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4.6 out of 5 stars135
4.6 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 9 January 2016
In my opinion this is a great game with instant appeal and long term staying power. It is likely to appeal to adults and children alike. I remember playing the original classic ‘Donkey Kong Country’ when it came out in the early 1990s and now I find myself playing this with my great grandson in 2016! IN my opinion this latest edition is just as good, if not better, than the 1990s classic.
The game ruins in a very similar format to the original and earlier versions. It starts with a colourful and entertaining opening sequence where the bad guys attack Donkey and family (Donkey, Kranky, Diddy and Dixie). Donkey then sets out on a series of different adventures facing old and new adversaries and challenges along the way.
You navigate using the same scrolling map as in the earlier versions and you get many of the old familiar features such as Funky Kong’s shop (with some interesting new purchases). Kranky, Diddy and Dixie are encountered along the way by bursting barrels as in the previous versions etc.
The graphics are excellent. There is a fantastic range of colours and some fantastic background art work. The characters are all really well defined and cleverly designed. The gameplay is excellent. It has all the Nintendo pedigree hallmarks; always entertaining and enjoyable and never boring or frustrating. The degree of difficulty is just right. It is guaranteed to be challenging and entertaining and once you start on it you will find yourself fully engrossed and always keen to come back for more.
One thing you might want to remember is that this game is very much two dimensional (2D). If you play the latest Super Mario 3D World you will see the contrast. This is not a drawback or anything; it just means the gameplay is different to what you can expect in some of the latest generation 3D World games.
Overall I am delighted with this game. It is every bit as good as the old Nintendo classic Donkey Kong games and it is guaranteed to provide hours of challenging fun and entertainment for adults and children alike. It is a worthy addition to the long succession of Nintendo classics. I thoroughly recommend it.
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on 22 February 2014
I'm a 31 year old male and this brings my childhood flooding back. It's resurrected my wii u which is great. The graphics and music are good not sure about the story so far. Oh and it's hard, I'm up to the first boss a sea lion and I've died a hundred times but always smiling at the tv. Great fun.
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on 22 February 2014
i have had so much of all this rubbish that little kiddies spout on about that the ps4 and Xbox one are the greatest and the wii u is a waste of space, etc etc etc yawns yawns..............the ps4 and Xbox one are pcs in a box and if you want to play games like call of duty 2000 and fifa 400 till your 90 years old then by all means go ahead. i have been gaming for 30 years since the zx81 in 1979. Nintendo has always got things right with its software. gaming is about having fun for gods sake!!!! no one makes games like Nintendo, no one. you see that's the difference between a console that plays original,well designed games and a console that keeps playing mass market crap all the time.
and to all those developers that have ruined today's games like: tomb raider 2013,resident evil 6,ridge racer unbounded,toca,hitman and many others i say to you this. you have destroyed the gaming industry!!! games aren't games anymore!!! games died in 2005 completely. the last great games on the ps1 and ps2 like resident evil 1,2,3,tomb raider 1,2,3,4,5 and all the brilliant original games, became stagnated arcade rubbish on the 360 and ps3. NINTENDO HOWEVER HAVE REMAINED STRONG TO THERE WORD ON ORIGINAL,FUN AND BRILLIANTLY DESIGNED GAMES FOR LIFE.
in 2014 its so dam well nice to see games produced as they should be made.amazing game 5 stars and a joy to behold.

graphics 10/10 brilliant visuals that sets the donkey kong world alight once again.donkey kongs fur looks amazing.
sounds 10/10 the theme tune is soooo addictive and it fits the game so well.
gameplay 10/10 fun fun fun
lifespan 10/10 pretty dam hard but never stagnates.

if you haven't got a Wii u then go and buy one!!! even if its just to play donkey Kong and Mario 3d land wont be disappointed.
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on 2 March 2014
Great game,will also give 5 stars both for gameplay and the fantastic soundtrack,very frustrating at times,that boss in world 4 will give me nightmares,recommend to all,well worth buying the wii u just for this game alone,which i did.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 12 August 2014
A beautiful game full of charm, humour and exceptionally crafted gameplay - not to mention the artful, funky and catchy music and expertly animated and colourful graphics.

The attention to detail in the animation and graphics is superb - Donkey Kong's hair, blowing in the wind, uses the graphic processing power of the Wii U in a way that adds character and charm to the game.

The music is a rare example of excellence and only Bunjie's Halo score comes close to the quality and depth of the music score. In Donkey Kong Country the music is perfectly matched with the levels (my favourite music score is on the Swiss cuckoo clock level!) Wonderful stuff.

This game, along with Zelda, Mario Kart 8 and Super Mario 3d World, really is a "must buy" that demonstrates the genius of Nintendo when it comes to game design.

The game is challenging and can be really challenging in terms of lost lives but it is *never* frustrating to play. This is the mark of a great game - neither easy nor frustratingly difficult but rather challenging in a way that asks you to play "just one more time" and rewards your patience with progression and plenty of secret areas.

There's a secret "world", a secret "island" and locked levels that can only be accessed through progressively more challenging achievements being completed.

I've played this with my six year old and then played some more when he's gone to bed. It really does appeal to all age groups and, somehow, the difficulty level whilst being challenging doesn't alienate the player.

I prefer to play with the nunchuk and Wii U remote - the motion control is great (beating the ground) and the feedback is perfectly balanced.

Parts of the game remind me of Donkey Kong Junior (an arcade game released in the 1980s) in terms of perfectly designed gameplay but with graphics and a game engine that are truly next generation.

A masterpiece.
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on 9 March 2014
I remember playing the original Donkey Kong County back on the SNES and was in awe of the game, the entire design felt fresh new and next gen, but was a constant challenge as you progressed through the various worlds.

Skip forward to Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and some individuals might be put off by the fact that this is a side scrolling platform game, others by the intimidating challenges that lay ahead. However like most Nintendo games they ease you into the gameplay and then you are hooked. Yes the game is tough but it rewards you with a true sense of achievement much like The Wonderful 101 did. Quick button presses are needed to get through some of the levels but I keep finding myself distracted by all the on screen goodness.

The screen is alive, animation on all the characters and enemies is true eye candy, even the detail crafted into the distance is all cleverly thought out and before you know it your hurtling towards the background in a barrel canon and continuing the level. Speaking of which the levels are LARGE these are not 2 or 3 minute run through's these appear to be well structured and take a good 10 to 15 minutes a pop. Which is pretty good going with lots of save points through each level (It's needed!).

As other folk have pointed out the game is challenging and even on World 1 you will find plenty of tricky moments that are to push you into perfection that to put the controller down and walk away. It just takes some time but one level I wasted nearly 15 lives on (Not saying what one but boy that was difficult). However I done it and can gloat away to anyone who cares to listen. Actually back track slightly, you get lots of lives and they are needed, it seems that every level can offer up around 5 or 6 lives so at the moment I am sitting on 57 lives (These are needed).

DKC: Tropical Freeze is a game for gamers to push them as much as any other demanding game, it might be wrapped up in a simple platformer packaging but this can be taxing. I've not played the game co-op but i suspect it would add to the experience as you both work together in getting some of the more difficult items but true coordination is certainly needed on some levels.

Overall a great game and one I am having the pleasure to play through!!
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on 26 March 2014
I can't say enough about this game. The graphics are breathtaking, characters are incredibly loveable and the soundtrack is just brilliant. It's also a very tough game in parts and you will find yourself going crazy at times trying to complete a level or kill of a particular boss but it's all part of what makes this game solo good. The boss in World 2 had me stuck for days. I'm currently on world 4 and it's incredibly challenging to say the least. Don't even bother reading any reviews for this game, just buy it, you'll be happy you did.
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on 23 February 2014
This game is fantastic! Visuals are lush and the soundtrack is infectious. Just played the first island and moved onto the second. There is a great deal of replayability trying to find all the hidden areas/ items and the love/quality shines through - such great polish to this game......

It can be tricky - but there is a great deal of satisfaction when you manage it! Gameplay can be addictive( played the first minecart level for bout 30 minutes - such fun)

Why people are buying a PS4 or Xbone when there is a dearth of must have games on the consoles and the Wii U has built up a quality library of games beggars belief!

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on 1 March 2014
I wanted to wait a bit before posting up a review so I had seen a good chunk of the game.

I've just got onto World 4, so figured now would be the time. DKCTF is a great, entertaining and at times frustrating offering from Nintendo / Retro. When I say frustrating.. I truly mean it. If you are buying this for your kids, then I'm sure they will get a lot of enjoyment out of it, but this is one tough platformer.

The boss fights are probably the highlight of the game for me, they are so well designed, funny and require skill to complete - but be warned, you die - you start the fight from the start again... hence the frustration!

The graphics are great, very colourful and highly detailed, and the soundtrack is superb. I played through Rayman Legends recently and whilst a great game I've enjoyed DKCTF more, however they are very similar in many ways. If you like platformers you can't go wrong here, another great title added to the Wii U library.
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on 22 February 2014
what can I say? This game is absolutely perfect in every way,I started playing this today and I'm not disappointed,don't be put off by the fact it's a 2d platform game,it looks stunning in hd ,there is so much going on in the background,,little details add up to a lot and the creators retro studios have really put a lot of love and care into this,from dks fur to the lush backgrounds it positively shimmers.for the completists out there there's a lot of replay value trying to get all the puzzle pieces and kong letters and find secret areas will take you a while,a special shout out has to go to the music often overlooked in games the music is these times when games are more like movies than games,this restores my faith in games ,100% recommended. 10/10
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