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2.0 out of 5 stars A big disappointment, 17 Nov. 2013
Out of the Blue had such an interesting start that I was hoping that it would turn into a book I would love but sadly, it didn't. I found there to be quite a lot wrong (in my opinion) with this book so I ended up not liking it very much at all.

Protagonists Molly and Justin start off in their late teens as they're in college but then as the book jumps to five years later, I guess they're supposed to be roughly 24/25 or so. Unfortunately, both characters (Molly more so) come across as extremely juvenile throughout the book. Neither are especially mature for their ages and act like a couple of teenagers a lot of the time. The dialogue used also didn't fit in with the ages of the characters which was a shame. These things made it really hard to connect with either character.

This book shouldn't really be classed as a romance because there isn't much of that in the plot. The majority of the plot focuses on the problems that both Molly and Justin have had over the course of their lives and what happens when they come back together. Molly and Justin share a kiss but nothing more ever really happens. I would class Out of the Blue as more of a mystery than anything else because there are loads of twists and turns that keep you guessing.

My main problem with this book is that some things just did not add up. Molly is supposed to be super intelligent and has a job working with computers. But, when she starts receiving strange emails, she claims she has no idea where to start to trace where it came from. I just didn't understand how the character could be written in such a confusing way. It was like the author had forgotten what job she'd given Molly and what she'd done at college.

Some of the plot did slightly redeem the book a little bit though. Justin has an extremely interesting past and his job during the current setting. As a male escort, he's a very social person which puts him in the opposite position to Molly. The two characters are very different as adults although they were very much the same in college. While some of the plot concentrates on Molly and Justin getting to know each other once again, there is a lot surrounding Justin's past and the things he has experienced. Out of the Blue turns into quite a shocking read that I wasn't expecting at all. It certainly isn't for the feint hearted.

As I said before, I wanted to love this book but I didn't.
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1.0 out of 5 stars not for me - maybe one for teens, 15 Sept. 2013
This review is from: Out of the Blue (Sunset Series Book 2) (Kindle Edition)
Out of the Blue. Sunset Series Book 2. Opal Mellon.

ARC supplied via Netgalley.

Well as regular readers will know I love a good romance with an edge to the story, and this looked like something a bit different. Well, different it was...but not in a good way for me :( The characters which had sounded so promising, were incredibly juvenile in actions. I'd hoped that as they were supposed to be mid twenties plus that I'd be spared the teenage petty angst that dominates a number of romance books. That's fine if you're a teen or new adult, but for those of us a bit older we want people with problems and relationships that have a bit more substance. I thought I'd get it in this book but instead we have characters that are older in years, but sadly act more like 15 year olds.
Justin and Molly meet up after seven years when she needs an escort for the school ten year reunion. There were incidents here that were reminiscent of a school reunion - but with teens, not supposedly mature working people. Then there's the issue of things like the emails and later texts Molly gets. Two issues here, first she thinks its her friend pranking her, then when they discover its not there's all out panic...come on people - its a couple of marginally iffy emails. They don't contain any threats, and most people would just dump them, but these characters go off into full blown paranoia. Then there's the fact Molly is supposed to be a computer expert. Top in her field etc and yet its Justin that they need to look at the email. Though he's had a copy forwarded he says he needs to see her PC, - well, I'm not an expert but even I know that he doesn' won't have anything on that he cant get from the email itself. And he doesn't have to go to her PC to see the latest one, but should be able to access it (she should anyway ) from anywhere. Emails live on servers not just on individual pcs....That sort of silly stuff was irritating. Then the whole Club Blue theme - if its copying the Japanese model the aim is to sell lots of expensive drinks, and yet the men at the club just seem to float chatting from group of ladies to another group, when they are paid to either be hired or push drinks...The later issue where the police become involved gets glossed over, they don't seem to have to make a statement or have any other contact with the police, just assuming the danger over and the perp will be locked up. That's a dangerous assumption to make.
It feels to me like the book was written with very little research. Add to that the way the issues arising are in the main treated so lightly when its serious, and so seriously when its just light and the book was just not one I enjoyed. Maybe teens will feel closer to the issues and actions but for me its a no no.
Stars: remember its just My view - you may like different sorts of books and these issues not bother you but from me this is just a one star.
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