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3.9 out of 5 stars145
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 27 May 2014
I review as someone who played (and loved) the original not as a first timer.

Fable TLC was considered to be the best of the Fable series even after all this time. It still is. It now has the Anniversary title and pretty HD graphics. The same amazing game we remember had been sexified!

The gameplay is simple and can be enjoyed by occasional and frequent gamers alike.
If you want to blast through the main missions you'll have it complete in just a few hours. or like me you could spend days doing the side quests and upping your stats.
I've only played as a good Hero so far, the carnage is still to come. I still love the idea of good vs evil. Everything you do affects the world around you. Prices are lower and public praises higher for goodies, the public run away in fear from the red horned baddies.
Even some of the achievements have a choice. Easy way/hard way, good way/evil way. Nice.

Even now I'm finding things I didn't with the original Fable TLC. I love that.

Fable Anniversary is what you make it. Power through linear fashion and you'll be left wanting. Take time to wander, get married and dish out free beer to the entire town and you'll have a great time.

This one for me is a keeper and will get plenty of use.
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on 29 May 2014
After playing fable 2 & 3 and becoming a fan of the franchise i couldn't help myself but buy this... what a great decision!
I've only had the game for 2 days but have already racked up over 10 hours game time!
But thats not why you're here;
To my surprise the game acctually plays alot differently to other fables, but thats nothing to worry about.
The story by far is the best in the series despite being quite slow to begin with which puts some people off. The combat system is same as fable fans know, X for melee, Y for ranged and B for will (magic) but i have problems with the targeting system, for instance you would go to target an enemy that is 5 feet away but end up aiming at some helpless NPC.

The game runs smoothly most of the time but there is quite a bit of freezing which ruins the experience but it's not enough to make want to never play it again.

Never the less i would definitely recommend this fable fans or newcomers to franchise. Ace game!
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on 9 February 2014
As others have already said, as a massive fan of the original I couldn't wait to get my hands on this 'remastered version'. I was really disappointed then, to find the graphics jumping all over the shop, the audio randomly cutting out, and then the dreaded freezes (where I'd have to turn my Xbox completely off), which meant I'd lost a load of progress. Sent it back for a new copy, although it sounds like I'm not going to have much joy there either! Lionhead, hang your head in shame.

Update - I went on to Lionhead studios website and they gave the following advice, which so far has worked a treat for me (hence the change in stars from 1 to 3):

If you're experiencing any sort of bug, first follow these simple steps:

1) Clear your System Cache (in Xbox menu - settings - memory - y button - clear cache)
2) Make sure you have the Title Update installed (a small 4MB patch that will download the first time you play)
3) When you first launch the game, leave it on the start screen for roughly 5 minutes to allow your system to cache
4) Go back in game and see if the issue still presents itself
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on 15 May 2014
Being a HUGE Playstation fan since the original, I actually fell in love with Xbox years ago after playing the original Fable just once, I went out the next day to buy an Xbox, and I've never looked back. I would even play the original again on my 360. The game was amazing back then and now it's updated with HD and full achievement list (the one thing missing when replaying for me). Amazing game, greatly updated, still a few lag issues here and there but great overall.

If you've never played Fable please buy this as it's a great series - think Skyrim, Kingdoms of Amalur before they existed. You choose your own destiny: will you be good or evil? in what ways will you choose to level up? what magical powers will you choose?
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on 17 February 2014
Having never played the Lost Chapters edition of Fable, i saw this as a good chance to experience the complete game. I've not completed it yet, i'm in the arena. But like many others, i've also experienced glitches and bugs

So far, i've had 2 freezes and have seen the Guild Apprentices doing a fine limbo impression whilst walking around, very buggy.

But other than that, it's a joy to play and experience again.
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on 7 February 2014
NOTE: The first Lionhead patch failed to eliminate all the bugs and glitches noted at the end of my review, and for me reduced the framerate to unplayable levels in some areas. I cannot recommend a purchase until the problems are fixed.

I'm not a retro gamer, tirelessly revisiting classics on Amiga, N64 or whatever, so it was odd to find myself looking forward to a reworking of a ten year old game with what, on the face of it, is little more than a new paint job. Yet the original Fable: The Lost Chapters that I played on PC proved to be something special, a rare instance of finding a game that was a perfect fit for me in particular. I loved its lore, its look, its humour, its combat and magic systems, its particular sense of place and its unapologetic Britishness. I played it through twice, and would probably had played it at least once more if our subsequent PCs had shown the ability and good taste to run it. Since then I've snapped up each release in the Fable saga, and while Fable 2 was arguably its equal, I still look back on the original release with particular affection.

So here I am taking the opportunity to play the rejuvenated version, and I'm loving every minute. I admit that I approached it with a niggling feeling that the use of Unreal Engine 3 and the worked-over sound envelope might in some way bury the old Albion, but it emerges intact. The sense of place that was so vital to my earlier experience is as strong as ever. I still recognise the Albion that forms its skeleton, and fully appreciate that the new textures, lighting and effects have fleshed it out whilst making it acceptable to eyes used to the visual and aural advances of the last decade. Nothing is lost from the character models either, and not a little gained: the old Chicken Chaser may be made up of many more polygons, but his slightly awkward but heroic self emerges with added dimension (though the animation seems limited by today's standards).

Overall the look is now very much in line with Fables 2 and 3. Smartglass, which is well integrated, offers comparisons to show just how much it has improved, as well as prviding a handy map.

All that said, there are visual glitches here and there, moments when the camera seems a bit skewed and some awkward pauses when accessing dialogue. And having said what I did about wanting the fabric of the old game to be retained, I could wish for the supporting cast of village folk, sundry brigands and interlopers et al to feel as alive as they do in subsequent Fable chapters. Combat also seems a little easier than it used to, though maybe that's simply because I've played so many games in the intervening years that I'm better at coping with them. IMPORTANT ADDENDUM: Since writing the review I've experienced a couple of lock-ups. The core experience remains, but it's advisable to make regular fall back saves. Lionhead are preparing a patch.

In the end, I can't bring myself to dock more than one review star for those limited shortcomings. If you are visiting Albion for the first time I simply envy you; if you come having played from Fable 2 onwards, then you'll enjoy uncovering the early history of Theresa and finding out more about the history of the heroes guild; if you're a fan of the original, then it will be like revisiting a place and friends you haven't seen for years but still love.
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on 21 March 2014
Wonderful game, I played the lost chapters way back when and it was lovely to play this game again.
The only problem with it (as several others have mentioned) is that it does have a random freezing problem, which is annoying, but I personally never lost much game play because it auto-saves a lot.
If I was being picky, another small annoyance is the frequency of loading screens.
But still, despite these small problems, it's a really great game, and loads of fun to play.
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on 1 August 2014
I bought this for my wife who is a big Fable fan, alas the game is so buggy that she has to put a real effort in to play it (often having to replay sections when the game freezes). Also the controls aren't as good as Fable 2 or 3 which puts her off a bit (although I guess this was originally an xbox game).

On the whole it is a charming game, but for some it might be too laborious to love.
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on 2 March 2016
Recently a friend bought this as like me she is a fan of the original game and when she told me of this enhanced version I knew I had to purchase it.Well to be honest it doesn't look much better than the original but then again I am not able to view both versions side by side.However I will say the old version is far more stable than this version,it had slow down but never once crashed on me.This game however crashed twice within the first 15 minutes of the game and even though I saved my progress it made me re do everything once I restarted my console.I am also unhappy with the user interface and find the game more awkward to play than before.The good thing is it only cost me a little over £7.00 unlike my friends £30.00 but honestly if you already have the original lost chapters this just isn't worth purchasing again especially as it is so bug ridden!
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on 7 May 2015
This game freezes my xbox & the glitches are very bad on this game I've tried to play it a few times now only had the game for 24hrs, would be grateful if someone cud get in contact with me as I want a full refund!!!!!!!!!!!
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