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4.4 out of 5 stars19
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 6 March 2014
Really enjoyed this book despite finding it a bit too long. If you've read the product description you will know it is about Dani and Corey. What can I say about Corey except WOW. He is amazing and by the end of the book I felt he did deserve someone better! Dani made me increasingly angry and by the end of the book I wanted to slap her. I found her to be selfish and cowardly. Of course I've got to read the next book (straight after this review) purely to make sure Corey is okay. I just hope he's not going to be a pushover for her. If this book can get me so worked up, then it has got to worth a read hasn't it?
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on 28 October 2013
Fool For You (For You #1)
by Megan Noelle

Danielle Hamilton fled to New York from her home town after she graduated high school with a broken heart, she returns home years later to help her grandparents struggling inn after her drug addicted mother has almost ran it into the ground. She bumps into her first love Oliver also the man that broke her heart and all the feelings come flooding back.
Then she goes to a local ban and the owner Corey Preston catchers her eye they have an instant attraction and because she has been hurt so much in the past she just wants casual sex and they embark on a "friends with benefits affair".

When I first started this book and reached the first sex scene I was a little disappointed about the lack of descriptive sex scenes BUT I was not disappointed and they certainly heated up as I read on.
I really wanted to bitch slap Danielle so hard during this book I also understand that she wants to protect her heart from getting broken again but this is crazy!
OMG Corey is lovely he is HOT, tattooed with a six pack to make any girl swoon. I found that I slowly fell for him and by the end I was head over heels and feel very protective of him just another reason I want to slap Danielle. She is very frustrating and sort of knows what she wants but is unsure. arghhhh.
Corey is also very romantic and had me a blubbering mess a few times.

This is a fabulous romantic read but with a cliffhanger ending which I love/hate.. I almost threw my kindle of the wall and had a little frustrated cry to myself but now I have calmed down I am really looking forward to the next book.

5 stars for Amazon and 5 for Goodreads

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on 5 June 2013
I love love love this book! I love the way that it was written, it was the way that I think so it flowed beautifully for me! I fell in love with the characters that Megan introduced me too..... Corey, well he is one hot man!But he was more than that! He was caring and sweet! Much more than just a tattoo'd distraction.
And Dani...well she frustrated the living daylights out of me! I am all for strong women but she was too strong for her own good at points! I just wanted to shake some sense into her!
Lets talk about Oliver or Ollie.....well what can I say....the guy is a douche bag! Someone needs to blacken his eyes! He seems to turn up at all the wrong times and pushes himself into situations that he shouldnt!!
The other characters are great and I loved reading about them all.
This is Megans first novel and I think she needs a standing ovation for the job that she has done! I felt drawn into this book and I connected with all the chracters that were in the story. I think the best thing was that nothing was too dramatic so it all felt real. All the emotions that the characters experienced I did aswell. I felt the sadness, the happiness and lets be honest the hotness of the love scenes!
I can honestly say that this has been one of my top books this year and Corey is high on my list of book boyfriends! I am now a big fan and I will be buying all of Megans future books. You all need to read this book! x
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on 2 November 2013
Yes as other reviewers have said it's a great read but I found Danielle rather frustrating, when you have a man like Corey, why in God's name would you run from it, yes she's had some crappy relationships but even so, he's pretty much perfect and done all he can to prove his love for her, the girls an idiot!!!! Didn't realise there's a follow on book, I will probably read it but hope Danielle is less stupid, but reading the story line it seems to be more about Corey's past, I do know if I had a Corey in my life, I wouldn't let him go!!
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on 21 November 2013
I have to say this book was a good surprise - I wasn't expecting much for the price I paid but enjoyed it - from the characters to the story line.

The only thing was I was disappointed how it finished - looking forward to the 2nd one - bring it on !!!!

Would recommend
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on 18 March 2014
Where can I find an older man just like Corey. He is something else. He has a heart of gold, he is kind, compassionate, sexy and has the patience of a saint. Dani needed a good slap giving up what she had. I got really frustrated and angry with her the way she treated Corey. I hope in the next book she gets hurt as much as he did in this one. I know she had issues but she is old enough to put whatever happened to her before she met Corey behind her. I have the next book and will be reading it straight away. Ladies if you want to fantasise about a sexy hunk this is the book for you.
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on 9 July 2013
Fool for you held me from the start pulled me into a transfixed state lost to the world around me and engrossed in the entity of Danielle and her very messed up life. It was a complete train wreck and I just could not look away as everything unfolded.

Danielle 25 is our leading lady professional successful women living in New York; originally from Serenity Cove a place she escaped at 18 leaving behind a dysfunctional family and personal heartbreak....well she left the crazy family and that particular heartache with she left for New York. Only to incurred much more pain and suffering in her personal life whiles striving professionally.
Bad relationship and bad relationship has left her damaged and broken forever hurt and alone. Except for her best friend Gabby....She loves and supports Danielle (Dani) providing a caring soul in times of despair.
Violet, Dani's Grandmother calls upon her to take on the responsibility of the family business which her druggie mum nearly ran into the ground. Now her mum has being incarcerated an her grandparents are retired the burden is placed oh her shoulders.
Left with on other option she reluctantly leaves her job and gives up her apartment to return the the town she refers to as Hell.
(quote) "I needed time to wrap my head around what was happening and mentally prepare myself for what ever was going to come my way"
I don't think anything prepared her for when she finally returns to Serenity Cove after 7 years and the first person she runs into is Oliver (hated him from then) the person that hurt her and left her feeling used, creating part of the reason why she felt the need to run after she graduated high school.
(Quote)"Ollie was the root of my memories of Serenity, and arguable the cause of one of my biggest demons."
Anxiety riddles and stressed from being back in her personal nightmare Danielle seeks soles at the local bar in the form of a one night stand.
*Quote) "All I really needed was a good, random, roll around in the sack."
what she did not bargain for was that her distraction and bar owner Corey would be the sweeties, gentlest, kindest, sexiest man she would ever meet, flipping her already screwed up would on its head.
(Quote) "why was Corey suddenly taking over my thoughts and making my body crave his touch"
Corey 27 my God this man went straight into my top 5 book boyfriends. he is everything a man should be passionate, caring, protector, friend, lover, fighter (he had to fight to over come his own fair share of problems) with a heart of gold ohh and I forgot he is also HOT as hell.
(Quote) "I was flashed a heart-stopping, knee-shaking, panty-dropping smile as he showed off the dimple in his right cheek."
Corey He is exactly who she needs the type of guy that is willing to do just about anything for her and love her unconditionally. But Dani being a damaged broken independent women hauling around Posh Spice size baggage around with her fight this beautiful man at every turn. she kept her walls up firmly in pace. she would much rather hurt herself than give into the Love she feels for Corey.
(Quote) "My body shiver at his touch"
(Quote) "After having had every single past relationship end in utter failure I was finished"
Dani demonstrates just how badly someone's past can control their present and future if you allow it to be your foundation.
Corey put up with a lot of her shit even watching her go on dates with other guys in order to show her just how deeply he feels and that he is willing to wait until she is ready (I dint think she will ever be effing ready).
To say Dani infuriated me was an understatement. I screamed and shout at my IPad for her to wake up and smell the bloody coffee; that Corey is madly in love with her, get over your shit and stop hurting him.
I read the end of this book on my way from work on the bus and I had to physically bang my head against the bell post several times (people looked at me as if I was mad but it just could not be helped).
The stress Danielle put me through was no joke, her dumb decisions left me reeling I just wanted too slap some sense into her pretty little head.
This is an excellent duet novel my Megan Noelle it's packed with a little of everything, Love, Romance, Sex, Family Drama, Angst, stupidity, humor, acceptance and above all the perfect leading man Corey.
"Just not a big fan of Men disrespecting Women"
It also has an element of reality. we could all take something away from this book. Mainly that if we drag our past around with us it will eventually become too much to bear corrupting the best of ourselves dragging our souls under with all the hurt and un-forgiveness. Blinding us to something or someone amazing just because of our past. sometimes it is much more beneficial to just let things go and move on not carry them around unresolved tainting everything else.
don't let past hurt determine your future take control of your own destiny you can miss out on something great just because we are held captive to the past.
5 Stars from Natasha
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on 5 August 2013
I really enjoyed this book. I was gripped from the first few pages. Corey is definitely my kind of guy. Who can resist a tattooed bad boy on a motorbike. 98% of this book was amazing the last 2%was horrific. Not enough of a cliffhanger to make me desperate to read book 2, but lots of loose ends to make me want to read book 2 to find out what happens. I would have given it 5 stars but the ending made me feel let down. I would definitely read more books by this author.
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on 14 January 2014
It stared off a bit slow and I found Dani quite annoying but she grow on me. But the story gets better (I couldnt put it down) and I started to like Dani and dont let me forget Corey, if she doesnt want him I'll have him lol. I started the 2nd book as soon as I finished this.
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on 3 June 2013
Bought this after seeing my friend talk about it on FB....and LOVED IT!!
I was rooting for Dani and Corey all the way through (even though I wanted to shake and slap her to make her see sense about Corey)
Oliver - dont like him - maybe book 2 will change my mind - but for now I am def team Corey.
This story drew me in from the start - I could clearly picture everything Megan wrote about and her character development is awesome. The book was easy to read and when I got to about 90% done on my Kindle I literally could not put it down!
I cant wait til book 2....can't believe she left us hanging the way she did!!
Hurry and write book 2 Megan - I need more Corey in my life :)
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