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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
Style Name: UK & Europe Maps/Map Updates/Traffic Alerts|Size: 7-inch Screen|Change
Price:£249.42+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on 22 November 2013
This is a review from a faithful tom tom owner, who has been blown away by garmin 3598! Tom tom, you have seen the last of me as I am now a BIG Garmin fan!

I have had this Garmin nuvi 3598 for a few days now and been testing it. some slight issues initially because it wasn't reading out the street names but when I downloaded the latest updates it gave me the extra voice which reads those names. screen is clear, love the magnetic mount and super sleek design. It really puts the very basic TomTom 6000 in the shade.
full of useful functions including the voice command. It works better than expected.

Just the odd blip here and there with regards to routes - on fastest route it doesn't always take the best roads in my opinion. Its obviously based its assumptions on speed limits on routes rather than local knowledge. For example, it wanted me to go a longer way around to get to my house when I would normally know of a short cut (down a B road). It took me down the "A" road route as its a 50MPH zone but would not have been faster due to traffic.

Despite that minor point, I am very pleased I have switched to garmin (even though they are a tad expensive), because I think the added free digital traffic, map updates and speed cameras is a very good offer. I got a free accessory kit too with mine so that helped with the expense. The new tom tom is bulky and very basic and really cannot be fairly compared to this more superior Garmin 3598. Its top of the range as I write this review and I believe it to be the best on the market after researching tom toms, and others. Which magazine gave its predecessor a high recommendation, so I am sure this model will follow suit.

Even the digital traffic works without that silly little aerial which you are expected to fix to the windscreen! Magic! yes the signal increases ever so slightly if I do attach it, but for me, everything is working just perfect without having that wire stuck in front of me as I zoom along! LOL

Garmin, I take my hat off to you! It's a super unit..looks so cool in my car and basically I have ditched the Audi built in satnav (3 yr old) as my new garmin is far superior and easier/quicker to operate. I have had no update issues, everything works just fine so I would have no hesitation in recommending this garmin 3598 to anyone who wants to invest in an exceptional quality piece of kit.
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on 20 August 2014
I tried to like this satnav. My last 2 devices were by Tom Tom and after some reliability issues with my last Tom Tom I wanted to try something from a different manufacturer. Presentation is fine, and the mount/stand in particular is very well-designed and works brilliantly - supremely easy to attach and remove from the windscreen. The map is clear and uncluttered.

My main gripe with this device is the routing. It's rubbish. It chooses the worst routes imaginable. On long distance journeys it will frequently route you through the middle of a small town even though the motorway does not have any major traffic delays. Even simple routes between Essex and Heathrow ended up taking me through a labyrinth of tiny roads that seemed to make no logical sense.

The problem is compounded by the fact that I could not find a way to view/edit the route it had chosen. I'm sure the feature is there, I just couldn't find it.

By comparison, Tom Tom routing is perfect. The live traffic is also not updated as often as Tom Tom's HD traffic and traffic delay estimates are therefore not very accurate.

I was so dissatisfied with this device but I bought a new Tom Tom just 3 months later and so far I'm very happy with it.
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on 5 February 2015
Having originally bought and returned a TomTom GO 6000 due to software problems ( see review under that device ). I decided to try this top of the range Garmin unit.


1. Excellent build quality and premium feel
2. Real glass screen with excellent colours, sharpness and resolution
3. Beautiful slim design with lovely metal finish
4. Excellent touch screen response similar to a smartphone
5. Voice control
6. Bluetooth hands free calling
7. Excellent lane guidance
8. Clear voice instructions
9. Dual orientation screen
10 .Photo real Junction view
11. Garmin real directions using landmarks
12. Free lifetime map updates
13. Comprehensive points of interest on maps including businesses, stores, restaurants, hospitals, cinemas and other destinations
14. Excellent magnetic mount
15. Smartphone link compatible
16. Speed camera info
17. Connects to Garmin Express easily and firmware and map updates are easy to perform ( unlike my experience with the TomTom)

Overall the navigation experience is very good and the user interface is a lot better than the one used by TomTom.

As a sole navigation device it is highly recommended


1. Only displays remaining time or distance and not both
2. Unable to update maps or firmware without inserting a micro SD card as internal memory is insufficient
3. Thick power cable
4. Extra windscreen antenna for traffic
5. Not as easy to swap between cars as a TomTom due to traffic antenna
6. Unlike TomTom can't check traffic on your route from device while at home or work before leaving as the traffic antenna is needed for that function. Traffic is only available with it plugged in the car and attached to antenna.


1. The 3D Digital Traffic is a JOKE !!!!

It has no idea where the traffic jams are. It made me join a motorway and as I drove up the slip road the traffic was stationary for 6 miles yet the sat nav was showing the motorway to be clear. When I left the motorway at the next exit it just tried to redirect me back to the motorway at every turn.
Again another time it made me drive right into a traffic jam on the motorway as it was showing it to be clear all the way home. Once I was in the jam it finally managed to show the traffic jam and redirected me to take an alternative route but I would have thought that it should have known that there was a jam ahead and it should have redirected me earlier.
Other times it would tell me that there were delays ahead ranging from 5 mins to 15 mins when in fact there were no delays at all.

The traffic signal connected well and was steady and I didn't lose the signal at all but the traffic information was always wrong and I really needed the unit for the traffic warnings.
It had to go as the traffic information is pathetic


If you just need a premium built and excellent navigation device and not bothered about the traffic then buy this

If however you need accurate traffic information buy an Always Connected TomTom
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on 29 December 2014
Item returned and refunded as not fit for purpose. This Garmin does not have sufficient storage capacity for the full maps of Europe which it purports to support. Updates cannot be downloaded in full and thus there is no map display when attempting to use it. Even when additional 8gb mini SD card is purchased, the same problem persists.
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on 11 March 2014
This is (currently) the top-of-the-range SatNav from Garmin. It has lifetime maps and lifetime traffic, voice control and Bluetooth link to a phone. I plugged it into my computer, registered it using Garmin Express and then upgraded both the software and the map. I have a 60Mbps broadband so this upgrade took only 30 minutes including installing the map on my computer so that I can use it with other Garmin devices such as my Forerunner 205. Some of the Voice Control features are not available in the UK but all the important ones are. In order to upgrade the USB cable has to be plugged directly into the SatNav rather than via the mount.

Note that to receive traffic information you do have to have the 12V power plug connected and the power lead in place. Digital traffic information is updated twice each minute and you can select whether to change your route or sit out a delay. If you use Auto then the SatNav will calculate an alternative route for you.

I bought this at a substantial discount as Used because Amazon were out-of-stock at the time. I ordered on Monday and received the SatNav on Tuesday. I recommend this Amazon Market Place Seller 'pmw2012' for good value and fast delivery.

Finally ... I used to buy TomTom but I have had too many bad experiences with them.
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on 15 January 2015
After long research, bought garmin 3598 as update to my garmin nuvi 200, 8years old.
5 inch with 800x600 display, full europe maps, lifetime maps and traffic sound great.
Sadly, only on the paper.
Sat nav comes with software ver 4.40, garmin express updated it to 4.60 and then problem started.
1. can't charge sat nav through usb or wall charger. saying that the cable is not genuine.
2. All roads starting with"A" e.g. A59, A5002 etc sat nav calls "Road". I stuck few times not knowing where to go! Take exit on the Road isnt a big help from £249 sat nav!
3. Included power cable with build in antenna is big,heavy and a little to short.
4. Poor quality of blutooth calls for that premium gadget.
Sorry Garmin, you have lost customer.
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on 27 June 2015
After years of using to tomtoms with no problems I imagined I was upgrading to this gar in from some rave reviews I read about it. They must have been by people with a vested interest as I have found this satnav shockingly inaccurate and difficult to read. It is inconsistent, misses major junctions on the M25 completely, announces which lane to take too late when one has already had to commit one way or another, is useless at slightly complex junctions, rotating around and disorientating one so you don't know which exit to take. Dangerous because of the effort and time it takes to understand the instructions in anything but straight forward situations. It s traffic updates are useless, inaccurate and pointless as a result. I can't use it.
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on 3 August 2015
Clear maps. Quick to find position. Very good post code navigation. Very quick rerouting if you stray off the prescribed route.
The device does not always find the fastest route and often when I choose a detour on a route I know, the ETA goes down! (14 minutes saving in one case.)
Power lead is twice as thick as the predecessor with a junction box and jack plug for the DAB ariel lead. This increases the weight on the plug into the sat nav. This was the point that failed in the last Garmin and the one before that. The lead is also annoying.
Traffic info is good but not always reliable. Eg. "M4 is closed", detour of 40 minutes extra was suggested. In fact the M4 was closed at a junction so cost was 4 minutes to go off on the slip road and back on.
Instructions are not always helpful. Eg. "Take the slip road and enter the roundabout." Advice about which exit to take at the roundabout is needed so you can be in the correct lane. This is shown on the screen display.
To get local info you have to pair the Garmin with a smartphone using Bluetooth. As data and bluetooth have to be switched on the phone battery runs down quicker and you use your phone data allowance. I have not found how to find local fuel prices. You may as well use the smart phone as the sat nav.
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on 6 July 2014
This feels like a quality unit, speedy in operation, and gives reasonable traffic details BUT....

1. The routing completely brain dead. It consistently believes my best route is a three hour detour through Central London because the M25 had a 25 minute delay.
2. Even on 4.20 of the firmware there is still the "Grey Map" problem that will leave you stranded trying to reset your device to continue.
3. If you start following your nose rather than using the dodgy directions, the device will actively punish you by sending you on even worse routes.
4. After getting within five minutes of my destination, the routing still wanted to take me back to a point 200Km away to 'get me on the best route'.

I have had mine for almost a year now; as an experienced user of this and many other devices I would say avoid this Garmin. However, since TomTom is now also a total P.O.S. (it cannot find a POI more than 30Km away and crashes more than Jarno Trulli) I recommended a good paper map and a few minutes planning (Google maps traffic view) before setting off. You will have a much better time of it.
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on 28 April 2014
I rather foolishly thought that throwing money at a state of the art new model was all I had to do. This model was unreliable to the point of being dangerous. Very early on in its poor career it had me in the middle of a field when I knew I was on the M1. I should have acted then, and taken it back. I left it after the six weeks and took it back to Halfords and was patronised within an inch of my life...why had I not done the only reasonable thing and updated it. Contrite, I tried with extreme difficulty to get it updated on one of my 4 computers...very traumatic, and not the easy task it is portayed. It then gave us a circular tour of Haworth in Yorkshire, a variable tour of Anglesey, and then decided it had had enough half way through a very foggy Lincolnshire. By this time I was updating it neurotically every time I went out. Oh yes and who could forget the day it went AWOL in West London...only my smart phone saved me from that hell.
And then a different thing started to happen. It would work, and hold the route, but all maps greyed out. We set it the task of getting us to Northampton and back. We restarted it several times when it greyed everything out, and the same thing happened. I took pictures of this useless screen and again tried my luck at returning it to Halfords...this time my photos of grey screens did the trick, and they returned my £299!
An absolute nightmare from beginning to end, and almost certainly the worst piece of electronic gear I have ever bought. Gay and Minn, you have a lot to answer for.
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