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4.4 out of 5 stars212
4.4 out of 5 stars
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My boys (age 4 and 7) have been using a shared LeapFrog LeapPad2 Explorer Tablet (Green) for about a year and love it. This new "Power" version is the standard LeapPad 2 plus the LeapFrog LeapPad2 Recharger Pack all in one box. The LeapPad2 is a great toy but it eats batteries in the standard form with 4 AA's being depleted in just a few hours.

This new version with the Lithium recharger pack is more expensive up front but will save money long term and gives more portability because batteries last longer. They are available in two colours, pink and this one which is green. The boxes differ with the pink one having more "girl" based games shown and the green one with more "boy" games.

The LeapPad is a Tablet style device which accepts cartridge games and downloads from a LeapFrog App store on your computer. Having a computer to dock the LeapPad with is essential. The games are not compatible with other iPads / iPhones / tablets or PC's so it is a closed system. Games range in price from about £3 to £25. Some of the best are only £7.50. The games have a theme (maths, reading, science, logic) and an age range from about 3 to 9. In the shops these games are colour coded like size labels on clothes hanger to aid selection.

The device has a built in camera, paint program, calculator and Pet game and you get one free game when you register the device. I chose Roly Poly Picnic which uses the device in tilt mode to roll a lady bird around a maze. Its a great free game. There is no Web Browser or WIFI connectivity. This is a closed device with no chance of kids seeing anything they shouldn't - not like an iPad. It is also safe to leave kids with as it is pretty sturdy and not too heavy. If you compare it to an iPad it comes up well short but as a toy it is great. The games hold my kids interest for about 20 minutes at a time and am happy with that. I don't want them staring at a screen all day!

The best games we have found are:
Leapfrog Leapster/LeapPad Explorer Mr Pencil Game
Leapschool Cooking with Hap (£7.50 download)
Leapfrog Explorer - Mini Games Greatest Hits Volume 1
Leapfrog Explorer Learning Game Disney Pixars Monsters University

I must point out that both my boys have improved their drawing and handwriting with this device. The attached stylus pen works equally well with my left handed youngest and right handed eldest.

[Edit - August 2014]
Buy the LeapFrog Explorer App Centre Download Card (for LeapPad and Leapster) when they are half price (£7.50) and use the LeapPad App store for more great games. Good games purchased this year
Stretchy monkey 1 and 2 - a bit like Angry birds swipe back and release the monkey upwards. Great fun.
Splurgle - Tilt left and right to move a drop of water around a maze. Turn it into ice or steam to navigate hazards
Roly Poly Picnic 1 and 2
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on 8 August 2014
Bought from another retailer, but used the reviews on here as a means of making a decision. The product itself is actually quite good, well made and feels like a quality piece of kit. I didn't want my 5 year old to have a proper wi-fi based tablet and his friends have Leappads, so I thought this was a happy medium.

The first unit had to go back as the battery units would not charge up. Exchanged for another unit, which worked and was set up very easily, so far so good. However, after a few days, the second replaced unit has exactly the same problem, in that the supplied charger will not charge the battery packs. Very disappointed. A good search on int net identified a number of people who have had the same issues with the rechargeable battery packs in the 'power' version of the leappad2.

However, I tried the leappad with a set of high standard output ni-mh AA batteries and it works fine. The weak link appears to be the battery pack and/or charger. The leappad can still be used with separate batteries, its just makes the supplied batteries and charger redundant.

I am still in two minds whether to take this second one back and get a refund, but have a few days left to make that decision.

The American accent is confusing for a child where pronunciations differ slightly. Range of apps is ok, but can work out very expensive and there appears to be a number of them not worth the money. If you've been spoilt with free apps from Apple and Google, prepare to be disappointed here. My son is pleased with it, thats the main thing........until the next batch of games needs to be uploaded!

Overall, a decent product that offers some real learning potential, but not to be relied upon as an alternative to real life paper, books and person interaction!
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on 29 October 2013
My son got this last Christmas and has loved it. Initially the price of the game cartridges was hugely annoying (RRP usually £20) until I realised there was a huge second hand market of games on Amazon and on ebay. This has been a Godsend, every time my son has got bored of a cartridge I sell it and the money goes towards another second hand game, by doing this I figure that each cartridge has cost me about three pounds.

The LeapPad website is full of gaming apps that you can buy, prices range from £3.50 to £20 - Never purchase any of the £20 ones as 9 times out of 10 those apps are also available on cartridge, if you buy it as a downloadable app it has no resale value second hand when your children are bored of it. Some of the lesser price apps are good but do not pay with your credit card for them buy the £15 download app cards from Amazon, cheapest I got one on Amazon for was when they were down to £9.96, I think today they are about £11, so you pay £11 and get £15 of credit to use on the website. Also always buy the apps when the apps sale is on, usually every four to six weeks - it's usually buy 1 get a second half price, or buy 3 get 1 free.

All in all a great toy that can be topped up with game cartridges for much much less money than you may initially expect - we even tried to find children in school who had one and who wanted to swap cartridges. If you are careful you can go from cartridge to cartridge for very little money. In the ten month my son has had this, we have now had almost every cartridge available - some like Star Wars which are no longer available cost nearly twenty pound second hand but fetched pretty much the same value back when resold. Prices were high for Wolverine too and Ben 10 but both when sold got their money back.

When you buy a game, keep the box as it will help keep the resale value up - although some people prefer to pay less postage and just be sent the small cartridge.

All in all this has been a brilliant toy, one of the best my son has ever owned, and one that has cost me very little for cartridges. These machines may fall by the wayside in years to come with the rise of the cheap tablets and there cheap/free apps, but for my son it's been a great toy - and my initial annoyance at the cartridge prices has been replaced by a smile as I have traded and swapped so many thus saving a fortune.
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on 10 April 2015
Bought this for my 5 year old nearly 2 years ago and he loves it. It is a brilliant offline tablet for littlies. A fab resource. The games cartridges can be a bit pricey but I wait for offers etc. This is still going strong after nearly 2 years use and we have since bought one for our other son as both enjoy having their own 'computer'. I love the fact it is offline. The good thing about any downloads is they are automatically put on to any further purchase a of LeapPad so our second son has game, video and music downloads already purchased and they can share the games cartridges. It is easy to use and with age appropriate games/learning I have found my two continue to use them without their interest waning. The power version is great and gives plenty of playtime with charging not too time consuming either. Highly recommend. (We purchased the gel cases for our two and these have ensured the LeapPads safety and protection thus far)
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 26 September 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Like all LeapFrog products, this LeapPad 2 has strengths and weaknesses which I'll attempt to summarise briefly. When you first come across LeapFrog products, it's hard to work out where they might fit in to the modern world: on the one hand, they're nowhere near as versatile as other tablet computers and the games cartridges on the closed LeapFrog system are far more expensive than other apps (up to £20); on the other, unlike other tablets, they are specifically designed for children, are easy to use right out of the box and give access only to suitable content. Therefore, if you're looking for the latter, LeapFrog products are the perfect high-quality solution; if you're looking for something more akin to an iPad, kindle or conventional tablet, steer clear.

This product was subjected to thorough testing by brothers aged 6 and 7.

- Tough, durable design - will take the knocks that other tablet computers really won't
- Useful film and camera features that the children really enjoyed using - in other words, endless selfies
- Comes with a selection of apps to get you started and you could just stick with those to keep costs down (another way to keep costs down is to check out the large selection of apps selling second hand on Amazon and eBay)
- Exceptional battery life from the rechargeable batteries

- It won't stop your children whining about wanting to use mum or dad's iPad or similar before if they've used one before
- No internet connectivity with this model
- Though stated to be for children up to age 9, really this tablet is more suitable to younger children, say up to age 6, as the material available on the cartridges seems aimed at a younger age
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The LeapFrog LeapPad 2 Power Tablet is pretty much the same as the previous LeapPad 2 Explorer model with the added bonus of including an additional 9 hour rechargeable battery pack and AC adapter which wasn't included with the standard Explorer. Indeed, the added bonus of having a rechargeable battery pack included is more of an extra than you might at first think. Being able to easily recharge the LeapPad's batteries without needing to remove them from the device is just so much easier. The recharging palaver with the previous LeapPad 2 model was its one little niggling fault. And here the makers have addressed the issue.

For those that are not already familiar with the LeapPad 2 Explorer and/or LeapPad 2 Power tablet, it's a learning tablet that is aimed at children from three years old all the way up to around nine years old. The tablet itself is reasonably small (about 7" x 9"), but is still quite chunky, with a good old weight to it (especially for very small hands). The tablet is constructed utilising a hard plastic casing which feels like it could easily become scratched, chipped or cracked in the hands on children. I therefore firstly strongly recommend purchasing a silicone LeapPad Explorer Tablet Gel Skin protective casing in order to protect the tablet against any accidental knocks and scrapes. These cases can also be stretched over the rechargeable power packs on the reverse, meaning that you don't need to remove them every time you want to charge the batteries (unlike the standard Explorer model).

After inserting battery packs, the LeapPad Power is ready to have its four free Apps downloaded and installed, as well as all of the other setup procedures completed. To be fair, this was an absolute doddle to do. Just go online to the official LeapPad website, follow the online procedures to link up a PC/laptop to the tablet, and after following all the steps which will take about 10-15mins, you'll be ready to go.

Once my wife and I had chosen our four freebie Apps, we then perused the numerous other apps that are available to buy for the LeapPad. Flicking through the various pages of Apps available shows just how big of a choice there is. But wow!!! Some of them are a little on the pricey side. I strongly recommend that you go onto the Leapfrog website, go to the App Centre, and have a look at the various Apps and prices BEFORE purchasing the LeapPad. Some of the games and 'Ultra eBooks' are the equivalent to modern console game prices - especially if they involve popular cartoon characters.

Anyway, once you're all set up, with your first Apps downloaded and ready to use, you'll find that the LeapPad 2 Power is incredibly easy to get familiar with and learn how to use. Each menu screen tells you what you can do, directing you through the App with a twee American voiceover that helps the child learn what to do at each stage.

Another thing I should point out is that the touchpad screen seems a little on the delicate side for kids below about five years old. So I'd also highly recommend purchasing a set of LeapPad Clear LCD Screen Protectors so that your child doesn't ruin the touch screen when accidentally pressing too hard.

The LeapPad 2 Power also has a two built in cameras / video records, positioned on the front and back, allowing your little ones to snap off pictures of themselves as well as whatever's in front of them. With the various art and creative Apps available, your child can then play around with these pictures, incorporating their face into video settings and artwork.

The LeapPad 2 Power really is geared towards being educational and creative in a fun way. With the games on offer there's always a learning element attached to it, such as with spelling, counting, questions etc. Furthermore, the parents can also monitor their child's development with these games, with their online parent monitoring page which is installed onto your PC/laptop at the beginning.

To be honest, we expected the LeapPad 2 Power to be pretty good considering the various reviews and write-ups you can see across the net. Apart from the cost of the Apps, everyone seems to absolutely love the tablet. And both my wife and I 100% agree (as do our two kids). And what's really good about the tablet is that it can be enjoyed from three years old all the way up to nine years old - just by downloading more advanced Apps as your child gets older.
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on 28 August 2014
Me and my partner thought we would get this for our sons 4th birthday as he loves playing games on our phones, we always struggled to find games that would enterain him but ones for his age were easy and boring for him and older ones were to hard. the grate thing about these games are is they start off easier then as he plays and learns they get a bit harder but not until he is ready. it grows with your child! there are loads of fun games to chose from.

we chose the power so he can play it in the car on long trips. the batteries last ages after charging. its so simple to set up I could do it lol.

Its so easy to turn on and get games on my son can do it by himself so he can just get it out wen ever he likes. I Would defo recemend it.
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on 17 October 2013
very happy with this product and that fact that it comes with the rechargeable batteries is a god send as normal batteries last no longer that a couple of hours. very happy with the price aswell £30 cheaper than in the shops!!
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on 29 December 2013
We purchased this for our grandson, who started school in September 2013. Although I might struggle with some technology, he was not phased at all and loves using his own 'laptop'. The homepage is well laid out and the included apps easy to use. Some adult supervision required to ensure that the lessons have been completed and understood. The inbuilt camera/video facility is fun, as is the 'artwork' he can create or with which he can embellish the photos he has taken. The LeapPad itself is robust and bright, thus appealing to children and adults. The only slight criticism we have is that the inbuilt 'pen' could have a longer lead, as it gets twisted with use and thus ends up not reaching the screen.
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on 30 December 2013
I was abit dubious of buying this first but read some bad reviews on the leap pad ultra and thought I'd try this one, my son loves it and I think it's great. Educational and fun couldn't ask for better!
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