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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation 3|Edition: Legendary Edition|Change
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 10 June 2013
It is my opinion that Skyrim is one of the greatest games of this generation. I bought the original game on release and played it over three months until I gained the platinum trophy, racking up about 174 hours of gameplay in the process, the game has a vast open world with so much to do and see, the main quest line itself is huge but there are also multitudes of side quests and miscellaneous quests that it would have been easy to play for even longer. I then traded it in knowing that eventually there would be new content and a "game of the year" (or in this case, Legendary) edition would be released in the future at which point I would be able to pick it up again.

I am sure most people will be aware of the huge backlash against Bethesda after the PS3 version of Skyrim was released, people experienced problems with the game lagging and freezing up forcing you to hard reset your console, there were also reports of quests glitching, dragons flying backwards and then the dlc was held up because there were issues with it's compatibility. So I was starting to think this edition was never going to make it on to the PS3. I was disappointed, but there was no way I was going to be able to just upgrade my PC to play it and although I do have an xbox 360 I grew weary at the thought of starting again from scratch on that platform just to play new content, I wanted to play using my level 50 character who had been with me from day one, we'd been through a lot togehter, didn't seem right to just dump her and start again! But finally, after numerous patches and several delays, here we are again.

I must admit that I was fairly lucky with the original game, I did not experience anything like as many problems that some of my friends and posters on gaming forums had. I did find that saving regularly and deleting old save files helped a lot and luckily I only experienced minor lag and a few freezes. I learnt to spot when it was coming and save and quit before it completely crashed. It was somewhat ironic that the game was patched mere days after I got the platinum trophy.

So, I had not played Skyrim since January 2012, and was looking forward to returning to the game world. Things do appear to be running more smoothly, I have put in about 8 hours so far and have had no freezing, no crashes and only a very minor slowing down, which typically occurs after fast travelling to a big town with a lot going on eg solitude.

The new content is very good so far, I am enjoying the Dawnguard questline, which allows you to either be a vampire hunter or become a vampire, which gives the game replayability value as most people will want to try both, I certainly will! I have also built a house in Falkreath thanks to the Hearthfire expansion but have not any children living there yet although again I will be trying that out too. I have not started the Dragonborn quests yet as I have heard that this is the best add on so I am saving the best until last, I am sure I will not be disappointed. All in all this set is great value for money adding on many hours of extra gameplay and more trophies for trophy hunters.

Some may view the bugs and glitches that have plagued the PS3 version as game breakers and everyone's experience is a different one, and a valid one, if you say it is unplayable to you then who am I to argue, it seems a lot of people had it worse than I did, I use an upgraded 80GB "fat" PS3, other models may differ, I can only speak for myself. I was actually called a fangirl and an apologist by people on forums just for stating that my game experience was not as bad as others. Oh well that's the internet for you, you can't please everyone! I think that if you have multiple systems available to you then maybe playing on PS3 is not the best option but if you only have a PS3 I would not let these issues put you off, if you enjoy open world RPG games and fantasy games in general there is a lot to love here, the game itself is worth five or even more stars, but for the problems it has had a star has been deducted. However now I have this definitive edition with all the content I will never trade it in again and will return to it whenever I want to lose myself in the immersive, beautiful world of skyrim.
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on 25 July 2013
I had the original Skyrim but gave up on it due to the glitches/bug's etc. Then this was released and with promise that the problems were gone I couldn't help myself. Skyrim is an epic game in every sense, a true marvel of this generation. I don't think you can compare it to oblivion/morrowind as they're all quite different to one another with thing's to love and hate but if you liked them I would definitely recommend to you as again their are hundred's of quests to keep you busy, skills to master and a stunning world to explore. This edition also comes with all dlc which I had never played. So far I've built my own home using Hearthfire which is awesome if you're looking for a unique place to store and display item's you've acquired. You literally have to source materials and using designs build a house from the ground up. It's something new and a welcome change of pace. I have also played Dawnguard which again is pretty interesting, it allows you to join vampire's or the old sect hunting them both bringing new locations, armour, weapons, abilities and characters to an already bursting game. The other is Dragonborn which I haven't played yet.This takes you away from Skyrim to Solstheim those who played morrowind GOTY/dlc will remember this and I am really looking forward to seeing how much it has changed. Again this expands the game bringing new crafting materials, weapons, armour and an entirely new alternative landscape to explore. This was £30 when I bought it and it was worth every penny as so far with 108 hours clocked up I have not experienced any of the problems I had before the only one that pops up is the game freezes from time to time but just remember to save often and it's not a problem. Thanks for reading hope this helps.
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on 15 October 2013
I wasn't expecting to much from the Legendary Edition, but I discoveed that the small extra content, mainly the possibility of "Legendary" difficulty give the game a nice new dangerous feeling. Also the Legendary mode in the Perk Menu is a quite nice way to live dangerously in Skyrim.
The Legendary Edition is a must for everyone who still wants to play the Game from time to time until the next TES comes out.
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on 16 February 2016
This has to be the best rpg game to ever Grace the gaming world. If you enjoy fantasy games and games that allow you to feel like your making your own story this the for you. I have played all the elders scrolls games and the world of skyrim is the biggest of them all.

You will get weeks of game play out of the main game and the added expansion packs included don't let down either. This game is not just for hard core rpg fans it's great if you just like to play a great detailed fantasy game. You can either create a character from scratch or pick one of the preset ones. You can make choices from being a weapon fighter or a master wizard. Or mix it up and turn your self into a werewolf or a vampire.
There are unlimited options available to the player.

I would recommend everyone to give this game a try.
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on 20 February 2016
What can I say, I am an adopted Nord and after almost a year from my purchase and some 340 hours I am still playing this amazing game (level 105, completing the Dragonborn DLC as we speak) !!! Of course the graphics are not comparable with The Witcher 3 (which I love as well... ah Geralt!...) because the game is old-ish, and if you are the occasional gamer not ready to invest some serious time in learning all tricks (Alchemy!) maybe this is not the game for you, but it is for me and some other 20 (twenty!) millions of gamers (and counting). I feel at home in snowy and cold Skyrim, where I go around exploring every corner, from the bottom of the seas to the top of the mountains with my fully customised character and my virtual best-friend follower Lydia prompting me to get into all sorts of adventures ("Look! It's a cave! I wonder what is inside!"). The game truly gives you a second life and I promise you, you will miss Skyrim if you don't play it for a few days. It's like being away from home.
I play as a fierce, proud Stormcloak rebel (I couldn't possibly fight against lovely Ralof, the hot rebel and first character you see in the game, eh! But you can play as an aka-ancient-Roman "Imperial" invader, if you prefer), NPCs recognise my character as one of them when we meet (they even comment on my Stormcloak uniform...amazing!) and yes, through my Avatar I have another life there.
After so many hours, the game is still exciting with its riddles and stories, and I still get scared when I enter into a dungeon and a draugr attacks me. The 3 DLCs are amazing, a must-have and are included in the Legendary edition, so go for it. With the PC edition you can install tons of mods and make the game even more enjoyable, although, I warn you here, you need a super super computer, like ROG last generation to run them smoothly.
The music is amazingly beautiful and the game is totally immersive with its first and 3-rd person view. I recommend playing it on a large tv, in total darkness (evening is the best time) and with home theatre surround sound (and no interruptions or noises!), then you will be there and no longer here. Fus-Ro-Dah!!!!!!!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 7 September 2014
Final update: Well after extensive play (I'm almost up to level 80 on a couple of stats now), I can report that the bugs in Skyrim are mostly minor and do not detract from the gameplay. Yes, the landscape isn't perfectly solid and grass sometimes sways through a rock. Yes, the odd graphical glitch exists. Yes, the game even locked solid during a dragon battle. But it's still wonderful. Look past the imperfections and become immersed in an amazing game. But save regularly. ;-)

Update: After a complete restart and saving the game at the earliest opportunity (i.e. as soon as I had control of my character), I can now save and play the game normally. Instant two star boost to my review, with further star if the game behaves itself.

Original review:
What a disappointment! Skyrim is excellent, but dealing with the PS3 version bugs seems to be almost a sub-game itself. I played a couple of hours into the game and thought I'd stop for the night. Only the save option is ghosted out, preventing me from saving my progress. So I Google'd for a solution and discovered I might need to delete the last patch and decline to download it when prompted. Or maybe it's another of the many, many problems listed in the giant Skyrim problem FAQ I read. As I've also got Skyrim on the 360 (now sadly lost to my son) which just worked without issue, playing Skyrim on the update-obsessed PS3 was somewhat of a "Are you freaking kidding me?" experience.
I'll probably sort the problems out myself in due course, but I thought that was the whole point of updates in the first place. Gamers really should not have to faff around to get a game working on a console that demands updates on what seems like a daily basis. You should not have to keep worrying about losing progress in a game.
Skyrim is a great game, but from my experience so far, it's not great on the PS3.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 12 May 2015
Been a fan of the Elder Scrolls series since early days and the progression of the series has been significant mostly with Oblivion setting a new benchmark for the genre. Skyrim expands on that offering a host of improvements notably the ability to craft items, and the combat has had a make over too, now you've a choice carry a short sword in the left hand, and healing spell on the right? No problem some weapons require two hands (bows and larger ones) but you have a lot more flexibility here compared to Oblivion. The somewhat misguided

Legendary edition includes the Dawnguard, Hearthfire and Dragonborn expansions the first and last being quite notable additions though some might have a bit of fun with the limited but passable Hearthfire "house building" exercise. Skyrim did have plenty of bugs at first release, fortunately most of these have been addressed but it's such a huge game and complex at times there may be a few minor ones lurking around.

One of the biggest appeals for a game of this type is it's far removed from the "linear" gameplay experiences of early generation RPG's, whilst there is a main plot and story, and sub quests you are completely free to decide how to play the game you can happily wander off and explore areas, go hunting, become a vampire/assassin join various causes and factions or just "go solo" exploring the rather huge area of Skyrim. Feeling lonely? Bring a side kick along to help with your missions you can play nice or go on the rampage using stealth or force it's quite a flexible game and that is something that most players will enjoy.

Graphics are excellent, though the consoles do have a more limited draw distance and the odd frame rate drop. I do have the PC version too which subject to a reasonably up to date machine performs very well with this game. Still the consoles to control well thanks to the analogue sticks making it more intuitive than the keyboard. Voice acting is improved and whilst you'll hear some repetition at times but some serious actors are here including: Christopher Plummer, Joan Allen, Lynda Carter among others all do a stellar job. I slightly miss Sean Bean's distinctive voice from Oblivion but it's easily on a par if not higher with a great vocabulary and more diversity. Sound is also on a grand scale varying from slower movements to more intense ones depending on the on-screen action.

It's not a perfect game, but it comes close. At a newer knock down price you get a lot of game for a very modest outlay, huge depth and a potential monstrous play time it's one of the best to date for a truly "immersive" experience. A must have for RPG fans
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on 6 January 2015
Playing for 1 hour is leads to days without food & water, ironically so I can feed & water my character! Well, actually, to heck with the food & water - it's all about the looting & the sneaking & the smelting & the cooking & the marrying & the swordfighting & the spells & the bard-singing & the questing & the weird creatures & the DRAGONS! Yes...DRAGONS! FUS RO DAH! My one criticism of Skyrim is it's quite easy to get a little sick of the wintry climate & long for the Imperial City, but maybe that's cz I don't have the hardy blood of a Nord! Or maybe it's just that the game sucks you in so much that you sit wrapped in a scarf & blanket, wearing hat & gloves, desperately trying to keep at bay the cold that's seeping into your bones... Aaaaargh, where's my bow?! Why does a dragon always spawn when I'm trying to drink my mead by the fire?!
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on 21 March 2016
I love this game. I have played it for a number of days in total although not everyday. There are plenty of characters to choose from and then you get to customise them.

I loved all the quests and interaction you could have with NPCs.

I know it is meant to be mainly about killing dragons but I play more by not fulfilling the quest to see the Jarl at Whiterun and instead go around making my fortune and trying my luck with the different guilds you can join.

I wish they would bring out more expansions between now and the release of the new one. Because I enjoy it that much.

Overall, if you like playing RPG games, being able to customise your race and appearance plus your skill set - then this is definitely the game for you and will keep you amused for ages. In fact, this is the one game I come back to time and time again.
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on 9 November 2015
Another overhyped game by Bethesda. The front cover says it got over 200 Game of the Year awards - but from who?

The game is perfectly fine, a little uninspired and longwinded, with no real plot to speak of (or at least not one that engages you in any way). I think it is a fairly mediocre affair with absolutely nothing outstanding about it, so I have no idea who keeps handing out these Game of the Year awards as they must have a very limited catalogue of games to choose from if this keeps winning.

Anyway, like a fool I was tricked into buying a copy of Skyrim by all of the positive press, but I just don't feel it lives up to the hype. The world just feels very generic and uninspired. The first-person combat is also clunky and ill-conceived, with sword fights breaking down into a swirling mess of side-stepping and hacking blindly.

On the positive side, the game offers a large world and plenty of quests and areas to explore, but personally I found that running about gets repetitive after a few hours. Most other reviews have also commented on the glitches and freezing which at this point are becoming a hallmark of Bethesda games and Skyrim is no exception to this with apparent flaws and buggy performance.

Honestly there is some fun to be had here for those who love open world games and who don't mind how generic and uninspired the world, characters and designs are. Personally this was a disappointing game that failed to live up to the hype. Those who want a fantasy open world experience would be better off with a copy of Dragon's Dogma, which has a far superior combat system and is just generally a lot more fun than this overhyped yawn fest.
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