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5.0 out of 5 stars Top cless product., 1 July 2014
Bromhidrosis (MARCH, United Kingdom) - See all my reviews
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This is stunningly good. I agonised over buying it for ages as it is not cheap but I needed replace an older GPS/heart monitor urgently. Since receiving it I have used it for training over thirty times mixing running and cycling. It pairs effortlessly with my Garmin bike pod and acquires the satellite link within moments. It generates more data than you could ever need – distance, speed, cadence, VO2max estimate to name a few. The ability to download apps for the watch or build your own according to need also sets this apart. I was sceptical of this at first but now use a heart rate alarm and ghost runner which add structure to my training. I have not tested this for swimming yet but I have reason to believe that its performance will be any less excellent that it’s other sport modes. Particularly noteworthy is the comfort of the heart rate belt. I had an angry red welt on my chest for a number of years from other company’s monitors that is now fading because the Suunto offering is far more comfortable and softer. The build quality is awesome proving you get what you pay for. This is a five star product. One downside is that there is no wireless sync with your PC as there is on the Garmin equivalents but this one thing does not detract. The longer I own it the more I like it.

If you are into endurance sports – treat yourself. You will not be sorry.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Best HRM I have ever trained with, 10 Aug 2013
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Quite simply the best HRM I have come across. Have been comparing it to my training partners Garmin and the Suunto (in my opinion) wins hands down every time.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing product, 13 Mar 2014
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I have tried many watches before (garmin 601, polar, etc...) but this product is clearly better. The gps are found in less than 10 secs, i no longer need to wait forever and embarrass my fellow runners. Buttons and functionalities are great. Only drwaback is the battery, which does not last very long so you always need to check the day before a run to avoid any surprises.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Good but a few minor bugs and battery life a bit short, 3 Jun 2013
Paul W (UK) - See all my reviews
(TOP 1000 REVIEWER)   
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**** Update Sept 2014 ****

I've been using this and my SUUNTO Ambit2 for over a year now and Suunto have released regular firmware updates that fixed all the bugs I came across and added some useful improvements - such as 5 second interval tracking. I think also the track back feature - which is certainly on the SUUNTO Ambit2 - was added later.

Overall the SUUNTO Ambit2 and SUUNTO Ambit2 S are great watches and I'm really pleased with mine. Gets very regular use and not let me down yet.

No plans to upgrade to the SUUNTO Ambit3 - it drops ANT+ support in favour of bluetooth. But the machines at my gym use ANT+ and not bluetooth and I have a couple of ANT+ HRM straps so the Ambit3 would be a downgrade for me.

**** Update 17 June 2013 ****

I've decided to give this watch to my partner and bought a Suunto Ambit 2.

The main reason is battery life. The Ambit 2S is limited to 8 hours - which could be a little tight in some situations.

I didn't think that would be too much of an issue if I set the GPS recording to less than continuous. But the only options are either 1 second recording or 60 seconds. There's nothing in between.

1 second is more than I need for the sports I use it for. 60 seconds is a little too infrequent and also I've found subject to some minor bugs.

One bug I've found with a 60 second rate is altitude stops being correctly displayed after about 10 or 20 minutes in to an exercise. Because I hike in hills and mountains I like to know altitude and also gradient of the current hill. With the 60 second option this doesn't seem to work. You can force the GPS to get the current location/altitude but it requires pressing and holding a button for a few seconds, then scrolling to a menu, then pressing a few more buttons. I just want to be able to look at the watch without that hassle!

This means I can't use the 60 second update option so I have to use the 1 second option with 8 hour battery life and if I am going a whole day hike - maybe 10 or 12 hours - the watch will run out of juice before I finish.

It was mostly this issue that moved me to buy an Ambit 2 with its 16 hour life 1 second recording battery life.

I wish they'd had say a 15 second option for recording as to be honest 1 second is too long and creates too many points on my recorded track!

I did spot one other bug and that's in some circumstances the GPS can enter an endless loop of searching for satellites but never actually getting a lock - even in open countryside with a good view of the sky. Its only happened once in a few weeks of use and Suunto support recommended resetting the GPS via the service menu - which I'll try next time it happens.

Other than those bugs I've had no other problems.

I was thinking about buying a Garmin Fenix instead as its more hiking based but even with software updates I read a lot of bugs still exist in the watch and the last thing I need 10 miles from anywhere is to be trying to fix software bugs! I want to enjoy the outdoors not spend it troubleshooting a buggy watch!

So I stuck with Suunto. Also Suunto is very configurable and flexible. Also feels well built - and its made in Finland instead of China which makes it a rare item!

I'm less keen on MovesCount - the online software used for uploading your data and controlling your watch.

First its slow to upload - painfully slow! I uploaded data from the watch to SportsTracks - "proper" installed software on the computer and it took seconds. The same data with MovesCount took 2 minutes and there wasn't that much data.

The other issue I have with MovesCount is privacy. I'd realised that if I wanted to make full use of MovesCount, such as designing and making available apps, I'd need to set privacy to public.

And I understood public meant my "moves" i.e. my training results would be public. What I'd not realised is my GPS tracks would be public as well - enabling people to look at where I live and track what days and times of days I go out running or hiking.
Given my days often follow a pattern that was a bit too much info to be making public. But I'm over 40 and not in to Facebook and letting the whole world know when and where I am at any point during the day. With Strava they hide your exact home location and so I'm happy about sharing on the Strava website.

The biggest thing I miss about the Ambit2S vs Ambit2 is the size - even though its only 10g lighter and 1.5mm thinner - the Ambit2S feels a lot more comfortable on the wrist - in fact I hardly notice it. Whereas I do notice the Ambit2

****** Original Review ****
I use this mostly for hiking and as a heart rate monitor for the gym.

I choose this rather than the Ambit 2 because its thinner and lighter weight.

The Ambit 2 has double the battery life and includes a thermometer and barometer.

Watch thermometers I never find do much more than measure your arm temperature!

Barometer is ok and helps with altitude precision but even GPS alone seems pretty good.

Longer battery life is useful but with my small wrists weight and size were more important.

The GPS works great - very fast to pick up location and tracks well.

The watch is amazingly customisable - more data that you probably really need but its great!

And the APP function - downloading or writing your own APPs is a real bonus. I downloaded and use the incline APP to find out hill gradients and also wrote a small APP of my own.

Size wise - it is big for a watch but not too big and heavy. I've sometimes forgotten to take the watch off after exercise and not realized I wasn't wearing my normal watch.

The main downside is there is a fair bit of learning and time required to fully get used to the watch. Reading the PDF manual is compulsory if you are going to make full use of the watch.

However once set up and used to it, the watch is reasonably intuitive.

In real use the 8 hour battery life when its 1 second GPS updates - is pretty much spot on - I got 8 hours 20 minutes as a maximum while hiking.

In 60 second GPS updates you can get 15 hours. Its a pity there's no 30 second update option.

Feels well made and reasonably sturdy - and as these things go it looks nice enough - though practicality was more my priority.

Movescount - the online software from Suunto for managing your watch and uploading data works well - but its very, very slow uploading new data.

I also use software called SportTracks - it has a module you can download that lets the software read from the Ambit - and it works well. And much quicker than uploading to Movescount.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Best sportswatch I've owned, 8 Nov 2013
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The Suunto is by far the best, most reliable , easy to use sportswatch I've had to date, and i've had quite a few over the years.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Suunto Unisex Watch SS019209000, 14 Dec 2013
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My son loves this watch and everything it can do. Clever gadget, smart looking and trendy too. He's had it a few months now and is in very physical so it gets really tested and so far appears very robust.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Excellent GPS watch - has never let me down unlike other brands, 30 Oct 2014
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I replaced a Garmin watch with this - and I'm glad I did. Finds a signal almost straight away (Garmin never did) and works flawlessly (Gamin never did). Build quality is excellent, the bundled software is good and the web site is good too. It is a large watch so if you have small wrists it may become annoying to wear. Not ideal for bike riding either due to its size.
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