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4.2 out of 5 stars362
4.2 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation3|Edition: Standard Edition|Change
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on 2 November 2013
im gonna start by saying im not one of thoses guys who gives a game 1 star because it arrived broken or late or anything like that, ill rate the game on what i get out of it. and anyway after i sent it back, it arrived the next morning which is frankly outstanding. if your reading this review to get an idea for the franchise and idea behind the games please go and read the reviews of and buy Batman Arkham City: Game of the year edition for £15 which is a bargain for the best game ever made.

ill start with the positives as this is still a good game, batmans new array of gadgets are great and his new armour from the previous game looks awesome, the cut scenes are unbelievably good and make u feel like your in a movie but in a good way. also, the voice acting was good but was never going to stand up to Kevin Conroy and Mark Hammil of the previous games. there is a multitude of side missions which are good with the occasional boring one like fly half way accross Gotham just to destroy a drug stash. and the map is really big; with the map from the previous game, but brought back in time as it is a prequel in a rwally cool way making it familiar but different enough, as well as whole new part called "New Gotham" and theres fast travel with the batwing which is always good aswell a access to the batcave where there is combat training. the DlC with this is great aswell, the deathstroke FLC is really fun and definatly worth it and the night fall pack was a bit cheap in that the predator maps where just ones from the previous game with a new look and style, but they were free with the preorder and i got it for £30 pounds which is amazing for a game on launch day.

this game is a good addition to the arkham line of games, and i knew it was never going to match the enjoyment i got out of arkham city (which still, and probably always will be, my favourite game), but it would have been better were it not for the glitches. now this wasnt some irritating glitch, it was a glitch which left me unable to play the game and even after i sent it back it back the new copy did the same. it froze from time to time and occasionally stuttered when there was a lot to process as well as the glitch which just left batman falling into darkness, but ive had no option but to send it back for a refund, not a replacement.
if this game was with out the glitches i would give it 4, quite possibly 4 and a half stars; its still an arkham game which i have taken huge enjoyment from. however the story could have been a lot longer (although it was still a good lenght of a bout 12 hours) as 2 of the 8 assassins are side missions, which causes them to be out of place within the main story as u can play them even when the story is complete, and 1 u never actually fight and i think that was a bit wasted. in addition to this the story elements kinda feel jumbled as if batman is distracted by something which is relavent but takes away the idea of him having to rush to where ever he has to go, they could have just put it before his realisation (with a couple of adjustments) and the story would flow nicely. there are also little things like finding your way through a building, discovering what u need and then having to go back all the way u came which is just tedious.
the gamepla is also very similar to the previous game other than the edition of a new crime scene analysis which is good, but still doesnt test my intelligence in the way it would test Bruce Waynes; its still easy.

overall, buy this game if your a fan of the series by all means, it would be stupid to miss out on this game because its "not great". and if it was without the glitching, which it maybe on your version, it would be a really fun game with plenty to do and which would be a lot of fun.
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on 27 October 2013
In a prequel to the origional Arkham games. Batman is only in his second year, without the trust of Leutenant Gordon, Batman is enemies with both the criminals and the police. Black Mask puts a bounty on Batman's head, on top of that 8 assassins try to claim the prize and are gunning for Batman.

What I liked

Nothing has changed with the combat. And like Arkham City, there is lots to do when it comes to side missions. Theres a decent balence with villains that are really popular, like the Joker and Bane and also some some enemies I had never even heard of like Copperhead. What shines the most is the crime scenes play like a video while Batman is investigating, I absolutly loved that feature. The Alice in Wonderland dream style level when you get to the Mad Hatter's side mission is really beautiful to look at and is really creative.

+Decent Story
+Some cool new gadgets
+Lots of most wanted side missions
+All of Gotham to explore
+Fast travelling in the Batwing

What I didn't Like

I've had serious problems when it comes to the game freezing. If I play for say 20 minutes or so the framerate drops right down so I have to restart the console. The boss fights are repetetive and most feel anti-climactic. For example Deathstroke had a big build up in the trailors (even has a DLC release) and yet he just shows up, you have an annoyingly long and repetetive fight and thats it! Also whats the point in having all of Gotham City to explore when you never see a civilian, just criminals and cops!

-The Enigma challenges are not nearly as fun as the Riddler challenges
-Some of the assasins are just side missions

Overall I do really like this game and the Bat-fanatic in me wants this to rate this 4 stars, but the way it keeps freezing and gliching sadly knocks it down to 3 for me :( A patch is badly needed for this game.
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on 26 October 2013
Being a massive Batman fan I have loved the previous games. The gameplay was always exciting, the stories well written and good use of characters from the Batman universe. All I wanted from Origins is the same and more and initially that's what I got but some improvements of the batcave, cool weapons and a fun story with more of a focus on fighting with the assassins.

So after completing the game I was disappointed game had ended. There are however some issues with this game, whereby City was a improvement of an already great game they managed to do more of the same without any changes to make it stand out from the two. Dare I say it the game franchise I love is tiring and I for one would like to see a bigger change and not do a sequel which is too similar to the previous game.

My only criticism of City was the riddler trophies that became rather tiresome not a lot of fun, they have changed then (yeh!) but for something similar (Boo!). Not only that after doing most of this I only had 39% completion! You will also notice the graphics are inferior especially on the characters you see, they are half baked and the facial animations horrific.

So even though Rocksteady left and the new team have still made a very fun game to play, you don't feel the want to replay, like the others, and sticking to same formulae with only a little change is lazy. What is unforgivable are the PS2 poor facial animations.
Like films games have there day and i would love to see another but it will need to change radically.
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on 29 December 2014
The game's basically a clone of Arkham City. Same game play, moves, types of challenges, etc. The most annoying thing about this (and the other Arkham series) is the likelyhood of developing repetitive strain injuries to your thumb from pressing the square/attack button. Street thugs with Rocky-level punch endurance, goons wearing hockey pads making them invunerable to standard attacks and mercenaries who shoot you with superhuman accuracy (even whilst gliding/dodging!) all make this game frustrating yet addictive. Enemies have no trouble seeing you through smoke pellets - for some reason Batman can only use one at a time and you have to wait while it "recharges" before you can use another. I've also noticed that the game can be a bit glitchy during autosaves as you progress through the game which sometimes happens at inconvenient times.

I believe the intent of the game designers was to make this game challenging to regular gamers but I personally think that they made this a bit too longwinded in a lot of ways (common punks should stay down after a few punches but instead they get up...then get up...then they get up again......) but the story mode is nice and long so you won't be finishing it quickly, especially with loads of side missions. Most people will complete the story mode once then probably not look at it again for ages. The more devoted/obsessed people will play it until they've completed absolutely everything.
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on 2 November 2013
Batman Arkham Origins takes the gamer back to the beginning days of Batman's adventures. A prequel to Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. Batman Arkham Origins, does a good job following in the same direction as it's predecessors.

In terms of graphics and game play, those who will are familiar with the controls of the previous games. Will have no issues quickly getting into the action.

There is a good variety of side villain missions and collectives, which will allow you to come away from the main story.
The main story is also pretty solid, which introduces some very familiar and some not so familiar villains in the game.

Unfortunately the game loses some stars from me due to a number of bug and glitch issues, that does affect the game play and enjoyment at times. These issues, are awful frame rate drop issues in certain locations.

Textures not popping up properly on buildings and random complete freeze of the game. Some users have had experiences of infinity falling where Batman appears to fall forever. Definite issues which could have been ironed out had the game got a slightly later release date.

Fortunately Warner Bros is aware of these issues and working on a patch to fix these in game issues, I have had these issues on the PS3 version and are random, I don't know if the Xbox version suffers the same bugs and glitches.
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on 30 October 2013
No need to go into any great detail here. If you're interested in buying this game then you've most likely played one or two of the previous Arkham games by Rocksteady.

WB Montreal don't change an awful lot but deliver a smashing story which delves into a younger, darker, angrier Batman and make subtle, minor improvements to gameplay and combat that enhances the experience. Some things are missing from Arkham City, some things are added or improved.

The cast is great. The voice-acting is spot on. Roger Craig Smith and Troy Baker in particular as a young Batman and Joker are superb. They freshen things up and it works with the idea that this is a prequel.

New enemy types make combat more varied and more fun, and a little more challenging. Batman seems to move a small fraction slower (maybe that's just me) and attacking & countering pre-free flow isn't quite as easy. It's not game-changing, but it's noticeable to me and I think it's a nod to the fact that it's a younger, inexperienced Batman you're controlling. I find myself evading more than in the previous games which makes it that little bit more challenging and therefore fun.

It's a nice way to finish off the current-gen Arkham series with Rocksteady handing the baton to WB Montreal. They fill that gap nicely as Rocksteady are preparing the next-gen Batman title.
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on 24 November 2013
I believe this is set prior to the previous Batman games, but I'm not that big a fan that I worry about the detail. What's great is all the things that make the other games so much fun are in here, flying, grappling, stealthy take downs, you name, they're here. Some new gadgets, but basically the same as before. If you liked it then, you'll like it now and there is a much bigger free world to explore.

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on 7 November 2013
The bar was set high with AA and AC...Origins is good, but seems to lack a bit of polish really. Batman still kicks ass, but the variety of enemies seems a bit lacking compared with previous games. The boss battles are Ok, but will probably not be remembered as legendary being honest.
i don't think this will keep me entertained a long as the previous 2 games either - the side missions involving bosses Mad Hatter and Anarky are Ok, but on the Deadshot boss battle, I cannot proceed any further due to a glitch - I punched him into a staircase, which he dissapeared into, from which cannot seems to get out of, so hes in the room, but unaccessible....the other side missions seems a bit repetitive too, being penguins weapons caches, destroying black masks drugs, enigmas hundreds of mini-puzzles.....
even after updating the game a couple of times, the glitches still remain - incredible considering the game engine was already proven out by Rocksteady.
The game is also beginning to suffer from over doing it now too I feel - there are surely only so many rooms that have Gargoyles up near the celing?
In conclusion - a good game, especially for Bat fans, but maybe wait for the price to drop and don't set your expectations up too high.....
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on 25 November 2013
Very well polished game that takes around 15-20hours to complete if you do the side missions. But there is a lot to be had in the challenges as well which are as good as the game itself.

As with the other games it plays very well and the acting for the characters is immense - you really find yourself genuinely creeped out by The Joker!

One thing that doesn't get 5* for me is that it's not really an advancement on Arkham City and if you are playing this franchise for the first time, I'd go for that one (also because it was on Playstation Plus recently for free, so you'll get it very cheap 2nd hand).

Great game, but not any advancement. Love the trilogy, but if Batman wants to take the step up to PS4, there will need to be a major shake-up. One thing for example would be to have the public included. There seems to be some sort of curfew in place, so there is no general public and no cars etc. a truly interactive environment would make this game better.

My advice - if you have played Arkham Asylum and City already - buy this game, it is VERY GOOD. However, if you're new to the franchise, Arkham City is the best one out of the series, and you'll get the same experience at a much lower price.
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on 19 April 2014
Arkham asylum is an exceptional, almost damn near perfect game and while Arkham City wasn't quite as enjoyable (for me at least) it was still a fantastic game, beautifully designed, scripted and delivered.
When a third game was announced I was eager to enter once more into, perhaps not only the most definitive Batman depiction (outside of Batman: the animated series) but the best superhero game play on the market.
Unfortunately third time is certainly not lucky with Arkham Origins, what we have is an inferior rehash of the previous games, nothing new, nothing different just more or less the same delivered in a by the numbers style that lacks any of the quality we previously had.
The graphics are ok, the story is ok, the game play is just about ok. What the series needed was a leap forward, however what was delivered was more of the same but without the quality and that only come down to taking the project away from Rock Steady and handing it over to what seems a cheaper option. And therein lies the problem if feels cheap and it feels like nothing more than a money grab.
So disappointed I felt like sending it back, what a waste of money Let's just hope the next game is a return to form.
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