the devices screen and the right hand side, but as the camera auto stop/starts this isn’t a problem if you plan to just set up the system and leave it for backup.

The box contains everything you could need to set up your system. I like the window sucker which is a lever action, which in experience of the satnavs I have used in the past, I have found to provide a much better suction than those without. As a result, the camera is held very well on the screen with hardly any wobble.

I have however had to purchase a Micro SD card for this camera as this is the one thing it does not come with. Make sure that it is at least a Class 10 style anywhere up to 32 GB Capacity. The recording overwrites the oldest chunks of video once the card is full.

You can set the camera to record in different sized chunks of video. I have left mine as the default 3 minutes. The one problem I have had with this device is with the playback software. I have found that if you try to load up more than a single chunk of video the software struggles, and can sometimes crash altogether. This is bit of a pain if you want to view your entire journey in one sitting. Hopefully this will be fixed in a future update.


There are kits around to hard wire this camera direct into the car's fuse box. I have instead selected to pick up a power-bank and have the camera running 24/7 in motion detection mode through that. I then have a USB charger in my 12v cigarette socket, which sufficiently charges the power-bank ready to keep the camera running whilst my car is parked. I found the camera sat at an even 40mA current draw during use regardless of mode/settings.

It is a shame however that i have to manually change it back to normal record mode from the 'motion detection' mode when i want to drive anywhere, as the option in the menu is not easily accessible. I have found the 'motion detection' mode to work quite well, and runs for around 10 seconds of footage each time. There is however a couple of second delay between motion being detected and the camera recording which means you might miss an important piece of footage.

I have regrettably given up with the software as it crashes after loading more than 1 video file, or if you as much as blow on it. Fortunately the camera will imprint the most important information in the video file itself, so you can use alternative multimedia players if required.

I will update this review as the hours i spent with this dash cam increase.

If you have found my review somewhat helpful a click on the ‘yes’ button would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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on 25 February 2015
A hint for installing the wiring. A good look at the parts of the car to be traversed by the wiring would suggest a suitable path for the wiring so that it doesn't look untidy. To fix the wiring in place I have used a combination of Velcro to fix the wiring in place against the carpet up under the dash where it passes across the foot-well to the power point. To fix it to the hard surfaces and the windscreen I have used discreet buds of butyl bedding mastic. The latter, rather like very sticky black 'bluetack', is a useful material for this purpose and infinitely malleable.
Having had the cameras professionally installed in the past this method has saved over £300.
First let me say, acknowledging that such a simple camera will have difficulty when filming directly into sunlight, the cameras (one front and one back) perform very well. The rear camera, with a warning sign in the back window, has the additional benefit of stopping tailgating. Updating the software to version 9 resolved a tendency to occasionally arbitrarily stop working.
Being aware that my own driving is being continually recorded I find concentrates the mind quite wonderfully, my driving discipline has very much improved.
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on 2 January 2016
I have been using this camera for a year now, I travel to France and back a few times a year, the GPS is excellent, it lets me see where I am, the quality of video is superb.

However, the last few months the camera would not shut down properly, it was going off,on,off,on, I have had to manually switch it off. Looking on the web other people are having the same issue. I checked my camera footage and there are gaps in recordings; the files are there but can’t be read. This is because when the car key is turned off, the camera can’t write the file as the battery isn’t holding enough charge. It appears that the internal battery is of poor quality and as the camera is situated near the windscreen, when on hot days the battery can be affected by the heat, which is shortening its life.

If an accident were to happen and the engine was turned off there is a strong possibility that the video would not be saved and therefore you would have no evidence,

This renders this camera useless.

I have added a screenshot of a journey which shows that a number of videos have failed to be saved properly when I have stopped the car and turned off the engine. They can't be read using Windows Media Player or Nextbase Driving Recorder Player.
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on 3 October 2015
I bought this camera along with the hardware kit.
First thing I noticed was how much sharper the image was both on camera and when played back.
The supplied 8gb card is good for around an hour or so before overwrite begins.
Its compact and light and by only complaint would be the mounting bracket which is too big for such a tiny camera, but here's where it begins!
Fitting this into a Smart Car wasn't easy, followed all the instructions carefully to install the nextbase hardware kit, after which the alarm started going off every afternoon!
Never had a problem before fitting it!
Wrote to Nextbase blaming the camera or hardware kit!
Turned out to be the alarm bonnet sensor disturbed whilst fitting the wiring kit!
Nothing wrong with the camera at all!
Anyway, now I'm engaged with Nextbase I explained my problem with the mounting bracket being too large for my windscreen.
Low and behold, next day two new alternative mounting kits arrived in the post from Karen at Nextbase.
Now my 402G fits snug right to the top of my windscreen.
Very happy.
Not only does the Nextbase 402 live up to its reputation the after sales care I received above and beyond even after I blamed the hardware for what was a vehicle problem!
Yes, there are cheaper devices here on Amazon but with far superior video quality from what must be a decent lens array and a UK based after sales team that actually respond if you have any issues, why buy cheap and buy twice?
A solid product with the best support all UK based!
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on 15 April 2016
Didn't buy from Amazon, but Halfords. Was very happy initially but 7 months later it started playing up, sometimes recording, sometimes not, and the battery wouldn't hold a charge anymore. Halfords returned it to the manufacturers who replaced the battery and updated the firmware, but 4 days after reinstalling it in the car it started playing up again, just locking up and not recording. Spoke to Nextbase technical support who were condescending and suggested reformatting the SD card would sort it - it didn't. I'm using the SD card recommended by Nextbase. There are lots of good reviews for this, but bear in mind they are usually posted within a few days of getting the camera and before faults appear. Check out the 1 and 2 star reviews for some info on how the product lasts, or rather doesn't. Not good enough.
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on 31 January 2016
Did plenty market research and while there are lots of great dashcams with swanky features such as WiFi and connectivity to an app on your phone, the Nexbase seemed to be a better camera, providing better image quality, and that's ultimately the point of a dashcam. I opted for the 512G and am pleased with the image quality. Sometimes it's hard to read number plates in the dark but low light performance isn't half bad. In daylight the image is top quality and everything is very easy to read. The software lets you take screenshots of the video as it plays back, allowing you to zoom in. The circular polarising filter on the 512G is easy to adjust and great at removing reflections of the dash - just place a piece of white paper on the dash and turn the ring until the paper's reflection in the windscreen is no longer visible on the camera's screen. The mount is solid and smaller than I expected. I bought the accompanying hard wire kit and found the installation and setup of the camera really easy. Would definitely recommend.
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on 24 December 2015
I bought a dashcam, like many people, to protect my car and my insurance premium in the event of damage, theft or a collision. There has been an increase in crash-for-cash insurance fraud and I consider myself a pretty safe driver.

When I was looking for dashcams, I looked for an HD quality picture, the ability to wire the camera into the car (so as to not use the 12v socket) and a good parking mode. I got two out of the three.

The picture quality is indeed excellent, giving clear and crisp images of your journey and sharp registrations of vehicles; obviously this is important in the event of a collision. The night vision is also superb, with a good contrast and clarity. There is also a filter, which totally removes glare from any reflections cast upon your windscreen.

The ability to wire in the camera to the vehicle means that power isn't interrupted in the event of the ignition being turned off. It also is a lot neater; the cable is tucked into the trim and the camera unit is hidden behind the rear view mirror, making it less of a distraction. The only downside is that the camera will not detect the driver turning on the ignition, which would ordinarily activate power to the unit and recording.

Where the unit falls down, in my opinion, is in its parking mode. I bought the unit so that I could leave my car somewhere and have the unit record activity around my vehicle as and when it was detected. The unit does this through analysing the picture, detecting when there is motion, and activating recording. The problem is that it simply isn't sensitive enough, or rather it isn't adjustable. I've had people walk past, trucks drive past, the entire field of view filled with movement, and it simply does not reliably activate recording.

The unit was replaced with regard to the above issue and the replacement unit had identical issues with motion detection. Put simply, if you want to capture a potential incident when parked (such as someone crashing into your motor when in a car park), you need to leave the unit running on normal mode. Park for any length of time, and you may want to think about lowering the resolution.

It is frustrating, as there is no control over the motion sensitivity. You simply turn motion detection on. I simply do not see why, with appropriate testing by the user given their parking circumstances (on the street, in communal parking garage, on driveway), a motion sensitivity slider could not be utilised to allow me to adjust it so it turns on appropriately. And unfortunately, as this function was a major factor in why I bought the unit and a listed selling point, it costs the unit stars.
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on 30 November 2015
There is a lot to like about this car cam, all the usual facilities plus a parking mode - as yet untried because the power cuts from the lighter socket when ignition is off. However I am going to try it with a power bank in series with the power lead and will report back. I have had 2 Transcends (DP100 and 220) previously and I struggle to see much/any significant difference in night time quality. I have not done a side by side test but I have checked clips in similar conditions sequentially on the PC and both daytime and night time - I can see little difference. The daytime quality is superb with great detail and the polarising anti glare filter does help with reflections. The night time quality is enough in the beam of the lights to see what is going on and would I am sure be OK to confirm the details of an incident.
As with most car cams, you struggle to read a number plate if moving at speed (unless you are following it). Personally, I think the viewing angle is a little too wide - many manufacturers boast about wide angle but I think about 90-120 degrees is probably enough and will mean objects in view have a little more detail (not that the Next Base is bad - it isn't).
Summary - This one wins all the awards and I am sure few if any out there are better but I question how much better this is than say the Transcend 100/220. So if you are upgrading, as I did, from an already decent car cam, don't expect miracles. The market is still open for someone to create a killer product with a slightly larger sensor and maybe even 4K detail.
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on 9 March 2016
I have been using this for 10 days. It works well. The supplied (PC)software is good, showing the ‘journey’ in progress on Google Maps. This is one benefit of the built in GPS. Your journey record will give details of your cars precise position at all times (unless you’re in a tunnel or similar). The displayed time does not adjust for BST so you may want to change this along with your clocks twice per year. The display is good and clear, helped in part by the polarising filter. Adjusting the filter upon setup can be confusing as the focusing ring is very small. For this reason its best to familiarise yourself with it before final adjustment in the car.

There are a couple of points worth bearing in mind. Unless you change the default setting, the camera display will be on all the time you are driving. For this reason, the manual suggests mounting it behind the rear view mirror (to stop it distracting you). My windscreen won’t allow this, but you can alter the display to ‘Compass & Speed’ display when in use. Even this may not be legal, because law states that, if the screen is on at any time during a journey and the driver can see it, then this is a serious offence. For this reason I have taped a credit card sized cover over the display screen.
The camera mount is non-standard (most cameras use a ¼ BSW screw thread), so you have to use the supplied mount. Fortunately, it is quite stable (so far). I would have preferred to use the upgraded universal mount I bought for previous Car Cameras (which were always falling off the windscreen).
On its very first journey, the camera did not auto-switch on when I started the car. It was connected properly, and the camera was functional. At the time I supposed it was working with the screen blanked, but it didn’t record that first journey at all. However, it has switched on perfectly since then (without me touching anything). If this happens again, at least I will be prepared and can turn it on manually if needed.

The only other point worth bearing in mind is that the maker recommends that the micro SD memory card (NOT SUPPLIED) be re-formatted every 2 or 3 weeks. This will become tiresome.
I do not normally remove cameras after journeys, but this is the most expensive one I have yet used, so I will remove it when parking anywhere unfamiliar. I don’t know how it will stand up to higher temperatures in summer (this has ‘killed’ one of my earlier car cams), so it might be worth removing it then also.

There is another serious anomaly between the advice contained within the manual and the law. This concerns the placement of the unit. The law states that no part of the device – camera, cradle, suction cups and any wires – can intrude more than 4cm into the wiper arc of the windscreen. The camera manual however, states the camera should be mounted within the windscreen arc.

Good product, but check the Road Traffic Act before use.
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