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4.7 out of 5 stars86
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 3 July 2013
I bought the DVD because I had read about the discovery of King Richard's remains. The story-line was presented like an unfolding mystery with a very satisfactory conclusion. This reviewer found every discovery in the forensic analysis of the remains very engrossing. I did get a bit weepy-eyed during the discussion about the battle wounds and desecration of King Richard's body after death. The end scene when the producer presents the team's viewing of the forensic recreation of the king's face was quite moving. This was a story with a heart! I do recommend this DVD, even to those not really interested in history. It may spark an interest in archeology, forensics and history.
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on 23 June 2013
A wonderful dvd, perfect for Ricardians and for everyone interested in how the King was found. A truimph of perseverence by Phillipa Langley and the many others who offered support and assistance in the search. It is also a fine example of 'anything is possible' and never give up! I would thoroughly recommend this dvd and give top star rating.
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on 5 August 2013
A fascinating insight into how historians, forensic scientists and archaeologists discover history ,and eh amazing work they put in.
Traces how painstaking excavations in a Leicester car park , research into Richard III and the highly advanced work of forensics led to the discovery that the remains the team we follow here definitely had discovered the remains of Richard III.

Simon Farnaby shows a great flair for presentation and a commendable curiosity for his subject. But the greatest acclaim must go to Phillipa Langley whose passion for Richard III and getting to grips with the find is great pleasure to witness.

Interviews with a great many historians and Ricardian experts. Including examination of a painting where the expert in question believe the Tudors had doctored the painting of Richard III to exaggerate the raised shoulder and make him look deformed.
Interviews where historians describe Richard as being a popular king, very different to the accounts given by Thomas More and the deformed devil portrayed by Shakespeare

Absolutely wonderful to see the part where it is confirmed by DNA experts that this definitely is the remains of Richard.
The evidence sheds light on Richard's death and shows us Richard was a fairly good looking man.
We are still no closer to discovering if he ordered the murders of his nephews in the tower though.
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on 25 July 2013
When I read the title of this DVD, I wasn't sure whether I would 'enjoy' it or think much of it, but felt is was certainly worth a view, wanting to broaden my view on History and the monarchy.
I thought that it was both fascinating and very enlightening!! Especially going through the same 'edge of the seat' feelings that the contributors were going through. A large 'bunch' of professionals who were very sceptical (and I also sharing their view initially), but it became more and more apparent that they were onto a 'real' find!! All the test's and historical information and the very number of professionals and the University of Leicester 'proving' generally beyond any 'reasonable' doubt that it was Richard the III.
Very enlightening, professionally carried out, funny and very much worthwhile.
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on 4 August 2013
This documentary gripped a significant proportion of the population when it was screened by Channel 4 in February 2013, even those who have little interest in medieval history or the debate over the true character of Richard III which has occupied historians ever since. The quest to uncover the remains of England's most infamous monarch, the last king to lead his troops into battle and the only one not to have received a proper funeral or a lasting memorial to commemorate his life, is an engaging story if only because it flew in the face of what academics thought reasonably possible and overcame odds of a million to one when the remains of the last Plantagenet king were uncovered in a Leicester car park.

The passion of Philippa Langley, who was the prime motivator behind the "Looking for Richard" project, is evident throughout and endears her to us. But the documentary's presenter, Simon Farnaby, steals the show. He is the perfect foil when Philippa becomes rather too emotional and he uses his natural, gentle humour to good effect. He approaches the project armed only with the Shakespearean tradition of Richard's character - that of a vile, grasping tyrant with a hunch back and a withered arm - but his light hearted approach does not mask the very serious contention that Richard was maligned by the Tudors and was, by medieval standards, a good ruler and may not have been guilty of the crimes of which he has been accused.

Those who are satisfied by an overview of history will be enthralled by this documentary. Those who wish to look deeper will find it a perfect introduction to further research.

I would have presented this review with 5 stars but for the sound quality of the DVD. At times, the background music is rather too much in the foreground, obliterating the narration.
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on 20 June 2013
Well what a remarkable story and what a fantastic factual Production. All the people of this project
truly deserve full recognition for their services to history and the facts that they give us.
Both the two Societies efforts are remarkable in their determined and prolonged effort to reveal all
of this truly remarkable event. As a 90 year old person who is forever fascinated by our great line
of Monarch's. I give my thanks to ALL involved in this DVD ( even the Guy on the Digger !.)
But let's hope the "Car Park Attendant" did NOT give H. M. Richard 111 a 'TICKET ! ? .

Eric Frith MALTA.
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on 20 August 2013
Anyone with an interest in history in general, medieval history in particular or who loves a mystery/detective story will find this compelling viewing. Unlike the snippets of information about the dig which popped up in the news, this programme covers the whole dig, the examination of the bones by the University of Leicester and the announcement to the world's media at the conclusion of the process.
Regardless of whether you are a Ricardian or not, (I am!) the twists and turns thrown up by the evidence kept me glued to the screen throughout and although The Unseen Story repeats some of the material from the earlier programme, the different slant on it kept me interested until the closing credits.
At 2 hours of viewing in total, I thought it was good value.
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on 26 July 2013
Well made documentary that goes some way to redeeming poor much maligned Richard III's reputation. The first documentary deals with his discovery and the second is more about the science. i would have liked even more about the science but that's just me. Both documentaries weer well presented and would be excellent viewing for both the layman and enthusiast alike.
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on 22 June 2013
The story has intrigued me since I took my first trip to the UK. I took a chance buying this (I am in the US), but my older Pioneer DVD player plays region 2 also. It plays fine and I was able to watch the entire thing without any problems.
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on 17 September 2013
I have been a 'champion' of Richard III for nearly forty years and was so pleased when his body was found. It can now be given a decent and dignified burial and I believe that should either be in York Minster, the church of his dynasty or Gloucester Cathedral, the church of his dukedom.

This DVD is excellent and I shared Phillipa LANGLEY's excitement as the identity was confirmed. There was no withered up arm, round one to the truth against the Tudor lies and definitely no Quasimodo style hunchback. Richard had scoliosis, which could have developed in his childhood as he practiced with weapons, as the children of the nobility did. Richard spent many years at the home of the Earl of Warwick, Richard NEVILLE, his mother's family and eventually fell in love with Warwick's daughter Ann, whom he was to marry. SHAKESPEARE lied when he wrote that Ann despised him, one of many lies told by this so called illustrious writer.
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