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4.7 out of 5 stars1,094
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 16 May 2013
I am not sure why the decison was taken to release two versions of this album and confuse the world!
I have now received the correct album from Amazon, but, at least I have had the opportunity to compare the two!

My original 4* review (copied below) stated that I felt something was missing from Rod's TIME (12 track), apart from the three bonus tracks which you get with this deluxe version, namely:

13. Corrina Corrina (Harmonica : Jimmy Wood)
14. Legless
15. Love Has No Pride (Backing Vocal : Angela Michael)

For the extra money, you also get an enhanced booklet with an explanatory 4-page 'blurb' at the front and, I think, reading this information gives a better understanding of the man and the crossroads he felt he was at, e.g.:

'....My assumption was that I was finished as a songwriter. It had always been difficult, and then, at some point in the 1990s, my confidence took a knock and it became impossible. I was thinking too hard about what people expected from me. And I was thinking about whether I felt comfortable any more, delivering whatever it was people expected from me...I was trapped down all sorts of unhelpful mental alleys, basically. And eventually I convinced myself that I had made the best of the little bit of talent for songwriting that I had been given.
But now it was over - time to move on......"

(nb the words for the extra 3 tracks are not included in the booklet)

Far too harsh on yourself, Rod, but it made me listen to the whole album again and it felt different; the words and the emotion made more sense. Indeed....TIME moves on, but it is on your side!

Now I have it all and the more you listen, the more it definitely grows on you!


'TIME', the 12 track version.

This is an emotional album; a roller-coaster. It is up & down; it is powerful at times, simply moving at others with a mix of ballads - the slow, the lively, the occasional Celtic-ish, folky overtone.
On the first listen, I wondered if I had heard some of it before, somewhere. Often I could predict the words, but here we have eleven brand new tracks.

As a rule, I try not to compare with other albums from the same favourite singer, and as Rod has had such a diverse portfolio of styles, there are bound to be some you like and some you don't. I have followed Mr Stewart since the days of Maggie May - that gravelly style of voice you either love or hate, a bit like Bonnie Tyler.
It took some years before I analysed or even understood the story behind that song, but it is mentioned on track 2 - 'Can't stop me now', as a memory of a not particularly great milestone in his life but he stands defiant nevertheless.

There is a hint that this album is a thank you for the good life; maybe even a dedication - to whom? I am not entirely sure.
There may be a clue in some of the lyrics?

'The finest woman that I've ever known' 'Six foot one with the golden eyes. Calculated rhythm running through them thighs........'

'Cover & principle photography for the CD booklet: Penny Lancaster' - ahh!

The full track list on the regular version, which comes complete with a 14-page booklet containing all the words, if you wish to sing along:

1. She Makes Me Happy
2. Can't Stop Me Now
3. It's Over
4. Brighton Beach
5. Beautiful Morning
6. Live The Life
7. Finest Woman
8. Time
9. Picture In A Frame (*original - Tom Waits)
10. Sexual Religion
11. Make Love To Me Tonight
12. Pure Love

This album is good. Rod has definitely still got what it takes at 68 years - looks and voice, albeit a bit less gravelly, perhaps. It just lacks something I have yet to put my finger on. It could just be familiarity - like a cherished pair of carpet slippers.

For me, to date, the best tracks are 7 & 8 which is akin to being on the big dipper in emotional terms, 10 and the final one, which has almost ALW 'musical' potential.

It is worth the money, in my opinion, (although I do wish that I had had the correct deluxe edition, delivered, with the three bonus tracks). It is unlikely to displace my lifetime favourite on the days I am feeling down....but I think it could grow on me over time, if you'll pardon the pun!

In the meantime I am off to order Rod : The Autobiography  to try and understand this apparently sincere man better!
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 14 May 2013
I gave up on Rod Stewart on the release of Atlantic Crossing. Up until then I had everything he had ever produced both solo and with the Faces; Maggie May was and to be honest probably still is my favourite track of all time and the odd cracking track (eg. Downtown Train, Killing of Georgie) and album (Unplugged and seated) aside, I'd consigned the old fellow to the dustbin of history. NO LONGER! The lavish praise this album has already garnered is absolutely justified and in "Brighton Beach" we have a song that we can all identify with and is surely destined to be seen as a classic. The only track I don't get on with is "It's over" but that aside this is blinkin' brilliant. One other slight caveat is that the silky smooth production loses some of the raw energy of his early albums but this is only to be expected. Perhaps the highest praise I can give that if we were back in the days of "proper" singles, every track on this superb album could be released as such. This album is destined to be the soundtrack to my summer (if we get one!)
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Rod Stewart has still got it. He has always been a great singer with a uniquely brilliant voice and the skill and musicality to put a song over with real feeling, but some of his choice of material and production style has often made me wonder whether any of the old magic was still there. In places on this album it certainly is. It's variable material, but the good bits are really good.

The album opens with a decent but pretty standard pop song, She Makes Me Happy which Rod lifts a bit above the ordinary, and in It's Over it's good to see that he has the dignity to sing about the end of a marriage rather than teenage heartbreak, but he shows that his real greatness is still there in Brighton Beach, a beautiful, deeply evocative song about the recall of first love. It may not be the enduring masterpiece that I Don't Want To Talk About It is, for example, but it affects me nearly as deeply.

I won't go through the entire album - there's a good variety of pop, dance and ballads most written by Stewart himself and often reflecting on ageing and times past. Some bits are pretty ordinary, some are very good. I think the three bonus tracks are among the best here, by the way. They're a little more bluesy and a little less produced which gives them a genuineness which I like a lot, and I think they're well worth the extra.

The thing that strikes me most strongly is that Rod sounds sincere throughout, probably because he's mainly singing his own songs. He never sounds as though he's going through the motions and even in the places where the production is a bit schmaltzy (which is too often for me, I must say), or the parts when material isn't great, the band sounds fairly ordinary or the lyrics are a bit naff, he sings as though he really means it and manages to lift the whole thing well above the average.

Rod Stewart has made some albums which I think would fall into the UN classification of Cruel And Unusual Punishment, so it's good to see that a truly great singer can still make a good record. It certainly isn't up there with Every Picture Tells A Story, but it's not bad at all and has moments of brilliance. Recommended.
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on 3 June 2013
The best Rod album in many years! The material was original which we've not had since his album 'Human' in 2001. Back to being the artist we loved in his early days.
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on 14 November 2013
ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, first you get a single CD with 12 tracks then a ''DELUXE'' edition still on a Single cd but with another 3 tracks added.
Now there's another Deluxe cd 2 Disc which comes with a live album, in all honestly this should have been the first Deluxe issue.
I don't think Rod himself would appreciate this from the Record company TAKING THE MICK OR WHAT.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 12 May 2015
I suppose I'd call myself a casual fan of Rod Stewart, I do enjoy some of his music, but certainly not all of it, particularly in more recent years. 'Time', released in 2013, is something of a revelation.

This is a very good album, and obviously an attempt to rekindle his earliest material, which has always been my absolute favourite anyway. I still must say fair play to the man, he has branched out into all different styles of music, and had a lot of hits that made him a fortune along the way. but I can't help but think that had he continued in the same vein as the 'Every Picture Tells A Story' album, he would by now have the same creditably as people like Bruce Springsteen.

Rod has lost nothing in terms of singing, and these are good songs, mostly written by the man himself, who has always been a great songwriter. There is a healthy variety of cool soft-rock, a bit of pop, and a little dance. These recordings could easily win him over a few new fans. Can Rod Stewart still cut it?, on the evidence of 'Time', the answer is a resounding 'why yes he can!'
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on 13 May 2013
Rod has come away from his lengthy Great American Songbook project with a renewed zest for recording his own material - 11/12 songs here were co-written by him and it's the tracks with a retro-Rod feel that work best for me, musically at least - acoustic guitars, violins, harmonica, mandolin and more feature on several tracks and there are a couple of neat sax breaks if you like that sort of thing (I do). There's even a celeste (I had to look that one up) on "Live The Life". Any fans who have read Rod's recent autobiography will recognise many of the song titles and themes. It's good to hear some new material from the tartan troubadour - it's been some time ... a new album from Rod Stewart! Buy it. Play it. Enjoy it!
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on 5 November 2013
Bought this after seeing Rod live in Liverpool, fantastic songs, great to have him writing his own stuff again, play it all the time reminds me of a great night when Rod was back to his best.
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like myself i'm certain many of you guy's out there followed and own
much of 'Rod's' music of the late sixties through the seventies into
the eighties.
like an earlier reviewer, I've missed the style of material 'Rod' delivered
during those era's, this 'CD' brings the memories of his golden era flooding
I loved his numbers such as 'Stay with me' - sung with the Faces, and of course
'Maggie May/reason to believe ( what a great double sided smash those were )
'You wear it well' 'Killing of Goergie' and so many more great memories he
delivered for us.
this 'CD' which 'Rod' produced along with involvement in penning all thirteen
tracks certainly returns 'Rod' back on the scene for many of us.
songs such as 'Can't stop me now' 'Time' 'Finest Woman' 'Beautiful Morning'
'Sexual Religion' certainly reminds me of the glory years.
simply loved the album.......
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on 5 November 2013
This is full of story about Rod Stewart and full of meaning and a very good listen for any occasion
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