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on 15 May 2013
What a lovely looker!
And not as heavy or bulky as I would have supposed a 13A battery to be.
Took it out on a 37 mile walk last weekend. Needed to have my phone recording a GPS route, running all day.
First problem, as I had expected, was that the soft touch switch had been pressed in transit and so the torch was on.
Then when my phone down to 35% I started to charge it. An hour later went to check my phone and the lead had become disconnected and even worse the micro USB connector was bent. Took a chance bending it back. Managed to get phone charged up again and to record the whole route.
This would be a fabulous device to use on a long train/plane journey, but for outdoors, needs a more positive sliding switch and needs a better quality cable system - I shall be buying a dedicated USB-microUSB cable.
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on 15 August 2013
I bought this purely for my holiday flights so I could keep everything topped up during the 9-hour stretches (not to mention the airport waiting times). So, for the brief moments that I needed it, it came in very handy.

It comes with a USB cable that leads to a cylindrical connector designed to accommodate the included adaptor sockets. Speaking of the sockets, you get a micro-usb, mini-usb and 2 flat, thin ones that I presume are for apple devices. No lightning connector though, but that's clearly mentioned in the description. It also comes with a neat little mesh bag to carry the charger in.

The only possible downside I can think of is that there's no means of charging this pack via the mains unless you have a mains-usb plug. If you don't, you'll need to charge through your computer. I honestly cannot comment on charging times as it came fully charged and I only topped it up before leaving for my holiday. The fact that it's fully charged out of the box is a nice touch, though.

When put to use, I fully charged my HTC One, PSP and 3DS XL. The power indicator went down to 50%. I'm no expert so I can't comment on whether that's good or not, but it's fine for me.

It also has a cool little LED flashlight which is pretty handy when fishing through your bag for stray adaptors!

Um, it's getting a little late as I write this and I've kinda lost focus, but it anyone has any questions that possibly aren't answered by myself or other reviews, just leave a comment and I'll help out if I can.

In closing, I'd highly recommend this charger. I probably could have gone for a smaller capacity one, but given the minimal difference in cost, I just went for the largest so I have less chance of running out of juice when in need.
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on 7 August 2013
This is a very well made charger, looks good, and is very easy to use.
It matches my White iPhone perfectly and looks like it was made for it.
They also make a Black version if you like that better.

Lets face it, the battery in iPhones are not the best.

The Anker Astro E4 takes care of the iPhones lack of battery usage time, and keeps your iPhone running for days without the need to recharge the Astro E4.
Just carry it in your bag or in the Car, and its just a case of hooking it to the iPhone or item you need charged, and its fully charged in no time.

I find it charges my iPhone and iPad faster than the Apple wall chargers do at home.

Apple should be giving us this item along with their iPhones ;)
It now means I can use my iPhone the way I want to, and best of all, for as long as I want to.
And of course you can also use it to charge any other USB powered items you have.

The cable and plugs that come with the charger covers every make and model, it also comes with the cable needed to charge the Anker Astro E4 when it does finally need charging up itself.

The fact you can charge two items at once is very handy.

I think its well worth the money for what you are getting, and for the amount of items it can be used with.
And to top it all, it comes with a 18 Month Warranty.

The Anker staff are very helpful if you ever need to contact them, and reply very fast to Emails.
Just a pity the little Carry Case/Bag it should have come with was missing from my box when delivered :(

I have shown some of my friends and family the Astro E4, and they are now going to order their own.
This will save them asking to borrow mine all the time when their phones batteries give up on them. ;)

Don't know what else to say.

If your thinking about buying this, or you are forever running out of battery on your phone, I'm sure you will not be disappointed with the Anker Astro E4.
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This is a review of the Astro E4 battery. Anker gave me this product in exchange for my honest feedback

The E4 battery has a large capacity at 13000mAh. It is ideally suited to smartphones and tablets. In particular with modern high-end ultra powerful smartphones the capacity is enough for more than 4 full charges. With some smartphones you may get up to 8 full charges. This has a significant advantage because if you are heavy phone user, you are not charging up the phone and the external battery everyday when you get home. On top of that, this battery has clearly been designed with those who like to go camping. The battery has an unusual feature which is an LED light! The LED light is actually rather bright. For those going camping, they can keep their phone running without power for a considerable time period.

Of course the E4 is a bit bigger and heavier than some batteries, but it is not oversized or unduly heavy considering its capacity. For example HTC make a battery bank which has less than half the capacity (6000mAh) but not less than half the weight of the E4. So in terms of capacity per gram the E4 is a good proposition. The E4 is also very reasonable priced and in terms of capacity per penny, it is has a huge advantage over alternative products. And it is not cheaply made. Although it is of course housed in a plastic shell, the quality of the materials are high and everything feels very solid.

The E4 comes with a reasonable length of cable. For some reason many external batteries come with such tiny cables that if you try and put both comfortable on the table, you cannot get them to sit nicely. The cable is long enough to be able to place the battery down on the table while connecting to the phone or tablet. The cable has a removable end piece that can be customized depending on the device you are connecting to. The E4 comes with tips for both mini and micro USB connections.

The E4 has 2 USB ports. One has a 2A output capability and the other a 1A and yes, amazingly, both outputs can be used at the same time. Some devices need the 2A capability (e.g. iPad) to charge at all, or at a reasonable speed. Other devices specifically state not to charge them using 2A outputs incase they get too hot. It is very simple to find out which is the appropriate port based on looking at the writing on the AC adapter that comes with your device. To start charging you MUST press the button on the battery. Once charging is complete, for most devices, such as iPads or iPhones, the battery will automatically switch off. Occasionally, some devices continue to consume too much current even when they are fully charged so the battery cannot detect that charging is complete. For example I noticed this happens with the HTC One phone. In this case, after you have allowed enough time for charging to complete, you should remove the connection to the E4. There are 4 LEDs on the battery which indicate the capacity remaining, with 4 LEDs all lit indicating 75% or higher.

As I mentioned the E4 is a complete kit of adapters, cables and even a torch. The torch is activated by double tapping the power button. And just when you thought it couldn't get any better, a nice durable drawstring bag is also provided to protect the battery while it is being transported around.

It is hard to get excited by a battery! But the E4 manages to achieve this through clever features, solid design, and the inclusion of the accessories. Well done Anker!
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on 13 June 2013
I was supplied a sample for test and evaluation, and I promised that my review is fair and honest.

The product is aesthetically very nice and well done. It is accurate in all its details, and it is pleasant to the touch. It is a bit big and heavy but thinking about the battery of 13000mAh that it has inside, in the end it is also compact. As width is comparable to a Samsung Galaxy S3, is the thickness of the problem. The package includes: the battery of course, a bag to contain and carry the entire system (which is a bit 'small, barely it goes in) and a USB cable for charging and recharging with various adapters.

It is extremely easy to use. You connect the USB cable to one of the two output ports, you push the button and it charges. At the end of the charging, the battery automatically turns it off so to consume and discharge the battery. It is equipped with 4 LEDs that indicate the state of charging of the battery while it is loading a device and when it is recharging. Then pressing the button twice you turn on a comfortable light blue LED. Useful to walk in the dark at home when everyone is asleep without wanting to wake anyone up but no more, it doesn't make a great light and the battery has no ergonomic grip to go around comfortably with the battery in the hand.

As for the duration, with the factory charge (just opened it marked 4 LEDs on 4) I've charged the first time a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7, 3 times a iphone 5 and a 4th time up to 60% the same iphone. I think that is not bad at all. With a second charge until now I've charged 2 times the iphone and LEDs lit are still 4 of 4. As for the charge speed, the battery has 2 USB ports, a 1A and 2A. The 2A is fully exploited only with a tablet and those devices that have by default a more powerful charger because standard phones (at least the Iphone does) automatically reduce the power from 2A to one lower to protect the battery. There is only a slight increase in the speed of charging. Quite the contrary, by connecting a tablet to the 1A port, the charging time will be extremely long. It is also possible to connect 2 devices together and charge them simultaneously. The charging time after all are equal to those of the mains charger. As for the charging of the product, the input port supports powers up to 1.5 A and then it would be preferable to use (if you have) the charger of a tablet which are usually of 2A. With an iphone charger for a full charge takes about 12 hours. I say approximately because the instruction says that when all 4 LEDs are on, the battery is charged between 75% and 100% then you'll never know when it is fully charged and to be sure you have to leave it plugged in for at least 12 hours.

I would recommend this product to those who are often away from home for long periods and away from the normal charger and it is also more suitable for those who use assiduously a smartphone than a tablet. If you only have a smartphone this product is a bit 'too much. It should then use a smaller more like Anker Astro Mini from 2600 mAh which I bought: Anker® Astro Mini Mobile Battery Pack 2600mAh with which I do quietly a full charge to my Iphone and it is very small, compact and lightweight, so you can carry it comfortably in your pocket.
A weakness, which for me was not insignificant, is that it hasn't an adapter for iphone 5. Instead, It includes one 30-pin type for iphone 4, a miniusb, a microusb, and one for psp.

In summary the main strengths are: Long battery life, ability to charge 2 devices at the same time, the compactness of the product for its features.
The main weaknesses are: Charging time of the product are long enough, the absence of an LED indication indicating the full charge and the absence of an adapter for iphone 5.

I hope that this review will be of help.
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on 5 June 2013
Wish I'd have known this kind of device was available before. As I'm out on business a lot I tend to have all my devices with me, 2 phones (1 work 1 personal) iPad, laptop, digital camera. I use all of them quite a lot during the day and am often away overnight. I've always had a problem with phones losing their charge and then working in a hotel in the evenings I usually end up trying to plug everything in to charge it up. So I felt I should have some kind of backup just in case.
I ordered this device after reading reviews and felt that it was the best I could get for the money, I opted for the 13000mah because I wanted a little more oomph!
The charger arrived on the day I was told it would be here. I decided to charge it before I used it, so I did. Really easy to use by the way, simple concise instructions and not pages of them, always a bonus in my mind. Once charged I plugged in my smart phone, 10% charge and my iPad, 43% charge. Both devices beeped to tell me they were connected and charging. That was easy! The smart phone was fully charged in just under 2hrs and the iPad took longer, however that was expected and once it was fully charged the battery pack still had some charge remaining, 2 lights on.
Overall I would say this is a great product, nicely designed, easy to use, simple operation, works on lots of different things plus a really bright LED torch, it is slightly on the weighty side, I don't mind that though, I think it makes it feel a lot more solid.
Would I recommend it? Most certainly.
Is it useful? Definitely.
Good value? Cheaper than any others I found with similar specs.
Does what it should? Yes it does.

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on 24 May 2013
After doing my research and looking at various other products both from other brands and Anker's own product range I decided to go for the Anker Astro E4(although I wanted to go for the original Anker Astro 3 that comes with many different connectors, this model (E4) comes with only three connectors.

what came in the box:
1xAnker Astro e4 13000mAh External Battery charger
1xusb cable
1x connector for apple products(Can't remember the number of pins it has and could'nt care less! as long as it does the job)
1 micro usb connector
1 mini usb connector
1xinstructon manual
1x sleeve (to carry anker charger with you)

My initial thoughts(it arrived today - thanks to upgrading my delivery as i was expecting it to arrive next week (did not need ASAP so i chose the super saver delivery option!)
-18 Month warranty on products(this is what I like to see in companies to believe in their products, to me this helps to show that they have put a lot of effort in their product design and thought thoroughly how to ensure their products are reliable, and Anker say for any reason under their unconditional return policy - this should receive its own star! but anker arent paying me so it will have to go here!)
- I got the white version of the E4, I did read in a review that the black one gets smudges but not too much, anyway i cant say much about the black one as I dont have that, I preferred the white as it looks nice and I cant see any noticeable smudges.
- it feels sturdy and well built, just a slight niggle I did find when it arrived I think when assembling the upper and lower case together.
- holding it in my hand and feels heavy compared to my iphone however for the the power it can provide for my iphone and other products I would say it is not too heavy and impressive.
- The led lights are simple idea with one simple button and the functions are easy to remember. (Well done on this, many companies have got this wrong in the past with confusing ways to access functions using a button, you press the button once(with very little effort) and it switches on, Press it twice and the front LED flash light turns on can be useful in some situations.
-the three connectors are made from what seems like a plastic which has a slight rubberised feel to it and seem like they will last for a while(lets hope this is true!)

I have a few suggestions:
- Include small pockets/ loop holes to the sleeve, in order to slot in the connectors. they can fit in the sleeve however i just fear they may scratch the charger case(or i may be wrong, will have to use it and report back)
- the price is reasonable but an AC Adapter would be a nice addition, kinda disappointed it is not already.
- include a few other connectors for this although the three provided will suffice most devices there are some which do not use the them, and i know several companies are starting to use similar ports but not all have followed this trend yet. But this is not Ankers fault.

Thats all for now, hope this helps someone, will update once i have used this a bit more!
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on 15 May 2013
First of all, I have noticed that many of the 1 star reviews here relate to lower powered chargers. Please note that I'm reviewing the 13000mAh Astro E4 as listed.

There are lots of portable chargers on the market making choice difficult. Many of them are handy in the respect that they'll charge up your phone once or twice but that's it. These days, not only are more & more of us buying power hungry smartphones but we are also adding to the number of gadgets we own such as hands free kits, sat navs, IPods & tablet computers.

We therefore need a reliable, powerful & functional source of power. The Astro E4 does that job very well indeed. This 13000mAh power pack was provided to me by Anker in exchange for my honest feedback. I have tested it thoroughly over a number of days charging a number of different gadgets including my Samsung Galaxy Note, an iPod & even the batteries for my electronic cigarette!

Apart from assessing that the E4 worked OK, I wanted to see how many charges it would deliver. This model has two USB connections (one 2amp & the other a 1amp) which means that you can charge a pair of gadgets at the same time. That also means I have an extra USB port when connected to my computer. All very useful. In operation, the E4 charged my Galaxy Note from scratch around 6 times which included sometimes having another item on charge at the same time.

The E4 was delivered very quickly & arrived already charged which was handy. My first impression was that it was nice to look at, solidly built, quite small & light, weighing in at only 300g. Also included were 3 different connectors that will satisfy most needs & a carrying pouch which could be a little larger to accommodate the lead & connectors better. Buyers will be further comforted by the unusually long 18 month warranty. The simple instructions were easy to follow but you'll need good eyesight to read the slightly small print.

On the top are 4 LED lights which will show you how much charge is left or, when you are charging it, how that is going.

As an added extra, the E4 has a pretty powerful & useful flashlight which will run for several hundred hours.

In summary, a powerful & functional support to our growing needs for portable power backed by, from personal experience, Anker's responsive & informative customer service. On one occasion I had a minor problem with another Anker product & the next day, a replacement turned up. This 'no quibble' approach puts Anker in the minority of online retailers...especially when combined with their prices, product quality & innovation.

As a final point, I should say that I use the E4 in conjunction with my Anker dual port car charger. So, when I'm travelling around for work or away on holiday, I have all the power I need to charge my phone & other gadgets. A no brainer at this price too!
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So far I have used this a few times when I knew I'd be gone all day and was worried I would run out of juice on one of my devices and it has come in handy too when I completely forgot to charge my phone (or other device) and I was able to get power immediately with this! I keep my Astro E4 charged and ready to go so I am always ready to go! It is amazing how helpful it has become and dependent I have become of it. Now it is a little on the heavy side but it is small enough that it fits just fine in my purse. My husband now wants one too after realizing how nice it is while he is going to all his different meetings on the go, instead of constantly looking for an outlet to charge his phone into. I cannot tell you how many social media events I go to too where everyone is huddled over a surge protector all charging their devices. This way I can charge up my phone or tablet right where I am and not worry about finding an outlet. The Astro E4 is perfect for anyone who is on-the -go and needs to be able to charge something. While yes there are usually outlets or even car chargers out there, those are not always an option or available, this is the perfect substitute! It even comes with a small little pouch to hold the battery and tips in!

I want to add too that while this portable battery does charge Apple devices, it is not just for Apple products but rather any product that fits one of the tips provided. I did though plug this into my dead iPod Touch and it restored it to full life and the Astro E4 still had 4 bars of battery life! Amazing! I have a feeling I am going to be popular when I am out with others whose devices run out of juice since I can charge both theirs and my device at the same time and still have life left in my Astro for another charge!
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on 6 May 2013
The battery pack I received was the white one. The general quality of the battery pack was extremely good. Felt solid and not flimsy, has a classy gloss surface which makes it look very expensive. It came with a USB cable that allows connectivity to either a micro USB connector or a connector for Apple products (both these connectors are in the package). However there was no wall charger in the package. I used my Samsung charger (5V - 1A)to charge the battery pack when it first came. It arrived half charged. You can tell by pressing a button on the battery pack and 4 blue lights will light up. Only 2 were lit when mine arrived. It took about 6 hours, with my wall charger, to fully charge a half full battery. Another reviewer here has a very detailed description of the charging times if you used more powerful chargers and all that ... please read his review for details. Mine is based on my own experience.

Charging a Samsung S 4G phone battery with the battery pack took as long as my phone's wall charger (estimated about an hour). I did not time it exactly how long it took but I was happy that it did not take longer than normal. The battery pack has 2 charging ports which has different output - 1A and 2A. According to the manual the 2A output is meant for tablets and the 1A for phones.

I think this battery pack should be a must-have for frequent travellers. As long as you can't find a wall outlet to charge your device (phone, tablet, mp3 player, handheld game console, etc) this portable battery pack will save the day. I have been purchasing Anker products for some time and so far have not been disappointed. They stand by their products and all the batteries and chargers that I have bought from them have been made to very high quality standards. I highly recommend this portable battery charger from Anker.
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