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4.3 out of 5 stars89
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 20 May 2013
This is the story of Ember, a troubled 19 year-old who's always been able to sense the ultimate death of anyone she touches. She doesn't know why she has this 'gift', and not surprisingly it's resulted in a very solitary life. She generally avoids human contact and has never had a boyfriend. Her family life has been plagued with problems, in fact tragedy seems to attract itself to Ember like iron to a magnet. Then she meets Asher, and discovers that his touch brings a peculiar kind of calm. The book revolves around their relationship and their natures. Who are they? What are they? Is there someone, or perhaps a sinister group of people, who are trying to get rid of Ember? Unlike other reviewers, I won't spoil this book by telling you the nature of the characters - I would point out that this is not revealed in the story until over one third through the book, and it's not explained in the cover blurb so I feel that giving it away is a huge plot spoiler. Sadly I foolishly read the top Amazon review before buying, which explained what the characters were in the first sentence, and so the mystery was taken from me. What a shame, as the author skilfully drips information and clues into the plot, and I can't help feeling it would have been a much more satisfying read if I hadn't already been told.

It's an original premise (although if you've read any of Kalayna Price's 'Grave Witch' books, you will notice some peculiar similarities, probably entirely coincidental). I did have some problems with the actual writing however. It's written in first person present ("I open the door and see...") which always feels a little clunky, although after a while I did get used to the style and stopped noticing it so much. More unforgivably are the numerous typographical errors. I do think they're genuine mistakes, rather than a lack of ability on the part of the writer (not so for some other books in the Kindle store), but nevertheless they jar. It's a shame that the book wasn't more thoroughly edited. The ending didn't work perfectly for me; it left me with the feeling that the author had suddenly decided that she might want to write a sequel, or perhaps a series of them, and so made some hasty changes. Also I couldn't help feeling that the names Ember and Asher were a bit twee; it's all a bit too terribly symbolic for its own good.

All that said I've decided on 4 stars (rather than 3) because it's an interesting idea, and because the character of Ember was well-written: both troubled and strong at the same time. Someone who's suffered tragedy and numerous set-backs, but just keeps picking themselves up and moving on rather than moping around feeling sorry for herself. The plot is engaging and, despite having seen spoilers, I kept turning pages right through to the end. There were still some surprises. Plus I think the author deserves some credit for making a first person present narrative work at all - no mean feat. I would say that if you've been enjoying the recent rash of fantasy romances, this might just make a refreshing change.
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on 23 July 2013
Oh Jessica, how I adore theeeee!

Seriously I am a superfan, If I ever saw you in person I would either faint or hug you.

Everything that Jessica has ever written I have loved, she was one of the first authors I was introduced to when I first got my kindle and since then I eagerly anticipate everything from her and consume it as fast as I can. One shocking fact is I actually prefer her paranormal books (not that I don't love her new adult stuff) I just love her original concepts and amazing way with words.

When I found out that Jessica was literally sexing up her YA book Ember I could not have been more excited, I only just managed not to do a little wee. The first time I read this story I fell hard for it, and the second time was no different infact I think I may have loved it even more.

There isn't much I can say about this book without giving it a way - this is because the concept is not like anything you would have read and that makes it so much better!!! Trust me you will fall in love with the swoon worthy men and find yourself second guessing which one top trust - but then again doesn't everyone like a bad boy? I know I certainly do.

5/5 and I cannot wait for the second and final instalment out soon!
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on 30 December 2013
I originally read Ember and then the Ember X, and I must say I found this book so captivating. This story is refreshingly different from other young/new adult (depends on the version you read) I've read, it's a morbidly dark gothic tale between good and evil and you're just not sure who's going to win.

There's nothing normal about Ember, she sees people's deaths in a mere touch, is stalked by the reaper and the whole town thinks she's a murderer. Her father is missing presumed dead, her drug addict mother hates her and her brother is... well just plain weird. So when two hottie's suddenly show up in her town both vying for her attention. What's a girl to do.

Turns out the two hottie's Asher and Cameron are the embodiment of good and evil and Ember's caught in the middle of a war that's been raging since before time began.

This book is truly amazing, I couldn't put it down. There is so much going on, your head feels like it's spinning, it's thrilling, gripping and well worth a read.
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on 8 October 2014
Wow this book was great, totally new and original idea. Ember is troubled, if she touches anyone she sees their death. Her reputation in town is 'killer' and her mother and brother are both depressives on meds. She lives her life surrounded by death and feeling lonely and afraid until she meets Asher who makes her feel things she's never felt, he gives her calm and peace, she doesn't see death but most of all she finally feels wanted. She also meets Cameron who again gives her similar feelings but something's not right. When things suddenly go down hill, students going missing, Ember being killed over and over she realises something's happening but will it be Asher or Cameron whose the bad guy.. This story was great, good plot, writing, characters, descriptions and history. The sex scene was done right and Asher was sweet. I really enjoyed this book and look forward to the series.
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on 12 May 2013
I downloaded this as a freebie, not sure what to expect. However this book kept me entranced - well written, storyline kept me gripped and adored the characters. The only disappointment I had was when I realised book 2 isn't released yet *pout*

I recommend this to anyone looking for something a little different from the normal paraVamp/paraWere. Very enjoyable to read.

I enjoyed the authors work so much, I looked up Jessica's other work and went on a mad spending spree. There are a couple (such as the first fallen and darkness series) that are currently free, so grab them whilst you can. I will be spending the next couple of dahs absorbed in her worlds.
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on 5 September 2014
I chose this rating because I thought the book was enjoyable and had a great plot, which can be carried on into a series (hopefully). I don't have any real dislikes but I particularly liked the relationship between Ember and Raven because they contrast each other, as Raven seems to me as fun and upbeat but Ember is the serious, responsible one of the friendship. My aunt recommended this to me and I would recommend it to a fellow lover of romance, mythology and fantasy fiction. Also I like the quotes of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven" as I am also named after the poem.
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on 12 May 2013
Although I got slightly confused with Grim Angels, Reapers Anamotti etc etc, and who was good and who was bad. It didn't stop the enjoyment of reading this book which was extremely well written, as all Jessica Sorensen's books are.
Ember has a curious characteristic, that of being able, by touch, to know how a person dies. Asher is the guy she falls for, but what is he and how does he fit into the scheme of things?
I' d love to read more and hope she's either published or is going to publish the next in the series as I want to know what happens.
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on 16 July 2014
This book was really good. It wasn't the best book in the world though, it had some grammatical errors, however the story line kept you pulled in and you want to know what happens to the characters because you feel a connection with them. Saying this though, I only gave it 4 stars because I don't believe the story imprinted in my mind enough and I believe I will forget about what it was and also because of the grammatical errors. Overall though a very good book. Definitely recommend a read and it's free.
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on 30 January 2014
I downloaded this book feeling quite confident that I would enjoy it, having read some others by Jessica Sorensen. The genre made a nice change from all the vampire/werewolf fan fiction books out there. Could be mistaken for a YA novel until you encounter the explicit scenes and occasional curse word. Good depth of characters and the story keeps pace quite nicely till the end. Not sure what the next book is called as there are no details at the end, but will definitely consider purchasing if I find it.
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on 20 May 2013
Jessica Sorenson is one of my favourite authors, I have read more or less anything she has written and now she is re-writing some of her books with a sexy twist.
I really enjoyed Ember the first time round but having been re-written this sexy twist makes it even better.
Friendship, love, betrayal, good & bad all come together in this story & ember is such a likeable character that u just want to look after her!!
Love it and can't wait for the next instalment.....
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