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824 of 847 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars I purchased 3 of these
Update 7/3/14 - Fitbit just came out with a new upgrade to the Fitbit app for the iPhone which adds some very cool GPS features. I'm adding details at the end of this review.

I bought 3 of these fitbit flex devices, one for myself, my husband and my sister. Before purchasing I researched several wristband devices such as the Jawbone UP, the Nike Fuel and and...
Published 7 months ago by PT Cruiser

754 of 815 people found the following review helpful
3.0 out of 5 stars Not quite sure.....
I waited a long time for this to be released onto the market and now I've used it for a few weeks I'm not quite sure about it. There's an expectation (probably fuelled by the hype around these devices) that they're something more sophisticated than a pedometer that sits on your wrist - well, even with all the complex algorithms and blurb, they're still measuring movement...
Published 18 months ago by Ebuyer

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824 of 847 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars I purchased 3 of these, 9 May 2014
Update 7/3/14 - Fitbit just came out with a new upgrade to the Fitbit app for the iPhone which adds some very cool GPS features. I'm adding details at the end of this review.

I bought 3 of these fitbit flex devices, one for myself, my husband and my sister. Before purchasing I researched several wristband devices such as the Jawbone UP, the Nike Fuel and and the Polar Loop. I also looked at the fitbit force which is a newer version of this band. The lack of water resistance on the force was a deal breaker for me. I wanted to be able to wear this band 24/7 and to be able to wear it in the shower or when swimming. That was part of what made it attractive to me. Also, after reading reviews about the clasp problems on the force and how many people lost them, I wanted no part of that. They are also quite a bit bigger and look clunckier. The wristband on the UP looked like it would catch on everything and had no display at all. The Polar had lots of quality problems. I wasn't crazy about the looks of the Nike. The display is nice and I can see how people would like them, but not my style. The fitbit flex, to my tastes, had the coolest look. I also know a couple of people who own the fitbit flex and they were very enthusiastic about them so that influenced me as well.

So here is what I like about the flex: I like the way it looks on my wrist. All of us got the slate color. You can also order bands in a few different colors, both here and on the Fitbit site. It is lightweight and even though I don't often wear a watch I don't notice this on my wrist at all. The clasp was VERY difficult to secure the first couple of times until the rubber softened up a bit and until I got the hang of it. I secured it off of my wrist a couple times when it was new. Making sure the band and clasps are lined up correctly and then placing one finger directly below the clasp and my thumb directly above and squeezing hard was the way to do it.

I like that it's water resistant and that I can wear it swimming or in the shower. It is safe down to 10 meters or around 30 feet. I like that the wristband is made of TPU rubber, which according to Wikipedia is a type of rubber used in automotive instrument panels, caster wheels, power tools, sporting goods, medical devices, drive belts, footwear, inflatable rafts, and a variety of extruded film, sheet and profile applications. I think it should hold up for a very long time. I like that the display on the band gives me a rough idea by tapping on it of my progress throughout the day. I can also check my progress on my iPhone 4S and see number of steps so far, calories burned,how many hours of sleep I got last night and how often I woke up or was restless. So far it seems very accurate. I can also track the foods I've eaten and the calories, my weight goals and weight lost, check on the weekly number of steps friend's with Fitbits have taken and compare them with my own.

I like that I can wear it 24/7 and only have to take it off to charge it once every 7 days. It takes about 3 hours to charge with a USB thingie that comes with it. I use a wall adapter to charge it but could also use a USB port on my desktop or laptop computer. I've lost too many pedometers in the past by dropping them out of my pockets or forgetting about them and sending them through the washing machine, so the wristband seems like a much better option for me. I also like that I can connect wirelessly with my smartphone and with the little dongle included that goes into my desktop or laptop, can connect with those wirelessly as well. Software downloads for all of these are free. I'm also able to connect on my first gen Kindle HD 8.9 although I can't see where it's shown as a supported device so far. But it works with the Android fitbit software in the app store.

The step measurements seem reasonably accurate. Waving my hand slowly won't register as a step. Waving wildly will. Driving in the car won't register but reaching around quickly in the car sometimes will. Typing on the computer or Kindle won't register. I've heard that swimming doesn't register either but you can input the time and activity on your phone or tablet. When I first got the flex I started the iPhone app and watched my steps register on my screen as I walked around the house. That, and watching my steps on the treadmill have shown it to be pretty accurate for me, although not perfect. I think that all pedometers have some inaccuracies. What I'm looking for is a comparative trend where I can tell how much exercise I'm getting. The accuracy is good enough for me.

So I wake up in the morning, tap the wristband quickly a few times to tell it I'm awake. Then if I tap it twice I see one tiny blinking light, telling me I'm working on my first 2,000 steps. Later, when I've hit that mark and tap to check again, I'll see one solid light and the second one blinking. There are 5 lights total and each represents 2,000 steps (or 20% of my goal. I could set it up differently on my computer, using a different number of steps as my daily goal if I wanted to.) So I can see my approximate progress any time during the day. When I hit my goal of 10,000 steps the band vibrates and all the lights flash. That means you done good!

I can set up to 8 silent vibrating alarms on this fltbit. I have one to wake me up on weekdays (you can specify which days) and one at 8:00 each night to remind me stop eating for the day. The vibration gets my attention and is effective at waking me up. I set the alarms on my computer or phone.

At night when I'm in bed and ready to go to sleep I tap the wristband rapidly a few times, it vibrates briefly, and goes into the sleep mode until I wake it again in the morning.

So am I happy that I purchased the Fitbits for myself and my family members? Yes I am. It motivates me to walk or run more. I can connect to other friends and family with Fitbits to see everyone's weekly step progress but what really motivates me is just competing against myself. I'll find myself parking in the back of the parking lots at stores to log those extra steps or walking around the store longer because it's a good way to add even more. When I haven't reached my goal at night, I'll sometimes walk around the house several times just to hit a number. Now that can't be all bad, can it?

Update 1/12/14 - I'll keep updating this review with comments and observations as I use this device. I noticed that walking at a rapid pace is counted as "active minutes". Someone on a message board suggested adding a touch of lotion to the clasp if you're having trouble getting it to clasp when it's new.

Update 1/16/14 - A full charge is lasting just a bit over 7 days. It takes about 3 hours to recharge it fully.

Update 1/21/14 - Some people have complained about this band coming undone and losing it. I haven't had any problems with it at all, even when pulling tight coat and shirt sleeves over it, brushing my arm against things or the dog pulling on it once or twice. (I'm sure the dog could have pulled it off if I didn't stop him.) The other day I had the dog's leash wrapped around the wrist with the Fitbit and even with the dog pulling against the leash the fitbit stayed on. We walked this way a couple of miles before I noticed it and unwrapped the leash from my wrist. But even with all that agitation my fitbit stayed put. It has stayed on through enough that I'm not very concerned about losing it. I've only taken it off to charge it. I have the band snug enough that I can only put one finger beneath the band but I can move it a couple of inches back and forth on my wrist.

Update 6/9/14 - Still loving the Fitbit and still wearing it 24/7. The battery is still lasting about 7 days before needing a recharge and it still takes about three hours to charge. It has been working perfectly with no problems at all. My sister gave me these bands for my birthday a couple months ago Fitbit Flex Accessory Wristbands Three-Pack so now I switch to different colors that go with whatever I'm wearing. I really like the navy color. Fitbit is great motivation to keep me moving.

Update 7/3/14 - A new update that works with the iPhone devices that use the Fitbit app was released a few days ago. I've used it with my iPhone 4S and really like the new upgrade. It adds a whole new dimension to my Fitbit app. With the upgrade, I just click on the exercise icon on the dashboard which takes me to a new screen showing the days of the week that I've exercised. (Meaning a walk, run or hike, something in addition to the regular walking in my daily activities.) This screen shows exercise frequency by day of the week, it puts a check on the days that you do some planned exercise. If I click the little stopwatch in the upper right-hand corner, it takes me to a screen where I can click Walk, Run, or Hike. I go back and can then click Cues which takes me to another screen where I can select whether or not I want to hear spoken cues. I can also tell it which cues I want including: Distance, Time, Average Pace, Split Pace, and Calories Burned. Then I go back again an can select the frequency of the cues from every .5 miles to every 5 miles. Or, I can make the cues time based ranging from every 2 minutes, 3, 4, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 minutes. I can also select the volume of the cues. (Medium was perfect for me.) Then, back again to select a playlist from my iPhone's loaded tunes. Last, I allowed location services for Fitbit in my phone settings and I was ready to go. Now I see a big red circle with a Start arrow on the screen over a GPS map showing my location. I pop in my earphones, click Start and my music starts playing.

As I walk, I can see a screen showing how far I've walked, rate per mile, time elapsed. Every half mile a voice interrupts my music telling me how far I've gone and all the other things I've specified in Cues that I wanted to know. Then it goes back to playing my music until it's time for my next designated Cue. How cool is that? It works seamlessly. At the end of my walk I tell it I'm finished (or I could also pause it if I stop to talk to a neighbor or something). When I'm finished (or even during the walk or run) I can see a little red line showing my route on the map. The steps from my walk are added to my steps count, just as they always are. I love these new features. They add a lot to the Fitbit experience.

11/25/14 - Being such a big Fitbit fan, my friends keep asking if I'm going to buy one of the new Fitbit Charge Wireless Activity Tracker & Sleep Wristband bands that have just come out or one of the newer ones to be released next year. I'm still thinking about it, but one of the big things I like about the Fitbit I have is it's simplicity. I don't have to take it off in the shower or when swimming and I can wear it 24/7. I also have accumulated quite a collection of different color bands, both from Fitbit and third party sellers. I mostly wear the black, slate, navy and white ones, but I like having some of the other colors too, to match my outfits. The new ones have a built-in watch. Most of the time I think I would like that. But I do have quite a few regular watches that I like to wear. With this Fitbit, I can wear them on my other arm. Fitbit on one arm, regular watch on the other. But with the new ones it would look kind of silly wearing two watches. Right now, only one Fitbit can be registered and used at a time. I think if they were interchangeable I would consider using both, simply because I like new technology.

Update 12/3/14 - If something happened to this Fitbit today, what would I replace it with? Another one just like it.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Fascinating!, 8 Dec 2014
Peter Lee (Manchester ,United Kingdom) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I'm not a fitness enthusiast, but for a long time I've wondered just how far I walk each day, and how well I actually sleep. I bought one of these as an Amazon "Black Friday" offer and it quickly became my latest obsession.

The box contains the Fitbit flex - a rubbery wristband with a small "chip" inside it which can be removed if you'd prefer to carry it in your pocket for example - along with a smaller wristband, and a charging dongle of sorts into which the "chip" is inserted whilst the other end plugs into a USB socket on a computer or your mobile phone charger. You'll need a Bluetooth device of some sort - a phone, a computer, or a tablet - to configure it. I used the Android and iOS apps, both of which are very similar in terms of look, feel and functionality. The initial configuration is a matter of installing the app (or visiting the website if you're using a computer), firing up your Bluetooth, and the app will find your Fitbit. Create a Fitbit account, and that's pretty much it. Within a few minutes I had the band on my wrist and I was away.

Via the website you can set goals for number of steps walked each day and so on, and while you're on the move you can use the app to document what you've eaten, how much water you drink, and if you do any specific exercise activity such as swimming, cycling and so on. The rest of the time the Flex sits on your wrist and records what you get up to. You don't need to keep your Bluetooth switched on on your phone, and you don't even need your phone to be nearby, as the data gets stored inside the Flex until you choose to download it by opening the app and enabling Bluetooth on your phone. You'll see statistics and, if you tap them, graphs showing how you've done, and if you meet your target number of steps you'll feel the Flex vibrate on your wrist - a strange sensation every time it happens, but neither audible nor noticeable to those around you. You can even use this feature to set "silent alarms", programming your Flex to vibrate at a set time which can be useful as an alarm clock that won't disturb anyone else, or - craftily - if you're going somewhere and want to leave at a certain time you can set the Flex to remind you to do a runner and nobody will ever know, as you've not been constantly checking your watch.

In operation the Flex is rather minimalist. The product image shows a line of white lights, but these are only visible if you tap the Flex. The lights show how close to your daily goal you are - five lights means you're there. It's comfortable to wear, easy to remove and adjust, and there are no sensors or catches to irritate your skin.

As for the sleep tracking, it's fascinating! When I go to bed I tap the Flex repeatedly for a few seconds until two of the lights are displayed, and that's all that is required to tell it you're in bed. Wake up the next morning, tap the Flex a few times again until it vibrates and the lights come back, and if you look at the app you'll see how long you were asleep, and the graph shows sleeping time in dark blue, restless time in light blue, and awake time in a pinkish-red. Okay, so it only classes restless as when you move your arm, and it doesn't rate the quality of your sleep, but it's still addictive. Incidentally, if you forget to tell the Flex that you're going to sleep you can manually log your sleep via the app, and the graph is still displayed.

Battery life is good, and if you disable "all day sync" (where it constantly tries to send Bluetooth data) it lasts even longer. A charge normally lasts about five days for me. The app tells you your current battery level.

All in all this is a great little thing even for those of us who don't choose to go running.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Gets me moving, 18 Aug 2013
I didn't buy my fitbit flex from amazon, but rather a high street catalogue shop and in fairness that was because I wanted it then and there as I was about to go running and wanted to try it out.

I already had a fitbit zip which was good but the amount of times I left it on the bedside cabinet meant days went without any tracking. so I thought the wristband would be better for me.

I use the large band and I'm happy that it's comfortable (if not the easiest to put on with one hand - but it won't come off) and I forget it's on my wrist.

I like the sleep tracking function - it has shown me what I already know - I'm a restless sleeper - but no advice on how to change that!

More so that anything else I set a target number of steps on my iphone and throughout the day give it a double tap and see my progress. I've yet to not achieve my goal as I find myself quite competitive and don't want to be beaten by a machine.

The up side of that is I'm spending more time with my dog out long walks and after 3 weeks of using it I've lost 6lbs in weight. my overall goal was to become more active and fit and as a result I knew I'd lose weight but I didn't think it would be that quick.

the iphone app is ok but the web dashboard is much better if you have the time to log in to it. the graphs are more detailed and easier to follow online. there is a fitbit premium service you can join for £39.99 but I did the one week trial and couldn't really see what all the fuss was about.

the flex is well made and easy to use and it's great if you can get your friends into a fitbit - you get a progress chart on your phone and it constantly updates showing who is in the lead for the week with the total number of steps - another great way to get motivated.

I think the price seemed a bit much when I was buying it but now that I have it I enjoy using it.

my only two complaints are:

1. that there is no indication of when the battery is about to go flat - except in the app,

2. that the online fitbit store differs from country to country and the UK doesn't have replacement flex bands yet - there's nothing wrong with mine but it's orange and a bit bright for me - I'd rather have had the slate - but like I said earlier I couldn't wait for the delivery.

I hope this has been useful.
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3.0 out of 5 stars Not quite sure....., 18 Jun 2013
Ebuyer "Ian B" (Pewsey. UK) - See all my reviews
(TOP 1000 REVIEWER)   
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
I waited a long time for this to be released onto the market and now I've used it for a few weeks I'm not quite sure about it. There's an expectation (probably fuelled by the hype around these devices) that they're something more sophisticated than a pedometer that sits on your wrist - well, even with all the complex algorithms and blurb, they're still measuring movement at wrist level. That said, if you understand this and make the necessary allowances you should be able to get a decent benchmark on your daily activities but a £10 manual pedometer will do the same for you.

Here are my pro's and con's:


Sits nicely on your wrist and is comfortable and unobtrusive.
Quick indication of your planned "steps" for the day.
Great app with continual bluetooth connection - this is the best out there.
Doesn't need to be removed for bathing.
Tracks sleep pretty effectively.
You can integrate other data (BP, food, water weight etc.) on the web site. This is a novelty when you first start out but who seriously has the time to do all this?

Water gets in the bracelet and it gets gunky in the strap.
Unpredictable tracking of movements - it tracks cycling but for no logical reason and not accurate so it throws the figures way out. Same for cross trainer. Same for typing.
Battery life is short - 4 days max for me so far.
If the battery goes flat you lose all the unsynchronised data - easy to do if you're not near a charging point and I don't think there's any indication on the device that it's going to fail - you have to refer to the app.

So, I'm unsure about it. It's as good if not better than any of the others out there but it's really not much different to the old fashioned pedometers. Probably the natural successor that we've all got to have, which is why I bought it! I'll keep it going but can see it eventually making it's way to the back of the drawer like all the other life-changing gadgets that I've bought........

UPDATE 22 JULY 2013...
Well, I've stuck with it and reckon it may end up in the back of the drawer. Couple of things that really don't do it for me:

If you do anything fairly active (like a bit of DIY), you can easily put it into sleep mode.

Battery life is pretty poor.

Just tried to update the software - completely hung and needs a reset.

Strap is really nasty in the hot weather.

UPDATE 28 AUGUST 2013....
It froze completely and went into no response mode. Tried all the reset recommendations and nothing. Wouldn't hold a charge, didn't respond to taps etc. Sent it back (thanks Amazon and Fitbit - great customer service) and got a new one.
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1.0 out of 5 stars Worked for one week......then never worked again!, 4 Oct 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Deeply disappointed. Worked fine for one week though the sleep tracker never did work. Simply would not re-charge after one week and did not record activity when I believed it was charged. Way too expensive at £68 and simply had to return it for a refund as I had no confidence in ever using the device again. Could not possibly recommend this to others after my experience.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Just Buy It, 9 Sep 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Really like the Fit-Bit flex you can wear it 24/7 and it takes hardly any time at all to charge up.

You can track your weight, calories and water intake on the user friendly fit bit app. The app shows you how many calories you've burnt and how many steps you've taken. You can search for common foods on the 'calorie' section and input those or make your own custom foods which you can then add quickly.

Steps are updated everytime your phone/tablet 'sees' the fit bit and is conected to the wi-fi. The fit-bit also tracks periods of high activity. you can have a look at graphs which show the number of steps you've taken over different periods of times.

If you don't have your phone/tablet on you you can get a rough idea about how far you have to go to reach your daily goal by tapping the wrist band which will then flash up to 5 lights depending on how close you are to achieving your daily goal. 5 non flashing lights = goal reached

To track your sleep you simply tap repetitvely until it buzzes and shows two lights - you do this again when you wake up. The fit bit tracks periods of restlessness and awakeness as well as how long you've been asleep for. For a more detailed view you can see a graph which demonstrates your whole nights sleep. you can also see how well you've slept across a month/week or how long you have slept for accross a month/week with handy graphs.

You can add friends on the fit-bit and see thier weekly step total. This can help you boost steps in a bid to outdo your rival.

All in all I highly recommend this device especially for anyone trying to lose weight as several aspects of the fit-bit are very motivating.
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2.0 out of 5 stars Innovative design badly let down by low quality materials, 4 Dec 2014
CER (Tewkesbury, Glos United Kingdom) - See all my reviews
Its a great concept, and the software app seems pretty good, however, the delivery of the product doesn't live up to expectations. I purchased one for my wife for her birthday in September, she has only removed it once each week for recharging, and the plastic strap that holds the transducer in place has already perished. I wrote to the supplier, but as yet I have received no response. Its a pretty tacky package for a unit that cost in excess of £70. I'd like to see some correspondence either from Amazon or the suppier, but as yet, nothing.
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1.0 out of 5 stars Worst buy ever, broke within hours, 27 Nov 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
Worst buy ever! Gift for my husband, within a day the wristband broke in the curve. Contacted Amazon who replaced it immediately. Second wristband broke at same place within a few hours. Used the large wristband, wasnt even on tight, but plastic around the curve just after the little screen just kept breaking. Setting up device on pc took ages, not handy system at all. All in all an Absolutely rubbish gift, moving on to Jawbone now.

Amazon service is great though, no fault there.
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3.0 out of 5 stars Great tracker, rubbish strap, 2 Dec 2014
Mr. J. Proudfoot (Helensburgh, Scotland) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
The Fitbit Flex is an activity tracker backed up by some handy software which helps it to stand out compared to less expensive trackers. It has some useful features, including water resistance, sleep tracking and a vibrating alarm (this was the feature I was most impressed with). Sadly, I've just lost my second Fitbit and it will most likely be the last Fitbit productone I buy, which is a shame as I've tried to stick with it despite a major flaw.

I lost my first Flex through normal use during a holiday in Wales earlier this year. I went to check my progress only to find it had dissapeared from my wrist. Previously I had some near misses when the simplistic clasp 'popped' apart but I managed to notice in time. Sadly I didn't in Wales, and my first Fitbit is somewhere around Colwyn Bay.
I assumed I had not clasped it properly, despite having read other reviewers claiming problems with the unreliable clasping mechanism.

I bought a replacement in September 2014, just a month or two ago, and was paranoid about ensuring I had secured it properly - after all it's not a cheap bit of kit. This morning I arrived at work to find my second Fitbit was gone from my wrist, so I'm obviously unhappy.

The clasp has no mechanism; it relies on pushing two metal prongs into two rubber slits in the strap. That's it. There is supposed to be an audible 'click' when this happens but neither of my Fitbits ever 'clicked' despite my best efforts.

My wrists are normal size; I took great care not to get it caught up (it was easily pulled off if you try to stretch sweater or coat sleeves over it) and I checked it regularly. I don't engage in any extreme activites that would cause it to become detached. There's no reason I can think of why a £60-70 device should be let down by such a pathetic clasp.

I hadn't felt compelled to review this item before as it did an 'ok' job, but now I would urge potential purchasers to consider a more secure alternative. I would consider buying another Flex if the clasp secured like a watch strap. I know there are some more advanced Fitbit products coming which may address this, but by then I will probably have bought a competitor's product.
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3.0 out of 5 stars Fitlittlebit, 21 Sep 2014
History :
bought a Fitbit One . you need to prise it out of the holder every night , this and the fact I sleep over at another house means that it misses the sleep . Returned it.

Bought Fitbit Flex.
Much better, It stays on your wrist all the time , Including the shower so you never forget it.
It tracks my steps and makes me want to walk the long way all the time - success.
The vibrating alarm easily wakes me up .
That is where the good news ends.

Fitbits do not do any more then measre movement. If you toss and turn , it means you are restless. If you are awake for half the night in stillness, it shows you are asleep. This is not a sleep monitor.
Changing modes. - When you go to sleep , you have to tap it for a few seconds to make it go into sleep mode. this is not always successful.
Driving to work adds 100 steps. Riding to work on my motorbike adds 1000. this means I have to manually remove steps . Luckily there is a 3rd party app that lets you do this easily . click a button on your smart phone when you start driving , and click again when you stop.
Although there is a place you can add water you have drank , it isn't easy. There should be a widget.
The website is clunky and all over the place. The Dashboard should let you get to things in one click but unfortunately , it takes a a few and scrolling to do most things.

I am keeping it . Why?
There is nothing out there at the moment that will work better.
The best out there IMO is the UP24 . It costs a lot more ( this was £68 and the UP24 £104 ) . But fitness is important and I am happy to spend the extra.
BUT , although the UP24 does EVERYTHING better and has a better website, the band itself is of very bad quality. It seems that everyone has to return it at least a couple of times before they get on that works ( or possibly get fed up and just put it in the drawer )
If there was a shop out there that would instantly change it for the full 12 months warranty I would swap now. Unfortunately , the shops make you send it back to Jawbone and that takes time.
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