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5.0 out of 5 stars Why, you insolent primitive!, 19 Oct 2013
This review is from: Doctor Who - The Monsters Collection: The Master [DVD] (DVD)
This set contains the four-part "Terror of the Autons" from 1971, as well as the two-part "The End of Time" from 2009/2010. Acting as both an introduction to the show for new viewers and a collector's item for the long-term fans, this set focuses on the Master, the Doctor's one-time friend turned long-time enemy.

Jon Pertwee stars as the Doctor's third incarnation in "Terror of the Autons", a story involving a circus, a blue horsebox, hypnotism, a floating Time Lord, a top-secret military organisation, policemen that aren't really policemen, a flowery coach bus and a heck of a lot of plastic. Katy Manning makes her debut as ditzy babe Josephine "Jo" Grant and Richard Franklin also debuts as Captain Mike Yates, UNIT's second in command and the Brig's right hand man. Roger Deglado makes an impact as the Master, playing him as a mischievous charmer who discusses the Doctor's demise as calmly as though he was talking about the weather. The suffocating chair may have come in for some flack at the time, but it's still an effective scene and possibly the stand-out moment of the story; it's hard to think of this adventure and not think of that image. Setting up the scene for most of the stories to come, this is great.

Thirty eight years later, with many Doctor/Master battles in between, "The End of Time" saw the Master unleash possibly the maddest scheme he's ever come up with. If Roger Delgado played the part as a charmer, then John Simm plays him as a straight-up loon. Gone are the mischievous qualities that Delgado and Anthony Ainley gave the character; the Master here is properly insane, to the point where we actually see him tied up in a straightjacket. Bernard Cribbins makes a fun and likeable companion as Wilfred Mott finally gets a trip in the TARDIS, and Timothy Dalton thunders as the return of Rassilon, but full marks here go to David Tennant, who effectively manages to give his Doctor a glorious send-off. Matt Smith's post-regeneration scene is something to behold; even though he's about to leave the show soon after three years in the role, within the first few minute or so of him being on screen here you get a pretty good idea of what his Doctor is going to be like. Hopefully Peter Capaldi will have something like this to give us an idea as well!

Clubbing these two stories together as a set and then sticking a £7.00 price tag on it is a bargain. Perfect for people who may not be too familiar with the show, perfect for people who are just getting introduced to the show amid all the hype of the 50th Anniversary, but also perfect for people like me who already have them but love them enough to get them again!
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4.0 out of 5 stars One Master story, and one imposter., 13 July 2013
Matthew J. Parker "the legend writes:" (Todmorden, United Kingdom) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Doctor Who - The Monsters Collection: The Master [DVD] (DVD)
Two stories featuring The Master - Terror of the Autons from the Pertwee era, and The End of Time part 1 and 2 - David Tennant's swansong. Roger Delgado is, was and always will be the definitive Master - here is a character you truly believe to be evil and a threat and all because of the fabulous acting of Delgado. It's little wonder the character stayed around for nearly every story of the next couple of years because he is just SO good in the role, and a perfect pair to spar with Pertwee. I often wonder how the shape of Doctor Who would have been if Delgado had survived the tragic crash in 1973. The story also features the Autons who Pertwee defeated temporarily in his debut story. A few dodgy effects aside, this story set the benchmark for Doctor Who in the future. Anthony Ainley was also a great master, and at least took Delgado's appearance, and finally got a great story in his final role in Survival - but John Simm?? No - he's not the Master. I think i'd have preferred to see Derek Jacobi with a black goatee in the role. As a story it's an epic and a deserving finale for Tennant, but they even had to bring in the timelords to show a proper menacing and a believable villain in Timothy Dalton. Simm is more like a spoiled child. At least, for the many people who complained about Autons being released in a box set, here it is for a bargain price.
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4.0 out of 5 stars terror of the Autons/The End of Time, 22 July 2013
This review is from: Doctor Who - The Monsters Collection: The Master [DVD] (DVD)
I have no idea where `KK' gets his/her information. According to the BBC these `Monster Collections' are specially themed sets to represent the most popular opponents of the Doctor. Each DVD will feature a story from the original run of Doctor Who (usually the first appearance of the monster) and from its return since 2005 (ie. Old Who and New Who as it is sometimes termed).

They are to be presented in sleeved cases in much the same design as `The Cybermen Collection' and `The Dalek Collection' that were released in 2009. This looks as if this will give them a collectible appearance.

This DVD includes:

TERROR OF THE AUTONS (3/5) - once more appearing with another story, it doesn't look as if this will have its own release. Even though it is the first appearance of the Master it is certainly not his strongest story or his best interaction with the Doctor. As he often does the Master shares the limelight, this time with the Autons. It is right that it should be Roger Delgado's version that appears but there are many stories when he is on much better form.

THE END OF TIME (5/5) - a great performance from John Simms. Never has the Master been more insane whilst also appearing as a sympathetic figure. Despite the `Master Race' the Master is somewhat overshadowed by the return of Rassilon and the demise of the Tenth Doctor. Perhaps, `Utopia/The Sound of Drums/Last of the Timelords' would have been a better story to represent the Master. It would have also featured another incarnation of the Master in Derek Jacobi.

As yet there is no mention of special features. It would seem a shame if there weren't any.

As previously released stories they are clearly intended to be collector's items especially for the fiftieth anniversary.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Delgado and Simm on one DVD., 2 Jun 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Doctor Who - The Monsters Collection: The Master [DVD] (DVD)
I loved The End of Time and having on DVD is brilliant. Delgado is the best Master, and was a brilliant add on for this DVD.
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5.0 out of 5 stars The Master, 7 Feb 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Doctor Who - The Monsters Collection: The Master [DVD] (DVD)
I loved this product as I have always loved the tales between the doctor and the master. Time Lord enemies
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5.0 out of 5 stars Doctor Who The Monster Collection - The Master, 3 May 2013
This review is from: Doctor Who - The Monsters Collection: The Master [DVD] (DVD)
Terror of the Autons: The Master, a renegade Time Lord, breaks into a museum and steals a Nestene energy globe.

Part 1: The Master paves the way for an invasion by the insidious Nestene consciousness.
Part 2: The Master uses his hypnotic powers to take control of a factory where he creates Autons.
Part 3: The only clue to the Master's plans is a single plastic daffodil...
Part 4: The Master is broadcasting an activation signal to open a channel for the Nestenes.

02 - 23 Jan 1971

The Mind of Evil: At Stangmoor Prison, the Doctor and Jo observe a demonstration of the Keller Machine.

Part 1: At Stangmoor Prison, the Keller Machine can extract evil impulses from criminals.
Part 2: A full scale riot takes place at Stangmoor Prison and Jo is taken hostage.
Part 3: The Master plans is to capture a missile and launch it at the World Peace Conference.
Part 4: The parasite within the Keller Machine becomes too powerful for the Master to control.
Part 5: The Keller Machine is out of control so the Brigadier launches an assault on the prison.
Part 6: The Doctor has no choice but to turn the parasite against the Master.

30 Jan - 06 Mar 1971

The Claws of Axos: An alien craft lands on Earth. In exchange for fuel, its crew offer a miraculous gift.

Part 1: Axos lands on Earth and the Axons offer the gift of the miraculous Axonite.
Part 2: The Master is in league with the Axons who intend to consume Earth.
Part 3: The Axons attempt to force the Doctor to give them the secret of time travel.
Part 4: The Doctor and the Master plan to escape Earth, leaving it to Axos and its fate.

13 Mar - 03 Apr 1971

Colony in Space: The Master has stolen the Time Lord files for a devastating Doomsday Weapon.

Part 1: The TARDIS takes the Doctor and Jo to the future where colonists are menaced by a monster.
Part 2: The Interplanetary Mining Corporation, led by Captain Dent, arrives on the planet.
Part 3: When Jo attempts to break into the IMC ship she is captured and held hostage.
Part 4: The Master pretends to have come to settle the dispute between the colonists and IMC.
Part 5: The Master forces the Doctor to take him to the underground city of the primitives.
Part 6: The Doctor and the Master confront the guardian of the Doomsday Weapon.

10 Apr - 15 May 1971

The Daemons: The Doctor is concerned as he watches a televised archaeological dig near Devil's End.

Part 1: The Doctor tries to stop Professor Horner from breaking into a barrow near Devil's End.
Part 2: Devil's End is sealed off from the outside world by an invisible heat barrier.
Part 3: The Master prepares to summon the Daemon Azal.
Part 4: Jo tries to stop the Master summoning the Daemon for the final time. But she is too late.
Part 5: The Daemon Azal confronts the Doctor and the Master to decide the fate of mankind.

22 May - 19 Jun 1971

The Sea Devils: The Doctor and Jo visit the Master at a prison on an island just off the coast of England.

Part 1: The Doctor and Jo pay a visit to the Master who is held prisoner on an island.
Part 2: The Doctor is eager to make peace between the Sea Devils and the humans.
Part 3: The Master plans to summon the Sea Devils from beneath the waves.
Part 4: Eager to make contact with the Sea Devils, the Doctor makes an underwater journey.
Part 5: The Doctor is captured by the Sea Devils and taken to their undersea base.
Part 6: The Sea Devils come to the surface and attack the Naval base.

26 Feb - 01 Apr 1972

The Time Monster: A dream of the Master and a glowing crystal leads the Doctor to the Newton Institute.

Part 1: The Master is using a device called TOMTIT to summon a creature from beyond time.
Part 2: After a disastrous attempt to summon Kronos, the Master prepares to use TOMTIT once again.
Part 3: The Master uses TOMTIT to summon threats from the past to attack UNIT.
Part 4: The Master heads to Atlantis but he and the Doctor confront each other in the time vortex.
Part 5: In Atlantis the crystal of Kronos is protected by a guardian who is half man, half beast.
Part 6: With the crystal of Kronos in his possession, the Master releases the Chronovore.

20 May - 24 Jun 1972

Frontier in Space: The TARDIS lands in the far future where Earth and Draconia teeter on the brink of war.

Part 1: The TARDIS lands inside an Earth spaceship in the far future which is attacked by Ogrons.
Part 2: The Doctor realises someone is provoking a war between Earth and Draconia.
Part 3: Accused of being a spy, the Doctor is sentenced to imprisonment on the Moon.
Part 4: The Doctor and Jo are the Master's prisoners.
Part 5: The Doctor reveals the plan to provoke war to the Draconians but the Master escapes.
Part 6: The Doctor leads a mission to the Ogron home world to apprehend the Master and rescue Jo.

24 Feb - 31 Mar 1973

The Deadly Assassin: The Doctor is framed for the assassination of the retiring Time Lord president.

Part 1: The Doctor returns to Gallifrey and races to prevent a tragedy.
Part 2: The Time Lord president has been assassinated and the Doctor is the prime suspect.
Part 3: The Doctor enters the virtual world of the Matrix hoping to track down the Master.
Part 4: The Master makes his final bid to release the devastating power of the Time Lords.

30 Oct - 20 Nov 1976

The Keeper of Traken: An ancient evil threatens the peaceful world of Traken... the Master!

Part 1: The Keeper of Traken is nearing the end of his long reign and requests the Doctor's help.
Part 2: As Melkur begins to return to life, he manipulates Kassia into doing its bidding.
Part 3: Melkur is poised to take control of the all-powerful source manipulator.
Part 4: Melkur is the new Keeper of Traken and the Doctor discovers the truth about his enemy.

31 Jan - 21 Feb 1981

Logopolis: The Fourth Doctor is warned of his own demise but must save the universe from the Master.

Part 1: To repair the TARDIS' chameleon circuit, the Doctor goes to Earth for a real police box.
Part 2: The Doctor travels to Logopolis where a series of fateful events are set in motion.
Part 3: The Master is loose on Logopolis and is determined to learn the planet's secret.
Part 4: With the fate of the universe at stake, the Doctor and the Master must collaborate.

28 Feb - 21 Mar 1981

Castrovalva: The newly regenerated Doctor tries to avoid destruction within Event One.

Part 1: The Doctor tries to recuperate within the Zero Room.
Part 2: The Zero Room is gone and the Doctor's regeneration is unstable.
Part 3: Something is wrong with Castrovalva, but the Portreeve cannot help identify the problem.
Part 4: The Master's space/time trap is revealed, with Adric at its heart...

04 - 12 Jan 1982

Time - Flight: The Doctor discovers that aeroplanes have been drawn back through time by the Master...

Part 1: Concorde disappears back through a crack in time, so the Doctor follows its trail.
Part 2: After an encounter with the Plasmatons, Nyssa is possessed by strange aliens.
Part 3: From within their sarcophagus, the gestalt Xeraphin are communicating through Nyssa.
Part 4: The Doctor must follow the Master back to 20th century Heathrow.

22 - 30 Mar 1982

The King's Demons: The Doctor discovers the English King is a shape-changing android called Kamelion!

Part 1: When the TARDIS appears, King John is more curious than alarmed, as is Sir Gilles Estram.
Part 2: The Master and the Doctor fight for control of Kamelion's mind.

15 - 16 Mar 1983

The Five Doctors: Who is taking the Doctor out of time and placing him in the Death Zone on Gallifrey?

25 Nov 1983

Planet of Fire: On the planet Sarn the truth of Turlough's original exile is revealed.

Part 1: Peri Brown wants a break from her stepfather, but the Master has other plans.
Part 2: Kamelion has taken the TARDIS to Sarn and is trying to locate his master.
Part 3: Timanov demands sacrifices to appease his god, Logar.
Part 4: The Doctor is forced to take drastic measures against Kamelion and the Master.

23 Feb - 02 Mar 1984

The Mark of the Rani: The Master and the Rani make an uneasy alliance on Earth.

Part 1: People cannot sleep and the Doctor realises it is the work of the Rani.
Part 2: The Rani has other traps for the unwary, including the ability to turn people into trees.

02 - 09 Feb 1985

The Trial of A Time Lord Part 13: The Valeyard's true identity is revealed and the trial aborted.
The Trial of A Time Lord Part 14: The Valeyard has created a weapon within the Matrix that will destroy the Time Lords.

Survival: People have been transported to a strange planet on the verge of destruction.

Part 1: Ace is cornered by a Cheetah-Person called Kara, who transports her to a far-off planet...
Part 2: The Doctor follows Ace to the Cheetah-People's world, where the Master lies in wait.
Part 3: As the alien world dies around them, the Doctor and the Master fight like animals.

22 Nov - 06 Dec 1989

Doctor Who: The Television Movie: After being shot beside the TARDIS, the Seventh Doctor becomes the Eighth. And on the streets of San Francisco - alongside new ally Grace Holloway - he battles the Master.

27 May 1996
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