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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 27 December 2012
very good film good action scences it could do with out the love aspect it is however a very good film
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on 15 July 2009
Radical air pilot Maverick (Cruise) and his friend Goose (Edwards) are sent to Top Gun, the toughest challenge for the pair who compete to be the best.

Tony Scott's pulsating actioner is remembered today for those terrific jet sequences, the swift introduction of the then fastest motorbike in the world, and perhaps significant in today's modern culture, Tom Cruise's macho bravado smile.

Over 20 years have passed and the lead star and director have certainly moved up in the world. Cruise receiving three Oscar nominations and Scott winning a Primetime Emmy. And this is where it pretty much all started for the pair, and what an introduction.

Top Gun opens with Cruise's Maverick disregarding a direct order to help out a fellow pilot, getting told off before getting his just desserts, a reward to go to the most famous academy, Top Gun, and herein lies the action, the drama and even some exquisitely handled comedy.

Above all, this Scott picture is an out and out action drama that spices up the situations with that cheeky comedy only somebody called Tom Cruise can bring. Maverick is the catalyst of sharp intake and a bravado icon that would make any guy instantly jealous of his quick thinking and constant confidence. Not to mention his friendship with Goose is a wonderful addition to slow down the motives of the continuous action.

There are fist brawls, fighter jets, boats, fighter jets, motorbikes and fighter jets. Yes, it is targeted towards the type of guy who enjoys a Tom Clancy novel. Even the romance sequences seem more masculine as if to fill out every guy's fantasy. The ongoing rivalry and competitiveness in the service is spicy and intriguing with a few twists thrown in. The use of the motorbike was well executed, especially going over the blind hill but this film is undoubtedly recalled for the fighter jet sequences. The perfect synchronization of the planes in motion is pure adrenaline soaked talent that must have been a real challenge to film and direct. Nevertheless there is some friction with these plane inclusions. The camera is moving so fast and frequently it is hard to justify what is happening onscreen. The mumbled dialogue does not help matters, not to mention the preferred lexis in talking code will strike a few people out of the game.

But, looking at it from an enjoyment point of view, what is happening onscreen is transfixed and you cannot tear away should the phone ring or the footy game starting.

Cruise, as already mentioned, lights up the screen with that sharp white smile and his smart timing and cockiness helps achieve the strong lead role necessary for the action soaked script.

The training and pushing to be the best inevitably lands Goose and Maverick in trouble and some friction generates from The Ice Man, giving the film a spicy drama, along with one of the most sad twists for friendship to ever hit our screens. A must see

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on 27 July 2008
Recently released on Region A Blu-Ray, I watched this film again for the first time in several years.

Top Gun is not a movie that has aged well - particularly since release the novelty of seeing F14's in close combat and training exercises has been overtaken by flight sim games that let you do it yourself and the CNN/Discovery Channel imagery of real warfare in Desert Storm etc. Despite the premise that "Top Gun" teaches close air warfare, the real military doctrine is to avoid closing within gun range in the first place and rely on "Beyond Visual Range" methods to engage the enemy. If that fails, evade or retreat to save the plane (and pilot) to fight another day.

The plot and dialogue seems even more camp, cliched and dated than even just a few years ago, not surprising as they have been lampooned to death. Stand out cliche has got to be "Goose" - who really has disposable-comic-relief written on his forehead from the first scene.

I seriously doubt that any pilot with the attitude problem and disregard for orders that Maverick displays, would in reality be allowed anywhere near a Navy jet.

Focus on the flying scenes and make the tea when the cringeworthy romance interludes or oiled bare 'pecs are on. It's more camp than Priscilla, Queen of the Desert...

Three stars really for the cult classic status and the crystal clear Blu-Ray picture and sound but it's not hard to see why they never made a sequel. If you want a more realistic, down to earth story about naval aviation watch "Flight of the Intruder" - a much better movie.
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on 29 May 2016
Top film... Love it and wanted it for my collection.

Arrived sealed and perfect condition
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on 26 May 2016
top movie bit of a classic you will love high flying action with tom cruise in his prime
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on 15 February 2015
A True classic,a great film,the aerial scenes fantastic with a truly classic aircraft in the Tomcat
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on 13 January 2016
This 3D version is probably a waste of money. An 80's film that doesnt warrant a conversion to 3D
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on 28 December 2013
Great film even better in 3d and HD - definitely worth buying even if you have seen Top Gun before
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on 26 July 2014
top gun classic......what else can you say.....except......I feel the need.....the need for speed
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on 22 December 2014
This 3D version made the film into a whole new experience. The depth of view in 3D is awesome.
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