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4.5 out of 5 stars2,619
4.5 out of 5 stars
Colour: Wave Blue|Edition: Standard|Change
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on 5 August 2015
I bought another PS4 controller to facilitate my multiplayer games such as FIFA 15, NBA 2K15 and PES 2015 as my little brother also wanted his own controller. The delivery came within a day as expected and came in a medium sized parcel which is understandable because the product needs protecting on the outside in case of any knocks going through logistics etc.. Anyway the controller came in the packaging as advertised but does NOT come with another USB cable which wasn't a problem for me anyway. The controller itself looks and feels very new and I clearly favour this one at the moment since my original one has a few signs of wear and tear after a few months of use now! Overall the PS4 controller speaks for itself but having another one is useful if your primary controller runs out of battery you can easily switch over and also if you want a quick game with your mates.
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on 20 January 2014
Coming from the Xbox 360, where I thought the Xbox controller is the best controller I've ever felt, I was worried how the DS4 would feel, and let me tell you it feels great.

Everything has been improved, it fills your hands much better, and the triggers feel amazing. However I'm worried about the wear on the thumbsticks. I haven't experience any tear or wear on my thumbsticks as of yet, but there are many cases of where it has happened, I hope Sony acknowledges this and changes their rubber or something in production.

All in all, I do love this controller, however if you're buying it I'd consider buying some ORB thumbgrips to inhibit any wear, until atleast Sony does something about it.
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on 2 February 2016
I purchased this controller to replace one that developed a fault where I would press a button, and the action would either delay, or continue doing so after I finished pressing the button (for example, in Grand Theft Auto V, I would steer left, and the car would continue to do so after I had let go of the analog stick). I purchased a black one, because I personally think it looks the smartest of all the colours.

I love the lights on the controller (for example, when playing Grand Theft Auto V, the light would be white when playing as Michael, green as Franklin, orange as Trevor, or flashing red and blue when you have a wanted level, and the light is blue when scrolling through the PS4 main menu). I did have to purchase thumb grips to prevent the rubber on the analog sticks wearing thin, but if you know about the problem beforehand, it is easily (and quite cheaply) avoidable, (I recommend the following thumb grips: ButterFox Thumb Grips 6 Pack for PS4 Controllers (PlayStation 4)).

I have never had any problems with the trigger and bumper (R1, R2, L1, L2) buttons, that others have mentioned, and all the controllers I have owned have felt like they have excellent build quality, and will survive several hours of button bashing. The touch pad is a nice feature (in some games you press that instead of the old 'Select' button on previous gen. controllers), and is nicely used in games like Infamous: Second Son.

I currently use 2 controllers, so then I can use one, while the other is charging.

Overall, there isn't much to say, except that if you want a PS4 controller, buy an official DualShock® 4. I don't even consider using third-party or modified controllers.
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on 4 January 2015
Product is brand new, works very good and the red and black colour just gives that extra feel for gaming. Also looks awesome with the black ps4.
Very good purchase highly recommend!
review image
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on 26 December 2015
In the battle between who could survive being dropped from a 3 storey window onto the cold hard ground below......In one corner we had the Sony Playstation DualShock 4 - Jet Black controller and in the other, the crummy iPhone 4 (I think we can see where this is going). After a work Christmas do all you want to do is play PS4 and crack open a window. Alcohol dictated that the PS4 controller and iPhone be placed precariously on a stack of papers and miscellaneous items and then it came down to the battle of our ages. As the stiff window was slowly tempted upwards, my alcohol infused/food baby belly knocked the aforementioned stack and sent our two opposing forces tumbling out the gaping sidehole in the third floor flat. After locating the fabled keys I ventured down to the floor below to discover what fate had played out. The iPhone looked like a bad ancient mosaic that had been sat on by truck. The PS4 controller was not only barely scathed but seemed to perform better, like a pikachu having attained a thunderstone and wrecking all sorts of pokemon face as a Raichu! Well done PS4 controller, well done. Thank you very much Sony for creating a product not only capable of falling from a three storey window, but thriving from it.
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on 25 June 2015
As a PC Gamer I have a long list of peripherals to choose from. After using my 360 controller for years it finally gave up on me (D-Pad knackered and Lots of play in the thumb sticks.) so i thought i'd try both the PS4 and Xbox One offerings before confirming my replacement.

The PS4 Controller itself doesn't come with a USB cable or official driver support for PC. But any tech-savvy person should have a few cables lying around and 3rd party software (DS4Windows) is readily available.

As soon as I had it in my hands I could immediately feel the improvements from DS3; The controller felt stronger, sturdier, slightly larger and overall has a more premium feel to it. The now concaved thumbsticks have been widened apart and as a result feels more ergonomic then ever before, and if like me you have slightly larger hands, the increased width really is a godsend.

The D-Pad hasn't changed by way of design, but when pressed feel more responsive, and you get a more satisfying 'click' then before. The rear triggers (L2/R2) have done away with the sloped design and are finally recessed correctly. No more slipping off the triggers or not fully depressing without realizing it. Start/Select have now moved outwards to accomodate the touchpad. These feel a little weird and I often find myself having to look at the controller to find them, they feel as if Sony put them there as an afterthought. But given the little use they will get whilst gaming its not really a big deal.

The touchpad: Well seeing as I don't own a PS4 myself i'm not sure what the intended use is, but the DS4Windows software allows me to use it for the mouse cursor and click, similar to a laptop. This is absolutely the best new feature of this controller. I use it all the time to browse the web or when in Steam Big Picture mode, completely eliminating the need to move from my sofa to keyboard. You can also re-program any and all of the buttons, or use the touchpad in any other way (D-Pad, screen swipe, etc..).

I really haven't found a use for the lightbar yet but I assume its some kind of mood lightning for PS4 games, at the moment i've just got it set to pulsate the colours of the rainbow, because why not?

-Super Ergonomic
-Premium Feel
-No need for expensive accessories (i'm looking at you microsoft)
-Responsive triggers and buttons
-Incredibly useful touchpad
-Concave thumbsticks

-Start/Select were an afterthought
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on 21 June 2016
First review I have ever written but had to warn others that ether I have been very unluck to get a bad controller or these are not genuine products just like the ones you buy of eBay. The analog buttons do not work properly. Cannot control characters properly,The buttons sometime do no work when pressed. Which all in all give you very frustrating experience. Do your self a favour and buy from somewhere else
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on 21 March 2016
Sony PlayStation DualShock 4 - Jet Black (PS4)

Bought to replace my original controller which has aged quite badly on the thumbsticks (as they all do).

This item did not come with a new USB charge lead.

The thumbsticks on the item I received feel like the newer, updated materials which are supposed to me more hardwearing and longer lasting (time will tell)

Paired instantly with the PS4 upon turning on the controller and no issues whatsoever at present.
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on 23 March 2016
I have been using the DS4 for a few months now, and, having come from 360 pads and a DS3, it's fair to say that the DS4 is a great pad.

The Start/Select buttons took a bit of adjusting to, but the rest of the pad is clearly not only an evolution of the DS3, but head and shoulders above it. In comparison, the old DS3 feels like a small, cheap travel controller. (In fact, as the DS3 is also Bluetooth, it should perform well as a travel controller.)

Comparing to 360 pads levels the playing field somewhat. Apart from the dpad, the DS4 doesn't quite outperform a 360 pad in any particular area, while its captive battery means that someone with their low-discharge AA ducks in a row will get more mileage from the 360 pad. The triggers also still seem to be better on the 360 pad (although the DS4's triggers are far superior to the DS3's).

So, to sum up... hmmm... I haven't really said anything that you can't find in any of a thousand other DS4 reviews online. So I'll just add: how cheap of Sony not to bother bundling a charging cable with the pad. Considering the unit price (and how quickly I seem to go through Micro-USB cables. They're just so darn tasty) this was an unwelcome surprise!
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on 29 April 2016
I actually bought this controller to play games on my Apple iMac! Regrettably, my old PS3 Controllers stubbornly refuse to work on my new iMac, in spite of a virtual plethora of assurances they would!
Anyway, to be perfectly honest, I have not had a chance to test the controller as yet - thus far, I have just charged it up ready for action.
I will revisit this review once I have tested the Controller properly.
Nevertheless, I do feel constrained to moan about the cost of this Controller. It's expensive! Ok, it does look a wee bit cooler than my old PS3 versions, but God's teeth it sure aint Cheap! Also, having unpacked said PS4 Controller, I was also less than pleased to glean the total absence of any cable to connect the PS4 Controller to anything whatsoever. Subsequently, and having read through the enclosed instructions, Sony informs everyone that the cable for the PS4 Controller is supplied ONLY with the PS4 System!
Not good enough Sony. Considering the astronomical price of the PS4 Controller, one would have thought Sony could have supplied a cable that usually only costs a couple of pounds or so.
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