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Customer Reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars419
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 3 August 2014
Just a few points to add to the other reviews for this.

Ignore the dimensions given in the Amazon description. The product box states 468x206x447mm and bear in mind these are the external dims to the outside of all those plastic projections.

Not sure what the point is in having the top side fan wafting cool air straight at, then straight out of, the rear exhaust fan???

Just in case this is relevant to anyone, an Asus R9 280x won't fit in this. The very hot 10mm heat sink pipe will be virtually touching the bottom side fan and your pc will go up in smoke!

If you are likely to want to add more than one long, 2 slot graphics card, you'll probably have to remove the bottom hdd cage by drilling out the rivets and/or hacksawing it to death.

Shame the manufacturers/sellers can't give us some relevant, practical information on these products instead of focussing on how shiny the fans are .... moan moan, grumble grumble ....

Side fan switch is a great idea tho!
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on 26 January 2014
I bought this case for a new build about 8 months ago, but I'm about to upgrade to a bigger case (you''l learn why a little later.)
So I'm going to keep this simple and list a few pros and cons I discovered about this case through my experience using it for 8 months to help you make the decision of whether it would be good for you.

The pros:
- Price. You can't argue with the price of this case, it's perfect for a budget build/ first PC case ect.
- Fans. This is the most fans I've seen on a case in this range, they are decent enough if you're not over-clocking for keeping your precious components cool. They are also reasonably quiet (they are no where near disruptive, I never noticed the noise) and they give great piece of mind compared to a case with less fans. The intake fans also have dust filters, which is always good.
- Size. Although big enough (in theory) to house an ATX build, this case is a lot smaller than other ATX cases. It even has a removable section of HDD (Hard-Drive) housing to accommodate 'long' (graphics) cards such as a Radeon 7970 or GTX 770 for example. However, this is not always the case as I will elaborate on in the cons.
- Looks. This case looks great for the price. I got the red version and the LEDs look great. They are not too bright, but give the case a great look. It's quite sleek and will look at home in any room.

The cons:
- Build quality. This is to be expected for such a budget case, but I still feel that it could have been better. The whole case is a little flimsy-feeling and I wouldn't like to be too rough with it for that reason. It feels very fragile. I have had endless problems with the side panel intake fans, the wire and switch is so flimsy that I have broken it about 5 times just by opening the case. I have had to solder the wires back into the molex connector as they broke free many times, and just recently the wire broke at the other end near the switch which I think is not worth fixing. So I'm two fans down. Even though the fans have dust filters as I stated, they are extremely difficult to get at for cleaning. Screwdrivers, disassembly and much patience is required just to clean the dust out to keep the fans running efficiently. All the machined screw holes are questionable, a few have ruined after a few uses. The buttons and front I/O are very cheap and flimsy. one of my front panel USB and the auxiliary (Sound/headphone jack) input failed after a few months. I wouldn't trust them with an expensive USB device.
- Size. Size has been an ongoing issue with this case since I started using it. Firstly, I had great difficult getting my standard ATX motherboard into the case (it's an ASUS M5A78L-M/USB3.) I had to carefully push the board in and it was scraping along the side of the metal that divided the HDD and optical drive bays. It was a nightmare trying to get the it in and lined up with the I/O backpanel correctly. The next problem I had was with my graphics card. When I first started using this case, I was using a Sapphire HD 7770 GHz Edition which (as a small card) fit in no problems at all. However, I recently upgraded to a ASUS R9 280x DCU II which is a huge card. Now even though the case has a removable section of drive bay to accommodate long cards such as the 280x, it was still very difficult to get the card in and the power connectors are pushed up against the drive bays which obviously not good. The side panel now no longer fits on as the fans push up against the GPU and the cooling pipe stops the fans. It's impossible to slide the side on now without removing one fan.
- Accessories. All that comes with this case is a few screws and small piece of paper with chines instructions. The accessories that come with it are a good as useless.
- Lastly, cable management. This case has no cable management whatsoever. It makes your build look very messy and restricts airflow.

That's all I can think of to mention about this case, so I hope my experience has helped you decide. I've uploaded an image to Imgur so you can see some of the space issues I'm having so check that out if you managed to get this far!
-- --
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on 19 June 2014
This is the nicest looking case I've seen, and if you don't have super modern stuff, then it'll be great. The SD card reader was something I haven't had before, and is really useful.

However, my old air cooled CPU didn't fit with the side fans, and when I upgraded to water cooling, the back fan still overlapped with the side fans so I've had to just remove them. As they point towards the CPU and not RAM, I think it's more built for people with the stock cooler, so bear that in mind.
Also, my old GPU was fine, but after upgrading to a GTX 680, it's a struggle to fit it inside the case, and it takes up 2 or 3 hard drive slots.

All in all, it's decent if you are not interested in gaming or video editing or vfx, but it's a big squeeze in there for mine now, and the RAM is extremely hard to keep cool under heavy loads as there is no air flow over it.

Edit: Just took my own measurements, unless they have changed the size since I bought it, the actual dimensions are around 45 x 41 x 19, not 54 x 49 x 26.8, the fact this is so wrong just knocked off another star, I'd have not had those problems if it actually was that size.
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on 7 June 2012
I just purchased this case for a new build around the sandy bridge cpu. I wanted a case that was compact and stylish for under £30 thats what I got!

in terms of build quality it is what you would expect for £30 the case feels very light and would not take kindly to being bashed around or kicked!( not that happens often!) the plastic on the front does look a little cheap but not so much it detracts from the overall look which I must say is rather good.

1 major point I noticed when installing my motherbaord (p67 sabertooth fits in quite neatly) is that the motherboard screw holes on the bottom are sharp! they have not been filed away so be carefull when installing backplate or managing your cables!

once everything is in there its quite snugg. Im using a 560 ti gpu by gigabyte and that fits in nicely.. there is a removeable bracket from the hard drive enclosure to enable longer cards to be fitted so no worries there. 2 cards may become a problem if they are very looooong!

the fans supplied(4 in total) are very silent.. this is because they dont shift alot of air! ive allready ordered some better ones.. however if you dont live in Africa and you do not intend to overclock I would say you will be fine!

this case comes with a good mix od screws suplied in a neat little bag and has a speaker fro your motherboard post and error noises should you wish. im very happy with the case for this money.. very hard to beat!
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on 21 January 2015
The dimensions stated in description are really misleading, as it is nowhere near those written in there. It is nice enough case for the price, but the size of it is not what I have hoped for. If you stick a decent sized graphics card into it(which will fit allright) and something like a cooler master EVO for your cpu it will leave you with almost no space to move other stuff around. Also there is no way to stick an ssd into it unless you buy a separate tray that will fit in there.kept the case for some other time though and went for Zalman Z11 which is a beauty to work with for the price(currently at 52 quid a piece on amazon).
Update: Put a new build together for a cousin of mine- fx6300+ cooler master evo 212, 16gb ram, asus radeon 270x(which fitted nicely), 2 hdds and a system ssd with an above mentioned tray(£4.99 in maplin). With only two fans(front bottom and back middle) thought temperatures might be slightly over the top but all works well- cpu idles at 30 celsius, gpu's at around 34 all the time. One star up for Vantage case
review image
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on 11 March 2012
I decided to build a pc for my daughters 14th birthday and she picked this case because of the blue LED fans. That said it seems to be quite a solid case that has 3 LED fans to curculate cool air into the system and 1 extractor fan on the back. The two side LED fans can be turned off/ on via the button next to the fans. The case also comes with the slots for water coolong should you need it.

There is plenty of room inside for several optical and hdd drives and more than enough pci slots in the back. There are 2 x usb slots on the front pannel along with mike and ear phone sockes and sd slot.

As far as I am concerned this was a great buy and I would choose this type of case again for my next build.
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on 17 January 2014
I love this case, it has amazing cooling and it looks amazing. I've had this case for nearly a month now.The fans are quiet and give additional cooling to the hard drive, cpu and gpu. It has enough cable management round the back for some cables but I wouldn't try running thick bundled cables or water cooling tubes behind there.

I really like the led lighting which is just the right brightness and just adds to the cases already awesome looks.

I would recommend this case to anyone who wants an affordable gaming case with great ventilation.

P.S this case does have an ssd mounting option, the pictures are a bit out of date and they actually give you an updated model that looks exactly the same, except the x11 badge says vantage and there are two extra holes on the top hard drive bay for mounting ssd's. I thought I would mention this as I couldn't find this when I was going to buy this case.
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on 8 August 2012
So I built a gaming PC, I chose this case as it boasted an advanced cooling system and the reviews seemed to agree, It does keep the PC very cool even when It's pushed a bit. I love the amount of fans included and the lights are a bonus for me because I was going for pure function, with the aesthetics being a bonus.

My only criticism with the case is the lack of space to hide all of the cables when you are done building, it is a Mid-tower so I suppose I cannot complain too much!
review image review image
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on 17 July 2012
one of the best cases ever..comes with many fans and a switch to turn on and off side fans!! Even though it doesn't say it supports mATX as this is the motherboard i fitted and supports ATX wonderful product!!!
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on 30 January 2013
--Why did I buy this case and what did I want from it? --

I Needed a case for my budget semi-new build pc which could fit an ATX size motherboard. In terms of styling I wasn't looking to get something that would have glass panels and LEDs all over the place as I was looking for something smarter, that had good airflow and was on a decent budget.

--Did it fulfill my expectations?--

Absolutely, and more! I really would recommend this case to anyone in a similar situation to me. I did have my reservations about how smart this would look rather than looking over the top "gaming" style however I had nothing to worry about. The red fan LEDs actually look great and you can't actually see them through the mesh from any angle other than straight on (+- about 20 degrees)so its not as if they are lighting up the room. Personally, this is perfect for meas my PC lives on the floor. The case looks to be of a really good quality and definitely something you would be expecting to pay more than £35 for!

--Installation and Important Points--

As some other reviewers have mentioned, this case is not the biggest however there is no problem for ATX-size motherboards at all. I wouldn't like to try to fit in 2 huge graphics cards, a top of the range CPU cooler, other PCI cards and many hard drives but for most people looking at this range I would imagine it is absolutely fine.

In terms of instructions, there really inst anything useful with this case! there is an orange bag which has all the screws and then you jsut play a guessing game, although most are self explanatory.

I teamed this up with a Gigabyte SKT-1155 Z77-DS3H Motherboard and a new 500w PSU. The Gigabyte ATX mobo fitted in well but as I have since found out this ATX mobo is a couple of cm less wide than standard size meaning that 1 screw did not fit in any of the holes in the case. This was not actually a problem because it did not impact the stability of the mobo. looking at the holes I can confirm that this case fits ATX and mATX mobos.

It also features a 'cutaway' section behind where the mobo fits -this is especially useful when installing / changing CPU heatsinks / fans as you don't need to remove the motherboard even if you need to screw in a bracket so for me that deserves some praise. Everything worked well with my motherboard, including LEDs case fans (1 rear exhaust, 2 side intake and 1 front intake(I believe)), top loading USB ports, ,microphone, headphone socket and HDD light just following the mobo instructions. My motherboard does not support a mmc/SD card slot so I can't comment on that but if this is really important to you I suggest you find out whether yours can.

If you want to upgrade your CPU cooler, looking around amazon, the better coolers are all 'upright' style. As this case is not the widest (around 18cm) this could be a problem. I installed an Arctic Cooling Freezer 13 CPU Cooler which required 13.5cm above the mobo and this just about fitted in as the 2 side fans take up around 2cm into the case. I would suggest you are unlikely to get anything more than 14cm space for your cooler and so I would bear this in mind when buying. Therefore big 120mm fans are probably not going to happen.

--Final Thoughts--

For the money, I fail to see how you could do better to be honest. I am very happy with this purchase and it has far exceeded my expectations. This case is perfect for anyone from a casual user who needs a nice looking case to a gamer - it looks both smart and cool. If you are really an enthusiast and need loads of space to put everything but the kitchen sink in there, O/C your i7 and add a top of the range cooler, this is probably not for you -then again I would imagine this kind of person would also be looking at a top of the range case!

The best way to sum up this product is that while the build quality is very very good for a sub-£60 case, its obviously not going to be top of the range. What is 'top of the range' however is how the manufacturer really has thought about the needs of its market and has added in features accordingly and that's a rare thing these days.
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