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4.6 out of 5 stars46
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 4 June 2013
This is essentially the same game as the 'original' version but just branded a classic, and rightly so. This doesn't, in any way, mean that it includes any extras or is a type of game of the year edition, it is just that the case is different with the words 'classics' written on it. It's down to personal preference whether you like this or not (I know some people would avoid at all costs). As for the game, it's a brilliant RPG and everything you would expect from one, discovering locations, levelling up skills and even finding various objects e.g. 120 Relics, if you want to. Almost from the offset you can go off and explore and hunt or just do what you want. The graphics are the best of what an Xbox 360 can achieve and the story is gripping and memorable compared to other games.

If you're skeptical, give it a chance! I was at first and can't believe what I would have missed out on. All in all a great game and definitely worth the play.
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on 31 July 2013
I loved playing this game. It seems to have a little influence from Assasin's Creed (climbing the radio towers) and Tomb Raider (climbing up ledges and inside caves to reach relics). I don't normally bother looking for 'hidden packages' such as the 120 relics, but for some reason I found it very satisfying in this game. Even if the map tells you where a relic is, it is often quite puzzling to actually figure out how to get to it.
Obviously the main part of the game is the combat, which is also very enjoyable. I found the different strategies for taking an outpost to be very fun (e.g. sniping from a distance, or freeing a captive animal and watch it cause havoc, or sneaking around taking out enemies one by one).
The other point I'd mention is that the scenery is probanly the most beautiful I have seen in a game. The pink sunset was literally breath-taking when I saw it for the first time. And the moonlight reflecting on the water, together with the roar of waterwalls and the background noise of the jungle create a great atmosphere. You can be walking along a path and suddenly a deer will run out of the bushes being chased by a tiger. It all goes to create the feeling of a living world.
I was sad to finish it. Buy it - I'm sure you won't be disappointed.
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on 14 June 2014
Far Cry 3 is a great game that will having you wanting for more once you finish the game. This game is very similar to the Grand Theft Auto games. The game is an open world game that is set in the jungle. The game has tons of different missions and none of the missions feel repetitive in nature. The game mechanics are good and there are some good Role Playing Game (RPG) elements to the game which makes you want to upgrade your character. You can easily get about 50 hours of gameplay out of this game. The game does not have any dead spots and is definitely not boring. I enjoyed this game and would definitely recommend it.

Thank you for reading my review, if you have any questions feel free to email me, I would be happy to help you with any questions you have.
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on 4 February 2014
This game is by far one of the best games ever, the story is a little meh but it's made up for in so many other ways. The sheer open expanses of the world makes you want to go and explore every nook and cranny of it.

By far one of my favourite parts of this game was liberation the outposts, there are just so many approaches that can be taken to every situation, sometimes I might choose stealth or other times go in guns blazing, I can set caged animals free and let them do the dirty work for me or just simply burn the outpost to the ground. There are enough weapons that you will never run out of options to shake thing up with.

Another great aspect is the hunting, there are dedicated hunting side mission which let you hunt and track rare and dangerous animals, there are also more common animals that you can find scattered around the world. By hunting these animals and skinning them you can craft new items for your character, these let you add more pouches for ammunition or explosives to giving your character a higher health rating.

This is one of those games that everyone should play, and no matter your gaming style you will find this fun. There is also a co-op and a multiplayer aspect of which I can comment little on, I played a couple of co-op missions with a friend they were fun but they had less freedom than the main game. The co-op followed a much more structured course so if you wanted to play it in your preferred game style it might prove difficult. I played a little of the online multiplayer as well and it was alright and helped add a few more hours of entertainment to the game, but the multiplayer is not quite as robust as other. But the main reason to play this game is the single player which is outstanding, this is a must buy.
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on 14 November 2013
If recent computer games have taught me anything it is to make sure that I am never shipwrecked on a remote island. Gone are the days of speaking to a handball and instead you will be chased around the inlets by crazy death loving criminals. It has happened to Lara Croft and it happens in `Far Cry 3'. You play Jason, a bloke stranded on an island and separated from his friends. You must sneak and kill hundreds of psychopathic enemies to gather your pals and get off the island.

The `Far Cry' series has always been a slow burn for me and not something that I have any real attachment too. I have played all the games in the series, but found each a little overlong and dry. `Far Cry 3' is the best yet. The game is basically a third person shooter with limited open world aspects. Over time, large areas of the island open up to you; you can takeover enemy strongholds, undertake hunting missions, or partake in a race or two. All these run parallel to a story that has you trying to escape from more than one absolute psychopath.

It is integral for your advancement in the game that you undertake at least some of the side missions. Doing so gives you experience and money that can be spent on bettering your character, if you wish to take on some of the harder missions later in the game; you will need to have unlocked some of the more advanced fighting techniques. Thankfully, the side missions are excellent fun; especially the base battles. You can look around for a weakness and try and exploit it via stealth or all out action. The main story missions open up the game further and it is here that you get some excellent set pieces.

With plenty of the island to explore and a multiplayer mode, `Far Cry 3' is good value for money. The graphics are impressive and the shooting mechanics work very well. I was less impressed with the driving, as I careened down another valley by mistake. An area that did impress was the voice acting. The bad guys in particular were portrayed in a chilling fashion that really added to the game. `Far Cry 3' is perhaps a little generic in places to stand out as a classic of this generation, but it remains a very impressive title.
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on 6 September 2014
This feels like a Fallout game: large open areas to wade through in order to reach the fun parts.
Yeah the jungles look nice and pretty but I play shooters for the action, and this game is just too slow for that.
The action gameplay itself is very satisfying, once you get some, with cool weapons and intense firefights.
However there is just too much space between you and the action, which is the same issue that Far Cry 2 had.
It is almost as if the game wants to be an RPG in Fallout-style and not a shooter.
Add to this the repetitive nature of the side-missions, another bad inheritance from Far Cry 2.
The game also tries to be "realistic" by having animals attacks, which are cool at first but quickly becomes annoying.
Lastly, your protagonist is an irritating and pathetic brat, far away from the cool and tough characters that I want in my action games.
An example of an open-world FPS done well is the first Crysis game, which had good spacing between the action points and all missions felt unique.
Open-world FPS games today still can't beat the old classics.
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on 5 April 2016
Down loaded this game for free on xbox live. Wow what a game. Hook straight away. So much to do. Collecting relics,ding lost letters of dead Japanese solders. Getting all weapons . You earn skill points which can be used to gain different kill moves. I have put in many hours of game play in this game. The best bit about the game is to retake out post run my pirates if you do it stealthily with out setting off alarms you earn more points. There are lost of side missions as well. Also there is multiplayer. Which I have played. It is also a great add on to this game. Team death match is great there is no camping because when you die you are shown the location of who kill you great idea. You also level up open more weapons. And gain different kill moves. For me this game is the best of all the games on xbox 360 . 10/10
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on 19 July 2013
This game has a depth of characters and game play that is not overly complicated but enjoyable with stunning graphics that make this easily 5 stars.
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on 29 November 2013
Awesome. Fantastic. Amazing. Best game I've ever played. And I'm OLD.

The only problem with this game is it has the same effect as Red Dead Redemption; it spoils enjoyment of other games because they just don't match up. Don't waste another moment reading this gushing review! Rush out and buy it!
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on 26 April 2016
Game of the year? maybe I cant remember, but it was well popular, but I was too busy running over zebras in far cry 2 to notice until 2015. It's pretty good, the crocodiles will make you poo yourself at a family function, the story is fine.

Graphics makes the 360 look like ancient history.
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