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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 30 October 2013
AS IF! Come on Christina and Lauren you cannot leave a book ending like that it is sooooo not fair! I Loved Will and Hanna's story It took me less than a day to read it all!
I was beautifully written - as always - and I can't tell you how many times I was getting either hot, flustered and blushing or mildly irritated and heart-beating-wildly flustered at the things they shared a little too much of and then the things they wouldn't say out loud!

Like all of your books I loved this one and if someone was to ask me what my favourite one is I would have to say Bastardstrangerbitchbombshellplayer very fast!
I can't wait to read beginning and I hope to see more of Hanna, Will, Sara & Max in the future!
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 31 October 2013
Oh wow i loved this from start to finish.
Witty,sexy and brilliantly written.
Hanna-what can i say,i wish i was her...innocent...beautiful...nerdy...and so completely bloody funny. and completely blindsided by Hanna but when they were together,some of their conversations had me laughing out loud, in fact my family thought i had completely lost it at one point but they were also very hot together too and boy did it melt my knickers on more than one occasion....phew.
The ending was perfection, very Will and Hanna and i cant wait for the next installment. Amazing!
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on 28 July 2014
I think this is possibly my favourite book in the Beautiful series so far. This is book number three which I moved onto straight after finishing Beautiful Stranger, book two.

This story is all about Hanna Bergstrom who is a bit of a self-made recluse, buried in her lab work and after her brother’s attempts to bring her into what he deems as civilisation a bit more he encourages her to look up his old friend Will Sumner. Will is a character we already know a little bit about from Beautiful Stranger as he works with Max. I didn’t really have that much of a perception of Will as I was more focused on Max throughout that story but I really started to fall head over heels in love with Will in this story.

Hanna and Will are old acquaintances through Hannah’s brother Jensen and when they reconnect years later when we see them in this book they have an almost instant connection on a platonic level although both now see something else in the other that is the entire other end of the scale from platonic.

Their chemistry is palpable and while Hanna is direct and frank and can sometimes come off as naive Will finds it endearing and is seemingly hooked on her personality. I loved that Hanna didn’t have a filter and wasn’t easily embarrassed. That fact makes the whole storyline more realistic between the two characters.
I loved that Will was so shamelessly attracted, and more so throughout the book, to Hanna and I loved how he felt protective of her too. I didn’t feel like their age gap was an issue at all and I loved that Will was experienced in the way Hanna needed him to be. The story is dual POV again which I actually cannot get enough of and I loved how both of them saw their relationship toward each other.

I think Will is my favourite of the three characters and I was definitely most attracted to him – he was Ryan Reynolds in my head.

There is something about a storyline like this that really appeals to me and if you’ve enjoyed it or like the sound of it you should also give Some Girls Do by Clodagh Murphy and Before Jamaica Lane by Samantha Young a look.
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on 24 November 2013
It was finally time for the elusive Will Sumner to have his turn and I wasn't too sure how I would like his book. Up to this point, I have been a diehard Bennett fan but throw in the presence of Ziggy and I seen Will in a completely new light. Beautiful Player has just taken the crown for best book of the series for me!

Hanna or `Ziggy' as Will referred to her growing up, has just moved to New York but she is married to her career and spends every day in the lab. Hanna is a smart girl so immediately I was a fan. I love independent chicks. Throw in some humour and Hanna is a winner in my eyes. She had no social skills whatsoever when it came to the opposite sex. If it was in her head, she just came out with it and the results were hilarious, especially when Will was the one she turned to for answers.

Will had been asked by his friend, who was Hanna's brother, to show her around town and get her to widen her social circle (or indeed create one) but of course, Will and Ziggy weren't the people from ten years ago, Hanna is now a beautiful young woman and Will is the hot friend who is off limits. When they begin to spend time with each other, feelings and signals start to twist and turn and result in unanswered questions. Where do they go from here?

Will `s player reputation is well earned, he has a couple of `regulars' with scheduled `date nights' and yes Will was a typical guy as it took him forever to catch on that he should have kicked the girls to the curb well before he did. However, I loved him too much so I will let that one slide ;)

Of course, all the gang made an appearance, I love to read about the progression of the others and Hanna slotted into the group perfectly. I loved the way Chloe and Sara took her under their wings.

When Hanna and Will finally threw caution to the wind and acted on their feelings, it was under the guise of Will showing Hanna how to use her body for her pleasure as well as her future guy. What I liked about this was we could tell as the reader they were already in too deep, it wasn't set up as a fake relationship it was almost as if they needed an excuse to act on their impulses. And it didn't take long before real feelings were shining through.

Now I need to mention the sex! Oh my, you will definitely need a fan with this book, if you thought the books had been hot up until now, just wait until you read Beautiful Player. Those were some of the best scenes I have read, and it wasn't done in a vulgar, graphic way. You were made to love Will and Hanna so much that I just got their chemistry, love and passion. And boy can Will last a while ;)

I think I loved Will and Hanna's characters as they were unique. Hanna was a scientist and Will was.. um.. a bit like Chandler Bing, I don't actually know what he does but it's science related perhaps. Even though I had no idea what they were talking about, I loved that they challenged each other intellectually and it was foreplay for them in a way.

Christina Lauren's usual formula was present in this book and if it ain't broke, don't fix it. We had humour, tears and great smexy times. A lot happened in this book and it felt like I read it in no time at all. I must say my favourite part of the story was the epilogue, I read it over and over again. I think it was so sweet and it was just typical Will and Hanna: goofy, fun and very loving. They are my favourite couple.

If you haven't read this series I urge you to! Beautiful Player could technically be read as a standalone but it will contain spoiler for the other couples. Also you will have a better attachment to the group if you start from the beginning. Whatever the order just pick this one up today!! ~Ava
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on 10 November 2013
I really enjoyed this, the third book of the Beautiful series.

Hanna (aka Ziggy) is Will's friend's little sister. Unknown to Will, Hanna has crushed on him for years. When Hanna's brother Jensen contacts Will and asks him to get his sister out of herself and her all-consuming job in a lab, he does so without hesitation - Hanna's a sweet girl, and he's known her for years!

When they arrange to meet for an early morning run, Will realises just how much Hanna's grown into a woman, and Hanna realises that Will is still hot. But Will's a player, and has a few regular girls on rotation every week, which is an immediate red flag to Hanna. While not an innocent virgin, Hanna is unused to dating, so enlists the help of Will to coach her. But Will starts to care too much, much to an oblivious Hanna.


Will was a great character. He was sexy, likable and thoughtful, and although he had a player status, he was loyal and faithful while with Hanna. I wasn't expecting Will to be the way he was, and it was so refreshing to see a man lose his s*** over a woman!

Hanna was sweet and funny (some of the stuff she came out with was hilarious, what with her lack of brain-to-mouth filter!). But for someone so clearly intelligent, by God was she naive and oblivious to the world of dating, yet with the filthiest mouth!

I loved the secondary characters of Hanna's family and Max/Bennett/Chloe/Sara. It's nice when the main parties have no parental issues/angst/mental health issues, and you can focus on the matter at hand. Their interest is running together, and when, despite everything, Will helps Hanna run the half marathon, it made my heart swell. The texting was also very cute - sometimes funny, sometimes intimate. The chemistry between them was amazing, and the sex was beyond hot! Yum! The book was also very well written, flowed well, and I loved the dual POV's.

The reason I gave this book 4 stars instead of 5 was because:
1. I felt it dipped a bit around two thirds in, but luckily picked up again.
2. One thing that really annoys me in books (and movies) is miscommunication. I find it very frustrating, and it can be remedied easily by - oh, I dunno - talking!
3. Hanna's to-ing and fro-ing was exhausting, and I found her quite immature at times. It was very obvious to everyone EXCEPT Hanna that Will was crazy about her. I find that women are more astute than men, so I found this hard to believe.

Otherwise, a really good read, but Beautiful Bastard is still my favourite!
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on 7 October 2015
I thought Beautiful Player was better than beautiful bastard (book 1). Although I liked Bennett and Chloe, I loved the key characters Will and Ziggy (Hanna). I got more involved in their story and found it so endearing. Maybe this was because Will and Ziggy already had an connection with each other through Ziggy's brother in their high school years. Will came across as being more thoughtful and considerate towards Ziggy in contrast to Bennett and Chloe's story. Overall it was well written with equal amounts of romance without compromising the sexual chemistry and the steamy scenes.It made a refreshing change to have a strong alpha male lead and a gregarious female lead who have not been negatively affected by past events in their lives. Could be read as a stand alone book as well as part of a series.
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on 24 July 2014
This story had everything you could possibly ask from a spectacular novel in this popular genre: sassy dialogues, a knack for portraying the paradox of human emotions, believable conflict(s), and memorable minor characters. The sizzling hot chemistry between these two incredibly likable protagonists had me craving more the very second I finished my first Christina Lauren novel, and if this gifted writer duo is not on your auto-buy-list just yet, then I can guarantee that you will reconsider after you've read 'Beautiful Player'. The writing is refreshingly intelligent from the first page to the last, and you will get so invested in this story that you will stay up late into the night to get to the highly satisfying conclusion. A must-read for any die-hard fan of sexy contemporary romance!
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on 30 October 2013
This novel follows on from Beautiful stranger & Beautiful Bombshell. It finally follows the smouldering Will Sumner and the geeky, nerd Hanna.
This story flowed so well, so effortlessly I just couldn't put it down, a mean feat during a time of mediocrity in the indie book world.
The character's were all very well developed and the storyline made sense! There was plenty of background which gave it a very polished feel, and the character s all gradually developed with the storyline. It progressed smoothly with the whole gang and the time span was realistic. (no insta love, no EPIC week then declaring undying love)
I loved the continuation of this series, it still feels fresh, it's like catching up with an old friend. I thoroughly recommend it. :)
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on 20 November 2013
I really really enjoyed this book and although I also enjoyed the others in the series, this was by far my favourite. It had everything- funny in places, hot in places and a very sweet story. I liked the characters so much and it was also good to catch up with characters from the other books. I think you could read this book on its own without the others in the series but I was pleased I had read the others as it gave a bit of insight into Will as he does appear in them. It was easy to read and I found myself getting lost in my kindle and wanting more by the end of the book. Overall, a really enjoyable story!
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on 13 November 2013
These fantastic co-authors have done it again! I have loved this series but I think this book is my favourite. I haven't laughed so much at a book in a long time. Hanna/Ziggy is a fantastic character, I love the way her mind works as she tries to figure things out and the fact that she has no filter on these thoughts. Will is just as brilliant and certainly helps heat things up but isn't lacking in his comedy moments either. Together these two make the perfect couple and their journey to get there is beautiful. I would definitely recommend this to anyone and everyone!
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