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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 24 October 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This review is for this keyboard from a non-gamer's viewpoint; admittedly unusual, but bear with me.

As a professional developer (computer programmer) I use a keyboard for up to 12 hours a day. All day. So a keyboard is only second to a monitor (screen) as one of my most useful tools.

I need a keyboard that is easy to use, allows me to type quickly with the keys spaced correctly, and which does not inflict discomfort even after hours of use and should be hard-wearing.

This keyboard is solid. No flex, no creaking, no bending. If feels as though it will go on forever.

The keys are properly spaced, as they should be, on a full sized keyboard. That means I can hit the delete / tab/ arrow keys without looking where they are as I correct my bug-ridden code :)

I use a profession development tool from Microsoft called Visual Studio; it has a multi-key combinations for features that I use several times an hour. For example, I must press CTRL-K followed by CTRL-F to format the selected code. It's awkward to do and is error-prone. This keyboard allows me to assign that key combination to one of the G-keys and it's been a life-saver for the last week. There are several other key and mouse combinations I can store on one of three 'banks'.

The keys can be lit to one of four levels (if you count 'off' as a level). At a mid-level it's great in subdued-light office with the one caveat mentioned below. Pity the light is white; blue, orange or red would be more restful.

The built-in volume control works great albeit with some lag before it responds sometimes. The key to disable the Windows and Control keys is only of use to gamers though, not me.

The characters you expect to use when using the Shift key are BELOW the characters used without shift. So the single quote character is underneath the '@' sign. Strange, but not a show-stopper. I have no idea why Logitech have done this; I'm guessing it's important to game players.

The characters underneath the top level (eg the '@' character underneath the single quote character) do NOT light up. Worse than that, they are in a peculiar font and in a silvery colour making them difficult to identify. Not a show stopper but could be done a lot better.

The cable from the keyboard is thicker than the lead from your kettle. It then splits into TWO USB plugs, probably because the keyboard draws so much power for the lights (I'm guessing). A bit unwieldy but as I have this in more-or-less the same place on my work desk it's not that important. A low-latency wireless connection would be so much better though (but then they couldn't have the lights).

OK, this keyboard really is for game players not coders; the long list of recognised games proves this. But for professional keyboard users who need a decent macro recording system this is of great use too. Solid, durable and with a positive key press it's excellent in several respects. I expect it to last forever.

I can't report on how it behaves in a game-playing situation; I'll leave that to others. But the plethora of options in the nicely designed configuration panel leave me in no doubt that Logitech are serious about this keyboard being the standard other gamers' keyboards aspire to.


[Update October 2014] My how time flies. I've been using this keyboard for just about year now, every (work) day for 8 hours a day. It's still as solid as it ever was. Thanks to everyone who commented and clarified the use of the USB port. Yes, this truly is a great keyboard. [End update]


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on 7 September 2014
Excellent keyboard. The brown switches are the perfect balance between gaming and typing comfort. I wouldn't see why anybody would want anything else. Brown switches are supposed to be unclicky... which I guess they are, but that doesn't stop browns from making noise, even with the already installed dampeners. Stick to MX browns, trust me.

Only negatives are the inability to dim the CapsLock, NumLock, ScrollLock and WinLock keys - though this is a minor and you do get used to it. For those saying it's like having a torch shone in your face, they are massively over exaggerating and unless you are strangely in line with those keys, which would be impossible unless you want your keyboard half a metre to your left, then it isn't going to shine anywhere near your eyes... not that it is powerful enough to be distracting if it was anyway.

The more annoying negative has got to be the removable wrist rest. For some reason, whoever designed it thought it'd be a grand idea to make the attachment for the rest area on the underside to be small and insecure. End result? If your palm is clamped down on the wrist rest for quite lengthy periods of time, as it would be when gaming (especially when playing FPS), what tends to happen is that whenever you lift your wrist off of the rest, it tends to pull the rest up with it because it briefly sticks to your palm before falling and clonking loudly on whatever surface it may be resting on. This foolish flaw has pretty much taken away from what I would have considered to be the best mechanical around, for design, comfort, durability, etc... so someone at Logitech has to get fired for such narrow-minded thinking.

Other minor? Volume roller is very light and doesn't have any real definition, meaning control over volume is less precise, but this is another minor.

Overall, I wouldn't say it was worth £125. Why its £149.99 RRP is so high, I do not know, but I'd say at the most it should be selling for £110.

If the stupid font on the keys, the roller, the lights for special keys and the wrist rest had all been thought out better, this keyboard would of been one of those history makers I think. Unfortunately some doughnut didn't think from a gamer's point of view when they designed it. However, overall, in comparing tons of reviews for other keyboards, scouting forums, complaints, hardware failures, build quality, etc and me just generally being really picky... I still think that I've bought the best mechanical keyboard for the money. It is well built. The switches are great. The lighting is excellent. The volume roller is a nice touch and the windows key disable button is useful. All of this plus it is very solid and durable and has a nice 3 year warranty and you can see why it'd be much more preferable in comparison to the offerings of the Corsair K95 and the Roccat Ryos.
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on 28 August 2014
I do not use the G710+ for gaming. I wanted a quality keyboard with Cherry switches - my other Logitech keyboards have worn out quickly. The illumination behind the keys is fine EXCEPT no shift characters are illuminated and they are a dull grey colour legend on black so difficult to see. For touch typing the index finger locators are virtually non existent so it is easy to lose position. Build quality seems to be excellent with good tactile feedback. Rotary volume control is better than using up/down buttons. Single connecting cable splits to 2 USB plugs for keyboard functionality and lighting presumably. Biggest niggle is the poor key-tops not displaying the shift characters and it would have been so easy to have made it work properly - at this price it is disappointing.
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on 3 December 2014
Disappointed that after approx. 8 months of medium evening use at least one of the key caps has broken off the mounting and others are starting to stick.

I used to like and trust in the reliability and robustness of Logitech keyboards and mice, but alas after paying over £100 for this keyboard to find it fails so soon I'm ordering elsewhere ... Razer Blackwidow I hope you fare better
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I love this keyboard. I have spent the last few years using a Microsoft Sidewinder X4 which for the features/price is both fantastic and has served me well. More recently I got my hands on Logitech's G19s. Also a lovely keyboard but a few things put me off. It needed its own power supply and it used membrane switches. In my opinion a keyboard of that calibre should have been mechanical. That's not to say it isn't a good keyboard and the screen is the obvious key feature.

Enter the G710+. In my opinion this keyboard is everything the G19s should have been minus the screen.

Build quality is fantastic. It uses a metal frame and although it has a reassuring weight to it, it isn't too heavy. Aesthetically it is clear that this is gaming keyboard through and through. But as I sit her using it to write this review I am finding it more and more comfortable for writing.

It has a clip on wrist rest and solid riser feet. Though the backlight is only in white I find it looks very good and can be adjusted in stages. The great thing is that the WASD keys and the arrow keys are grey where the rest of the keys are black. This helps you find them in the heat of a game, but rather usefully those keys' backlight can be independently controlled so you can have them brighter/dimmer than the rest. Absolutely fantastic.

There's a bank of 6 macro keys and 3 mode keys giving you access to 18 macros, with the ability ro record on the fly. There's a button to toggle the windows key on and off, great for me as I often hit it during ham-fisted moments on BF4. You need the Logitech gaming software for these but since I already have a Logitech G500 mouse, the software detected the keyboard straight away and I was up and running.

There are a couple of media keys and a roller for volume control which is both handy and fluid to use.

In operation this is my first mech keyboard and I am very pleased with it. There are all different kinds of switches that give differing levels of resistance and feedback. The G710+ uses Brown switches that are a perfect compromise, not too noisy but they also give a not too intrusive `clack' in use. The keys themselves are nicely spaced and I find myself making less errors than when I used to use my X4. I do a bit of html/css and general web coding and I am finding coding on this keyboard surprisingly pleasant. Though long sessions may get a bit tiring on the fingers using these brown switches.

Now for the things I wasn't too keen on.

In order to power the keyboard, it has two usb plugs. This means the keyboard cable is quite thick. Not too much of a problem but I think it would have been nicer had the cable been braided. Though there is USB pass through if you find yourself low on usb ports.

The fonts on the keys for secondary symbols are a bit of an odd choice and as they aren't backlit sometimes hard to see. This is the only thing that detracts from using this kb extensively for productivity rather than gaming in my opinion.

Overall this is a fantastic keyboard that Logitech should be proud of. It is everything the G19s should have been. In fact I don't know why they didn't just slap a screen on this for their their G19s model.

It feels durable and solid and has clearly been well thought out for gamers. Loving BF4 on this right now.
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on 18 August 2014
Love the feel of the keyboard, looks great, simple to set up the programmable keys, and many different handy little perks like the gaming button to disable windows presses, the volume roller, and USB port on the back.

No more of those missed key presses, just solid sharp performance and a good quality product.

The sound from the key presses is a lot lower than many other mechanical keyboards.
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on 29 July 2014
I have updated my review - see below --- I have had to return this keyboard as the letter S ( vital for typing and reversing during Gaming ) stopped working totally
and came off 4 times before this , during Gaming ( they didnt use a good enough attachment device for the WASD keys in my opinion )
I found returning this keyboard not easy as finally managed to find out I am not covered by LOGITECH Company till 1 year has elapsed for me to be covered , and i have to return the Keyboard to Amazon ( where I bought it in may 2014 ) -

Logitech provided an
e-mail link to the Amazon 1 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY SYSTEM
( which is not easy to find on the Amazon website )
To return the keyboard through Amazon was not easy as I found out the Amazon Website hard to navigate
( 1 ) The amazon system doesn't allow you to return items after just 1 month has elapsed , then you cant return it and there is no way to return an item on the online amazon system yourself using their system

( 2 ) You have to contact Amazon Customer service ( I found the number to call through the amazon forum ) - and I arranged to send the keyboard back , buy using the Collect system ( luckily there was a drop off point in Galashiels , at a local petrol Station ) and i had a suitable box , by chance and some bubblewrap which i was able to cover the G710+ carefully for postal transit

( 3 ) I got a full refund through my debit card , but no replacement keyboard as
" they are out of stock "

( 4 ) had to go down to Galashiels Computer Shop to order ( and pay in advance )
the New G710+ Keyboard from logitech ( as i have the already have special Gaming
G710+ software installed on my computer )

so I am off World of Tanks till next week

writing this at the local library as i have no means on using the computer

(5) Having no LETTER S - was a real pain for passwords or trying to reverse a Tank under fire ( had to press F - to use automatic reverse , and then try to turn tank slowly around to safety ) - not fun

the new replacement G710+ Gaming Keyboard had better be a lot more well built and reliable - for £ 120 for it to fail after 6 months is not acceptable

This was a superlative keyboard ( for gaming or normal use ) - I have never used a better keyboard before , I bought this a month ago , for using with a new gaming computer , which i finally got installed 1 week ago - is responsive , quiet , and you dont have the worry or a command not being obeyed ( eg - i was having problems
when trying to reload an autoloader with the old logitech keyboard and would press ' C ' and the message would not get through
( the old keyboard was 2 years old ) this works flawlessly when I play WORLD OF TANKS , also the back lighting is really nice for playing at night , and i notice no problems at all , doing this

it might not be cheap , but its worth every penny , my win rate is also slightly better as i am more confident using this keyboard

i did recommend this to anyone - until the problems with LETTER S Key not working
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on 13 November 2013
After a LONG couple of nights making the decision between this and it's Razer counterpart I decided to stick with Logitech as I have half a computer desk of their gear - I'm so glad I did!

Firstly a bit of background, my main areas of use are gaming, programming and security related activities so I spend a lot of time on the keyboard typing and needed desperately to replace my old membrane keyboard. It's my first mech keyboard that I own and I must say it's really impressive!

Let's go through the pro's and con's.

- Nice backlit keyboard
- Sturdy - no flex/creaking
- Great overall feel when typing
- Sturdy rubber pads on the bottom
- Brown switches - nice and quiet compared to other mechanical keyboards

- Backlight's don't backlight the entire key. The shift input's aren't lit up for some strange reason.
- Cord - OK I understand they have a pass-through usb but does the cable really need to be as thick as it is?!
- Font - I have no idea what font they used on this keyboard, specifically for the shift inputs but it's a bit out of place.

Overall I'm so glad I picked this keyboard, it really is a nice piece of hardware and a pleasure to use. The con's are really just the picky one's I could come up with after the wife read me the riot act after spending £100 on a keyboard.
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on 26 April 2015
Fantastic keyboard if a bit noisy. Only 3 stars as the D key broke after around 7 months and logitech don't do replacements? The keys seem quite brittle and not substantial where they attach to the switch. I was basically told to return to my supplier for replacement which is ludicrous for such and expensive keyboard. Thankfully I bought it off Amazon...
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on 12 March 2014
I'll start this review with the annoying things about this keyboard. There are not many but it's worth noting;

The 6 programmable G-keys are a bit too far away to use efficiently with a natural keyboard stance. For general duties, this might be of no problem but in time intensive competitive gaming, it's hard to use, say, the G-1 key without looking for it and reaching for it. If Logitech built the G-keys closer to the optimal hand position and was built more towards the bottom half, this keyboard would be near perfect!

Finally, I found the game key, scroll lock, caps lock and num lock lights to be a bit overly bright but this is a minor issue and I usually have them turned off!

Build Quality 5/5
This keyboard is a beast to work and play with. It uses Cherry MX brown mechanical keys which means your key strokes have a reassuring switch feeling but with no annoying loud clicks! Additionally, the light that illuminates the keys look really professional and is really useful for working/playing in the night time.

This keyboard come with 2 zones of lighting. Zone 1 covers the W A S D and arrow keys, which can be useful for FPS games. Zone 2 covers the rest of the keyboard keys and is useful to have illuminated at all times! Additionally there are 5 stages of light brightness for each of these zones, including no lights on.

The Game/Desktop Mode key disables the 2 windows keys and 1 menu key which is useful for gamers or if you never use these keys. This keyboard also includes a nice big scroll wheel to adjust volume on the fly, as well as a sound mute key and 4 media keys.

Software Quality 2.5/5
The Logitech software which can be downloaded online takes 62,556 K of RAM which seems really excessive to me. The software enables ONLY the G-keys and helps you program the G-keys but I have found no use for the G-keys considering how far away they are from my hand. Since this software is RAM intensive and the G-keys will not be helpful to all, I have given a respectable score half way which is okay and fair.

Conclusion 4.5/5
With a anti-ghosting, 10 key rollover interface, this keyboard has everything you might want out of a windows keyboard and is perfect for gaming. It's no wonder one of the best American E-Sports team is using this exact keyboard model for league of legends!
I have therefore rounded up my 4.5 conclusion to the Amazon 5 star rating as many hardcore gamers will love this keyboard and non-gamers will still love this I feel.

Finally the USB pass-through feature is really useful for plugging a 2.0 USB device such as headphones or any USB device.

If you found this review helpful, please comment and click on Yes! :)
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