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4.1 out of 5 stars
Logitech G930 Wireless Gaming Headset (for PC and PS4)
Price:£124.99+Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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11 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on 10 September 2014
I got this for ps4 as i had an old model of turtle beaches for ps3, but they do not work with the new console. There were very few comments regarding functionality on PS4 but i can confirm it works well and very easily. Literally plug the USB dongle in and the PS4 picks it up, from there you are just a couple of changes to audio settings to being properly set up.

- Totally wireless
- Can charge and use
- Charging made easier by a retractable style usb charger, must go up to about 6ft+ easy
- Mic looks weak and nimble, however it is made of a rubbery material that allows you to bend it into position easily, and also means it shouldnt snap straight away if its dropped or sat on or something (don't hold me to it!)
- Incredibly easy to set up, literally unboxed, plugged in and was working within 60 seconds.
- Very snug fit. Can change angle of almost everything to suit your head. And fits perfectly over my ears.
- Good at keeping sound in/out. When using them, my Mum sat next to me could not here the audio, and luckily I couldn't hear her either!

- The buttons on the headset do not work with PS4, this includes the volume scroller.
- I think partly as a result of this, volume is not quite as loud as i would hope. I can still hear everything though, its just not as loud as it could be.
- The headset overall does feel quite tender. I wouldnt want to put too much stress on certain areas, however it does feel like quality material, it is just lightweight.

The reason I have given only 4 stars is because i am not a serious gamer. I don't use it religiously and I just wanted something that is of good quality, wireless with a mic. So i could live without it, its just a nice extra to have. Serious gamers will probably buy a more expensive headset anyway.

But please remember that I only used this on PS4, and not a laptop or computer, so I can't speak for both. And i only did this to help out potential PS4 buyers as there was nothing around when I bought the headset myself.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
on 5 May 2015
I'm a huge fan of wireless products when its comes to my desk space; less cables = less clutter right? But there's always two concerns I have when using wireless products; battery life and quality. How does this headset live up to it?

Right off the bat I want to say that I got this headset for a steal at £55, and at that price point this headset amazing. But for a more impartial review I'll review it at the price its being advertised at (£100).

The box the headset comes in is very nice. Presentation is well done, and it's easy to open. Comes with minimal instructions/warranty information, basically just comes with a USB cable, a small dock (more on that later), and a USB dongle.

The headset is large and comfortable. Definitely feels as though it deserves to be in the price bracket its in thanks to its sleek appearance, moveable microphone and leather earpads. All of the controls for the headset are on the left earpiece, with the right earpiece completely bare. I can wear the headset for hours and it still feels comfortable. Doesn't weigh much either so you may not even notice you're wearing it most of the time.

The USB dongle is a bit large by today's standard; think of a normal usb memory stick, but bigger. I would have liked it to have been the same size as the wireless adapter for my Logitech MX pro mouse (or better yet, be able to share the same dongle!) which is a tiny stub and doesn't stick out.

The dock is... Well, a dock. You can stick the adapter in it and the usb cable wraps around it so you can extend the range for your headset so it suits you. You'll also need this for when you need to charge your headset, which leads into one of the gripes I have with this headset.

In my standards, the battery life of this headset is poor. It's advertised at 10 hours, but that fluctuates depending on what you do with it. I like to listen to music, watch YouTube videos, play games and skype friends thoughout the day for a few hours, and before I'm done it always beeps signalling that it needs to be charged. I used to own a wireless set of headphones (Sennheiser RS170s) and they lasted A LOT longer than this headset does. The most time I've gotten out of these headphones is ~8 hours. Leaving them to charge whenever you're not using them (When you're outside or asleep for example) is definitely recommended.

The sound quality of these headphones are actually surprisingly good. I listen to music all the time with these and it sounds great; not too much distortion unless you play it at very high levels of volumes. I use a custom equaliser with these as the default one is pretty bad. Just google "Best EQ Logitech G930" and you should find several threads covering this. Range of the headset works in the advertised range, and the signal has only been disrupted once on my headphones, which was because of a software that managed the sound devices on my pc. When that was uninstalled, it has worked flawlessly since.

One of my favourite features of this headset is the software that you can download for it. With it you can customise settings such as button functionality, equaliser settings and firmware updates. One feature, voice avatars, manipulates your voice to sound like random creatures, such as a robot, troll etc. Good for a one off joke but you probably won't use this after the first time. Cool that they included it though!

The most useful thing this software does however is changing the functionality of the 3 G buttons on the left earpiece. These can do a lot of functions, ranging from changing a music track to opening an application. Their functionalities can even be changed depending on what game you're playing, which seems like a very useful feature but its one I haven't made use of yet. Other buttons on the headset include a volume wheel which controls the system-wide volume, a power button, a mute button and a dolby digital button.

I don't usually use the DD button on this headset because it makes Skype sound horrible, but for games such as Battlefield it sounds amazing; being able to hear where things are coming from is a huge advantage!

As with most headsets, this also has a microphone. The quality of which is amazing. Friends can hear me clearly on Skype and say the quality is great. The most useful feature this microphone has though is the mute function when the microphone is tilted up. No longer do I need to open skype to mute my microphone; I can just flip my microphone up at its muted! (Shown by a red light at the end of the microphone)

After all is said and done, would I recommend this headset? I guess so. I haven't really researched other headsets in this price point, but I know that Logitech is a reliable brand and this headset is pretty decent. The only time I wouldn't recommend this headset is for someone who would use this as their sole headset for the whole day (it wouldn't last) or if the next one would be coming out soon which would be bound to help with issues such as battery life and connectivity.
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9 of 10 people found the following review helpful
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've been using these for just over a month, and they really are very impressive gaming headphones.

Set up is straight forward. The charging hub plugs into your pc's usb port and the wireless transmitter (which looks like a flash drive) plugs into the top of the charging hub.

The headphones look and feel robust and well constructed, the memory foam in the headband makes them extremely comfortable to wear over prolonged periods. Logitech give them a 40 feet range, but I managed to get nearer 60 feet when listening to music through them. Where these headphones stand out is on the sound quality. The 7.1i surround is stunning. I played a session of Battlefield and the effect was incredible, giving a feeling of total 360 degree surround sound. The mic can be easily muted by flipping it to an upright position.

In addition to being a a great set of gaming headphones the G930's are also a very competent set of audio headphones, perfectly suited to watching movies and listening to music through. The sound is full, warm and even on full volume was distortion free with the bass staying tight and punchy.

So to conclude. The G930's are at the higher end of the price range for gaming headphones, but you genuinely do get what you pay for on this occasion, and considering the sound quality is as good as wired headphones I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 3 March 2015
4.7/5 - rounded up because....

Really great headset and sound quality. Comfortable and nicely designed. Would recommend and great value. This replaced my aging Astro A40's so the bar was set pretty high.
What I really like:
- Comfortable leather-like ear cups block out a lot of outside sound, even hard to tell volume of own voice.
- Just the right weight, not too light and not too heavy.
- Wireless (mostly) works fine just like if wired.
- Great bass.
- Battery life easily lasts a whole day.
- Nicely designed cabling, which can be unraveled to be very long (2m total I think).
- Can be used and charged at the same time.
- G keys are handy but I often forget about them due to the obvious reason they're out of sight
- Volume roller is nice and convenient.
- Logitech's game profiler software works pretty well and synchronizes well with other Logitech products (e.g. low battery indicator on G19s keyboard screen).

There are some few niggly issues which prevents the 5/5:
- Audio is low from the PS4, even when set to full within the system's device settings menu. Can still hear everything fine but it's not loud enough to really 'encase' you.
- Could be a driver issue, but constant and random warning beeps for low battery when it isn't. Sometimes get a warning that its at 9% but will go on and last for another few hours and beep a couple more times with the same message during that time.
- Reconnecting wireless part to PC when headset is turned on makes the driver go funny and the PC sees it disconnect/reconnect a couple times (can be quickly fixed by manually turning headset off then on again).
- When in a game and listening to something like YouTube or iTunes in the background, the moment the game is full-screen, the audio from everything else gets lowered, then returns to normal when you alt-tab/exit the game (could be intended feature but I like to have loud music when I game).
- the Dolby Digital surround sound feature doesn't work on PS4 (though still has great directional sound (used with Dying Light)) and when enabled on PC can really distort sounds. E.g. on World of Tanks, all gun shot echos had gone and gun shot and tank engine sounds were very strange and high pitch - no real surround sound going on.

Though for the most part, the headset works perfectly. I just leave the surround sound disabled for now as very few games support it that well anyway (only works for first-person views, really). So the problems are very minor and if I could give it 4.7/5 I would and I reckon they could easily be fixed by Logitech in the future.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 7 February 2014
Great headset, the audio quality is amazing considering its Digital Surround Sound, and the bass is absolutely perfect, not too much were it just distorts audio and more than enough to refrain from audio sounding like your in a tin can. Probably one of the best digital surround sound headsets out there and the mic is very very crisp and clear.

For people who have bought this or waiting for it to be delivered, you need install the Logitech Gaming Software to allow for the surround sound to be active. I recommend using the LGS 8.4 rather than the latest which is 8.5 I think. Simply because you can't alter the equalizer and especially on windows 8 seems to have a few bugs, atleast I've encountered them.

Now onto the reason why I only gave it 4 stars (Would of preferred 3.5). The frame/bracket that holds the actual speakers to the frame, can cause very irritable creeking noise everytime you open jaw/move your head, maybe it is just me but I get to the point were I can't even use it simply because it's off-putting especially if your playing any kind of FPS were sound whoring is a huge advantage. Counter Strike for example.

I've had to return 2-3 because of this very reason.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 4 February 2014
Absolutely worth the price range on this headset.

The ear cups are generously large and fully fit over my ears, which I have had issues with over-ear headsets in the past. The padding is comfortable and the lack of cable means you can quite easily forget they are there at times.

Battery life is excellent and goes for hours. You get a discreet yet noticeable audio and visual alert on low battery, and the very lengthy usb cable provided can be plugged in to allow you to keep playing whilst it's charging. The cable comes on a nice spool that doubles as a one-port usb hub for the wireless dongle, so you only need one usb port in total.

The mic arm has a degree of left-right movement but it's very good at picking up voices even when it feels a little far from your mouth.

Massive thumbs up, absolutely love it.
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6 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on 27 February 2014
I bought the G930 back in September after quite a bit of research into wireless headsets for gaming. It seemed to fit my needs perfectly being wireless, reputable manufacturer, USB and apparent great sound quality.

The first thing that astounded me was the range on the device, I can be downstairs and still chat on Skype/listen to music. There is interference as you would expect with things like cordless phones and microwaves, but that's neither here nor there.

The sound quality is really good, along with the microphone and it's comfortable as hell for long gaming sessions.

I did however (and continue to have) issues with the connection dropping out between the headset and the transmitter. Normally it's only for 5 or so seconds every hour or 2, but it does get very annoying. I've tried reinstalling and removing any kind of interference, but it continues.

Another area I have been disappointed with was the build quality, at first look it seems well built, but after 5 months of (careful) use the twist connection between the earbud and the headband has broken away, along with cracking on the plastic that holds the earbud, leaving it hard to continue using.

I'm going to speak to Logitech to see if there's anything they can do, hopefully they won't put it down to wear and tear.
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10 of 12 people found the following review helpful
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
So pleased to have found a set of headphones that have a generous fitting ear cup, as I have quite large ears and other headsets are quite small fitting compared to these which are a very comfortable fit. When listening to music the headset has a very nice base that in certain graphic equalizer settings can vibrate my jaw, not that I want this to happen, but it sets the tone of the kind of base sound it can give and I get a crisp clear sound. The noise cancellation of background sounds is very good, which my family find quite annoying because I can't hear them speaking to me if I have these on whilst playing a game, so I tend to wear one off ear, so I can hear them! During games the mic has a nice response time, with low latency and there is a superb roaming range on them, so I can wonder around the house with them on and still use the mic and hear what is going on in game, which is great if you need to step away from the keyboard for a loo break or to get a drink. There are even some fun special effects in which you can make vocal changes, so if you want to speak in a squeeky squirrel voice you can! The headset is also lighter than other headsets I have tried, as they are often very heavy and you feel it in the neck, but I have found these much more comfortable to wear. Charge time and duration of charge is great too and with my usage I normally get a minimum of 12 plus hours over a few days or so, but this would probably vary upon personal usage. A really great value for money headset 5/5 all the way!
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on 24 August 2015
I'm a PC gamer so to me, sitting at the desk with a headset on requires a few things.
Firstly they need to be comfortable which I got to say that these are. I've got common size ears but I often find that wearing a headset for a while will start to cause an ache. The padding on each ear cup almost totally eliminates your ears pressing up against the speaker shield inside and they're pretty comfortable to wear all day.
Secondly the sound quality needs to be good. You'd want to install the software for these for a few reasons. One being the sound settings. Everyone will tell you to reduce the bass as it's a little OTT. Now I enjoy bass to a level where if I'm playing a game or watching a movie and something explodes then I don't want it to sound like a gnats fart in a tin can. I want it to sound believable and feel it too (via vibrations) However without reducing the bass level you will get terrible distortions. Once corrected it'll sound perfect.
The difference between the 5.1 and 7.1 is very noticeable but personally I prefer it's 5.1.
Thirdly is the fact it's wireless. Nearly everything I own is wireless because of cats and a child and the range on them is quite fair. Battery life as brand new will last you somewhere between 7 - 10 hours. For me they now last around 6 hours tops due to heavy every day use.

Be warned though that the software for the headset is buggy hence why the model is discontinued in most places. While wireless you'll have a random cut out. If the headset is plugged in and you remove the cable to go wireless then there's around a 20% chance that none of the keys on the headset will respond. You need to reset the headset to get it working again.

Overall it's a solid piece and deserves a 4 not a 5 due to it's buggy software.
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on 1 July 2015
I bought the 930 because I had one of the G430s however the wire kept catching on things due to its length and cable fabric. Eventually the G430's got broken after the wire got caught and pulled the headset to the floor snapping one of the ear pods from the headset.

= Pros =
The sound quality seems to be some how better and clearer then the G430s.
The button on the ear pod are pretty handy.
The microphone produce fairly clear audio.
The leathery covers on the memory foam pads is a lot nicer then the mesh on the G430s and overall is more comfortable.

= Cons =
-Though it has decent battery life, at most I could get out of it was about 4-5 hours before recharging, which takes just about an hour until the software reports fully charged.
-The overall construction feels solid but could still use improvements. Including the hinges on the microphone and ear pods. The hinges are the same on the G430 which can break easily after a few accidental drops from about a 25cm and higher. Recently my microphone hinge on the G930 has become lose to the point I cannot put it in the upright/away position.
-The controls on the ear pod are often non-responsive. I've commonly had issues with volume control not doing anything until I turn the headset of and back on, other times the headset wouldn't turn off at all no matter how long I held the power button.
-Logitech's software has improved a lot and has a lot of customisation but it still not as good as it could be, recently had to reinstall it due to crashing and causing some disconnecting issue with all of my Logitech devices, including my mouse.

Overall its a decent headset but I think personally the product itself has a few quality issues that should be address as there are better headsets in this range, and few better wireless options for a little extra expensive. I'm considering making a claim on my set due to the microphone not going back into place properly and the persistent issue with the headset controls becoming unresponsive.

I'm sure some people could live with these issues but to me I paid the extra instead of pre buying my g430 or buying something new all together because I wanted to try wireless as the number one culprit for broken headphones for me personally is the wires and I had hoped this would save me money in the long run. However I personally feel there may be a few to many problems to justify the cost.
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