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on 6 November 2013
I've never read anything by this author before, but the title just caught my attention so I decided to give it a go. What can I say? WOW! The tale of a downtrodden wife living in the lap of luxury with an abusive and manically controlling husband who puts on an outward show of loving adoration for the world but behind closed doors......her hell reigns. I was drawn in from the first couple of pages and didn't put the book down all night until I finished it this morning. I don't want to provide any spoilers but the adage that you reap what you sew is spot on. Who would have guessed what form payback would have taken? This book will make you laugh, smile, teary eyed and frustrated from page to page. You won't regret taking the time to read this book...go get it....highly recommended!! I would read this authors work again. Well done Ms Rabi, you've acquired another loyal reader. Keep up the great work.
I can't wait for the sequel to find out what happens next... just when I thought that Tom had lost his voice. Hadn't he??
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on 24 May 2013
This is not one of those tales where the hero seeks revenge on the heroine, falls in love with her and seeks redemption. Instead, the plot, which is a cracking good read, has elements of a thriller, although it does contain some sweet romance. The main focus of the novel is how a sociopathic man seeks revenge on his wife who leaves him after he subjects her to emotional and physical abuse.

In You Will Pay, Arena, a young South African woman, is married to Tom, a rich Australian. He undermines her confidence and subjects her to increasing levels of abuse. When this abuse turns more physical,she resolves to leave him and file for divorce on grounds of abuse. Despite Tom's chilling words that he will hurt her in such a way that she will never recover and she will suffer every day, she finds a modest apartment of her own and gets her life back and even finds a new man. Tom appears to have backed off and is cooperative over the split. Yet it all appears too easy.......

One day Arena finds herself in a nightmare situation and is again rendered powerless and vulnerable. She is sure that Tom is behind it, yet she has no proof. She suffers greatly for something she suspects that he is responsible for and must remain strong if she is to get her revenge and outwit a man who has all the cards stacked in his favour.

This tale contains violence, domestic and child abuse and I found it to be an intense read, with some really dark moments. However, there are scenes of hope, such as when Arena flees Tom and gets her life back together. There are also some moments of happiness and humour, from her relationship with the new man in her life, Bear, and from her new friend Soong. I liked the way Arena carefully plots and executes her escape, showing that she is a strong woman, despite Tom's efforts to subjugate her. I was with her all the way through the dark times in the book and was satisfied with the outcome which is told in Eve Rabi's unique and indomitable style!

Tom is a truly evil man and to elaborate any further on his deeds would ruin the story for those of you who want to read it. With the character of Tom, the author gets into the psyche of many abusers. Tom clearly relishes the control he wields over Arena and enjoys her pain, physical and emotional, a mark of a true sociopath. Bear, Arena's new man, is an adorable character, who clearly loves her and shows it in some tender and romantic scenes. He has secrets of his own and it is those secrets that come into their own as the plot unravels. Soong, the young mother and Arena's neighbour, also proves to be a loyal friend. Both Bear and Soong inject some humour and lightness into the plot.

Overall You Will Pay is an engrossing read, which I stayed up until the early hours to finish, holding my breath at the awesome ending. This read was a lot darker than Burn's World and even Gringa, the other books I have read by the author. It contains what I am beginning to recognise as Eve Rabi's trademarks: strong heroines who find the resources to cope with what life throws at them; characters and plots which stray into activities that are not always within the law and dark themes and (sometimes) humour. I recommend it to readers who enjoy an intense and unique emotional ride that will stay with you a long time after you have read it.
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on 1 February 2014
I will start by saying that I purchased this book for free in a recent sale, and for that I am very grateful. Even so, I feel rather cheated, and definitely misled by all the positive reviews that have been left here for it. It is not, by any stretch of the imagination, a 5 star book. It's barely even a 1 star book.

I did, however, push through and complete it, mainly because I feel it is the correct thing to do if you intend to leave a review. I wish I hadn't bothered, because while this book is a short read, I still feel as if I have lost time that could have been spent on other things.

The main problems are as follows:
-poor proof reading. I found several instances of omitted words and incorrect spellings- something that I often never notice if a book is interesting and engaging.
-bad characterisation. All the characters are shallow. The only one who felt in any way like a real person was the evil, abusive husband, and even then he was a fairly standard offering with no depth or development. The other characters were inconsistent and unbelievable, especially the police officers, who were so easily won over by an abusive husband despite having prior warning of his manipulative behaviour. I find it interesting that the 'bad guy' insists that the police are dumb while the 'heroine' feels they are not, when the author penning the tale clearly thinks they are halfwits.
-bad plot. I won't say it was predictable, but it was contrived, and felt forced. The last chapter in particular was atrocious, and completely unnecessary.
-bad speech. In fact, it was often cringe-worthy and painful to read.
-bad narrative skills. It was very jarring to have the main character (who is the narrative 'voice' for this story) constantly 'reminding' the reader of things that happened half a paragraph ago, as if we might have mysteriously forgotten about it. The references to real life music and actors was irritating to me, but I am prepared to accept that that might just be my personal taste. The constant rhetorical questions in the narrative, however, just felt patronising and pointless.
-bad sex. In fact, I would go so far as to say it was pointless sex, which was neither erotic nor necessary, written with glee but no skill, and served only to cheapen an already sub-par novel.

One of the worst parts of this book, however, was the utterly inconsistent attitude of the main character, and how intensely unsympathetic she was. She makes a huge song and dance about not being able to enjoy sex or relax/trust a man after the intensely abusive relationship she has been in, and then a few very short pages later she is letting a man she hardly knows fondle her and kiss, in public, AND in the presence of her children. This kind of approach to a character is not only bad writing, but it's also pretty offensive- both to women who have actually been traumatised by abuse, and also to the reader, who is expected to regard this behaviour as believable. The only thing worse than this entirely incomprehensible attitude towards her past abuse, is the leading lady's gleeful acceptance of major crime as a way to take revenge. This was not a clever plan, either, but one that leads to the death of somebody who, while detestable as a person, did not really deserve to die. I find it incomprehensible that the author feels the character could retain any kind of moral high ground, and yet, the tone at the end of the book seems to imply that this is the case. The last chapter only served to make the main character look like a giggling child, and frankly, she would have been arrested for incriminating herself with the way she spoke. The final scene was about as tacky and corny as any other I have ever come across, and again, was completely and utterly unnecessary.

I normally try to end a low-rating review with something positive, but in this case it is hard. The novel made an attempt at a good start, and some of the descriptions of an abusive marriage- while predictable- were compelling. It was just a shame that a moderately passable set-up was ruined by everything that happened after that.
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on 8 February 2014
I downloaded this for free as came up as a suggestion, I didnt expect much as not heard of the author before. I got to say just a few pages in and i was so hooked i even considered sneaking it into the cinema whilst the kids were watching their film! Needless to say i read i all in one day and have just bought part two! Definitely recommend and i rarely write reviews!!
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on 13 March 2014
Bloody hell this book is so intense, dark and twisted, I was instantly hooked and addicted to this could not put it down, this book felt like it was a part of me and I would not stop until I read every single word.

This is such an emotionally draining and horrific story line it is so raw and realistic, it will leave you so numb and lifeless, you will feel anger and pain, sorrow and happiness this book will affect you in one way or another.

Tom is a sadistic Evil vile creature he likes to beat up his wife and takes everything out on her and their son. He forces his wife to do everything he wants. He is slowly destroying her life. It is not enough that he has broken her spirit; he goes one step further by taking everything away from her.

Arena is an amazing women and a fantastic mother, she is a super women and a super hero ( I am women hear me roar). She has endured a life of hell with a monster that treats her like an animal. In order to protect her children she will go to any length to ensure that they are happy and safe, and to keep them away from her evil Husband who she has now left. But Arena will soon learn that crossing Tom was a mistake one she will pay for all her life a mistake that will shatter her heart into a billion pieces that will never be mended EVER.

Bear he is the epitome of a good man, a great and wonderful caring man. Who would give his life to ensure Arena is happy. He welcomes arena and warren into his and amy’s ( Bears Daughter) life with open arms and heart. Things start to get steamy between the too, just as things are going good Disaster strikes when Bear Goes MIA. What is going on is Bear the person arena thought he was or is he a fraud.

Ps I love Soonge ( Honey 100% baby)
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on 9 November 2013
Was bored at work yesterday when I heard my colleague cursing, then crying about the drama taking place in this book so along with few other girls and myself we decided to see what the uproar was all about, let me just say from start to end grabbed my attention COULD NOT PUT DOWN MY KINDLE!!!!!... after fifty shades of gray i couldn't find another captivating book that held my attention until now....
I had to give the writer my personal feedback because she was worth it, the empowerment i got reading this book knowing that even through you're put in a situation with determination and a aim and consistency there is nothing in your way to make that come through.. 2*(thumbs up)you not imprinted my mind with your book you spoke to my soul!

^_^ Awaiting The Sequel ^_^
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on 9 February 2014
This was a very good read and it keep me wanting to read more .. quite unexpected happenings and quite chilling in places.
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on 20 February 2015
Wow what a story!! Once I started on this book I couldn't put it down. Arena appears to have the perfect life with ever attentive husband, Tom, but behind closed doors she is a desperate battered wife. Only when she has a child and he becomes a target of Tom's displeasure does she start the wheels in motion to make her escape. Things finally seem to be going her way with a new home, good friends and loving boyfriend Bear but all it takes is one small error in judgement to destroy her perfect new life. With Bear a no show, she has to fight despair and self doubt to try to get through the testing times to come with the surprising support of Tom but should she trust him ? A real page turner, with some OMG moments.
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on 28 October 2013
This story about Arena and Tom, married life was not what she was expecting, her husband was a control freak - who thought nothing of abusing his wife who was petrified of him.

She eventually had the courage to leave with her son Warren & young daughter Sasha, when she eventually met and fell in love with her soul mate Bear, he is adorable and will give his life for her and the children.

The husband threatened that Arena would pay and she did, he killed their daughter - but they say that revenage is sweet, Arena and Bear got revenge in the end, it wont bring Sasha back - but the love of a good man called Bear, makes it all worth while.

Such a beautiful story.
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on 9 January 2014
I started this book on my tea break in work one afternoon. I was gripped from the start and loved both the style of writing and the plot. Arena finally has enough of her egotistical husband, Tom's abuse and leaves him with their two children. After months of freedom when her new life is just starting to bring happiness, her world is shattered. She is sure Tom is behind it... but has absolutely no way to prove it. The twists in this book were fantastic and kept me guessing about the characters and motives. I finished this book inside 12 hours, and missed out on several hours sleep to do so! Highly recommend it and can't wait to read the next in the series, not to mention more of Eve's books!
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