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on 25 May 2008
I bought the first OTT album and was, overall, pretty impressed. It started out well, but then kind of tailed off towards the end, but still it was definitely interesting. So, I was looking forward to the next one - and I'm not disappointed at all. This is wonderful, really wonderful.

It starts out kind of Indian/Eno-ish, lovely warm drones gently sliding into everyday sounds, dub beat slowly emerging. So I'm thinking, o.k. another nice dub album, that's fine.

But then it starts branching out into some gentle, laid-back electronica. Quite conventional in a way, but so beautifully done.

More Indian influences, bhangra beats to a kind of dub time, liquid vocals - Rogue Bagel.

Followed by fine dub in a sort of Shpongle stylee, but more spaced.

More ambient sounds, seagulls, and then something that sounds almost like the start of Strawberry Fields, complete with mellotron, quickly slips into dreamy vocals, modulations and fun electronics.

Gets quite funky - treated vocals over the top - "Everything is acceptable as long as house prices don't crash". Sarf London rap slips into Indian influences then back into electronic urban dub-ishness.

And then "A Shower of Sparks" that simply left me grinning from ear to ear. A wonderful grand finale that's just about got everything it in, ties the whole album together, slowly building up into a theme that just makes you feel so damn good about being alive, even on a cold wet Bank Holiday Sunday.

Love the cover as well :-)
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on 30 January 2008
For any fans of dub, world, or electronic music, and fans of Shpongle, I would rate this album as a very essential purchase indeed. In my opinion Ott is the master of this particular genre, and if you are a fan of his previous album, Blumenkraft, then you will definitely like this. Each song is a different adventure into a trippy, sun soaked paradise.. its upbeat and yet chilled at he same time somehow.

So I guess the main bullet point of this presentation I want to get across is if you are a fan of dub/electronic/world music, I can say with a great deal of confidence that you will really, really dig this album.
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on 23 April 2008
Blumenkraft was very good, but bitty, more of a collection of tracks, Skylon is a complete work, flows from track to track and reaches a satisfying conclusion. There's still the use of Asian and Reggae rhythms on some tracks, others have a more UK folk feel to them, and some are just completely OTT :-).

If you're familiar with (and like) Shpongle and Younger Brother then this is in that territory, and you'll get OTT from the start. That's not to say that they're the same, but they are complimentary.

The sound quality is excellent, and if you've got the opportunity to play it loud on a good system it's quite stunning.

Is that a Marcus Brigstocke rant from the R4 'Now Show' on Roflcoptor???
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on 25 November 2008
Like a lot of people who heard Ott's previous albums "Blumenkraft" and "Hallucinogen in Dub" I was *very* keen to hear what he came up with next.
Skylon is a wonderful record - lush, warm, immaculately produced and musically very satisfying. Unlike a lot of (ugh) 'electronica', which can be sterile and over-technical, Ott's stuff exudes humanity, warmth and humour, a lot like the bloke himself (that's Ott's voice you hear on Roflcopter BTW)
Love it.
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on 17 November 2009
very well produced spacey, ambient, progressive, chilled and wonderful music.
A good selection of musical journeys taking your mind to all kinds of places leaving you feeling nice. also check out blumenkraft by ott. i hope there will be more on the way soon.
I am a big ozrics fan and also love music by younger brother and shpongle so if you have similar tastes then music by ott is for you.
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on 5 July 2010
I don't really know anything about psyche trance or chill or any of that new fangled stuff. I took my last acid trip back in 1975 and nowadays I prefer a glass of wine in the garden while my wife prunes the roses.
But this is a gorgeous, tripy, sensuous, uplifting, stoned cool groove. worth every penny.
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on 6 April 2015
Lovely album. Especially like The Queen Of All Everything and Daisies and Rubies. Have been listening to their earlier stuff such as Blumenkraft, for a while and thougjt I would try another. This is a gem. Try Sphongle too ; )
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on 4 July 2011
I was very impresed with this when i heard it the first time, and it still impresses me now. I'm trying hard to avoid overplaying this, as it's one of those albums that can be forgotten if you do, in my opinon anyway. I haven't heard any of OTT's previous work yet, so i'm not sure how it has evolved over time.

Overall i would say it has a strong middle to far eastern feel(goa i suppose), mixing ambient electronica with reggae/dub and chunky beats. I'm not a big fan of dub so don't be put off by my use of the word!

Perfect time to play this is a sunny sunday in the garden, beer and friends.

Hope this helps!
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on 9 July 2011
I listen to: frontline assembly, nizter ebb, sheep on drugs right through to the orb, juno reactor(some), shpongle, synaestesia(still my fave) and OTT.

Skylon is a very uplifting set of tunes with a fun feel. Definitely more fun and toe tapping than many of my other collections. Can't help but feel this is an album I can play over and over again and revisit without feeling a sense of boredom.

Unique and light it sets itself apart by its sheer quality. Love it !

I recommend it heartedly....
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on 7 February 2008
'Blumenkraft' was said to have been pieced together from single tracks that were being worked on, initially for compilations and other projects so Ott has said this is the first time he has had the opportunity to work on his own album as a whole, although fans were rather impressed by the consistency of 'Blumenkraft' and it's use of dub, ethnic sounds, percussion and general Psy Chill ambience that is expected of the genre 'Skylon' seems to have more space to play with as the beginning of the CD works from a quiet drone into a full blown cyclical dubfest. There is great use of Louise Gandolfi and other vocalists contributing some processed ethnic vocals, which will really please both Ott and Shpongle fans on 'Rogue Bagel'. Other notable tracks develop this and there are a number of significant dub textures both acoustic and electronic to give the whole thing a very pleasant and highly worked on theme. The final track 'A Shower of Sparks' creates an epic web of ethnic and cosmic atmospheres pulling the listener into deep Ottland. This album leaves you just wanting to press play again after it has ended and listen to it again. It takes a few listens before you start engaging with it, but there are certainly at least three tracks that stick out for me. Like a second volume to 'Blumenkraft'. Ott has shown that Skylon is going to add another notch of excellence to the Twisted records camp of Shpongle, Younger Brother and Hallucinogen and the quality expected from their Psy Trance outfits. Also it will show Ott to be a fantastic studio wizard and we would hope that he will get to remix more and perhaps be working with Simon Postford and Raja Ram again on the fourth Shpongle album due winter 2008. A great album that you should be careful not to overplay.
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