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on 29 January 2014
A problem that has been mentioned by another reviewer, here's something to spoil the party. It is a great machine when it works, and we thought very highly of its efficiency, ease of use and even styling for about 8 weeks. And then.... error code U15! The company who carry out the "repairs" don't exactly generate confidence. They explained that it could take "into double figures" the number of call outs before it could be fixed or a replacement unit considered. The last engineer ( number 3) explained to us that he believed the problem to be electronic, possibly a sensor, and would recommend that we had the drier replaced by a new one. The actual report to Panasonic read that there was no fault to report and we, the customer, had been advised how to operate the drier correctly!
We have a number of Panasonic appliances/devices - historically very dependable and sturdy, something to trust in.
We've had 3 engineers visit, a water pump change, countless calls to Panasonic customer service with empty promises of return calls to solve the issue, but here we are almost 2 months later with a big, white, expensive box sitting in our kitchen.
We want to like it, we really do, we thought it great when it worked..... Not impressed at all.
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on 11 May 2014
Although the technology is fantastic, and the running cost really low, when you have a problem Panasonic really does deliver. After less than 6 months the belt went and here we are, 10 days and 4 kids and no dryer. I wish I had not bought the machine.

Update: after 3 visits the machine was finally fixed, and worked a total of 2 days. To make things worse, I bought it at the Panasonic Store - meaning it is the own brand shop, on the Panasonic website, and the store went into administration, so I can not return it as not being fit for purpose. I am going to try returning it straight to Panasonic. Not sure that will work. If you are going to try this horrible machine, use Amazon, at least you know they are going to be around in 6 months. This is a disaster. Never again I think I will buy a Panasonic product.

Update: After 18 months and 3 dryers, all with the same error U15. Appalling customer service. Only after I said I was going to go for the small claims court as the dryer is clearly not fit for purpose.

I have never had a nightmare like this ever.
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on 14 November 2013
For once Which was right, they rated it as the best current condenser tumble dryer and probably for the first time in a long time I agree with Which.
It actually dries as quick if not quicker than the vented dryer it replaced and uses very little electricity as it does not have a heater as such, but a modern heat pump.
It also has a large drum, takes a reasonable load, adjusts its time to weight and water content and is reasonably quiet.

UPDATE: 3 Months on my machine has a U15 fault which is something to do with the water pump. It seems that if you have pets their hairs can clog the pump, I don't have pets! It needs a replacement pump and surface plate. It has been out of action for over a week so Panasonic service is not great. Considering the price of this machine there should not be any design faults. OK it has a 5 year guarantee, but useless if you have to stay in for an engineer to fix a fault that should not happen. Apparently this is a common fault with this machine. Please be aware.

UPDATE 2: U15 fault returned. Machine won't dry items. You know it is starting to go as the utility room windows start to steam up and everything is damp. Pump will have to be replaced again and the seal has obviously gone again.

My advice to anyone considering buying this machine is don't unless you like visits from engineers who don't have the parts needed to fix the machine or you have a couple or three hours to waste when they do !!!!!

I used to be a Panasonic fan, but after the repeating issue with the speakers needing replacing on my Pano Plasma TV and now this with a tumble dryer they have joined the likes of that famous Japanese car manufacturer who has had the world greatest number of product recalls as a supplier I will avoid in future at all costs.

Oh, and the third party engineers are pretty useless as well, but honest, no goodbye but: we will be back again, when they leave!
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on 16 December 2013
.... much to my embarrassment, as a single professional male, I find myself wanting to talk about my tumble dryer! Why did I go for the Panasonic? Well, it wasn't an easy decision to part with this much money. About six months ago I had to renew my washing machine (it was less than three years old) and after much research and shopping around I decided to plump for a Panasonic.8kg washing machine with a 5 year guarantee. I just wanted something reliable that would last. The washing machine is brilliant.

Ok, so a washing machine will always be used; but now my tumble dryer is knackered; should I be spending £600 on a new one? Actually, because of the washing machine, my mind was really made up, it was just trying to justify the cost that was holding me back. Looking into its energy efficiency and together with a five year warranty it did some maths and could justify the expense.

The large drum is ideal for a family I'm sure (especially if you have the matching washing machine), but even for a single man like me there are real benefits: I live in one of the wettest parts of the UK and I'm a busy guy. Sometimes I have a small wash, sometimes I save it up. I wear formal shirts, lycra cycling clothes, outdoor clothing and I like to wash my quilt. The great thing is, the dryer does all these things well, and drys to perfection. No more time wasted checking to see if the clothes are still damp or baking in excess heat. You have clear settings and the dryer detects the load and when it is dry. Put your clothes in and forget about it. Whether it be a hand knitted woolen jumper that got damp in the rain or a full load of towels, or a mixed load (been too busy and too distracted to do a washing for a week) the only time you have to devote to them is sticking them in the machine and coming back to pick up the perfectly dry load when you hear the beep. And if you don't hear the beep, no worries, the clothes WILL be dry so it don't matter if you leave them there for a while. It even reminds you to clean the filters (which is very easy to do).
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on 15 November 2013
OK - This Panasonic is not exactly cheap and I could have bought several machines similar to our old one for the money it cost, in-fact some have gone so far as to say I was nuts to have spent so much on an appliance.
Thing is, once you do the maths, this machine really does make a lot of sense because it uses about a third the power of most standard dryers while it is running; I'll save even more because of the auto drying programs which shut it off rather than baking my washing when its already dry (making it hard to iron).
Its so well made and nicely finished its a joy to use - all the drying settings you need for delicates like underwear our breathable outdoor wear (!) but you can just leave the dial on 'mixed' and everything seems to come out perfectly well.
Finally it came with a five year warranty - if, like me, you had any worries about whether the heat pump idea was going to be reliable I'd say this should help dispel them.
I looked at a lot of dryer reviews and prices before I picked this one and I'm really glad I did. The second choice would have been the cheaper Beko heat pump dryer - this lost out due to some reviews about clothes not being dried properly and also the higher energy consumption per load.
To sum up, if you use your dryer once in a while then I'd say buy a cheaper one, but if you put more than a couple of loads in per week, this one will rapidly start to pay for itself.
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on 27 June 2014
Being a family of 6 the 8kg function of this machine was attractive. The potential savings when compared to our other dryer were also a big plus and we saw the impact on our bills a month later based on our doing 2 loads a day.

Unfortunately it was not long after we saw the benefit on the bill that the problems started. Almost every load would stop mid cycle with a U15 error code, something experienced by other reviewers. To cope with this and keep the building loads down we would just start the machine again and see if it would stop sometime later, then repeat. Frustration!

Frustration turned to despair today when again, similar to other reviewers experiences the machine stopped in a ploom of smoke, the seal from inside the drum came loose and it is now useless. Getting onto Panasonic but I don't hold my breath.

All in all we cannot do without a dryer for any period of time and so will have to purchase one.

If this review deters only 1 person from purchasing then I'm glad I wrote it.

Thanks for reading.
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on 1 April 2014
Had this now for 3 months.
First fault occurred after about 4 weeks.
H fault, water inside casing of machine, Display screen full of water and clothes not drying.
Was told that some lining was faulty and a major strip and repair.
3 weeks later U15 fault. Not working.
Approached Panasonic for refund , but stated have to go to seller. Contacted Seller awaiting their approach. Considering going to trading Standards. This is a poor product
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on 28 March 2014
Do not buy this product. It stopped working after 7 weeks and we are still waiting for Panasonic to fix it. Apparently, they are putting it on an accelerated repair - that will take 3 weeks, but we have waited a week for this to be confirmed.
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on 12 March 2014
Loved it when we bought it. It seemed great and efficient. 5 weeks later we started getting U15 error code. Panasonic customer service is beyond awful and staff is very unhelpful. It took engineers 6 days to finally show up. They had no clue what they were doing and they even failed to properly screw it back up. At the end of the repair they said it was fixed. The machine came up with the same error a day after. After a lot of hassle I finally received a replacement dryer. It lasted all of 4 weeks again. Second one was making a banging sound on a side panel and 5 minutes later the burning smell came out of it. The sealant that holds the drum in place went and there was so much smoke downstairs it even managed to set off my smoke alarm on the hall. Never again. Returned it and bought another brand.
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on 2 March 2015
What are Panasonic thinking? This machine stops working every few days bleeping with some annoying filter that needs cleaning and then after 5 months the infamous and fatal U-15 error. I have been a Panasonic fan for many years but feel very let down. How can this machine be released onto the market and still be sold with such an obvious design fault? Our previous Bosch worked faultlessly for 15 years. This thing has not worked for more than 2 weeks without bleeping, driving us mad and now terminally failing, aged 5 months. Rubbish.

3 months update: Main motor bearing now failed, water pump failed and seal around the drum failed. Several visits from We Repair Ltd (Panasonic's appointed Service company) are becoming more frequent. I see them more than my kids some months. Panasonic Head Office are saying no matter how many spare parts they put into this £600, 8 months old machine they have no intention of replacing it or giving me my money back and all the time it is repairable that is what they will do. They still consider it 'fit for purpose'. I calculate since 1970 I have spent over £25,000 with their Company. I was a fan. Not now. Their attitude is sad but so typical of modern corporate obstinacy that will never admit fault or blame. The customer is no longer the sole focus of the business. When my plasma and cinema projector need replacing soon I know Panasonic don't care and will look elsewhere.
7 month update: With only 35 minutes left before the threatened midday issue of Count Court action against Panasonic and their suppliers (not Amazon) Panasonic finally admitted defeat and collected this machine and gave me my money back. In that time the bearings failed, 2 water pumps and the drum seal and the thing would need it's filters cleaning every time. Literally, every time. Only legal threats and Notice of Court Action for a 7 month old machine forced Panasonic to relent. Shameful. Now bought a Bosch. Works perfectly.
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