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Size: 2TB|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This portable hard drive is a neat device that can be used for backing-up hard drives, providing additional storage for large files or to transport large files to wherever you intend to use them (from home to office for instance). Physically it is roughly the size of a 2oz tobacco tin, measuring approx. 85mm x 112mm x 18mm (W x L x H). It does not need any formatting, unless you intend to use it on a PC rather than a Mac. it plugs straight into your Mac via a USB 3 cable which is provided in the box (backwards compatible with USB 2) and does not need a power cable as it is powered through the USB cable.

Even some of the more recent models of Mac computers still use USB 2 ports so the data transfer speed is not as fast as it could be. However, that being so, this device can still transfer data a lot quicker than my previous external hard drive which was a Lacie, USB 2, 320GB external hard drive. My first back-up of the entire contents of my hard drive (approx. 250GB), to the WD drive, took just over two and a half hours, which I thought was extremely good. It was only the fact that a small LED light was constantly flashing while the WD Drive was working, that reminded me that it was performing a back-up, it is very quiet when in operation.

I notice that in other reviews there is mention of the fact that no carry case is supplied with this device, this is not a problem for me as I will be using it for my desktop iMac and therefore do not envisage carrying the drive around. However, having done some research, it appears that cases to fit this drive can be easily obtained online ranging from about £5 - £20.

A user manual can be downloaded directly from the Western Digital website. This is probably a wise thing to do as within its pages you will find instructions for setting up, using and troubleshooting the device. This document also describes how to install the software (pre-loaded on the WD drive) onto your hard drive, this software is designed to enhance the performance of your WD drive, it is: 1) WD + Turbo Driver, 2) WD Security software and 3) WD Drive Utilities Software.

The main positive points for me about the WD My Passport for Mac Portable Hard Drive are: 1) It's small physical size, 2) No set-up required, 3) Its speed and 4) How silent it is in operation. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a storage solution for their files or wanting to create a back-up for their data.
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on 8 October 2013
Purchased to back up my Mac Book Pro - I purchased off the back of positive reviews and wasn't disappointed. It's really easy, simple ,compact and fast. I would recommend to other Mac users. The drive is compact and plugs straight into the laptop via the USB hubs and needs no formatting.
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on 1 August 2014
Purchased to use as Time Machine backup on my Apple iMac running OSX 10.9.4. I was a bit worried about installing it as I have never installed a backup drive before. I had read lots of other feedback which went on about partitioning and getting guidance from the manufacturers website etc so I tried to read all that before plugging the drive into a spare USB 3 on my Mac. As it was, the iMac simply detected and guided me through the installation steps. After adding an encryption password, the drive just got on with it and has been happily backing up every hour for the last couple of weeks. Unless something changes, I would highly recommend this HDD which incidentally was recommended to me by the Apple Support line.
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on 27 October 2013
I wanted to buy an external hard drive as I heard rumours online of Macbook Airs with 128gb SSDs crashing. Therefore I needed something to back up my laptop.

Now this product is extremely fast, looks excellent and it's pretty small and compact. I love the silver design and the 3.0 USB connection is extremely quick. It backed up my hard drive pretty quickly using time machine. I didn't need to format this hard drive or anything, just plug it in, then time machine. I partitioned it first because you don't need 500gb all on time machine with a 128gb SSD. Maybe 300-400gb.

Here comes the but. The product says 'for mac' but the other windows My passport hard drive is perfectly fine too, and it's cheaper. Just format it. You can format this 'for mac' hard drive so it works with windows really easily. I think the product is slightly misleading in this respect.
The only reason I chose this product over the other product was because this product came out in 2013, and the older version came out in 2012. So initially I felt that I was getting a newer version and paying 15% more would be worth it. In all honesty though, these products are exactly the same. Go for the cheaper version.
However if you're a lazy person who can't be asked to format an external hard drive then buy this product. Just plug it in and it'll work. No need to fiddle around with disk utility.

Update June 2015: I have changed my review after 18 months of using this. I've used this with no problems for 18 months, backs up to Time Capsule no problem, saves storage. No problem. But it's broke. I've wiped the storage probably less than 10 times to partition it and then reupload the files from the computer, and I think that might be what killed it. My Macbook Air simply can't recognise the passport, it doesn't show up in Disk Utilities. I've lost all my backups from 2013 until now (June 2015), and what's worse, I've lost my photos I had on this thing.

On the one hand, it's been nice to have that reassurance for 18 months, but the reality is, I've lost all the memories I had stored on this thing. Before it broke, it worked great for about a day after I re-partitioned it. Then it just crapped on me. Doesn't work. Can't retrieve data.

WD warrenty is just the worst service in the world, the packaging restrictions you MUST comply to is just ridiculous. I've never seen a more ridiculous way to claim warrenty. You're spending £20 to get the box it needs to be sent back in, bubble wrap, and tracked delivery. I'm not being funny, but I paid £60 for this, and now it's £50? You may as well just buy a different hard drive and not waste time, stress or money on this thing. If I was being brutally honest, after this horrible experience I would recommend you spend £20-30 more and get a G-technology G-drive. It is much more reliable and will probably last 4-5+ years.

Udpate July 2015: I bit the bullet and paid £10 for a box, bubble wrap, and tracked delivery with royal mail. Had some hassle with the distribution centre in Swindon because they apparently didn't receive it. After a week or so of messaging WD, they agreed to send me a replacement. Arrived quickly with UPS. The replacement you receive is a refurbished one so it's not new, but it works alright. I don't think it was worth the hassle to be honest, oh well. I have a back up for my back up now :/
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Size: 2TB|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Having just taken delivery of this I immediately put it through its paces.

First of all the hardware. This is a small box around the size of a pack of playing cards (a bit thicker). It's light enough to be genuinely portable - though if that was truly the intention perhaps a soft carry pouch would have been included? The USB 3.0 lead has a standard USB input to the computer but a proprietary one on the end which connects to the hard drive. The cable is 18 inches long, which initially seemed to be a bit short, but on reflection I think this is fine as a longer cable just adds yet more clutter to the desktop. Nevertheless if your set up involves a longer distance to the hard drive location it is a point to note. The other cable saving element of this is that it doesn't need an external power supply.

It comes bundled with some extra bits of software on the drive and as this is specifically formatted and badged as for Mac these are obviously Mac specific. They are a set of diagnostic tools allowing you to check out the health of the drive and some security software. There is also a package called Turbo Boost which as I already have another WD Drive I already have installed.

So how quick is it? I tested this by copying a file from the iMac desktop to various other hard drives. Each was connected directly to the iMac. The folder I copied contained a collection of files which came to around 420mb. I'm not suggesting that these results are some sort of laboratory controlled benchmarking test they are just some tests I ran to help inform this review.

1. To an oldish WD USB 2.0 hard drive. This took 52.5 seconds.
2. To WB My Studio drive connected by firewire with a thunderbolt adapter. 8.1 seconds. Second test 6.2 seconds.
3. To a Seagate FreeAgent Goflex USB 2.0 drive 17.3 seconds.
4. To this drive 6.2 seconds. And on the second test of the same folder just 5.0 seconds. So this drive was the quickest of all.

One point to note about WD drives is that they do have a sleep timer facility which means that there may be a lag if the drive has become inactive. I notice this on the MyStudio drive mentioned above. In one of my tests, not included in the table results above, it actually took the drive longer to wake up (10 seconds) than it did to transfer the file. I'm not complaining about this - just making an observation.

Obviously as it is fresh out of the box I cannot comment on reliability but for speed and compact form this is a really outstanding piece of equipment.
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on 25 December 2013
I love these My Passport drives for my Mac. With no need for an external power source they are convenient and easy to use.

Works straight out of the box and looks nice too. Of all the drives I've tried these are, in my opinion, the best you can get.
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on 20 March 2014
I loved the look of this little external hard drive and its security features and it backed up right away through a USB 2.0. But since then I cannot get Time Machine to work with it except when I first boot up my Mac in the morning. I keep getting a message 'Unable to back up. An error occurred while creating the back up folder.' I have tried various different things but to no avail. The only help I have received from the Apple Support Community was to send it back! I installed Maverick on my desktop computer some weeks ago and did read the various problems that users of WD Passport were having, but I hoped these problems had been sorted out by now with Apple. Apparently not. As long as it backs up on a daily basis when I boot up, I will keep the machine as I like it but for goodness sake Apple and WD Passport sort out the problems.
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Size: 2TB|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Although these are badged as 'for Mac' and it comes pre-formatted for mac, you can of course reformat them very easily using disc management on a windows machine if necessary. If you format to FAT 32 you can use on either system - but your file size will be limited to 4gb.

The product itself is great. The size is very small and fairly light. I already had a My Passport case, but at this price it would be nice if some sort of protective case were included. It draws power from the usb - no separate power needed, and the transfer rate is impressive assuming you have usb3 interface, and better than my other drives when connected to usb2. It is so quiet you would think it was solid state.

Two niggles if I am being really fussy. The plastic surround is a little sharp on the edges, and the supplied usb3 cable is a bit on the short side. Overall this is a wonder of modern technology. It would be mean to give it less than 5 stars.
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I bought my first Western Digital drive in 2007, and have been buying their drives ever since. I've now got 9 WD drives in total, and never had one of them fail. In fact, the only drive of mine that has ever failed was a LaCie. Granted, that is a small sample size, but it's good enough for me.

They are quiet, reliable, small and I find the case quite stylish.

However - this special 'Mac' edition is (at the time of writing) £10 more expensive than the standard WD My Passport Ultra 2TB, despite being physically IDENTICAL in every way. The only difference is the formatting... which you can do yourself in about 5 minutes and save yourself a tenner. Here's how to do it, assuming you have a Mac made after 2006:

Go to Disk Utility (in the Applications > Utilities folder)
Click on the My Passport disk, and select the "partition" tab.
Select "1 partition" (don't just leave it at "current").
Then click "options" and select "GUID partition table"
Finally, click "Apply". Then reformat the drive in HSF Extended + Journaling format.

Yea, you can just reformat without changing the partition type, but performance will not be as good, and you won't be able to boot from it.

I hope someone finds this helpful. Please feel free to post a comment if you have any queries.
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Size: 2TB|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
And by "gimmick" I mean "hard drive for Mac"

There is no such thing as a "hard drive for Mac" that cannot be used in a PC - so long as it has a normal USB connection, which this does. If you see a 2TB hard drive elsewhere that is cheaper than this, then *please* just buy it. The only difference is the native file format which the disk will ship with. If you want to format a disk that's made for "Windows" then do the following:

Launch Disk Utility (Applications > Utilities)
Select your external hard drive or USB flash drive from the list on the left.
Click on the Erase tab. Select the format - Mac OS Extended (HFS+), MS-DOS (FAT32), or exFAT - then name the drive

This will enable you to use the "Windows" hard drive on your Mac device. Similarly, if you have a hard drive that's formatted with HFS+ then buy it, and format it with a Windows-compatible file system. The labelling on this drive is nothing more than a marketing gimmick.

Right, technical gripe aside, it's time for what I actually think about the drive!

It's nice. Really nice. Palm-sized and compact, the drive is a little heavier than standard however the chassis feels well constructed, and it's not as if I'll be able to use it to do weight training. The USB3.0 cable provided is a wee bit short, but it's sufficient for purpose. The transfer speeds are perfectly adequate for a 2.5" drive and the drive doesn't get particularly hot. It's quiet, too. All in all, a neat little purchase.

It only loses one star because of the silly silly silly labelling!
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