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28 of 29 people found the following review helpful
on 6 February 2014
Despite the price being a little high for plastic build-it-yourself shoe storage I am actually pleased with how these look once assembled. They really improve the look of the dead space above the wardrobe, which is no longer a graveyard of differently sized shoe and storage boxes.
The only caveats are:
- the outrageous delivery cost! ...I bought 2 sets, so I paid 16 pounds for delivery. They took 3 days to arrive, and were actually just 2 small boxes. For that price I would expect next day delivery and it would still be fairly extortionate.
- If you are a female with trendy platform shoes or booties (or incidentally, a guy who wears high-tops) then these styles will be too tall to fit in one cube. I had to buy 2 sets, and make most of the sections double height because of this issue. It's irritating because it creates a lot of dead-space (high-tops/booties are only slightly too tall for 1 cube, but vastly too short for a double height section so it looks rather clumsy and wastes a lot of space). Knee boots require a section 3 cubes tall, so bear that in mind if you have any - that will means it really houses half the number of shoes stated here.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 9 December 2014
This is a quality module-based organizer. Essentially, you get rectangular pieces, small square pieces, and connectors - and can build the organizer of the size and shape that suits your needs. It's advertised for shoe storage, but in reality you can use it for just about anything. I decided to expand to my home entertainment center, using the organizer to store DVDs and other media disks, etc.

The initial build, just for testing purposes - was the conventional 4x4 setup. It took over an hour for me to assemble this the first time around. The main problem is that at the beginning, it's not very sturdy - that changes as you add more and more modules. Also, the connector pieces are a bit strange - they don't always click into a perfect fit, and would often pop out while I assembled an adjacent section. I found myself just having to push very hard, and constantly double-checking the integrity of the structure before continuing. The included product info sheet is not particularly helpful (although you should get along just fine without assembly direction). I'll be honest - while assembling this product, I was somewhat frustrated.

But once the whole thing is set up, it holds up surprisingly well (even when loaded with items). Although the ideal setup is a 4x4 square of modules, you can technically build any way you want - you could stack modules higher if you are short on floor space, or separate it into two/three smaller organizers rather than one large one. I played around with multiple variations, and ended up with a bit of an unconventional setup (and only stopped because I ran out of small square pieces).

Again, in my opinion it's a real pain to put this together. But once it's assembled it is indeed sturdy and functional. And thinking long term - it will be a luxury to be able to disassemble this organizer when packing, moving, or just changing up your room layout.
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15 of 16 people found the following review helpful
on 15 July 2013
Really impressed, used 2 for shoe rack and its brilliant. My son now wants one to display all his Lego models. Ordered 2 more so I can put some in bottom of wardrobe to put scarves in and he will have the rest.
At nearly £8 each item the postage is not reasonable, especially when ordering 2, its just doubled up. That's nearly £32 they have had out of me, the product was worth it though. I often think I would prefer price to be a bit more with cheaper postage, at least I wouldn't feel ripped off then
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14 of 15 people found the following review helpful
on 4 March 2014
It didn't come with enough connecting hooks to make different shapes as advertised. I sent a message to the seller to send me more of the connecting hooks and I was prepared to pay for, as I ended up with lots of the boxes which I could not put together. They didn't respond.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
on 7 October 2014
When I placed my order I asked for the colour to be black. When the box was delivered it had on the outside COLOUR BLACK, but when I opened the box, guess what, the colour was WHITE. Either you warehouse workers made the mistake, or your Chinese manufacturers cannot read, this is not good enough. It was too much trouble to return so I kept it
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 23 May 2015
When put together the slats don't make a storage shelves that are big enough for shoes, unless perhaps you've got really small feet (I'm a UK size 10 btw). They look to be solely designed to store shoes from the pictures, but they really don't do that job well and are too tacky to be used as anything else, though I have found use for them to hold my DVD's for the time being. Considering the price, I'm very disappointed. I'd recommend purchasing an actual shoe stand if that's what you intend to use this product for.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 10 January 2014
I was really happy with this product and the fact that you can arrange as you please to fit around units in the home.
It is a great use of vertical space in the home and although it isn't cheap if you can afford the little bit extra you will not be sorry.
The product itself is very hard wearing and my partner has managed to put 2 or even 3 pairs of shoes in one whole!
Highly recommend this product and if need another shoe rack I would definitely make a repeat purchase.
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6 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on 15 January 2015
Far too much negativity with some reviews of this product.
It's sturdy although takes reasonable strength to push the parts together - that's good as it means it's unlikely to fall apart.
Delivery at £8 isn't bad & I ordered late on a Monday & received it on the Thursday.
You don't actually know how many parts you're going to get. What I received was 44 sides, 16 backs (enough for any design) & 61 corners (that's probably 60 & 1 for luck).
Yes, you can run out of corners if you split your design into too many separate constructions, but it's pretty versatile.
Ignoring that you'll always want 1 back per box, to construct the 1st (or a single box) you'll require 4 sides & 8 corners.
The next (attached) box will only require an extra 3 sides & 4 corners & so on for the row or column.
When you attach a 2nd row, the 1st box will again require 3 sides & 4 corners. The next box already has 2 sides in place & only requires an extra 2 sides & 2 corners.
You can calculate what is required easily, remembering that a 4*1 construction requires the same parts as a 3*1 with a 4th on top.
The sides & corners required are:-
4*4 40 & 50
4*3 31 & 40
4*2 22 & 30
(enough parts for 2 of these)
4*1 13 & 20
(enough parts for 3 of these)
5*3 38 & 52
5*2 27 & 38
5*1 16 & 24
3*3 24 & 32
3*2 17 & 24
3*1 10 & 16
2*2 12 & 18
2*1 7 & 12
1*1 4 & 8
I made 12 boxes by constructing 2 of 4*1 & 1 of 2*2 using 38 sides (6 over) & 58 corners (3 over).
Consider your cup half full with parts over, rather than half empty with corners missing!
A great product.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
on 4 October 2014
Very misleading pictures on the product box, the cubes are far too small to take a pair of shoes side by side as claimed in the pictures, female size 5 shoes do not fit side by side, let alone men's shoes. I would not recommend this for shoe storage.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 16 May 2015
Good idea, and when built quite useful (though quite small for shoes so better for the smaller footed family). However the locking mechanism is quite crude, and just involves forcing a bit of metal into a bit of plastic about as far as you think it should go. Some go in easily, some not without a lot of pushing and swearing, and because the metal bits don't "lock" anywhere, it's hard to keep the cubes the same size, making them difficult to put together. Because of this it's a much harder to use product than it might have been.
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