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2.8 out of 5 stars218
2.8 out of 5 stars
Platform: PC|Edition: Standard Edition|Change
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on 13 February 2015
I am not an avid COD player, nor am I a die hard Call of Duty fan
But I have to say, this product is seriously a big let down in the COD series
For every COD game I played, regardless of the quality of multiplayer, I enjoyed the single player campaign but this is the first game I ever felt bored of progressing the story even further
The whole campaign itself really does feel like a recycled product, from the dialogue to the action and to the "epic scenes"
It felt like IW was trying so hard to make things epic, even to the point of forgotting what actually made Call of Duty single player enjoyable in the first place
As for multiplayer, I never ever seen such an empty server with the average players online a mere 800 to 900, sure the game is old now but the number itself is just unbelievable, even if I personally does not enjoy the multiplayer I must admit Ghosts actually requires a higher skill level to play, the big maps and the enviroment is a perfect campers' haven and you could get killed without you noticing as well as the fact that you die in literally seconds under gunfire, again I myself is not avid COD fan but this is my personal opinion.
To be honest, new game modes like hunted, safeguard etc do make private matches with friends fun but public servers are just plain boring. Big maps with only 12 players, 10 minutes time 75 score limit is indeed very boring for a COD game.
So in conclusion, even if I don't like the game, buying this game for nine pounds is indeed a decent offer considering COD being an AAA title.
Newcomers to COD might as well pick this up for 9 pounds as a starting point, and it may not be a bad game for newcomers.
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on 8 March 2015
After ten months and a lot of correspondence with Activision I got this game to work despite my machinery far exceeding criteria. I'm not an on-line player so can only comment on the single player part.

The graphics are as good as one would expect today. The plot is reasonably believable. Strangely, I felt a bit queasy watching the monochrome animations before each sequence.

The game play sequences improve as things go along, the first half dozen are pretty ho-hum but some new effects and options surprise. The second half of the campaign ramps things up. I particularly enjoy 'Hunted' which can be spun out in all sorts of ways.

Personally I'd really like to see new WWII scenarios in the COD stable, or maybe the original COD and CODUO brought up to date technically. Mid 20th century weaponry is much more fun to use.
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on 15 November 2013
I pre-ordered Ghosts back in October and couldn't wait to play it on release, it took quite a while to install from the four dvd's, once it was installed Steam downloaded another 2gb which I assume was a patch, once this had finished I clicked play to find out I didn't have enough ram (I guess I should have checked but it wasn't an issue with all the previous games), I had 4gb but it needs 6gb! I ordered some new ram and installed it. Finally I was able to play the game, it's a bit different to the other COD games where you don't switch between the different characters in the story which I missed in this game, having a dog in the game was ok at first but then it felt like a gimmick after a few missions. I decided to try the multiplayer but it didn't recognise my Nvidia GFX460 card even though the min specs say it should be ok, at this point I was getting quite frustrated with the whole situation, it feels like PC players are no longer catered for even though it's where the original COD games came from. Fair play to Amazon for excepting my request for a refund which they have done, I've uninstalled the game and I certainly won't be getting the next instalment when it comes out in a years time.

Just to say the single player campaign was ok it had it's good moments but it's really nothing new. I hope this helps in some way.
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on 24 November 2013
I bought this game purely for the multi-player mode, which is generally great in Call of Duty games, however I have been left bitterly disappointed with it. Problems are as follows:

(1) There are far too many players using wallhack and aimbot cheats. I know this is common in most multi-player games, but it is particularly bad in this game when you are guaranteed to have a few during each match getting 40 kills and 5 deaths.

(2) There is a new unlock system based on 'squad points', which take a very long time to get. You get about 2 squad points per game (if your lucky), even then to unlock a weapon you need about 8 points then 6 points for each attachment. You also need to unlock the perks if you want them early.

(3) The weapons are not fun. I used to have loads of fun with the Riot Shield but its not the same and due to the number of cheaters its pointless.

(4) Guard Dogs are harder to kill than humans which just doesn't make sense.

(5) Maps are boring.

(6) You only get three custom soldier slots, you have to spend 20 squad points at a high rank to unlock others which is ridiculous.

(7) There is usually sudden lag just before you get close to an enemy player. Annoying if you like to use the combat knife or riot shield.

It is definitely not worth £40, maybe £10 at most.

I probably will not be buying another Call of Duty game after this, unless it has glowing reviews. Wish I read some reviews before I trusted the Call of Duty brand.
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on 30 October 2014
After seeing some of the reviews about this game,I was very circumspect about buying it,so I waited for it to come down in price before I did.After setting the game up,I think it's excellent fun,but not worth the original asking price.Graphically,it looks lovely,and the gameplay is full of action and great level design.All in all,worth the current asking price of around £20.Recommended.
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on 10 January 2014
Wow, just wow.

I must admit, this is the first game that has been such a horrendous disappointment to me that I've felt I had to write a review online. I should start off by saying that I'm a huge fan of the Modern Warfare series, especially in comparison to Black ops. For me, infinity ward edged Treyarch in just about every game they made. Frankly, the number of hours I spent of Modern Warfare 2 is approaching embarrassing. But despite all this, infinity ward have seriously dropped the ball here.

Even with a high end graphics card and strong all around system, one will inevitably spend a significant proportion of ones gaming time trying to get the game to actually function without crashing to desktop every 30 minutes. The game is positively riddled with glitches and errors that just haven't been fixed, mainly in audio sections in the singleplayer mode but in some sections of multiplayer as well.

If one can somehow surpass the minefield of technical errors one will still find much to be desired. The story mode is woefully short. I should make allowances for my experience with CoD games but even so, a story mode that can be completed in 5 hours flat is not acceptable in any situation.

It's especially disappointing when the story that one does get is so poor. There is essentially no character development, the characters generally may as well be called Marine number 2, 3 and 4 for all the connection one makes with them. It's predictable and cliched throughout, and the ending is frankly ridiculous. The easiest and most appropriate descriptor for the story: Boring. The one saving grace is that it doesn't take very long to finish.

The gameplay is fine, once it works. If one enjoyed the MW series game engines then you're in luck, they've been re-packaged and re-branded and sent right on back out. Theres nothing new in the design, but then there was nothing wrong with the previous engines, one might have just not bothered with the big advertising push saying it was revolutionary.

I've been waiting and praying for something as good as Modern Warfare 2 for some time, yet it appears now that that is most certainly not going to happen, the franchise has become a money-making exercise and the only thing that keeps these games selling now is the "Call of Duty" stuck on the front cover. These games are beginning to resemble an underachieving child trying desperately to sell itself upon the success of it's forebears.

Generally I would say one should buy the game and try it out for themselves but in this case I cannot stress my point of view enough:

I beg, beseech and implore anyone reading this, DO NOT buy this game.
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on 26 November 2013
When I pre ordered this game I didn't know what to expect. I decided not to look at revel trailers, gameplay etc. but instead to find out when it comes out. I am a fan of call of duty; I love the fast paced arcade (not realistic) gameplay and this means small maps. My favourite CoD at the moment is Call of duty Black Ops II and I hoped that this was similar but with cool new features and other stuff. My biggest problem was this; I did not look at the specifications as I thought that my gaming computer would be ok but this was to my prevail.
The minimum RAM requirement (when this came out) was 6 GB and I only had 4 GB, which was a reasonable amount, and it wouldn't even load up! When they did come out with a patch too lower the minimum requirement it still wasn't all o.k. I don't know if this is just my 5 years old graphics card, but even with 4 GB of RAM the game is impossible to play at max settings with frame rates at something ridiculous like 1 FPS (Frames Per Second). You can play in 1080 x 1920 but you HAVE to play on low settings. I would recommend that you put the setting as 'automatic' which turns the settings up as high as it can with a stable FPS. Even then the graphics look like a game from 1997! However, having said that it still is playable. Another problem is that this game has enormous maps. You might think this is so that you can sniping easier but in all the maps there are only something like 2 sniping spots. Also this makes the gameplay slow and sluggish. You are constantly looking for someone to kill and when you do find someone they either have the most powerful gun in the game or they are new and make for an easy kill and then you are back to searching again. There are only a hand full of maps I like and they are the smallest ones but even they are about the size of the biggest map in CoD Black Ops II.
When sniping in older CoDs such as CoD black ops II, around the crosshairs is complete blackness. However, in Call of Duty Ghosts they changed it into a blurred screen which is surrounding the crosshairs. If you don't know what I mean then look at some videos on sniping in CoD Ghosts. Also another cool thing is extinction which is a sort of zombies copy but instead of zombies there is aliens. Another cool thing about CoD Ghosts is the 'Pick a soldier' thing. When you start out you have to pick a soldier (can be a girl) and then pick between different types of classes; from Covert to Assault classes. Also there is more perks than any other CoD. Unlike older CoDs you don't unlock weapons but instead you buy them by using 'Squad Points'. This does have its ups and downs but overall I think it is an improvement.

I never expected what was to come and now I have found out I am very disappointed in this game. Sometimes it does have its fun times like when you get a double or triple kills but these are few and far between. I would RECOMMEND trying this game before buying as there is a massive difference between this and older games from this series. I would also recommend you check how much RAM you have before purchasing. You can do this by using [...] If you have LESS than 4 GB DO NOT BUY because as soon as you load the game whether in multiplayer or in singleplayer IT WILL CRASH and you will have to restart you computer! It is also a very big game at 30 GB install; so make sure you have enough memory for this. Some times it is a fuin games but most of the time it isn't and so I am going to give it 2/5
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on 16 November 2013
First off I would say that the campaign is quite good even if it is in the 5-6 hours long category. Riley the German Shepard dog is fun to control and fight alongside. There isn't any of the performance related lag that occurs during multiplayer frequently. Tanks are back for a mission (and they aren't like the lethargic and sluggish battlefield ones). The story isn't completely awful (a la MW2, MW3). The weapons are good fun. The graphics have noticeably improved over previous COD games. However it is too short and it sticks to closely to the established whack-a-mole style FPS gameplay.

Aagh, where do I start? In multiplayer it very quickly becomes apparent that little thought went into optimisation and menu layout. When you join a game I experience huge frame rate drops for around a minute which are just unbearable and my PC should be able to handle this. My PC runs Frostbite 3 (BF4) better than this! The modified pick 10 system from black ops 2 is better adjusted so you can pick as many perks as you want as long as their total points is equal or less than 10.(Different perks have different values based on there usefulness). Instead of unlocking weapons, perks, equipment etc when you level up you earn "Squad Points" which are essentially COD points from Black Ops 1; you use them to buy stuff when you want. Also you have different members in your "squad" which in essence are different avatars you can play as in multiplayer. They have their own individual unlocks and level and are fully customisable in appearance (a big plus point). The maps are huge now so because player numbers in games hasn't increased the maps feel empty sometimes. Bigger lobbies such as ground war ( 9 v 9) would fix that.

-NO ZOMBIES :(. Or combat training :(. Why oh why has infinity ward removed these? Players like them.

A fun objective based gamemode where you play co-operatively with your friends. Think zombies but with aliens instead and fast paced objectives.

Enjoyable but ultimately I felt disappointed. 2.5 stars
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on 16 December 2015
Despite so much negativity, I actually really like this game. I'm not exactly an avid Call of Duty player, but this one is my favourite since Modern Warfare. The maps are, in my opinion, very good, and the guns are quite balanced. Extinction is also a very good game mode and is something new for the series. The only downside is the lack of players online - finding a Team Death match is easy enough (as of December 2015), but other modes are more difficult or impossible to play due to lack of players. However, for the price I don't regret buying this on PC (I already owned it on PS4) and the port runs well and looks much better than the PlayStation equivalent.
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on 15 November 2013
I was never a massive fan of the World War II COD games - it started from a time that the games market was inundated with games about WW2 and I'd had my fill. Medal of Honor, Battlefield 1942, Brothers in Arms - ugh, I just got sick of having it thrown at me as much as I'm sick of Zombie games now.

So when the original Modern Warfare was released I gave it a shot and loved it. I enjoyed the single player; getting to bombard people in AC130's was a nice little change from shooting things up and some of the interactive set pieces were interesting to experience (being dragged from a taxi to be executed and sniping in Pripyat to name a couple). And the multiplayer! "wow! they have an unlock system! you can customize your guns!" this was all very new and exciting to me.

Each game since, however, has seen me losing more and more of the reverence I once had for the games. Before we go any further, Since MW I used to play the series religiously and buy the games on release day, with the exception of World At War for aforementioned reasons. I devoted so much time to the COD franchise that I would sleep for 4 hours and play the spare time I had outside of work. However this desire to play began to ebb away since Black Ops was released and something dawned on me; It's the same thing, year in, year out.

COD: Ghosts just confirmed this to me, effectively closing the 5 year love affair with the franchise in two 2 and a half hour blasts of single player on veteran and a handful of games in multiplayer.

I'll start with the single player campaign: The game tells the story of Logan, his brother Hesh and their dog Riley on their quest to join the mysterious spartan-esque ranks of the Ghosts and fight against the South Americans who are invading the US after they hijack weaponised US satellites and turn them on their former owners. This setting opens up the player to use a host of near-future toys and weaponry (although more rooted than Black Ops 2's almost sci-fi weaponry) but doesn't do so much for plot. The characters are your typical chest-beating "HOORAH!" yelling American meatheads and all the way through it the only character I felt an actual interest in was Riley, the German Shepherd. I won't give anything away but the story and dialogue of this particular installment is, in my opinion, poor. In MW3 I wanted to see Price through to the end to get his revenge for Soap, even if Soaps death scene was a little crappy, in Black Ops it was predictable that Reznov was dead and a figment of Mason's imagination - but it was still interesting to see how it all panned out.

In Ghost's however, I just purely didn't care. There's a guy called Rorke hunting Ghosts, we want to stop him. There's no elaboration like who is Rorke working for, who's pulling the strings; all we get is a 30 second loading screen cut-scene explaining how he was captured and mentally broken down until he became a Ghost hunting psychopath and even then the details are pretty thin.

Gameplay wise: Have you played any other COD game since Modern Warfare? Welcome back! glad to see you! There really isn't much else to say on the matter. The game is still the same "follow the AI, do as they say, hide behind cover, shoot, follow the AI..." lather, rinse, repeat intersparsed with a sequence where you remote control the dog (seriously!), use a remote sniper turret and storm a radar base with tanks, none of which provide any "THIS IS COOL!" moments. The game almost feels like it's on rails sometimes, the AI NPC's dragging you down a linear path from one firefight to the next. Sure there are a couple of set piece explosions, like when a damn bursts or a high-rise collapses with you in it, that look good but I felt there just wasn't that much enjoyment in them. 4-second long big events in a 5 hour campaign don't really stick with me that much - you even get to play in space for a bit but its just the same thing floating. All in all, singleplayer just seems like a setting to justify the multiplayer portion of the game, which the majority of you would have or will be buying the game for.
Multiplayer is the same old story with a couple of twists thrown in - you can now create soldiers with different loadouts for each (and they've also added female soldiers in it too this time round) and you can not only customise loadouts but also customise how they look. I think this is a neat addition and allows you to give your own soldiers your own personal touch, though when you are in actual games I can tell you nobody gives a rats-ass how your soldier looks and eventually you won't either. My major gripe with multiplayer is the maps, In my opinion many of them feel far too big for the amount of players in a lobby and even the smaller maps a sizeable campers havens. The last COD game I played where I thought the maps were just right was MW2, Skidrow in particular being my favourite map of all time. Maps like skidrow and high rise almost forced you to play as a team, with one or two central choke points in the apartment halls and a handful of back-alleys for the crafty ones to sneak down and flank the opposing team. MW3 and Black Ops 1 and 2 also followed this formula though a little more open and even though I found them tricky to get used to I learned to love them after a couple of games.
I can't say the same for Ghosts, however. Maps seem geared towards rewarding the lone wolves - the people who mercilessly sprint about with a tac-knife or SMG or the campers who stubbornly sit in the same far-off-room with a marksman rifle surrounded by IED's. There are too many narrow corridors, too many dark and dingy rooms in a map to speed through or sit in. Every game that I have played has always boiled down to who can hide the best or run the fastest and it makes for many frustrating deaths or rage kills. I've also found that Spawn-trapping occurs frequently, sometimes the game just throws you back in right around the corner from someone on the opposing team who will promptly shoot you in the side of the head after only two paces forward.

The newest addition here is the Extinction mode: a four-player co-op game obviously designed as an answer to Treyarch's Zombies mode. In this mode your tasked with planting a nuke in an alien hive while using a drill to take out smaller hives along the way. Compared to Zombies this game mode is frantic and fast paced and also a little less surreal. Unlike zombies the Aliens in extraction are darty, agile, fast moving little gits that can easily dodge your shots and close in on you very fast, some of them have ranged attacks and you can find it very easy to get cornered and battered if you don't keep moving. Unlike Zombies the mode awards XP, which can be used to unlock perks and killstreak rewards to take in to the games with you although there is no weapon unlocks. You start off with a standard pistol and are awarded cash with kills and completed objectives - just like zombies you use it to purchase weapons and items strewn around the map, however the neatest little touch is that you can search objects in the map to find cash and goodies, mainly attachments for your weapons. Each perk that you can unlock and equip with your XP can be levelled up in game by completing wave-based challenges (such as get only melee kills while the drill takes out a hive) and these upgrades make your skills and killstreaks more potent. Extinction is by far the best addition to this game - it's fresh and gives something that the other portions of the game don't, which is something new.

Performance wise I run the game maxed out on a Radeon HD7870 with 8GB of ram and maintain 60+fps. All of you PC gamers out there know that if you buy a game and you only meet the minimum settings, you're going to have a bad time and this is especially true of this game. COD Ghosts is not very well optimised for PC and there were even a few parts where the game would freeze and hitch frequently, though recent updates to the game seem to have alleviated this. Now the game runs a silky-smooth 60+fps constantly, though online lag will cause the game to hang momentarily rather than rubber-band you. The game also has a 6GB minimum RAM requirement and god knows what they were thinking, because the game barely uses 2GB. There are fixes and hacks that can get around this though they are obviously at your own risk.

Despite what first impressions may be, the game does look slightly better than other COD games, this is especially apparent in textures
Extinction mode is fun and fresh
Performance has increased since latest patch.

It only looks slightly better than other COD games. Light mapping is still a joke and this is apparent when someone switches on a torch in a pitch-black room and nothing happens.
Multiplayer, while fun, is still just the same thing. The same turd rolled in a bit of glitter.
Multiplayer maps are poor and geared towards rewarding campers. Spawn-killing also happens more frequently than it should.
P**s poor single player story.
Singleplayer only took me 5 hours playtime on veteran and I imagine this will be even less on lower difficulties (I died a lot)
Singleplayer feels linear and often like you're on rails - there's very little freedom involved other than who to shoot at first
Despite the patch, you can still tell it's poorly optimized for PC - the 6GB minimum limit is a massive joke.

In Summary:
Very few games give be buyers remorse, but it's sad to say that COD: Ghosts has. After finishing singleplayer and blasting around on multiplayer I remembered why I stopped playing the predecessors - I got bored. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome and COD: Ghosts was the game that helped me realise that. It's the same thing, just dressed up, slapped on the ass for good luck and sent out the door with a hopeful, anxious smile. It's a game that I've tried so hard to like because I have such fond memories of playing it's predecessors with my friends but along the way I forgot that the reason I liked the original Modern Warfare and Black Ops games was because they did something new and found a radically different setting, letting us use modern weaponry and attach stuff to it like we were wrapping Christmas presents - but the sparkle has gone and throwing in a remote-controlled dog and a survival mode with aliens is in my opinion not enough to justify paying so much for a game - especially one that I feel I've played too many times before.
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