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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
If you are in the market for a new juicer, then this Russell Hobbs model is certainly worthy of a place on your shortlist. Most importantly, it produces really full flavored juice, not quite fully transparent, but smooth with the pulp very efficiently siphoned into a separate container . All fruits are easy to load in the wide aperture chute and the whole device is easy to construct and take apart for washing. There are 2 speed settings for fruit and vegetables which seem to be equally easy to process (I tried carrots). The processing time is usually a matter of seconds albeit rather noisy ones. The colour and design are pleasing and this device will look well in most kitchens. The downside with it is that you have to accept that after you have made the lovely juice, you will face quite a lot of washing up as there are several parts which need to be cleaned after each use. This washing is not particularly difficult as the device is well designed, but it does take time. Having said this, all juicers have the same problem and for most purchasers this work will not put them off buying, but it is as well to know. The only other drawback is the receptacle for catching the juice-it doesn't always seem perfectly shaped for the task-careful placement is required to avoid sticky juice running down the outer sides and running onto your work surfaces. All in all then, this is a very recommendable machine which produces lovely healthy juice efficiently albeit with a little clearing up afterwards and is a genuinely useful addition to a modern kitchen.
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on 28 July 2014
I've been researching for at least a month which juicer to buy. The market is so big for juicer at the moment and prices vary so much. As it was my first juicer purchase I didn't want to buy a cheap or expensive one. I'm glad I bought this one. It does an excellent job and is very easy to clean.

Very pleased I chose Russell Hobbs.
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VINE VOICEon 22 July 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Russell Hobbs' 'Desire' range are stylish black-and-red gadgets that seem to be aimed at those who already have 'essential' kitchen kit but want that little bit more. I've always fancied a Juicer but couldn't bring myself to pay out for something that was just a luxury, not a necessity. But who wouldn't want to whip up a tasty beverage in their kitchen, the likes of which is usually only available from a juice bar?! I'm not a keen fruit eater, so thought this would be a good way for me to get some nutrients.

It'll take up a decent spot on the kitchen work counter (about the size of an average food processor) but with its rubber-sucker feet it won't budge when you put it through its paces. The juicer is easily assembled, with each part having an obvious place to go; it's not fiddly and for the most part every element feels well made. The 'pusher' feels a bit light but then it's only to help ease the fruit into the chute. There's a separate compartment for the pulp, and the lid of the machine is fixed firmly in place with a metal overlapping clasp. Some of the parts are dishwasher safe, but even the element that does all the work (the sieve-like blade) is easily rinsed in warm soapy water. The only thing that's missing is a drip-tray to catch the remnants of juice, but that would've inevitably taken up more room on the work surface so there's logic in not having one.

To make a juice, just switch the juicer to the correct speed setting and put your ingredients in the chute. Within seconds, it's blitzed it to a pulp and your ingredient trickles out of the spout into your glass. Blitzed being the operative word. Put in whole apples, entire (peeled) oranges, pineapple chunks, whole carrots - whatever! - and this deals with it (quite fiercely!) to create the perfect juice. The result is a fresh, slightly cloudy (depending on the ingredients) and mostly smooth juice. The pulp is splattered into the compartment, ready to add to the compost heap! It's quite noisy but you don't need it switched on for long, and when the fruit hits the blades it feels a tad violent, but wow is it good!

The instruction leaflet that comes in the box is really helpful, not only advising you how to use this but offering guidance for how to best prepare different fruits; it also has a good selection of ideas for juices to try. A couple of carrots, an apple, an orange and some watercress created a tasty skin-boosting juice for 2 people in a matter of seconds.

I've never used a juicer before, so don't have anything to compare this with as far as how good the resulting juice is. I can only say that I think it's easy to use, looks good in the kitchen, does what it promises and gives brilliant results with the juices I've tried. I LOVE it and can't wait to try new combinations!
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have not had too much luck with juicers...until now.

This is a great machine. Comes with a few recipes (though some are somewhat strange and not tempting to me at all). Easy to put together and instructions are simple easy to follow and tells you what you should peel first ie oranges and what you should never juice - bananas.

I made a glass of apple juice, lime juice (with peel still on and lemon. All worked well. i then got a bit more adventurous and starting using the more desirable (to me anyway) receipts from the juicer recipe menu.

I have used a few before but this one is fast (yeah noisy too) and it does not look out of place on the worktop in its nice redish colour.

Cleaning can be a bit of a chore but then again if you want fresh heathy juice there is always a price to pay!
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is the super duper deluxe juicer of my dreams. Love the colours and the look of this on my kitchen surface, utterly love how it handles whole fruit (no chopping!) and love how fierce it is with the fruit / vegetables. Other reviews have mentioned the amount of washing up required in a negative light - I genuinely don't find it a hassle - no more than any other juicer I have ever had, but the results make this machine worthy of a little extra effort anyway!

Downside - this has a very large footprint compared to previous juicers I have owned, so be aware that it will take up a lot of cupboard space or surface space (like a big blender). The jug is not perfectly designed to collect the juice - but again I have always had to use a different jug to collect my juice and I have always held it in one hand (or got my kid to help)... so no big deal if you ask me.

Upside - love the design / colour - looks pretty industrial but cool colours that don't get stained by the juices. Great design! Handles fruit with a no messing approach - just mushes through anything and leaves a dry pulp that doesn't need putting through the juicer again (believe me - I've had juicers where you needed to re-juice the pulp!).

I recommend this juicer. It deserves to be called a 'whole fruit' juicer - I haven't had to chop anything so far. All up - it works really well and produces oodles of tasty, healthy juices - perfect.
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on 20 November 2014
Russell still spoils me with juices... however I make him work hard but he still doesn't mind it.
Yupp, I'm still talking about the juicer ;)

Great product. The price was absolutely worth it.
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on 2 November 2014
- Juicer seems powerful enough for now. I've only done stuff like celery, ginger, apple, cucumber kale and spinach in it so far, so nothing really "heavy duty" like carrots, but it responded well to the items listed.
- Suction feet are a nice idea
- It is easy to take apart, my last juicer I had to rock the strainer/blade piece quite a bit to get it off. This one comes off much easier. But, the mere fact it comes off easier is due to the design, part of which I am not too fond of. See related comment in dislikes beneath.

- The spout that drains into the measuring cup isn't angled correctly. Once you start adding foods you will find there is quite a bit of splatter happening, which I had not experienced in my other blender, where the spout had more of a downward facing angle. I ended up placing a paper towel over the top of the cup so that the juice didn't splatter onto my counter. I haven't used the cup lid yet as other reviewers advised against it
- The measuring cup is not clear plastic, and the markings are only on the outside, not on the inside as well. How am I meant to tell what volume if juice I have reached if I can't see where it lines up with the measurement marks?? Bad design idea.
- I don't quite like how the base (ie the bit of the juicer that the blades fit on top of) sits into the motor unit. It just rests down with little feet that sit into grooves on the motor base and that makes me feel it isn't very stable. Perhaps that hasn't presented an issue for anyone, this is just my personal preference.
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on 7 October 2014
We wanted a juicer that could do oranges as well as other fruit, and this one does what it says on the tin, quickly and effectively. We've increased the amount of fruit we intake 5 fold I would say as you wouldn't believe how much fruit you need to make enough and there are the obvious health benefits. People have said it is noisy - yes but only for those few seconds you're blitzing. And yes, you need to clean the pulp after but it is straight forward enough and not a problem. I would really recommend it. It won't juice banana's but whole apples and pears (remove the stalk, grapes, citrus fruits, carrots and blitzed in a second, kiwi, pineapple is the best but you use what you have and make your own combinations. Enjoy.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I am (pretty) delighted with this Russell Hobbs juicer, which seems to be several degrees faster and more thorough at extracting juice than the very elderly carefully researched juicer it replaces, which seemed efficient a lifetime ago but is just clunky and left pulp which was way too wet to indicate really thorough juicing.

However, attractive and whizzy fast though the Russell Hobbs is, there is still no getting away from the fact that the brief moment of ecstasy from the quick efficient preparation to get a small amount of nectar, will be followed by a vast quantity of washing up, wiping, brushing, drying etc. Following the consumption of delicious juice - I wiped the motor with a damp cloth (1) and carefully washed the separator (2) the pulp collecting container (3) the main device lid (4) the juice collecting jar (5) its lid (6) the pusher (7)and even more carefully washed and dried the metal/mesh grater (8) And of course washed the brush used to clean that metal mesh grater (9)

There seems absolutely no way round this.

As another reviewer has noted, there is also a potential drawback with this - juice-flood on the work surface! I carefully positioned the jug as shown on the side of the box, turned on the machine, salivating already at the prospect of juicy carrot and apple juice - and in the twinkling of an eye juicing was complete and juice all over the work surface.

I notice to my amusement that the Russell Hobbs promo video here DOESN'T use its own collecting jug in the demo! A small tip - don't have the lid (with its theoretically dinky little collecting hole at the ready) on the jug. The juice does not pour beautifully down from the spout into the hole in the lid, as illustrated! If you want to use that jug, keep the lid off and I'd suggest angling the collecting jug not alongside, as in the storage picture, but with its own spout facing outwards, to allow for the fact the stream of juice comes out of the main machine at more of a horizontal angle (missing the hole in the lid!)

Of course, despite the ease and deliciousness of getting your fruits and veg through juicing, the fact which gets avoided is that juicing (unlike smoothies) does not give you any dietary fibre, with all the benefits fibre brings to the diet. Plus, for fruit juices, the instant availability of fruit sugars as opposed to their slower availability with all the hard work involved in chewing and dealing with plant cellulose, again is not without its downsides for anyone with blood sugar problems.

This calls itself a FRUIT juicer but is of course a fruit and vegetable juicer. The helpful video shows the 'wrong' speed being used for a hard fruit (that apple)! The instruction booklet suggests speed 2 for hard fruits 'like apple' and vegetables, and speed 1 for soft fruits. The only instruction for fruits to avoid is banana as it will clog the grater. bananas best dealt with via the smoothie route. And, sensibly it advises against trying to juice onions or garlic, unless you really fancy garlic tasting strawberry and apple juice for the next several days when you return to fruit juicing.

A couple of design points I do like, very much - the soft brush for cleaning the fine mesh of the grater - fingers like the fact that they are likely to stay unblemished. Secondly, the mainly black body of collecting vessels, separators etc means - o joy that my favourite juice - beetroot carrot apple and ginger is unlikely to leave the machine immediately looking ugly and stained, something unavoidable on my previous white juicer.
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on 17 July 2014
Really enjoying this juicer. It's so easy with not having to peel and chop fruit and veg first. Quite noisy but I think that is the same for most juicers. Quite easy to clean and assemble.
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