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on 26 July 2013
I purchased this card to replace my aging SLI GTX 460s (1GB).

The first thing you'll notice is this card is HUGE. I have a full size Coolmaster HAF-X case and had to do a bit of reconfiguration just to get it to fit.

This is also much, much quieter than the cards it replaced; even at full load i don't hear it over my case fans. With the old 460s it was, at times, a struggle to hear the speakers!

With an ambient temperature of around 25c in my room, the card hits 70c after a few hours playtime.

As for performance it's easily maxing out everything I've throw at it so-far. (Witcher 2, BF3, Max Payne 3).

A HIGHLY recomended video card!
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on 5 November 2013
For me this card was an upgrade and a way of future - proofing my gaming rig and work station from a asus gtx 760 DirectCU II OC 2GB.

In a year or so these cards will be quite a bit lower in price and will make a perfect dual sli matching with the original - so when the time comes for more gpu power, slot another 770 in and you have a more than capable set up of playing all the modern games on ultra at solid fps.

Currently on its own this card is (in my view) in a world of it's own. It has a killer benchmark rating being the fourth fastest card with the opportunity for immense overclocking. Despite this it is vastly cheaper than the top three.

The Build quality feels great, it's a weighty piece of kit with the full metal shrouding and the huge copper heat duct pipes.

The performance is as expected - with just a tiny overclock (I really haven't pushed this card far yet at all) it exceeds what I expected of it and has not shown any weakness in terms of fps nor rendering quality.

The cooling is brilliant - windforce 3x lives up to the hype with these super powerful fans and the unique venting design. At 80 - 100% fan power this thing does make quite a racket but it's a noise I can easily live with - in fact I quite enjoy hearing the cooling power these things deliver. Consistent temperatures around the 40 degree mark at next to full load on intensive games is what I have experienced so far.

Size wise this card is on the large size, but it fit snugly in my coolermaster k350 case with a bit of cable management.

Overall a fantastic card offering gargantuan performance at a brilliant price. My hat is off to gigabyte.
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on 27 July 2014
Well, I bought this card for my first PC build. One thing you'll notice is that the card is very large, at almost 30cm. Some cases won't be able to hold a card that big, and can be a pain to fit in. The card has 3 fans, which do make quite a bit of noise when under load, which is okay but I would've expected a little bit better, since the cooling is good but not as good as you'd think. Also I had a few uncertain noises, such as a slight grinding and even coil whine on some games. The power of the card is pretty much a standard 770's power, which is good but nothing really special for the size of the card. Basically, the card is nothing special for it's size, or the 3 fans. I later got an EVGA version of this card, superclocked with ACX cooling. The card has been working a treat so far with no odd noises. The EVGA card is about 4cm smaller which can be quite substantial in certain cases, and stays nice and cool even though it only has two large fans, and stays reasonably quiet, quieter than this, and runs as cool as this. Since the card is superclocked you can get some great power, and yet it still stays cool and quiet enough. Only thing is, it's £20 more than this, but if you're gonna be spending a lot of money on a graphics card, make sure it's worth it and get the best possible.
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on 17 July 2014
Really impressed with this card.Cooling is fantastic, idle the fan is only on 17% 35c in a hot room in summer max the fans ever go to is 40% 58c with the card fully maxed during benchmarks/stress tests.The card remains completely silent no matter what you throw at it.There was a very slight coil whine when hitting over 150 FPS when i first got it but it seems to have disappeared now, and was hardly noticeable.Im a real silent nut when it comes to my PC, no need what so ever for a noisy gaming PC in today's market.

I did overclock the card to see what i could get out of it, and it can be pushed a lot, but i run it stock as it performs great.With power limit on 111% got it to +250 core clock and +500 memory no hassle.Left the fan on auto and it still remained silent with a max temp of 66c 55% fan speed during stress test.

Performance has been great, Crysis 3 has been the only thing to give it a real work out @45FPS maxed out 1080p.BF4 stays well above 100 FPS on ultra, as does most other games.Great card that stays cool n quiet with huge overclocking potential.
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on 15 May 2014
First off I would like to mention that this is a very large card. It may not fit inside a smaller case. Do you research to make sure your case is large enough to fit this card.

It looks awesome, the 3 fans on the front of the card keep it running very cool. It's an impressive card, software comes with it to help overclock the card to pull that extra performance out of it.

Gigabyte is always a good company to go with. So far the GPU is running very smoothly inside my new PC and I had no issues with the delivery or the packaging of the box.

You should not need more than 2GB, this card packs a punch. With a decent i5 processor I have been able to run any game I have thrown at it in Ultra. I used to use a laptop for gaming and after building a PC and putting this card into the machine I have been blown away. I definitely advise anyone looking to play all the current PC games out at the moment to get one of these cards.
If you are looking for a more future proof card it would be wiser to buy a 780.

This is a great quality card and looks awesome in the case.
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on 5 January 2014
So I got this card a month ago and thus far it has performed superbly, it rips through any game at maximum settings on my 1360x768 32" screen! This card was a replacement for a GTX 560 and the performance boost is huge. Metro last light on full, Battlefield 4 on full, all at steady frame rates.
So far there have been no problems, the only bad thing I can think of is it's power usage and weight. This beast needs 230W to run with a 600W PSU, it's weight could become a problem if you have a weak motherboard (micro atx?)
This card is the best card before you get to the GTX 780 that costs 2x more, if you want better, buy two and put them in SLI! The best GPU you can get, mine cost £233 in a sale (eBuyer). If you want a gaming GPU your search has ended! - Alex
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on 7 August 2015
Do not buy this graphics card. If you do a bit of research online now you will notice that the Gigabyte GTX 770 has been giving people problems. Problems regarding black screens and failing to boot your computer up. Although its got a lot of high reviews, I can sure you that most of these reviews were given near the beginning of its perches date. The GTX 770 tends to give problems latter on in time. Ever since I brought this graphics card its given me endless problems. The card is faulty and Gigabyte also tend not to do refunds. I am not getting a refund even though my card is still under warranty, and I read up other people receiving the same problem.
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on 16 March 2014
I bought this card to replace my broken GTX 670 which got destroyed by my PSU.
The card its self is incredibly long and is longer than the width of a standard ATX Motherboard, this cause a few issues with cable routing within my case however it just about fits.
The card so far has taken all games that I have thrown at it including some of the new ones such as TitanFall and BF4 on Ultra.
However this card is a small step up from the 600 series and the games that are out at the moment do not require as much grunt as this 770 gives, however it seems to be future proof!
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on 5 August 2013
This card is really great and I can get a certain 60+ FPS on ultra with AA on BF4. It's been a real joy to use this card, but remember it is quite long 17cm i think, and only luckily just fat into my case, so measure first. The fans are great and the card is very cool. As usual Nvidia provided great software, reliability and experience. This card was also awarded on TomsHardware after studies showing this card is the best card for performance>price or value, what u get for your money. Great card for the middle/high end range
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on 29 September 2014
Bought this for my first ever build and it's great. It's more than capable of handling 1080p gaming in today's market without breaking a sweat. This thing is here to stay for while before you think about upgrading to a 780ti, 980 or a Titan.

It is quite large. Mine is housed in a corsair 200r mid tower and some serious cable management was performed in order the accommodate it. But it is plenty of room and space to cool.

Overall, a good solid card. Nvidia always delivers!
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