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on 6 August 2015
I bought this for my daughter and she is not stopped using it. It has a long battery life looks amazing it feels amazing and does the job well. It came in this really nice packaging which also includes a case for your anchor battery.
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on 7 June 2015
Bought this after a friend recommended it.Topped up the charge before a trip to London. Phone went down to 10% as I sat down for dinner so plugged in the supplied cable and left it charging on the table. Within 30 mins it was up to 70%, and when we finished dinner (90 mins after plugging in) it was fully charged. Nothing got hot, amazingly quick charge, and not too heavy to carry around in a bag (a bit too much for the trouser pocket).
Arrived on time, well packaged, and great price. I am now never going to have the excuse that my phone battery ran out whilst out of the house. Would definitely recommend.
I have topped up phone already 4 times and the battery still shows three quarters full.
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on 11 September 2013
It arrived quickly, securely packaged. The instructions are clear and simple.

The item itself is chunky, not too heavy and gives an impresson of solidity and quality. It just looks ... an attractive bit of kit. It arrived (I would guess) about 80% charged and it took about 45 mins to charge fully, when connected to a USB port on my PC.

I am delighted with this unit - it seems to do exactly what it says on the tin! The tiny gripe? The two connectors supplied (one Apple 30 pin adapter, one Samsung ditto) look a bit flimsy (and Samsung is misspelled!). Not a worry for me, as I'm an Apple user and would use the USB connectors supplied with their products.

Review edited 19/9/13 and this added:

I charged the Anker Astro E5 fully and plugged it into my iPad2, which had only 1% battery capacity left. These were the results:
After 1 hour - 34%.
After 2 hours - 63%.
After 3 hours - 88%.
100% capacity was reached after a fraction under 4 hours (about 3hr 55min). There were still two lights showing on the unit, indicating 25-50% charge remaining.

Frankly, I think that is superb performance! Delighted with the product...!!!
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on 27 November 2015
How this product is of use to me:

I purchased this model about 6 months ago and love it. It has been round the world, survived and has kept my nexus 5 powered waiting at airport lounges and on flights watching movies as well as in my work bag, proving power to my devices without having to take a wall charger and scrabble for an outlet.

What it was reduced a few days ago to under £14 on amazon as well as stating that it was the 3rd generation, I sprang to order another. On arrival, I found it was the same, 2nd generation and contacted amazon support. To their credit, they refunded me and asked me to order a replacement, promising me it would be the 3rd generation. I am dismayed, having received the replacement today, only to find it is the 2nd generation!

What I feel potential buyers should consider before buying this:

Unfortunately, amazon cannot send the correct item, despite two attempts in one week.

Other than this, if you are looking for a portable usb power bank, this has plenty of reserve power to recharge, as a benchmark, my nexus 5 over 8 times and keeps its own charge for around 3 months to boot! I've taken a picture against my nexus to give you a better idea of size.

Would I buy it again, or recommend it to my friends /family:


Hope you found my review helpful? If so, please hit the HELPFUL TO YOU button below : - )

EDITED 9/12/15: Anker took the initiative themselves to contact me on the back of this review. They offered to make up for the issue by sending a replacement. Although I haven't had the chance to test the newer replacement, honestly, their excellent customer service alone has converted me to buying their products in the future without hesitation. Well done. Who else takes the time to pre-emptively contact customers?
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on 14 September 2015
Ok so firstly, by way of disclosure, I was supplied a sample for test and evaluation, and I promised to write a review that is fair and honest.

As is seemingly the requirement these days, smartphones have sadly underpowered batteries - gone are the days of mobile phones going 4 days without looking at a plug socket!!!

I have in the past made the mistake of buying those cheap "e B a y" specials, quoting phenomenal figures like 18000mAh, and then struggling to charge anything at all. Thankfully, I'm not one of those "once bitten, twice shy" types and I carried on looking for a portable battery charger that would actually be worth buying - Thats when I first found Anker. I have purchased a number of their products and I have to say, they have impressed every time. The quality and performance is second to none and the Customer Service is unsurpassed in any realm of retail.

I Have previously bought other Anker devices (such as gen2 Astro 3 12000mAh battery (for £35.99) 18 month ago), and on occasion like this received samples to test, and I have to say the same theme of quality Continues throughout albeit now at lower prices.

The packaging is avery stylish minimalist, brown cardboard box with a printed sleeve. Clearly Anker arent into overpackaging, thats a good thing, and getting into the box is no problem with no need to destroy the box. Inside is the battery, micro-USB charging cable, a little black carry bag and the "instructions". All very neatly packed and protected.

The Battery itself is so very obviously well made, a premium quality product, with a good heft given the batteries. The exterior is a Matt black plastic, funnily enough slightly different to the images on Amazon of the E5, I think because this is an updated version, not 2nd Generation anymore. The iAnker website calls it "Powercore 16000" as per the Amazon listing for the "Powercore 20100" so I suspect this is just an issue with updating the Amazon details. Taking this cue the exterior look is definitely more similar to the 20100 images as are the technicals like 4.8A PowerIQ charging.

It is quite weighty for its size, but will fit in a jacket pocket, but not really in your jeans though.

In respect of the range and options, Anker have this well covered with lots of options. This is one of their bigger models for more serious use with iPads or festivals and trips and holidaying.

The cable aswell is clearly a good quality cable, no corners cut here, and the carry bag is a nice little touch, keeps the lovely clean body of the battery safe, snug and clean while its in your pocket. I cannot comment about the USB-C compatibility myself but doubtless this is a good move and customers who are able to make use will view this as an important feature (USB-C cable sold separately)

Performance. the battery has 4 blue LED on top to show status and is delivered at approx 75% charged. The on/off button is on the side, flush to the shell, but easily operated. I also note the battery will start charging when a device is connected, with auto off when fully charged. On one end are the ports, to USB(-c) output for simultaneous charging of two device and a micro-USB input to charge the battery. Again noting the subtle revision of this Powercore model vs both the "2nd gen E5" and "Powercore 20100" the micro-USB port is in between the two USB outputs.

Charging my iPhone 6 plus is quick, a few hours and only 1 LED down on the powercore! Lots more fun to be had here.

The PowerIQ is a good USP for Anker as it means the battery has a chip which interfaces the device being charged to understand the exact required charge rate which is all so important for flexibility when charging different devices. This is important as Apple devices are different to most Android devices as are some higher drain Samsung, LG and HTC devices when it comes down to power requirements

I've used it to charge my iPad Air 2, and my work phone, a Nokia Lumia so all in all this product really does deliver, battery now in need of a recharge. No problems there other than time, it's a big battery so needs an overnighter to fill it up again.

Would I recommend it yes. Would I pay £20 - yes I would. Anker are a safe bet in the world of premium external batteries and these are not to be confused with cheap CE rubbish from online auction sites.

My scores ;
Packaging 5/5
Appearance 4/5 - simple functional appearance
Value 5/5 - great value, I paid £36 for 12000mAh just 18 month ago, so £20 for 16000mAh seems to be heading in the right direction
Performance 5/5
Overall 5/5
Highly recommended
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on 2 June 2015
Recieved as a christmas gift in Dec 2014, more than happy to receive this!

From the get go, it was fully charged (I assumed, all fours blue LEDs lit) which was a nice plus. The packaging was extremely eco-friendly all being made of paper and a recyclable plastic bag that protected the actual Astro E5 battery unit. In the box was the Astro E5 power pack, a Micro-USB cable and a soft case to protect the glossy battery case.

Feature wise, it's a very large capacity battery pack. Managed to charge my iPad twice over from ~20% and Lumia 1020 from 0% all on a single charge. Extremely fast too, definitely no complaints with the PowerIQ technology in this. However, I have come across with an issue using thrid-party lightning cables with the pack; both ends of the cable got extremely hot and continued to drain power after the iPad was unplugged therefore running the battery pack to 0% without realizing. I have had no issues when using the official/genuine lightning cable though, so recommend using this. Charge time for the power pack itself was just over 6 hours from 0% (using a 2.1a charger), which is very acceptable considering the capacity.

Feature wise, I mentioned PowerIQ. This is the technology that Anker includes with this pack that will automatically shut off the charging process when the plugged-in device reaches 100% charge, to stop wastage in the Astro E5. Other features include a pretty useful white LED located between the USB ports for seeing the dark. A nice bonus indeedy! You can press the power button on the side of the Astro E5 to enable the battery pack/see what charge is remaining, holding down down this button for 5 seconds will enable the LED mentioned above. If no device is plugged in or the white LED is turned off, the pack will turn off after ~30seconds.

Day to day usage, it's pretty useful to have on the side if your device is running low. No need to be near a wall power socket, you can continue watching TV, cooking, gaming, and not have to worry about your phone/tablet dying on you. The best use I've found for this so far is bringing it along when you're away for a weekend, and for car journeys (our car doesn't have a USB charger). Don't need to bring a a wall plug, and just stuff the included micro USB cable into the pouch, alongside any other charging cables you might need with it and you're good to go!

5/5 - A must have!
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on 15 July 2015
This charger is exactly what I was looking for. Something with plenty of power, not too big and a low price.

All i need is something that can charge some of my devices by USB. I am due to travel from UK to USA soon and was concerned that i wouldnt have enough power on my tablet to last me the full duration of the flight. This USB charger fits all my needs.

At 16000mAh it has enough charge to charge the items that myself and my partner will be carrying should it be required.

In terms of size its as long as my galaxy note 4, half the width an about twice the depth, so it will fit in my pocket easily and will slot nicely into my bag. In terms of its weight it weighs a touch more than an xbox one controller. Certainly not heavy by anyone's standards and for the power its packing its fair.

The unit itself has a button to press which lights up LEDs to show the remaining charge and it comes in a carrying case to stop the unit getting scratched.

If you are looking for something along the lines above then I would suggest looking no further than this model.
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on 12 February 2016
Bought one of these for a week-long camping trip to keep the phone charged up with no access to power. Fully charged an iPhone 5 4+ times without issue. Reasonably quick re-charge, though the last 25% seems to take a surprisingly long time to fill - not sure if it's designed to trickle charge to preserve the battery?

Built in torch was a godsend on a dark unlit might heading back to the tent.

On my return, this has now become my essential work travel item - keeping my iPad charged in long meetings with no handy power socket, or on a train or plane for keeping the tablet powered for watching movies etc. Gets thrown in the bag on a daily basis and still looks (and works) as new.
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on 7 April 2016
I have recently purchased this portable charger with a set of Ravpower microusb cables which I don’t recommend for long term usage.

First of all, the packaging the Anker 2nd Gen Astro E5 came in was very neat and sophisticatedly simple. There was very little wastage in packaging and everything came as it was stated including
- 1 Anker 2nd Gen Astro E5 Portable Charger
- 1 Micro USB Cable
- 1 small case (to protect the charger from scratches I believe)
Second of all the charger fits in my palm and isn’t too bulky, I can place it in my jeans pockets with my phone if need be for a quick charge. The body is simple and very sleek. I like the 4 LEDS showing how much power is left,
Furthermore, Anker uses PowerIQ technology which is pretty impressive as it is multifunctional. This is because PowerIQ detects the battery level in your phone/tablet/device and automatically stops the charging process at 100% charge which is efficient. Also the PowerIQ has technology that identifies the device you need to charge and changes the amp availability for a faster charge.
This power bank charges very quickly and is everlasting. I bought this for a four-day long trip in Europe and only charged it once, on the day I was leaving with it completely charged, by the end of the trip, the Anker power bank had some juice in it left which surprised me considering the high usage over those 4 days.

Additionally, there is two USB ports available on the end of the Anker, which allows for multiple device charging which is great for those who have a phone and tablet with them. One final feature is the small LED torch that can be turned on with a button on the side. It is very powerful, not a necessity but is a very good bonus.

In conclusion I highly recommend this portable charger if you are interested in purchasing a portable charger because of all the different features and high charge speed.
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on 16 January 2016
This powerbank by Anker feels solid in your hand. It's about the length of my entire hand. It's pretty heavy and you certainly would notice it if you had it in your bag or coat pocket. It has 2 usb output ports and a charging port (mini usb). These are all at one end of the powerbank. The ports feel solid when you attach wires and don't feel like they are going to break (like some cheap Chinese versions).
To indicate the charge left there are 4 small blue LED's. Bright enough to be seem clearly in strong daylight. Each light represents 25% charge. One light on = 25% or less, Two light 26-50% etc. The charge left is displayed by pressing a button located on the side briefly. (Also if an item is attached for charge the lights will light.)
Using a USB charging monitor from flat I was able to charge 13800mAh to the powerbank via a mains charger, before it indicated it was full. This is what I was expected, as mAh are lost in the charging and conversion process. Full charge from empty takes 8-14 hours. It is compatible with solar panel charging (I have a 15w panel). However, I have noticed it stops charging if the output from the panel drops from a passing cloud (to be expected) but never starts again. I have to disconnect and reconnect the powerbank in order to continue. Other items connected to the solar panels start up again as soon as the sun comes out. During charging the LED lights indicate the amount of charge obtained so far. The lights go out when the unit is fully charged.
It charges items with little fuss and has worked on both phones and Ipads.
I have dropped a star for the poorly designed button on the side. If pressed for long enough (abut 2-3 secs) it turns on a LED torch light which is located between the usb ports (and leaves it on). If the item is in a bag and the light is accidentally turned on, it will stay on and drain your powerbank (All be it very slowly).
This powerbank is great for people who need something on a long train or plane journey to keep them topped up. It's slightly too heavy to be considered for use in every day out and about bags, it would be suited to a rucksack though.
In conclusion: A heavy duty powerbank that will satisfy heavy power users, a flaw in the switch design. Not so great for carrying around with you, but good if your stationary away from a charger.
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