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3.9 out of 5 stars147
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 17 August 2013
The fact that i already knew from reading some other reviews here that this film was more science fiction based than super-natural did put me off a tad initially, but after watching this i gotta admit i found myself on edge throughout and not alot of films scare me, or chill me but this one did.....the story is surprisingly plausible and unfolds at just the right pace to capture and keep attention and you find yourself really caring for the main characters of the film.....the ending obviously leaves the doors open for a follow up film so don't expect a foregone conclusion or happy ending.....but do expect a good 93 mins of gripping, edge of your seat entertainment.
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on 21 August 2013
The great thing about this movie is that nothing really huge happens, until the end, yet it really unsettles you, because of its slow and progressively dark pace and because of its style, which makes you feel and live not just the surface of the events, but also the feelings of the characters.
It's like they took Paranormal activity, with its exhausting expectations for something that can happen anytime but does not until the end, and made it less amateurish and more cinematographic, resulting in something stronger and deeper because it seems to be less merely observational.
So basically it's a good movie, yet it could have been a masterpiece if it didn't reveal what it's about (aliens) at least for the first half (it would have been "funny" if it kept the mystery behind those extraordinary facts making you guess if it was about ghost instead of aliens, at least for a while).
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Strange things begin to happen around the 'Barrett' home firstly at night,
there is no logical explanation.
The incidents become more frequent and more intense as time elapses reaching
levels that make the family believe they are being threatened.............
intimidating experience.
A tense and chilling movie..........the film puts me in mind of movies such
as 'Signs' and 'Poltergeist'
Ok....not a classic, however notably superior to many of the chiller's I've
seen recently, and does have........The Chill Factor .
( the universe is a mighty big place which is still growing, many-many Galaxy's
within, I myself believe we'd be a tad naïve to believe we are alone )
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on 24 January 2014
Ten years ago when I was 8 years old I watched a film called 'The
Back then it scared the hell out of me, and never since
has a film left me feeling so unsettled.
Last night came close, I watch Dark Skies expecting to be laughing at half the 'suspenseful' moments, groaning at the terrible acting and screaming at the stupid character direction. But this was not the case.

Don't get me wrong I'm 18, I'm a huge film fan but I know a good film from a bad one, and usually only a personal bias makes me think against logic.

I put on Dark Skies and could not believe how quickly it gripped me, I
can see how some 'teens' would laugh at it, and not take it at all
seriously and well the truth is...their loss. I really don't scare
easy, and although I'd love to, I just don't, it's not me and I really
wish I could. Like I said earlier 'The Ring' was really the last and
probably only time a film has truly creeped me out, that and 'The

Dark Skies works so well as it's a small film on a small budget, and
this is where truly great cinematic experiences come from. Because when
you can't rely on the dough, all you have left is the imagination.

The slow build up worked wonders for me as the acting was sublime and
better for not having any recognizable stars, as I feel that would
deter me from fully engaging with the characters.

Every time the filmed showed us a scene that involved either the
aliens or the chaos caused by the aliens, I found myself getting more
and more gripped by the plot.

Yes it's predictable in parts, and follows a very simple narrative
structure, but the tone and 'eeriness' it conveys throws all that out
of the window. I was so engrossed on what was going on I couldn't take
my eyes away from the screen, not even to go for a p##s!

I think this is a great small Sci-fi/horror film, however I label it
with those two genres as those are most closest to what it is, however
a word of warning to those of you expecting 'insidious' or 'Super 8',
it's none of that, instead what we see here is a slow building,
character developing, hair raising chiller that holds you until the
final frame.

It of course helps your into Sci-fi and have an open mind, and I guess
without that you wont really 'get' or like the film.

Enjoy it for what it is, don't be put off by the marketing plot of
"From the producers of Insidious and Paranormal Activity", this is a
great film that can easily stand on it's own merit.


I'm also posting this review on IMDB just in-case of the unlikely event someone sees it their and thinks this is a copy and paste job from some random looser ;)
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Dark Skies is essentially a haunted house movie but, this time, it's not ghosts going bump in the night. The film follows a typical, white bread, middle class American family, Mom, Dad and two young, floppy fringed sons. Dad (Josh Hamilton) is down on his luck workwise but on the brink of landing a lucrative new job and Mom (Keri Russell from The Americans) is an Estate Agent doing her best to keep it all together. So far, so normal. It's not long though before strange things are happening during the night and even, in a scene recently copped by the superior "The Conjuring", in broad daylight.

The adults begin to experience strange seizures, bleeding and unaccountable missing hours in their days and the children develop mysterious and alarming marks on their skin. Before long, Dad has bought an in-house surveillance system and we're firmly into "Paranormal Activity" territory.

And that's when things start getting really weird...

Dark Skies isn't a bad movie by any means. It's quite a slow burning, brooding piece with a pleasing air of foreboding about it that easily draws you in and, mostly, keeps you captivated.

It borrows liberally from others, notably a few Spielberg tropes and the aforementioned Paranormal Activity (of which this isn't nearly as spooky but is probably more entertaining than the sequels were).

An air of doom and "something-is-about-to-happen" is a positive in this type of movie but only when the the threat is made good on. As it is, Dark Skies just about fulfils its quotient of jumpy moments but long stretches of extraterrestrial inactivity means it skirts dangerously close to dullness on occasion.

The visual reveal of what's actually going bump in the night is skillfully and creepily handled but the film seems a little lost at sea with what to do with itself after that. Many have been surprised by the ending but if you've seen any number of this sort of film you really shouldn't be.

The final rug pull left me feeling a little indifferent and ultimately unsatisfied.

So a film of several good parts, the acting is uniformly excellent as is the lighting and the infrequent but effective special effects. However, all said and done, rather disappointingly lacking in bite for a major release.
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on 2 February 2014
This a fun horror film based upon the greys visitation and abduction lore. The story is focused on a seemingly normal suburban family, times are hard with the father looking for work, leaving the mother to earn a living for the family. Strange things start happening, to begin with just odd and unsettling, but gradually these events become more sinister and focused on the younger of the two sons.

The story itself isn't anything particularly original and follows the pattern common with the grey's visitation reports. Although it is predictable there's a few small twists along the way to keep things interesting.

What the film does do well is the atmosphere, it builds a respectable sense of menace from the minor occurrences at the beginning to the dramatic conclusion. I like the fact that it plays the low key sinister approach rather than simply relying on shocks. Another aspect that worked for me (although could have been more developed) was the interaction with the regular agencies and how that helps define the family's response to the events.

Each of characters provides something useful to the film and even aid with some of misdirection that goes on, the other strength here are the greys themselves, while they do make a few appearances, it's not so often that they lose their impact.

Overall this is a solid and well put together horror film, well worth a watch.
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on 12 August 2013
A neat twist on the usual home invasion movie lifts Dark Skies above the mediocre. The shaky cam, spooky goings on in a house has been done many times before but here it feels a little fresher with some good jump scares and a fairly tight story which avoids any boredom or sagging.

A family has been experiencing some unexplainable occurrences such as having their kitchen raided in the night when all the doors are locked and hundreds of birds crashing into their house. They have no idea what is happening until the mother starts to do a bit of searching for any similar scenarios.

It quickly becomes apparent that these are not your average ghosts but something far more physical.

The story is slight but effective and the family you follow are all pretty engaging characters. Not a moment is wasted and although the sense of unease doesn't grow as strongly as the likes of Paranormal Activity it still manages to make you jump at all the right places. It is unfair to solely compare it to Paranormal Activity as this is filmed in a much more traditional way and doesn't rely on long moments of quiet to build tension.

Instead it throws everything it has at you at regular intervals. This is basic, gore less horror but done with enough panache to warrant a watch.

Good fun whilst it lasts.
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Inexplicable, possibly spooky things happening to ordinary middle class Americans; we’ve seen it many times before and Dark Skies, on the surface, is no different. We have the typical suburban family living unremarkable, ordinarily complicated lives. Suddenly there are strange goings-on and the usual husband vs wife disbelief until stuff starts happening to him too. Cue the kid’s drawings (a much over-used cliché, if ever there was one) and the compulsory visit to a ‘believer/expert’. It’s all very stock-in-trade horror stuff.

However, much like ‘Insidious’ (until the last half hour or so, anyway) and the superior ‘Sinister’ the pace and tension are superbly managed as the aforementioned goings-on escalate. The kids, in particular, are excellent; it’s nice to see a young American kid without a speech impediment (apart from being American, obviously) and all of the performances are credible.

It’s all very silly and a bit formulaic, of course, but entertaining nonetheless with plenty of splendid jumps, a different take on the old strange goings-on theme and an original ending. While not on the same level of abject terror as the Grudge (my benchmark scary movie), Dark Skies manages to do something slightly different in a completely oversaturated genre.
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on 16 February 2014
For those who can recall why Fox Mulder was forever seeking his sister and why Scully sought other women with implants this film will leave you shrugging.
Am not sure what this film adds to the genre. Its not a horror, its not completely paranormal basically Its aliens.
Sorry if I spoiled it by saying so but its what I figured after the first ten minutes. I kept thinking 'its going to get clever and far from obvious, its going to prove me wrong' but you know what? It didn't, not once. The reviews talking about reveals and twists well, I wonder if we saw the same movie.
The story is very simple but drawn out. By the end you think 'oh. As I thought. I learned nothing.'
If a few stock startles &shocks are your thing you might enjoy this. Its not bad its just not anything new.
Also far too many strands designed for eye candy chewing but which go absolutely nowhere at all.
That's all I have to say, its a movie with aliens and a family they visit getting scared, ta-da! :-/
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The story opens showing us a stereotypical suburban neighborhood. The focus shifts to one family. Daniel (Josh Hamilton) is out of work. He can't pay the mortgage but has money for all kinds of video equipment. His wife Lacy (Keri Russell) is a real estate salesperson, and perhaps too honest for her own good. They have two sons, Jesse (Dakota Goyo) who is discovering girls and pot and young Sammy (Kadan Rockett).

The story builds slow, creating character as it goes along, with each incident becoming more puzzling and troubling. Sammy reports of seeing the Sandman, claiming he is responsible for the odd occurrences. About an hour into the film, the events are explained in case you didn't figure it out by the opening Arthur C. Clarke quote.

This film is well done. I enjoyed it. This is must see for those who believe in the Grays. I would rate it somewhere in between rent to own.

Parental Guide: No f-bombs, sex, or nudity. Teen/tween drug use. Minor groping. Some sex talk, i.e. "going downtown"
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