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3.7 out of 5 stars296
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on 23 December 2015
I wrote a review for the old version of these headphones, so I will post my review up again on here to help some people who have been experiencing issues with connectivity:

I purchased these headphones in January this year and have been running them for ~5 - 6 hours a day with music, gaming and films. Below is my opinion of these headphones after this period.

The good:

These headphones are very good for gaming purposes, with the audio being very crisp and clear in both wired and wireless modes. The 7.1 surround sound allows for location of any players around, above or below you which has come in useful with Rainbow 6 Siege.

The headphones are also very comfortable to wear for extended periods of time, with the pads around the ear phones not causing any sweating or irritation even after 5 hours of constant wear. The plastic band also seems very strong and has not experienced any wear or looseness since I purchased them. The padding underneath is also very comfortable and does not induce any sweating or discomfort.

The microphone of the G930 headset is clear enough for in game chat and Skype voice calls and neatly folds away when not needed. The microphone can sometimes be a bit quiet but nothing that cannot be sorted in Microsoft or Skype settings.

The Bad...

The driver software. Oh dear. The Logitech gaming software rendered these headphones unusable in wireless mode for nearly 3 months due to the headphones constantly disconnecting and reconnecting from the PC whenever the Logitech gaming software was opened. When running on Windows drivers the wireless performed perfectly but did not have the volume or G button functionality enabled.

This issue started in September this year and the issue was only just fixed in the start of December with the release of the new Logitech Gaming software. However, to ensure that it works properly you HAVE to install the software in safe mode! I have no idea why, but when installing the drivers on the standard boot the same issues occurred but installing the software in safe mode fixed the issues that were being experienced. Note that this is only with the newest version of the Logitech Gaming software, older versions still give me this problem.

Additionally, the headset it automatically set to disconnect after 5 minutes of not using any of the G buttons or volume controller on the headset. This is good for when you walk away and forget to turn the headset off, but when you are watching a film or in the middle of a match and the headset just turns off it is a real pain in the backside. There is a fix for this well which I have detailed below but it does involve modifying the configuration in the program files so it is best to backup the file before modifying it!

Go to my computer – Windows – Program Files – Logitech Gaming Software – Resources – G930 – Manifest
- Right click “Device_Manifest” and select edit
- Look for battery turnOffInterval="900" and change the value to “0”
- Save the file to desktop
- Copy the file from desktop to My computer – Windows – Program Files – Logitech Gaming Software – Resources – G930 – Manifest
- Make sure you replace the file
- Restart the computer

Again, I recommend to do this in safe mode as when I tried to do this in normal boot the Logitech Gaming software would not recognise the changes made to the config file.


A good set of headphones that, when all of the drivers work and the headset is functional, is a pleasure to use. However, there are to many issues with the Logitech Gaming software that make these headphone unusable that mean I cannot with good conscience recommend these headphones to anyone who just wants to install the software, plug them in and go.
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on 2 November 2015
The audio quality is very good. Surround sound has some real depth to it, and bass/treble are well balanced. It fits the head well and doesn't feel too fragile to use.
Using an adapter, the dongle connected to my Android phone, and was almost fully functional. Volume control swapped between medium volume and muted, but I could listen to music and use the 3 "G Keys" to change the audio track, as well as play/pause. Phone calls wouldn't work, but I only bring this up because I think it's worth knowing.

However, the wireless connection is very bad quality. Using the provided dock to connect the dongle, the connection would stall every few seconds. Another user noted that connecting the dongle directly would remedy this. It certainly reduced the issue, but still cut out randomly around every 20 minutes for me. Perhaps caused by my USB WiFi adapter as they both use the 2.4GHz band, but that's something that should be considered with WiFi being as widespread as it is.
Charging the headset is also an issue. Using the headset while charging had it constantly turn itself off and on again every two seconds. At first I assumed it was Windows trying to load in different sets of drivers, maybe assuming it could connect directly through the USB cable. This was not the case, as the same thing happened while charging using a USB mains adapter.

All in all, it's a great headset, let down by some prominent flaws. I'm getting a refund as this is a deal breaker for me at the price I paid. (~£140)
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on 1 July 2015
I bought the 930 because I had one of the G430s however the wire kept catching on things due to its length and cable fabric. Eventually the G430's got broken after the wire got caught and pulled the headset to the floor snapping one of the ear pods from the headset.

= Pros =
The sound quality seems to be some how better and clearer then the G430s.
The button on the ear pod are pretty handy.
The microphone produce fairly clear audio.
The leathery covers on the memory foam pads is a lot nicer then the mesh on the G430s and overall is more comfortable.

= Cons =
-Though it has decent battery life, at most I could get out of it was about 4-5 hours before recharging, which takes just about an hour until the software reports fully charged.
-The overall construction feels solid but could still use improvements. Including the hinges on the microphone and ear pods. The hinges are the same on the G430 which can break easily after a few accidental drops from about a 25cm and higher. Recently my microphone hinge on the G930 has become lose to the point I cannot put it in the upright/away position.
-The controls on the ear pod are often non-responsive. I've commonly had issues with volume control not doing anything until I turn the headset of and back on, other times the headset wouldn't turn off at all no matter how long I held the power button.
-Logitech's software has improved a lot and has a lot of customisation but it still not as good as it could be, recently had to reinstall it due to crashing and causing some disconnecting issue with all of my Logitech devices, including my mouse.

Overall its a decent headset but I think personally the product itself has a few quality issues that should be address as there are better headsets in this range, and few better wireless options for a little extra expensive. I'm considering making a claim on my set due to the microphone not going back into place properly and the persistent issue with the headset controls becoming unresponsive.

I'm sure some people could live with these issues but to me I paid the extra instead of pre buying my g430 or buying something new all together because I wanted to try wireless as the number one culprit for broken headphones for me personally is the wires and I had hoped this would save me money in the long run. However I personally feel there may be a few to many problems to justify the cost.
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on 13 May 2014
I have been after a good wireless headset for a long while since my original Turtle Beach failed after 4 years use. They have been a great headset but one hate was the foam wearing off the mic, their weight and being cabled. I want something lighter, PC only (not bothered with Xbox), chargable, good software, well made to last and easy of use. I was hoping to only spend £60 budget, but so many review put this headset on top I took the gamble and wasnt disappointed.

I did the usual 1-2 month research and went for these Logitech G930 (new version, noted Amazon has 2 listed @ May14). They were pretty easy to setup once I realised I hadn't quite pushed the USB wireless attenna completly into the disc base. Installed the latest Logitech Gaming software and it picked up not only my new headset but my G510 keyboard.

On quick test the softare allowed for configuring of the volume, amplifying with a graphic equaliser, changing voice on the fly (Alien, Robot, Troll, Hamster, Monster) and configuring of the 3x Gaming buttons (defaults to Previous Track, Play/Pause and Next Track). The headset also has a switch to go from normal stereo sound too 7.1 surround sound, what a different that switch makes.

I started off with a simple Spotify tracks playing, walked out to kitchen, press next track, pause/paly, etc and sound was crystal clear and sounded incredible. Surpirsed how far I could go around house before loosing the wirless signal (states 40ft), keeps the sound level and clarity until the signal is unreachable then starts to break up as expected.

Next I ran up a few games, which at this time I was beta testing Wildstar, a new MMO game. To my surprise I couldn't belive how well the 7.1 surround worked when I heard birds behind me, at my 8 o'clock position, to the turn and see them at the exact position was very impressive. There was the odd sound break up but I have verified and this was the beta game at fault, NOT the headset. I have now had these headphones a few days and not witness this issue in any other games, Twitch or Youtube vids.

Lastly I kicked off a skype call with family and they commented how clear the sound was and what had I done to improve it. Again this showed me the quality of the mic pickup and its noise cancelling ability. I further tested this by playing a track on my mobile on desk in front of me and my skype caller couldnt here the track playing, so impressed again.

My only downside is I cant work out how to stop the headset taking over the sound when its off and charging. As I have to manually tell windows to set back to my speakers. Not a biggy but a little minor for me (would be 4.75 stars but cant give that).
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on 9 January 2014
I did my homework on these and many others, but this Logitech gaming headset came out tops for me.
I have the US version 981-000257 (English version 981-000550) and having spoken to logitech these are exactly the same.
I downloaded the drivers for this headset from Logitech website and installed them before connecting up the headset.
Seems other people have had problems with the software and i can only assume that they did it by plug and play.
I do recommend my way by installing from the website before plugging in the headset and you shouldn`t get any problems at all.
The headset itself is very nice and a comfy fit.
I love the design and the ear cushions are very comfortable.
I have not had the warming on the ear, like some others have had and i have worn these for the duration of the battery life which is about 9 hours (though Logitech state 10 hours) and they are still comfortable for this length of time.
The only downside i can find with these are not the headset itself but with the charging facility.
The connector that plugs into the headset for charging is a little small and therefore if not plugged in carefully, it could break.
Apart from the connector head everything about this Gaming Headset is superb.
The 7.1 surround sound is just amazing and i have not made any adjustments yet as it sounds just how i like it. Not to tinnie or to much base, just right for my gaming on Farcry 3, Battlefield 4, C.O.D Ghosts and many others i play.
All the buttons work fine and with ease.
The mic mutes either by the button on the side of the headset or by putting the mic up away from the mouth.
This headset is a must buy from me.
I give it 9/10 as the charging connector lets it down due to its size and feeling fragile when plugging in.
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on 29 December 2015
This is the second set of these that I've owned. The first set I sent back as they were so uncomfortable, but in hindsight I believe this was because I used to wear glasses, and they used to bind on my head.

Now that I've had my eyes lasered and these came up on a lightning deal (£69 for anyone reading this with the headset at their normal price - amazing price!), I thought I'd try them again. And I'm glad I did.

In a nutshell:

These go loud without distorting. So loud that your ears will give up before the drivers do.

The sound is crisp and clear, but lacks depth. Is that a criticism? Not really, as these are designed for gaming not music, but the sound quality you get from these is nowhere near as good as a similarly priced pair of wired stereo headphones - just something to be aware of.

The headset clamps your head - they are very secure, and I can wear them for hours on end, but with glasses I found them unbearable after just 30 minutes. Again, something to be aware of.

The mic is good quality - you can hear others perfectly fine, and vice versa - it works well.

The wireless range is surprisingly good. Through a structural wall I can walk 30 feet away and still get a signal.

There is no charging dock, so you have to connect via micro USB to charge them; a dock would be much better, but you can't really complain at this price.

Overall, this is a quality headset which is perfect for gaming, if not critical listening. Recommended.
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on 22 December 2015
I've owned this headset for over 2 years. I would NOT recommend you buy it.

First, the positives though... The sound quality from headset is decent although not as good as other headsets in the same price range. Build quality is decent but the faux leather breaks up and flakes off after a year or so, especially if you wear glasses under them. Oh wow the positives turned to negatives quite quickly!

The headset is no longer supported by Logitech. On PC it frequently cuts out for no reason. Over time the integrated battery holds less charge meaning it will need to be plugged in constantly. The G keys on the headset cannot be configured to work with Mumble if this is your chosen VOIP program. The headset will randomly switch between 7.1 and stereo and you need to switch the Dolby button on and off to reset it.

So that's PC support, what about PS4?

It works but...

The headset isn't fully supported by PS4. There are no drivers installed on PS4 so you lose 7.1 straight away and all of the G buttons and the on-cup volume control doesn't work as it's designed to lower the volume via windows control panel. It basically functions as a bluetooth headset. The volume is really quiet which may or may not be a problem for you but it least offers wireless capabilities to your PS4 comms.

In short then, there are other better, supported wired and wireless options in the same price range - avoid.
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on 13 December 2015
So there is a current issue with the timeout feature on these headphones. When they are idle for >15mins they switch off, only the software thinks they are idle when you are using them. So after about 15mins of use they will shut off.

There is an easy fix for this, adjusting the 15min timer in the config xml file. For those not tech savvy it may seem a bit of a challenge and not worth the effort, but the process equates to opening a file in notepad or some such editor. Finding the correct line where it specifies '900' (the timer is in seconds). And then either changing it to '0' to disable the automatic shutdown (this is what I did) or some people have extended it to 3hours or more. (Logitech are supposedly working on this issue).

At any rate, there are a number of guides that will walk you through the steps. And once past this little hiccup, the headphones themselves are beautiful!
A very comfortable fit, the cushion space is more that big enough for my ears (and I have fairly big ears). Very solidly built, and great functionality.
The wireless range is great, both my and my partner have a set, and we can walk anywhere in the house and still have them work.

about 3 hours charging for roughly 10 hours use (varies depending on application).

Clear and solid sound (I have retired my functional Razer Kraken7.1 for these purely for wireless mobility)
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on 16 January 2014
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've been using Logitech headsets for many years, and these are undoubtedly the best. They are also the best wireless gaming ones I have ever tried.

The sound is simply excellent. I really can't fault it, at all. There is a slight bass boost compared to a set of 'neutral' sennheisers that I have, but this is a gaming headset and so that's what people expect (explosions, vehicle sounds etc). Of course this can be tweaked if you don't like it; I generallt don't like a lot of bass in games, but here I left it on, they are that good.

Mic: Voicechat is now as good as the phone, in fact it's almost too good, it sound eerie like someone is actually standing next to you! People I've spoken to assumed I was calling on my landline instead of Skype.

Fit: Excellent fit with a bit of give; stay right on your ears even when moving about, walking with them on. Not loose, not too tight. Just right.

Buttons/software: I also have a Logitech gaming keyboard, so the G-keys were something I was used to. I haven't used them that much yet, but if you didn't have a gaming keyboard these could definitely be useful - it's a bit strange touching your heatset though, will probably take a while to get used to. Not recommended for FPS, you might die while 'AFK'.

Overall an almost-perfect set of phones; the only downside is the price, which is inevitable given the build quality.
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on 7 September 2014
So I managed to find a good price for these and decided to take the plunge and purchase.

The set up was easy as long as you put the usb charging unit into the back of your pc first then insert the usb wireless sender into the unit otherwise the pc might not pick it up. Once that was done, just make sure you charge your headset fully before turning it on. Also the latest software from logitech is 8.55.137 which was released on August 4 2014 so update your software if you haven't already. That should give you the most stable usage if running windows 8.1 like myself. Just turn it on and make sure you choose the correct sound hardware in your pc as it will be different to your previous headset unless this is a new build with this being your first headset.

2 issues that might put one of.

Obviously these are wireless so the battery can drain quite quickly if you play 3 hours or more gaming or using them in general on a pc. You can still use them while they are on charge mind you so you wont be left without any sound.

Now if you have a fairly big head then these will become very uncomfy as they are very tight. I must admit i used my old battered headset after awhile as these were starting to ache. So bare this in mind if you have a large head.

As for the quality on how long they last i cannot say at the moment but i will update as and when required.
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