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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 24 August 2013
'Heads up - Hands down'.

This record is brilliant! In a world of rehash & rewrite this record is a breath of fresh air. Mainstream heavy music in 2013 is going through the motions, and probably has done for over 10 years. I'm sure a lot of new bands sound great to a youngster, but as a 35 year old I'm getting bored of the same old dog shit.

The best albums in the world have been 'growers', needing attention from the listener and first listen this album sounds very extreme, and it is, but after a few good listens the songs start to appear.

Musically speaking it could lazily be described as Superjoint Ritual featuring Dimebag type guitar solos, but it really is not like that at all. Sure there are lots of sqealing lead guitars courtesy of Marzi Montarzeri but it works very well as he's also doing his own thing rather than doing a Dimebag to Pantera it up. Apart from Phil's voice the closest the album comes to Pantera is as Bedroom Destroyer leads into Bedridden which resembles Suicide Note part 1 leading into The Great Southern Trendkill, if that makes any sense. Try it on your iPod, it works!

Phil Anselmo has bought his fans something different but it does have Phil Anselmo written all over it, which is what we want.Only Phil Anselmo could sing and come up with the line; 'I walk through exits only, because I can!'
There are also extended jam type ghostly outros on three songs ('Betrayed', 'Bedroom Destroyer' & 'Irelevant Wall and Computer Screens') which were the biggest surprise to me, but they are really good and spooky and do give the album a 'classic' feel.

I also like the artwork with the back cover showing an X-ray of Phil's infamous 'nail bomb' spine.(Phil had major back surgery in 2005) Also photographs from around Phil's house taken by Phil's long term partner & P.A Kate Richardson.

All I can say is; If you're sick of the same old (fake business metal) shit, then this is for you.
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on 22 July 2013
Just Intense...First qn answered:Nothing like Down at all which is nice in a way as solo project..
However this sounds like the direction Pantera or Even Phil would have taken had the band still been around. Sort of like a crossover between Far beyond driven and southern Trendkill.
Very straight in your face chugging..almost sluggish..sludgy Metal with pantera-esque guitar playing at times.
There is no breather here at all..with one song after the other crushing through..Phil's vocals is in good form and reminds us why he is one of the best right now.
Enjoyed it thoroughly and I am sure it is a grower but it does leave you breathless...No standout tracks yet as the similar sounding tracks..but in a good way.
Hopefully this will give him the release that he probably wants and do a badass down record.
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on 17 August 2013
from the call to arms of Battalion Zero and the smash things up battle cry in Bedroom destroyer shows how brutal yet enjoyably accessible this album by Phil Anselmo and the illegals.

it would be insulting to suggest its up there with Pantera and Down as this album stands on its own two hoofed feet for pure originality.
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on 2 August 2013
Metal like or not is big business now, and one of the pitfalls of any music genre getting big is that a lot of generic bands who sound exactly the same and add very little the genre appear and make a mockery of the genre. You can throw a blanket over the majority of new bands and to me - they all sound pretty much the same.
This is something Philip H Anselmo can never be accused of, from the melodic Sabbath-esque riff machine that is Down, the cover all bases brilliance of metal / hard rock that was Pantera to the country tinge of Southern Isolation this man rarely (if at all) repeats himself on any of his numerous projects and this is no exception. This is a very difficult album to label. It would appear to be straight-up, balls out thrash / extreme / whatever metal, and it is to an extent ... yet different. The vocal delivery is very much screaming hardcore and is most similar to Superjoint Ritual than anything else Anselmo has been involved in (Pantera / Down 2.0 this is not). The time signatures are very different and some of the tracks seem almost randomly fused together...but it works really well, the riffs are fast, heavy great and very different to any other band I can think of.
I think it is significant that the name on the album is Anselmo himself and this appears to be his most honest and personal work so far, and it seems Ol' Phil is very angry and pissed off with a lot of things! From the media baiting opener 'Music Media is My Whore,' the furious 'Betrayed' to the frustrated angst of 'Bedridden' it would appear this album is fuelled by anger. Anselmo has well documented back problems and this appears to be the topic for at least two of the songs. 'Bedroom Destroyer' is very heavy but for me a bit repetitive and the weakest track on the album. But apart from that this is full on aggressive metal album from arguably one of the best metal frontmen. Not for everybody and definitely not for the faint of heart, maybe even not for fans of Phil's other bands. If you want something extremely heavy, angry, furious, aggressive, relentlessly fast, honest and above all different to the by the numbers metal on offer today, give this a go!
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on 13 August 2013
Struggled with this. Lifelong Anselmo fan and have played it several times but find I lose patience mid-track. It's really bass heavy, found myself adjusting the sub to compensate. Feels like a SJR/Down hybrid and lacks the punch and clarity of the earlier Pantera stuff. For me, too much continual instrumentation and not enough breaks. It is a steam train of sound but could do with a few stations along the way.
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on 23 July 2013
A truly devastating record which leaves no time to take a breath until its finished turning. Only then are you ALLOWED to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and wonder what the f*** just happened!

At 8 tracks some may wonder if its too short but trust me, there's more brutality, extremity and downright destruction contained in these eight bullets to the face than most full length 'extreme' albums out there.

All in all, if your a fan of Phil's and want to hear him tear the roof off metal, then this is for you!

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on 12 December 2013
The old bridal rhyme is probably not what most people think of when they see Anselmo's name on a record sleeve. And no, this is not an album that will be played at many weddings.
But what we are presented with here does contain:

-Something old: There is no doubt that Anselmo stands with his roots firmly planted in the legacy of his old band Pantera.
-Something new: But there is a new feel to the music here. Definitely a step away from the main stream and with a somewhat punkish sound.
-Something borrowed: The American thrash metal scene has definitely provided Anselmo with plenty of inspiration for this album.
-Something blue: As far as lyrics go, this might be one of Anselmo's most personal albums to date. And while the music is as aggressive as ever, the lyrics paint pictures of a sad and broken man rather than the angry, fighting Anselmo from the Pantera days.

"And there is no master plan
I am a ridiculous man
Bedridden, violated
Bedridden, over stated"

All in all, Anselmo and friends may not have created a ground breaking album, but certainly one well worth the money.
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on 28 July 2013
This record feels like the record out man Phil has been wanting to make for a while. Think Superjoint but heavier! This definitely a grower though, give a few listens before making your decision, however I personally feel this is an iPod essential for fans of heavier music, even if you're not sure at first you'll eventually find yourself listening to tracks like 'Bedridden' over and over again!

Well done Mr Anselmo!
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on 28 August 2013
'I walk through exits only because I can' bellows Anselmo on the title track. Yup, he is Phil Anselmo and he can do whatever the hell he likes. And on this record he does. It's a blistering journey of devastating aggression, brutality and attitude delivered with incredible passion by a living legend.
The first time you listen, you will probably feel like you've just done twelve rounds with Mike Tyson. It is mind blowingly heavy and ibtense
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on 1 September 2013
not sure why the bad review says bass heavy? if anything needs more. must be his s***e stereo. ok its not best production, but that's what makes it raw. its not over produced which would have been pure sacrileage. anyway, yea it took me a couple listens but it falls in with all the heavy stuff I have whenever u feel like a few beers etc. phil, my idol. don't buy if ur easily offended or weak eared. basically if ur a limpkin park fan experimenting with heavier genre x
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