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Customer Reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars635
4.2 out of 5 stars

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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 20 February 2015
I have a large DJI Phantom quadcopter and bought this for my grandson (and maybe grand daughters) to use. They don't really get near it. It takes a little more skill than the Phantom as it does not have all the electronic controls but it is one tenth of the price so that is no criticism. The learning curve is not that steep and it does not take long before controlled flights around the living room are possible and give a great sense of achievement.

A few tips.

Buy the rotor guard. It only costs a few pounds but means that the drone can bounce off the furniture and the kids without damage to them or the props. I also bought the crash pack consisting of spare props, motors, battery and body parts (for the drone, not the kids). After a lot of use all I have used is one prop and that was because one came of in a crash and it took a while to find it. The drone comes with a few spare props anyway.

Get some extra batteries. One battery means five minutes flight and an hour's wait for charging. Spare batteries are almost free and a four at a time charger is also very cheap. The four batteries I bought have a slightly larger capacity than the originals and almost double the flight time. With those four, the original, plus the one in the crash pack we never run out of power. The larger batteries stick out of the battery slot a little but that has no effect on flying.

And the most important. Spend some time getting the drone trimmed properly before attempting anything clever. Many years back I flew radio controlled fixed wing aircraft and time spent getting the trim right was quickly paid back in undamaged airframes. Each control has trim buttons to adjust the centre point. Take one movement at a time, e.g.. forward/back. Take off and check. If it goes forward trim it back slightly. Then trim left and right etc. This is a one off job. Once you can take off without the drone flying off to one side all things are possible.

Have fun. I am
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on 13 April 2013
So I've been after a quadcopter for a while. Never flown one before, actually never flown anything before (unless you count paper planes) so I wasnt sure what to expect when I ordered this from hong kong.

After a few days of waiting it finally arrived today and I set about ignoring the manual, charging the lipo battery with the included USB charger and trying to find some AAA batteries to fit in the controller.

After raiding the two cordless phones in the house for batteries and familiarising myself with the playstation shaped controller I felt I was confident to have a go.

One thing that may be in the manual that I didnt read is how to recalibrate the gyro so that the second you give it a bit of power it wont cut your face off, but a quick search on youtube furnished me with a helpful video to do just that (recalibrate, not cut your face off).

It took a few attempts of hovering which when I fly resembles bunny hopping across the carpet before I got the hang of the oh so sensitive controls. This thing is TINY! I mean it easily fits in the palm of your hand and as such, if the cat farts in another room then the air disturbance is likely to knock it off course a bit.

Spend the time to learn the controls and you'll soon be able to follow pets and the the misses around the house with it, with only the occasional limb chopping accident.

The propellers are designed to detach in a severe impact (at least I hope they are otherwise I've broken this) but easily pop back on. The legs as well have a bit of flex in them and a joint on the underside that pops apart if the cat isnt around to break its fall.

Charging time is around 30 minutes and that gives you about 10 mins of flight time, but I did find that this is really determined by how you fly. I tend to use a lot of throttle to get me out of those ooops moments, and as such I was getting less flight time than when I had gotten a bit more used to the controls and was able to fly smoother.

You can get replacement parts for all the things that are likely to break, such as the propellers (a spare set is included), the airframe, the battery (this wont generally break, but you get the the idea). Unfortunately the site I got it from didnt seem to stock spare faces, fingers, toes, testicles, or cats, so I'll just have to be extra specially careful flying it in close quarters in the house.
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on 7 August 2014
This is my first quadcopter. I'm a 36 year old man and grew up with RC cars and I always fancied an RC flying machine. In the past, RC helicopters and planes had always been so expensive, but now that technology has advanced, they have become more affordable.
Straight out of the box, battery straight on charge whilst I read through the instructions. I have to say that I was non-the-wiser from reading the instructions; the terminology used and the mixture of modes described throughout perplexed me a little. I figured that the only way to learn was to get it up in the air.
Once charged (took around half an hour), I inserted the battery and set to play. It was incredibly easy to fly, firstly just inches from the ground where I could cause little damage should I crash and then I started to become more adventurous, flying it all the way up to the ceiling. A lot of it is about balance, keeping it stable in the air with tiny movements of the controls. Being a fan of xBox games, I found this quite easy to do. Soon enough, the little quadcopter was whizzing around the front room, much to my wife's annoyance.
The X4 is an excellent starter kit. It's very robust- it has been bounced off walls, down flights of stairs and into light shades but each time, little damage has been caused. The kit comes with a few spare propellers which came in handy- with the bigger bumps they have a tendency to shear resulting in sycamore seed type ejection of the props themselves. I also bought the bigger spare pack which I'm grateful for as I quickly used all those supplied in the kit.
At the moment, I avoid 'expert mode' as the reaction time of the machine are incredible, it becomes ninja-like in the air and this makes it harder to fly for me. I also avoid turning the X4 toward me as this results in the controls flipping and my brain struggles to comprehend the switch where left becomes right! Instead, I ensure it's always facing away from me, drifting left, right, forwards and back as opposed to turning the body of the machine.
Eventually, when I get competent at flying this little beast, I'll upgrade to one of the more expensive models with a go-pro capability but for now, I'm absolutely overjoyed with this practice kit.
Fantastic! The most fun I've had out of any RC 'toy', ever.
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on 5 December 2015
Having flown some much larger and more expensive Quadcopters, this little quadcopter handles well, is fantastic fun and excellent value for the price. Ideal for the winter months indoors, and small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, once you get this going it sounds like an angry wasp, turn on expert mode and it flies like one too! Time flies when you're having fun so you will want to buy another battery to have one on charge whilst flying. Batteries can be charged by the supplied USB dongle in around 30mins (the light on the dongle lights up when charging, and goes out once charged). Flight time is around 10 mins (the first flight may be somewhat shorter as the batteries won't be fully charged). You don't get any AAA batteries for the transmitter so you will need to buy 4 of those separately. The manual can be a little long winded and confusing at first, so here's a few quick tips for first time fliers.
Day 1
1) Turn on the transmitter first before turning on the quadcopter (and last after turning off the quadcopter).
2) Sit the quadcopter on a flat surface with plenty of space around with the front of the copter facing the same direction you are.
3) Connect the battery and tuck in the wire
4) Learn to master the throttle first, once you can hover at a fixed height you will find it easier to control
5) If you find the quadcopter is drifting on its own, check the manual for the re-calibration process to re-calibrate it.
(then use the trim buttons on the transmitter to make any minor adjustments that the calibration doesn't fix.)
6) Have fun learning to manoeuvre left, right, forward and back whilst attempting to keep at the same height
Day 2
7) Now start learning to rotate the drone in flight by using left and right on the the throttle stick, learning to fly with the drone facing both towards you and away from you.
8) Find a suitable space and fly a little higher! Just remember to keep an eye on the LED's once they start to flash it's time to come down before the battery runs out. (I've not tried this outdoors yet, great British weather etc, imagine would get blown all over the place due to low weight & small size.)
Day 3
9) Impress all your friends with your new flying skills, flying around under your control.
10) Try out expert mode and re-discover how you felt when you had your first flight haha.

Finally, switch back to regular mode and give your friends and family a go, it's fun sharing what you've learned and hoping they won't crash haha.
Note: As with all RC planes and copters, remember to always be aware of your surroundings and use responsibly and safely.

This wouldn't be a proper review without a few minor criticisms so here goes...
The 240mAh LiPo battery that comes in the box could be a higher capacity for increased flight time, and include a pull tab to avoid any pull on the cables when removing battery from the body. The durability of the motors may be an issue over time depending on number of crashes etc. Motors are susceptible to hair clogging them up, I guess if you don't take pride in your home this thing will point it out to you haha. For an extra £1 really no excuse for the propellor guard not to be included in the pack. Calibration should be a simple button on the transmitter rather than some weird up down left right sega megadrive cheat combo to activate.

*Quick update, got a number of larger batteries. While this increases flight time, it also increases weight and strain on the motors if performing several flights without break in between, overheating of motors can become an issue. The centre of gravity will change too due to larger battery size so trim needs adjusting so it will hover without drifting. I snapped my first propellor today after a big crash, thankfully there are two of each type included. To replace a propellor simply pull the old one off and push the new one on or use a thin knife for leverage.Another great thing about the Hubsan X4 is that there are lots of videos on youtube to see demos of repairs etc as is a popular model.*

So that's the basics, if you are a complete beginner (or a younger flier aged 14+) it is definitely worth getting the £1 protection ring sold separately that protects the propellor blades (and your furniture) from damage. Note if you crash the quadcopter, which you will do several times initially, the arms that attach the body to the motors have a snap off function to protect the motors from shock so each time check this after "landing" to see whether you need to snap them back together.

Hope this little guide helped guys. Ok now stop reading and go get this bought and have some fun! Happy flying. :)
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on 17 July 2014
Great little toy and a good trainer if your thinking of getting something bigger later
It's a tough little thing and stands up well to knocks and bumps, I've only broke a few blades. But on that note each blade is unique to the corner it came from so the 4 blades it comes with will only replace 1 of the corners. Get some more and the guard while you learn how to handle it.
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on 13 August 2013
Fantastic little quadcopter that's pretty easy to get to grips with. After 30 minutes or so you'll be doing flips and rolls like a pro! Would reccomend flying it outside on a fairly still day as you can soon get into trouble in an average size living room. A very stable "first quad".
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on 20 October 2013
I love it. For about £30 it is very difficult to find fault with this quad. Ideal for beginners but also great to develop your flying skills before moving up to the next level (expensive stuff that you just don't want to crash!). Buy it, you won't be disappointed
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 19 September 2013
Been flying stuff with radio control for decades, helicopters for the last 5 years, and this is a great deal at under £34.
It may look unusual compared with a Sikorsky-style helo (or even a contra-rotating helo), but it really delivers great performance and ease of learning in the same copter.
I'm not a good flyer. Everyone who's seen me will tell you that - but this was fully flyable out-of-the-box in the standard mode, no probs. It is also fully aerobatic in 'Expert' mode - and fast for a helo too.
I've yet to crash it badly enough to stop it working again, and we're still on the original (tiny) rotors. It comes with spares.
If this is your first 'copter I'd recommend reading the guide carefully and viewing as many videos as you have patience for on YouTube. Please note that this is the later model, the H107L - it has rubber feet, improved props and more lights than the older one. My mate (first time flyer) has the other one and loves it, so you takes your choice and you pays your money.
Spares and after-market batteries etc are widely available here on Amazon too.
Recommended if you want to fly something astounding!
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on 26 July 2013
Well I'm so impressed with the new version of this little Quadcopter & night flying is brilliant.. I highly recommend this product & seller, the Price is great too & it arrived a day earlier that expected - I couldn't be more Happier.. Thankyou
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on 28 July 2013
The instructions for these are pretty dire - mostly 'pigeon' English and difficult to decipher. Mine, when first received, was flying off all over the place and, despite trying to 'trim' the thing to just hover, it got worse and worse. Take off, swerve to left, crash. About to send it back and moan it was no good but looked on web and found some useful information. Ignore the official means of trying to calibrate the thing and do this: power on, 'connect' the TX to the X4, power fully down (left stick), briefly push right stick in and it beeps at you. With power FULLY DOWN, push the left stick to the right - be careful, if you add power, the blades will start spinning. Whilst left stick is moved to the right, 'wiggle' the right stick rapidly left and right. The 'eyes' on the X4 will blink and 'Voila!', your X4 is now calibrated! Will now more or less hover in a stable position. IF still moving to the rear, put a SINGLE sheet of paper under the rear legs and do again. If to the front, under the front legs. If to the front and to the right, just under the FRONT right leg, etc. Very soon you will have a perfectly balanced little X4 which is great fun to fly - I can now land it on my wifes hand even outdoors; as for outdoor flying, the thing goes so high you can only just see it! Great fun taking it fully up, powering down, watch it fall 100 feet then power up again - amazingly agile and responsive. Recommended - once you calibrate it!
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