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4.6 out of 5 stars240
4.6 out of 5 stars
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 14 March 2014
After being kicked out of their university, parapsychology professors Spengler, Stantz and Venkman decide to go into business for themselves by trapping and removing ghosts from haunted houses.

After some initial scepticism, business is soon booming as The Ghost Busters rid New York of its undead.

When a downtown skyscraper becomes the focal point of spirit activity linked to the ancient god Gozer however, the problem may be more than the team can handle....

Wat else can be said about this amazing movie that hasn't already been said? It's a glorious effects feast, and one of the funniest summer movies ever made.

With the exception of Weaver, it's a career highlight for everyone in my opinion. Yes Murray has made better movies, but this is him at his most sardonic, sarcastic and lovable.

The titular characters have so much chemistry between them, it would be hard not to root for them, they really are the nicest characters you may ever see on the big screen.

But watching this film, made years before the advent of CGI and Lucas selling out, you realise just how big this film is, from sets, to effects, it really spares no expense.

The script is as funny as hell and it begs for more viewings, you will not get every joke first time, as you will be in awe of the spectacle.

Everyones seen this, and knows just how good it is.
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73 of 82 people found the following review helpful
on 20 September 2013
Finally, after the downright awful first release of Ghostbusters on Blu Ray, Sony have gone back to the original master & rescanned it at 4K resolution (the same as Blade Runner The Final Cut, Lawrence Of Arabia, Taxi Driver etc). For those of you who don't know how 4K works, here's a little bit of information.

Firstly, the film was not shot in 4K. It has been rescanned from the original negatives at 4K, then digitally downscaled to 2K, in order for it (along with all the other 4K releases) to be used on 1080p HD systems (HDTV, Blu Ray). This has resulted in a mind blowing level of resolution, never previously seen; 4K = four times the resolution of 1080p.

Now, at the moment the only way to get the full 4K resolution experience, is to have VERY deep pockets. For example, Sonys 4K TVs retail from approx £2'500+ & you'd also need a 4K Blu Ray player, along with a pre-amp capable of processing the 7.1 surround sound.

So, those who've given the 4K version of Ghostbusters negative reviews are either very well off & are playing it through badly set up 4K systems, or they've played it through a standard 1080p HD TV & Blu Ray player.

Overall, this won't put me off purchasing the newly rescanned version of Ghostbusters. I'll just have to spend a bit of time playing with the settings on my HDTV & Blu Ray Player.

Please stop combining the reviews for previous releases / versions of products. This causes confusion for customers.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
Ghostbuster is a brilliant film, and for me this has been Bill Murray's best film, and this is a lovely looking steelbook, but the only negative thing I can say about this release is the Blu-ray quality is not the best, it gets a 2.5/5 from me. But still I love this film and am happy I have it in my collection.
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28 of 33 people found the following review helpful
on 29 October 2009
Yes, it's true the film has a lot of grain, but nowhere near as much as, say, "Friday the 13th Part III" the world heavyweight champion for unloveable grain. And surprisingly there are plenty of dark and indoor scenes with very minimal grain. The other picture quality caveat is that a lot of mid-long shots are sometimes lacking in sharpness; and this does not always look like a stylistic choice. But there are countless close-ups and plenty of long shots which are very sharp. Especially the close-ups often have unbelievable depth and plasticity for a 25 year old film. When Winston is shown in close-up during the showdown with Zuul, this looks like a film from this or last year!

"Ghostbusters" has also been accused of having washed-out colours on BD, well the fire-engine red of the ecto-containment system in their cellar is superb and colours generally are very good; nothing like "Halloween" which is a little washed-out. Dana's appartment looks a bit faded, but I think that's how her furniture is supposed to look. Some of the FX are outed as a bit poor by HD such as the "streams" and the dogs, but the library ghost, Slimer, and Mr Stay Puft all look great in HD. And there is a shot of sky-scrapers a little before Dana's roof blows that holds its own with the typical HD showcase shots of many films made after the launch of Blu-Ray as a format. The soundtrack is occasionally a bit weak but for the most part more than acceptable, above all in the final showdown scenes and whenever the theme music is pumped out.

The film is a classic and needs no recommendation at this stage. If you are considering upgrading, do it unless you have an absolute allergy to grain. The Sony trailer for it as seen on "The International" is very fair; showing typical better and worse scenes, but the majority of scenes are in the former category. If only "Gladiator" had been released like this. Those who will sacrifice detail to be grain-free could have turned on their BD player's processing (as some might prefer to do here) and everyone could have been happy. This is a BD release full of sharpness, depth and detail, and, yes, occasionally more grain than some may like. At this stage most people will have established their expectations and tastes for Blu-Ray. I hope this review makes it clearer whether this disc is for you or not. Highly recommended.
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12 of 14 people found the following review helpful
on 23 January 2011
I read a lot of reviews of this before buying it and many of them complained about the grain on the transfer. Some more so that others.

I already own the film on DVD but wanted it on Blu Ray as I am in the process of replacing my collection with Blu Ray and it's one of my all time favourite films.

Took a gamble and it paid off.

Yes, there is grain on the movie. More obvious in the library scene at the start or the film and in some of the dark scenes. However, this does not detract from the movie or general quality of the film on Blu Ray. I don't recall this on the DVD so it's obviously a perculiarity of the Blu Ray transfer.

Colours are vivid and detail crisp and in every other way it is what you'd expect from a Blu Ray movie.

4 stars as there is some obvious grain.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 7 November 2003
This is without doubt one of the funniest movies ever made. The story stands up to the test of time and the actors timing, in particular the interaction between Murray and Aykroyd, is first class. Every time you see this film you appreciate another joke, or facial expression, that you had previously missed through excessive laughter. The effects are still good enough, (although Sigourney Weaver's dog alter-ego is a little dated) the support characters are believable and, of course, there is always Mr Stay Puff! This is just a first rate piece of entertainment which anybody, any age can enjoy. A must see movie!
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11 of 13 people found the following review helpful
on 12 December 2000
Never has a film had so much entertainment packed into one box!This dvd is a must for the budding collector, it has the best features ive seen. The film itself needs no introduction. These so called blockbusters of today are nothing on this classic. The dialogue of Ghostbusters can never be matched, Akroyd and Ramis proving their talents behind the camera as well as in front. I personally rate Bill Murray as the best dead-pan comedy actor there has ever been. His delivery is second to none "yes its true, this man has no ****" If anyone is even doubting buying this dvd, then stop immediately and get it!!
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5 of 6 people found the following review helpful
Let me begin my review with a frank statement. I am sick of people calling Ghostbusters 'the funniest comedy of all time'. Why? Because I never once saw Ghostbusters as a comedy. As a young kid, as a teenager, and as an adult I always saw this film as 'a supernatural thriller with humor'.

It's not shot, edited, performed, scored, or designed as a comedy. No way! Aykroyd's genuine interest in the paranormal is where the idea for the movie began. When he teamed with Harold Ramis to write the script there's no doubt in my mind that his intended tone was serious, but with touches of light relief (mainly from Venkman and Louis). Listen carefully to the dialogue, it's peppered with loads of credible scientific jargon and multiple cryptic references of almost Lovecraftian lore. This serious subtext weighs the film down in the thriller category more than comedy.

The trio (and soon quartet) begin as researchers at Columbia University in NYC. But Venkman, only in it for an easy scam, ends up getting them thrown off campus. Ray and Egon have a plan for catching and eliminating paranormal threats to the public. With Venkman's conman skills, they take a chance and found 'Ghostbusters' in a derelict firehouse. Business is pitiful until Dana Barrett shows up claiming a voice from another dimension spoke to her through her fridge. Venkmen, enchanted by her, goes to her apartment to check her/it out. He finds nothing, unaware that behind her fridge is a secret doorway to a rooftop temple built as the venue point for Gozer, a destructive inter-dimensional traveler.

Almost every aspect of Ghostbusters is honed to perfection. Ivan Reitman has never directed a better film. Elmer Bernstein's sumptuous score (often overshadowed by Ray Parker Junior's pop song) is utterly bewitching. The effects, while old-school, don't date the film one bit. The chemistry between the cast is wonderful, you actually believe that these guys have known each other for years. The fact that Harold Ramis plays the deadpan, deadly serious Egon despite having directed Caddyshack and Vacation (two of the most anarchic films ever) gives the chemistry a nice edge, since beneath the serious exterior you know he's actually the maddest one of the lot.

However, I WILL complain about one thing (though it is relatively minor). I understand that movies need to be tightly edited to stop the audience from nodding off (but no one possibly could with Ghostbusters), but Reitman's last-minute tinkering renders a large chunk of the film senseless. It begins as soon as Winston arrives. He claims to the Mayor that he's worked with the company for a couple of weeks, but within the timeline of the movie he's only worked for them for a single day. Venkman's impromptu meeting with Dana at Lincoln Center is badly pasted on over Winston's 'interview'. Venkman arrives at the firehouse covered in slime, warps to Dana without slime, arranges a date for Thursday (which actually appears to be later that same night), before warping back to the firehouse, slime intact for his confrontation with Walter Peck (William Atherton, who has been typecast ever since).

The original flow of the film included a scene at Fort Detmerring in which Ray and Winston investigate alone. Part of this scene is in the final product (Ray's encounter with a female ghost while dressed as a General) and the scene where Ray and Winston discuss the end of the world was actually their trip back from this scene. With this complete sequence intact, and the surrounding scenes rearranged, the timeline of the film would have made much more sense. Ivan Reitman has shown this complete version as private screenings, but I doubt the public will ever get to see it. The closest you will get is Richard Mueller's novelization 'Ghostbusters: The Supernatural Spectacular'. You can hunt it down, but it's very expensive.

With much of Winston's screen time cut back, the character almost becomes largely redundant. Thankfully, he was developed more in the animated series and the sequel. And, redundant or not, it just wouldn't be the same without him.

I'm not one for nostalgia, but 80s kitsch aside, Ghostbusters truly will stand the test of time forever. It's an absolute classic that'll never get old and truly deserves to be up there with the best of them.

There have been a lot of complaints about the Blu Ray, but personally I think the film has never looked better. It has a very grainy look sometimes, but this was intentional, and I like it. The film looks super in 2.40:1 1080p. Ghostbusters was shot in anamorphic Panavision and the Blu Ray makes it look even more stunning. Sometime the picture is so good you can see through the effects (the gargoyle overlooking the road and the terror dog bounding across the street are good examples). The sound is in Dolby TrueHD and there are plenty of extras too, if can operate the infuriating menu.
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on 30 May 2013
OK, first off, let's get this out of the way, Ghostbusters is THE BEST MOVIE EVER MADE - FACT! That's not up for debate and if you disagree you're wrong and will have to live with that. That said, I don't want to go over the movie. Everyone has seen it, knows it, can quote it. It would be pointless to go over old ground.

So, onto the "4K" conversion. It would be fair to say that when I originally bought Ghostbusters on Blu Ray, like most fans, I was hugely disappointed. As strange as it seems, the original DVD release seemed far superior so when it was announced that Sony were going to go back and do the job properly I was over-the moon. That feeling ended the second I stuck this blu-ray into the player.

In can't be argued that this is the clearest Ghostbusters has ever looked. Whilst it's quite grainy which isn't usual for a film of this age, it doesn't distract from the film. What does distract is the seemingly muted palette Sony seem to have chosen. From memory, Ghostbusters was never just a green and red movie! Sony appear to have thrown out nearly ever other colour and the result is awful. There's absolutely no yellows, particularly in the neutral tones for the most part of the film with green and in particular red, permeating the majority. Everything that should be those colours seem distractingly enhanced and the whites in particular have a horrible redness. Sure there are scenes, especially the darker ones, that do look way better. The ballroom scene and the Stay Puft are definitely the highlights of this disc. But anything in daylight - forget it!!

Overall this feels like a missed opportunity...AGAIN! Sony really don't appear to know how to treat this movie. This could have been one of the greatest conversions of recent years, especially as one of the first 4K releases (it's not really 4K but thats a whole other topic) but it seems like such an unfulfilled promise.

Oh well :(
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19 of 23 people found the following review helpful
on 18 June 2001
In terms of quality and content, this is the best DVD I have tried. Someone has really put some thought and care into creating this DVD version of Ghostbusters; the film itself is beautifully rendered - the picture is pinsharp, and the Dolby sound superb, but the it's the extra features which really take the eye. So often this is an area to which little or no attention is paid when a DVD version is made, with a crude menu giving access to a theatrical trailer and a couple of unseen scenes. However, this DVD has a carefully crafted look, starting from the opening menu with a 3D rendition of the fateful building beside Central Park and the Stay Puft Marshmellow Man trundling along the street in the background. Menu items feature as part of the buildings, and when selected a smooth 3D zoom takes you to the appropriate place. Items included are Spook Central - theatrical and TV trailers, unused footage plus production stills, Commentary - with Ivan Reitman & Harold Ramis' 1999 reminiscences in audio and subtitle, Scene Selector - for chapter by chapter entry points to the film, and of course Play Movie. The DVD is billed as the 15th Anniversary Edition, and it feels just that. For anyone wanting to acquire a personal library edition of a much-loved classic, look no further.
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