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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars78
4.4 out of 5 stars
Price:£39.99 - £40.00
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on 19 December 2013
I did quite a lot of on-line research before making this purchase. The light was to replace my existing lighting system of two traditional halogen bulbs (2.5W and 10W) in twin handle bar mount reflector units (5cm diameter), powered by a separate 6V lead acid battery strapped to the bike frame.

The first thing to note is the size of this light. As indicated in other reviews, it is about the size of a small matchbox and very lightweight (manufacturer's figure is 65g). The mounting is a rubber strap that wraps round the handlebars and hooks back onto itself. The range of adjustment seems good and there is a rubber element below the light mounting that prevents the strap rotating on the bars. Fitting / removing the light is a little tricky, but I'm hoping that this will become easier as the plastic release tab on the mounting wears in. A helmet mount is also provided, but I have not used this and would imagine that it could be dangerous for oncoming traffic mounting the light so high due to its brightness.

The light has six settings, three permanently lit of different light outputs (200, 105 and 50 Lumens) and three flashing (flashing, strobe and SOS). The flashing setting is good for use in dawn / dusk when you don't need to illuminate the road, but to be seen. The behaviour of other road users shows that this setting is very effective. I can not see a need for the strobe and let's hope that I never need the SOS ...

The light has two indicator leds on the top side. One indicates the mode (blue, green or red and either solid or flashing) and the other the current battery state. The user guide states 1h50 of operating in 200 Lumens, 3h35 in 100 Lumens and 8h in 50 Lumens mode. I have to say that I haven't managed to achieve these values.

My ride to work is 30 mins and takes me along town centre, town outskirts and unlit country lanes. The first comment to make is that the light is definitely bright enough for cycling on country lanes with no other illumination. If there are no other cars / light pollution, I've found that the 100 Lumens setting is perfectly adequate for riding on unlit roads. I was also pleased with the width of the light beam, having been concerned that a single LED may have a narrow beam, but the reflector has been well designed so that there is scattered light to the sides of the main beam allowing the edge of the road to be clearly seen. The light output is higher brightness than my previous 10W bulb, and the light distribution is much better. The light is also a brighter white, rather than the duller yellow of halogen bulbs.

The switch can be a bit fiddly to operate when wearing gloves with fingers, needing a firm and accurate push, but I'd rather have this than a light that turns on accidentally when dropped in a bag ...

The battery charge LED shows blue for 100-60%, green for 60% to 20% and red flashing for 20-0%. Here is my one gripe concerning the light - I set off from the office one day with the charge led showing blue (not fully charged, but theoretically > 60% charge left), but it soon transitioned to green. Fair enough ... but then half way home it went to flashing red, all within a 20 minute period of running on full power. It was cold and raining and I have seen that the weather does have a big impact on the performance of the battery. To be fair, this is mentioned in the documentation, but hey, when do we need our lights?? In the winter when it's dark and often cold!! The lesson learned is that the battery needs a top up charge in the evening after every day's return trip. The good news is that as it is charged from USB, charging is easy and can be done at home or work. If I could have given this product 4.5 stars, I would have docked them a half star for the battery performance, but it doesn't justify losing a whole star for my usage pattern.

In conclusion ... a very well made, compact and lightweight, high quality light for a good price, which has freed me from having to carry a 6V lead acid battery strapped to my bike. The only downside is the operating duration, but I would still say that this is a great purchase for those who are never further than 1 hour away from a potential recharge point.
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on 10 November 2014
The size of a box of matches and enough light to illuminate a completely unlit off road bike path in pitch black. What more do you want :)

Run time should be around an hour or so on full, charges from USB from the computer at work. (uses a standard mini USB B plug (not micro usb like a phone)).

Flashing mode to be seen in urban settings, constant mode for seeing at night. Three modes to extend battery life, full, medium and dim setting. Dim is bright enough as a 'be seen' light where street lighting exists, medium can be used for seeing if going a bit slower, I can see where I am going with it on full doing 18+mph on the commuting bike.

It's a standard rubber strap mount (although it comes with another mount for attaching to a helmet or something). I only mount it on the handlebars. Make sure to keep the strap tight though as it can tilt downward over bumps etc otherwise.

Don't be put off by the low sounding 200 lumen status. I know you can get 1000, 2000+ lights from ebay for less than this, but seriously consider that the effect of the lighting is not linear. You can see where you're going with this 200 lumen beam, I have a 600 lumen beam cateye nano shot plus for longer distance / faster off road stuff. Once you're past 600 lumen you're in diminishing return territory. I've used the ebay "2000 lumen" CREE LED models and they're not noticeably more bright than my 600 lumen Cat eye (which I run at a dim setting comparable to this moon one most of the time anyway). Also keep in mind that this is very small and the battery is integrated. I've had the lights with separate battery packs from ebay where the wire has become loose or snapped or the battery pack has given up the ghost. This is much better value for money.

Would give 5 stars as this is a cracking little unit, knocking a star off for the battery status / light status LEDs. The colours chosen make no sense. 3 diff colours for full, medium, dim power, fine. For batter status they flash or stay steady in different colours. Had to read the manual after setting off on a ride and being given a flashing red light which I instinctively read to mean it was running out of battery (like any other light would do, right). No. Meant something else. :) Read the manual :)

Overall conclusion is I can use this very well to see and be seen even on off road unlit bike tracks in winter. Will more than last the commute, charges at work, doesn't get upset by the rain and is small enough to put into a pocket (without accidentally switching it on!). Great stuff.
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on 24 February 2013
The moon meteor is small in size but big in illuminating the way ahead .I cycle along an unlit old railway line to and from work ,with the moon meteor the way ahead is well lit.
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on 21 June 2013
First thing to strike you is how small this light is. The main body is about the size of a match box and houses the lithium ion battery. No charger is supplied - because it charges from a standard USB port through a type mini USB B (google that if you want to know what that looks like). Such is the plethora of USB devices we have in our lives - I'm pretty sure you can get this charged in your everyday household off a computer for starters. Charging takes a couple of hours from a flat battery and it can get about 1.5 hours on full power. Run times will be effected by temperature but I was able to get a little more than that on an autumn ride. The Hi-beam produced is bright enough to commute or ride at a quick pace - the next step down is only good for a commute over not too dimly lit roads but lasts about 3.5 hrs according to manufacturers. The lowest power setting is a more "be-seen" output and will last even longer. The strobe setting is useful in emergencies too.
The beam pattern is a well spread beam rather than a concentrated spot. I don't think you could ride off-road with this light as your only light - it simply doesn't have the throw.
The unit is well made. Very solid indeed. And feels quality. It attaches to the bar using a rubberised strap attached to an push on & click adaptor. This is a very sturdy bar mount. The small size and weight of the unit means it doesn't wobble around on the bars when you hit a bump or pot hole.
So far - no water ingress when I've been out in the rain. My guess is it isn't waterproof but it is fairly showerproof. This is something you'll have to keep an eye on.
There is also the added bonus of a helmet adaptor. For those of you who ride the night on your mountain bikes - there is nothing like being able to see in a direction where your bars aren't pointing. So this unit could double up as a head light too.
Pricewise - this light retails at just under £60. But pick your retailer wisely and I have seen it near the £40 mark. Either way - its a bit of a bargain - Exxposure joysticks retail at well over £100 and with the way lights become almost obsolete year upon year when the lumen outputs keep going up and up - it makes sense to spend your money wisely.
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on 22 July 2014
Let me start this review by concurring with the vast majority of the other reviews before.
This is a very compact light with a lot of light to give. It is however about twice the size of a swan vesta matchbox. Still noticeably smaller than any I've had before and also significantly better all in. It is the first time I have invested quite so much, though.
The price of such volumes of light naturally is the energy required. On full power they do use up the internal battery in about 75 minutes in our current climate.
The one heads up I will offer for those intending on handlebar mount; If you have a 31.8mm bar, it is a little bit tight.
If you think you may need more than an hour, then you may want to use this external battery in conjunction; I used this battery through a USB 4 way hub to extend the run time. The lights will draw from the external source real-time. In my tests so far, I have found leaving the external connected for a couple of hours after means you only have the external battery to recharge. I used a 4 way hub because I bought two front and one rear. The spare socket I use for recharging my phone or running my speakers.
The lights have clearly been designed by someone that has some experience with bike lights because they are very intuitive in their design. This review will be place on both of those I bought but will also speak of both.
Speaking for the front first; powering on for the constant states is done by single press actions. First click engages the full on state, subsequent clicks cycle through medium and minimum then back to max. To power off, you need to hold for 2 secs. This can be done from any of the on states. The blinking states need to be engaged on purpose from an off state by holding the power button for 1 sec. This is possibly one of my favourite properties, as I do not use a blinking state on the front as this can only ever serve as a distraction to on-coming traffic.
Speaking now for the rear, very much the same applies as above, the difference being the sequence. The rear starts on the lowest power state and cycles through medium, maximum and back to minimum until you hold for 2 secs.
I have been through many sets of lights bought for myself and my two kids. I have paid anything between £5 and £20 a light until these at £35 front and £20 rear (£90 all in). I wish I had bought these in the first place!
If you are considering these but concerned about the price – even if they are back to the £60, just do it. I suspect they may well be the last set you buy. Having said that, I have another four front and two back to buy next month for my kids’ bikes! :)
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on 17 October 2013
Looking for something to replace my Knog Boomer which was a continual disappointment, already had a Moon Comet rear and was impressed so tried the Meteor to match.

It's a great light, illuminates well enough to ride safely in complete darkness, with a good flashing function for visibility and to extend battery life.

My previous front light (Knog) took ages to charge, switched itself on in my bag and often lost charge within 1-2 days, even if I didn't use it. The Meteor has lived up to all the expectations and 5* reviews and I would happily recommend it.
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on 28 December 2013
This is a great bike light in the mid price range. The numerous different flashing/static options are good and are easy to select even with winter gloves on. The full static beam lasts over 35 minutes, but starts warning you around then (never tried running it out). The second one down is nearly as good yet lasts for ages. The USB recharge makes it easy to charge at work and I generally charge it once every 3 days (following 14 mile ride each day). If you don’t want to spend Lezyne amounts of money, then this is the light for you.
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on 9 November 2012
I did some research before buying this cycle light, I also read a review in a cycling magazine where it was given top marks and was as effective as the £200.00 plus ones ! I paid £60.00 thinking that was a lot to pay for a bike light but IT'S WORTH EVERY PENNY ! First thing I did was go down a dark unlit country lane and I was amazed how something so small can project such a fantastic light. It has three constant settings, low, medium and full beam, low beam is good enough to get around but when you are in complete darkness the full beam lights a great deal of the road ahead. Comes with an easy to fit handle bar mount and a helmet mouting option but I feel it would be dangerous to other road users if it was worn on the head. I'm not one for writing product rewiews, normaly can't be bothered but I had to for this lamp has made me a happy man. All I need now is dry evenings !
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on 1 January 2014
i have to use it on full beam to really see what's ahead of me as alot of my commute is not very well lit and this does mean i have to charge it up pretty much after every use.
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on 22 November 2013
"Moon" is renowned for the quality of its products and this light is no exception. For the price offered, it is fantastic value for anyone who needs to cycle at night on a regular basis. It is easy to install and can be released from its bracket in one movement. Its small size gives it an advantage over the more powerful lights in that it can easily be stored away when not in use, an extremely important feature if when leaving your bike you want to remove the light. The battery is long-lasting and has enough power to last a relatively long-journey ride (around 1.5 hours in freezing temperatures and longer when it is warmer) and takes around 3 hours to charge. The 200 lumens of light are more than enough to ride on dark roads, even in poor visibility, while the flashing mode is useful for urban cycling.This is the second light I bought of this type, the first one having been stolen (hence the importance of the light being small and easy to store). - and therefore after a year of nearly daily use I can therefore say with some confidence that for the price offered this is an excellent product.
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