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4.1 out of 5 stars250
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 10 September 2013
I love this product.
We used to travel with a twin-screen car DVD player and a stash of DVDs to keep our kids entertained on long journeys, whether by car or plane.
Last year I bought a Google Nexus 7 which the kids love for games. This meant carrying yet another device around... until I discovered downloaded movies for the tablet. I quickly realised that not having to carry a DVD player and a fat DVD wallet around is great but that the built-in 16GB storage space of the tablet , partly used up by Apps and other stuff, doesn't leave much space for movies.
That's when I decided to give the Mobilelite Wireless a try. It turned out to be easy to use, works reliably and with PLENTY of movies stored on a 32 GB SD card we recently went on a two week vacation. The beach turned out to be much more attractive then any movies we had brought along and the kids actually didn't watch much at all. However...
For the journey back home we had a nine hour flight ahead of us and had promised the kids one movie before "lights out" when the flight attendant announced that the inflight entertainment system was broken. There were some very disappointed passengers on the flight, including my 9-year old and my 5-year old who was about to have a very public melt down.
This is when the Mobilelite Wireless came to the rescue and showed it's true potential: I switched it on and within minutes one child watched her movie of choice on the Nexus 7 whereas the other one used my iphone to watch a different one. Eventually, my wife decided to pull out her Galaxy SIII phone and enjoyed a third movie. All three devices obviously had the respective Android or iOS MobileLite Wireless App installed. After a while I felt a bit bored myself and booted up my Windows 8 work laptop that I always travel with but which does not hold any movies. As there is no Mobilelite Wireless App to run on a Windows 8 computer I just opened my browser, entered the MobileLite Wireless URL into the browser ( and bingo: I was able to stream a fourth movie from the SD card at the same time.
Result: Definitely one happy family on that flight thanks to Kingston.
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on 27 October 2014
I always like Kingston products and I thought the Mobilelite Wireless was a pretty good concept given the fact that I can use my own memory cards or even hard drives for storage expansion for iOS devices. Because I am a professional photographer and sometimes if I want to share some photos on the go, it's simple by sticking my SD cards to the reader and boom, there you go, pretty simple. It works well (when it does... which I am going to explain a little later).

So it's good but not good at the same time, hence three stars only. I like the idea but the execution could be a lot better. Their app can do with some UI improvements. It's not very intuitive and supported formats (videos) was rather limited. However, given the fact that I could use VLC on iPad or iPhone to access the drive so I never needed to use the app to play any video. So it does work with any type of file formats providing you have a good video app that can access local network drives. VLC is good!

But here's the down side. I am not too sure what's wrong but the wifi network doesn't always come up from my iPad or iPhone. I sometimes have to turn off my wifi and then back on to find the channel. Once connected, the stream will start. Viewing photos and video can be an issue sometimes when the connection seems to disconnect and reconnect. I never get a smooth video play because of the pausing and playing through out. The quality of stream is good but it seems either the wireless channel were not able to stream at a constant speed or simply disconnects.

Viewing photos is exactly the same issue. I can view a couple of photos before it hangs a good 30 seconds or so because I can view another one. I wish the wireless speed is much faster and constant.

The last thing is the battery. The advertised capacity is a lie!!! I originally thought that the 1800 mAh was enough to charge my iPhone 5 since it has the similar battery capacity. However, whenever I charge my phone, it will only get to around 50% before the Mobilelite depleted itself. 50%??? Joking right? So I contact Kingston and here what they told me (twice!!!) "The mobilelite is for emergency charging only. Getting your iPhone 5 to 50% is good!) I thought "What???" I asked again in a separate email, "So 1800mAh doesn't translate to full electrical charge to my iPhone???" Then their reply "If charging if your sole reason for using the mobilelite then you should consider using the G2 which as a higher capacity battery."

So there you go. Forget about 1800 mAh in the Mobilelite. It's good (at time) but charging is hopeless and really is for emergency only. Don't be fooled by the packing, it will not fully charge your iPhone 5 (forget about iPhone 6 or Galaxy which has larger batteries). On the plus side, it's small and light so easy for traveling. But now I am thinking of getting the G2 because I do need the charging capacity on the go sometimes.

Kingston, please do not confuse customers and that 1800 figure is very misleading. I still like the product yet like I said, the execution can be a whole lot better and you customer support can be a little better too. That response was simply poor.
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on 30 July 2014
This is a great portable device. The official App Store app can be slightly slow and buggy, however this only needs to be used to install the settings on the device, i.e; personalising your password and connecting to any nearby internet enabled WIFI networks.

Once this is set up and you connect your device to the Mobilite's WIFI you will not only be able to view photos / video, back up your device photos, but you will also be able to connect to the internet (providing it has been set up to connect to a nearby internet enabled WIFI network).

The official Mobilite app only supports MP4 video formats, however by using the free VLC player app, it can connect to the Mobilite's connected USB / SDCard and almost any video format can be played.

I took this on holiday recently and was really impressed, the kids watched some movies streamed to the iPad whilst I backed up the photos taken on my phone at the same time. The battery life seems pretty decent, it charges quickly and it can also be used to charge your devices.
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on 26 December 2013
Well, for those people who have mixed feeling about this device due to some amibiguous reviews, can I just say at (currently) £30 its a bargain - it create a wifi hotspot that enables you to connect your phone or tablet and view whatever files are on aUSB or SD memory drive. The settings are so easy even a non techie like myself had no problems in going into "security" to create a password, and "network" so it connects to my router- and bridges the wifi . Simple and brilliant
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on 28 September 2013
This is a great accessory for travel. Charges from a standard usb charger, let's you backup photos from your digital camera to a usb drive, and most importantly it streams movies and tv to your devices - I've tried it with my iPhone and ipad using nPlayer. The supplied software works ok but has some peculiarities where you can't stream mkv's but can stream mp4s.. To stream an mkv I had to use the web interface (not really publicised, access from and then copy and paste the http URL of the file into nplayer. You can use "send to" with a variety of players but this forces the file to copy entirely before playing, not necessarily a bad thing but you might have to wait a bit before watching! The software allows you to navigate around both USB and as cards, a facility to more easily select a lot of files would be beneficial as backing up many photos can take quite a time to select multiple files. Recommended product at a reasonable price.
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on 2 January 2014
Quite impressed with this little box of tricks, saves a lot of video download space on various tablets that we own in our household, so simple to drag and drop a video onto a SD card stick it in this little box and we can watch different videos on three separate devices, well worth the money. Is there a downside, afraid so the internal rechargeable battery states 5 hours of usage, we have only managed nearer the 4 hour mark, still adequate for those journeys in a car or train also it cannot be used whilst on charge! remedy that bad boy and you have 5 star device on your hands. And as stated it can be used to recharge your mobile phone or tablet if its running out of juice. Would I recommend it! Yes I would. handy little device to have on you whilst travelling.
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We bought this Kingston MLW221 Mobilelite Wireless Reader as we are keen photographers and like to to see our pictures on our iPads whilst still in the field. In the box you get the Mobilelite Reader, a USB to Micro USB lead plus instructions, although, there are some more useful video guides on the Kingston website.This device is effectively a wireless hotspot with an SD card facility and is about the size of a pack of 10 cigarettes.

You charge the device via it's Micro USB socket and a 3 hour charge will give you around 6 hours or so use. There is an SD card slot, an on/off switch and three LED indicators - one for power, another for the data link to your mobile device plus another for the "bridge" to your wireless network. This latter facility is obviously optional but means you can access the Internet whilst connected to the Mobilelite Reader without changing WiFi connections.

To make this device work you need to install the Mobilelite app which works well and connection between the iPad and reader is easy to set up. You can then read what is on the SD card you insert into the Mobilelite reader and view pictures. In common with other reviewers it didn't work for videos. In most other respects this device works well and gave access to the pictures taken on my Canon SX280 HS and Nikon DSLR cameras. The one weakness is that I think it could be faster in loading the pictures - okay we are talking a few seconds for each picture - obviously a bigger file will take longer. I need to qualify this by saying that I like speed, even the most powerful PCs are still not quick enough to me - anything short of instant is too slow therefore I'm always disappointed. Also a case would have been nice for device that is made to be carried around.

If you aren't worried about the slower than instant loading of pictures and lack of movie compatibility then this device could be worth a look for you. Recommended.
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on 8 March 2014
I tried the WiFi Stash ( but the app couldn't display films in landscape mode on the iPod Touch 4g.
I've had the Mobilelite Wireless Reader since Nov 2013 and can only say that I'm delighted with it. As I only have iOS 6, I haven't experienced the problems that other users have detailed in other reviews.
The Mobilelite Wireless Reader puts out a wireless signal and is in the list of networks available for my iPod to log into. Once logged on, I open the app (downloaded from the App Store) and can watch films that are stored on a USB stick on the iPod . Obviously, the films must be in a format that iOS can handle. The app is very easy to use and works a treat. The Mobilelite Wireless Reader has its own internal rechargeable battery, so it can stream to your device wherever you are - car, train, plane, middle of the country etc.
I have tested the device simultaneously streaming to my iPod and my son's Sony phone (he had the Android app). We were each watching different films at the same time without any problems. We also tested it with the same film on both devices, but my son began to watch the film from a different starting point - again, no problems.
This device really becomes useful when used in conjunction with Apple TV. I log the Apple TV onto the network signal given out by the Mobilelite Wireless Reader, log the iPod onto the same network and then I can watch films on my older big screen TV that has no USB input.
I am thoroughly satisfied with the Mobilelite Wireless Reader. You don't need to have a huge internal capacity on your device if you have this little gem.
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on 30 May 2014
Quite slow at transferring photos from usb to the ipad having to wait for long periods on quite small jpg files that then loose clarity on the retina display which defeats the object
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on 27 August 2014
The device seems to work well and connects easily to any phone or tablet. But I encounter a big problem while playing the movies, it freezes several time to buffer the video, it is really annoying and prevents the viewer to concentrate and enjoy the movie. I have used the device with an USB stick, I will try to use it with an SD card to see if it works better but I am really disappointed so far!
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