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4.4 out of 5 stars753
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 8 June 2013
The phones look & feel great - not too heavy but they feel sturdy and well made. Both handsets and bases have a very positive connection and battery life is fantastic.
The sound quality is also excellent. I've had different BT models in the past and the line quality was always crackly and very quiet. These, on the other hand, produce a brilliant level of sound quality and the noise filter works a treat.

Very happy and would certainly recommend.
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on 28 June 2013
Excellent product. Very easy to install and the clarity is wonderful. In respect of telephones, this is the best decision I have made.
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Panasonic have been offering affordable, reliable cordless phones for a very long time now.

The key reasons which make this set ideal for older people:

○ Large clear display
○ Large keypad
○ Ease of use
○ Loud speakerphone
○ Looks great and sturdy build quality
○ Panasonic's reputation for reliability

The only difference between this set and the more expensive (over 30%) one is the lack of an answering machine. I do not see this as a deal breaker if your telephone company supports this function.

Highly recommend for anyone seeking a simple to use, reliable cordless phone set.
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Size: Twin Set|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I got these to replace an older Panasonic Twin Set phone with answer machine. The handsets look almost the same, apart from a more rounded feel and look. The screen is now bright white background (similar to a Nokia 6310i) instead of orange like the last ones. This is clearer and easier on the eyes. The buttons are still orange. It would have beet better if the buttons were the same white light rather than orange, but nothings perfect. The batteries that are supplied are 500 mah which is rather low, the last ones had 800 mah batteries. You will need to charge the phones first, so you can't just plug them in and use straight away, a little charge of 20 minutes is needed (well it was with my set). Set up is easy, adjust the time and date and you are away. I could not get my old and new hone to connect together to copy the numbers, so had to input them all manually, luckily this did not take too long. The great thing was as I did all one phone, I was looking for the option to copy them all to the other handset and they were already in there - they must have copied themselves over as I entered them.

Call quality was just as good as my older phones, if not slightly better. Easy to navigate menu which has kept the main headings to 6, easy to use. Great phones.

Again, the only downside is the orange keys with a bright white display - poor idea. Keep them all white!

I may regret not having the answering machine built in, but can have voice mail activated by the telecoms provider for free if needed, so not a deal breaker.
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on 22 January 2015
Bought these as replacements for ten year old KX-TGA711 and feature wise they wipe the floor with them, but you buy phones for sound quality and you obviously need to pay more than this. As a fair few have pointed out the sound on these isn't up to much. Using the speakerphone is ok so long as its not up loud else there's buzzing and distortion. My 771 set were as loud as these on level 3 and crystal clear, used normally they are quiet even with the volume on max, again my 771 were in a different league.

It's so annoying that before I used these my Mum said she needed new phones so I've bought a set for her. I don't think she's even going to be able to hear these if every set is like this. I know my old 771 were more expensive than these but in ten years I thought even budget phones would get the basics right. Pity my old ones took such a beating that I need to replace them. These feel very cheap in comparison but I could have lived with that, bad sound quality is something I can't.
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Size: Twin Set|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have owned Panasonic KX-TG6481ET Rugged Drip and Dust Proofing DECT Single Phone Set - Black for the last three years. Mainly because my youngest just lurved to slobber all over phones when was small and it has been fantastic but now she is older, I thought I would go for something a little nicer looking and decided to stick with Panasonic.

The phones arrived, I stuck them on charge for a few hours and when they were ready plugged them into the phone socket. Wonderful, the main phone and the additional handset were already registered so I could use them straight away. I flipped through the features menu and found a few items that really impressed me like the night time function which automatically switches the phone into silent between specified hours. I often get unwanted calls early in the morning or late evening when I want to relax so I set this accordingly. Second thing I noticed was that I put some of the my contacts into the address book and noticed when I went to the additional handset that they were also automatically on that one too! With my older model, I had to do each handset's address book separately. Fantastic!!

I continued to play and set up my phones to how I wanted them. Then I came to using them. I use the phone a lot for work so it is important that I get good call quality. Nothing worse than having a long conversation where information being exchanged is vital and you cannot hear or are straining to hear. With the old Panasonic the call quality was excellent, it also had a socket for a headset which I sometimes used when on long phone calls (this one does not so that is a minus).

The first 3 phone calls I had were dodgy. I first thought that the caller was on a mobile but no. The calls sounded muffled and like the person on the other end was in a large room and some way from the mic. I tried using the NR (noise reduction button) but no real change or improvement. I asked the other caller if they could hear me ok and they said that I was crystal clear so the problem was evidently in the speaker on my end.

I since, tried fiddling with the settings and there is a setting for adjusting the 'equaliser' which I set at 'treble' as the calls sounded quite 'basey' and although there was a little improvement, this setting has to be done every time you make or take a call which is downright annoying.

So unfortunately, I have, for the time being, added one of my older handsets to the base unit and will continue to use that for work calls. Although I will try again with this unit, I cannot see that things will improve any.

Quite disappointed as the functionality of the phone really impressed me for the price. Battery life is good (the same as my previous model), I can take the handset off its base and make calls one after the other for several hours before I even need to consider putting it on charge but that does not make up for call quality when you spend as many hours as I do on the phone.
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on 10 April 2014
possibly the best phone ive had, you know the problem they look good you get them home and they are rubbish. not so for this phone, the batteries last for days between charges,the screen is easy to read and the volume is plenty loud enough, but beware they do not stand on your desk as they dont have square bottoms,one great thing about them is when entering a new contact into one handset it is automatically sent to the other handset. love this phone
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on 7 March 2014
Up until I got these I always considered panasonic to be the best. Unfortunetly this phone set is horrendous. They look good, they're ergonomic, it has a nice big screen but OMG the sound quality is appalling.

Being a sound engineer I realise exactly whats going on. Panasonic have employed a digital compressor & noise gate to try and improve the quality in the earpiece, alas it doesn't function as it should. Voices are all one level without any dynamic, they're flat to the point of being muffled, adding eq either increases the hiss or the muffle. One out of 3 calls was reasonably ok the rest a struggle. When a person talks the noise gate/filter pops in to try and illiminate backround noise, when they stop talking the backround noise pops back, so there's a continuous 'pumping' in and out of intereference between words, it really gives you a headache and the nr function just makes it worse.

Lets talk ringtones. Panasonic have insisted on giving us a lovely selection of dated 80's style rings. These are pure torture on the ears. Some are laughable others pitiful. I found one usable, not that it was any good just that it was the best out of the bunch.
Note to Panasonic: It's the 21st century can we please have some ordinary proper ring tones, a selection of vinatge ones would be good or the ability to download new ones. To be presented with endless strangled budgie sounds is in this day and age is ridiculous. They also need to be a little louder.

The display is great but when you put them back in the holder they display the word CHARGING in huge letters....why?...I know they're charging, they still have the little bar indicator that panasonic have always had so there really is no need for this annoying new feature.

I know Panasonic phones inside out. I can easily access the settings to improve & personalise the handset. I find them very intuitive to program & operate but no amount of tinkering can improve the original sound quality, which is a flat dull lifeless mess.

Panasonic have lost the plot. The whole point of a home phone is that it has a pleasant audible ring tone, it's easy to use, it feels good in the hand especially for longer calls and you're able to have a conversation!!!
Surely as technology advances at such a rapid rate a telephone produced by the same company in 2014 should be much better than the one they produced 6 years earlier!

There's quite a few happy reviews on here, maybe they were written a little too soon or maybe my ears are super fine tuned. I tested another set of these just to make sure I didn't receive a faulty batch, it was the same. I also tested a higher end set and to my surprise that had the same fault with the sound.
I went back to using my old phone and the difference was immediately evident, it was clear, the ring tone was pleasant and audible but by todays standards it's a bit of a brick, I need to replace it asap and I'm so disappointed that it won't be a Panasonic.

Panasonic deserve to take a massive finacial hit in the phone market because they're new line up is a complete miss! They're that bad at doing the basic job of communication it's an insult
I would suggest you look elsewhere for your cordless home phone, In my opinion these are not worth your money.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 28 July 2013
Size: Twin Set|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Apart from one thing below it was very easy to set up with the added bonus that the phone numbers you enter just appear on the second handset which before on earlier models were transferred wirelessly to the second handset through a menu.
I also like the selection of ringtones so I can set it differently to the one you always hear on the television and you are not sure if it is yours. The volume of the ringtone is also adjustable.
I dont know how many ringtones there are as the list goes on for ever.
I would have preferred a wall mounted cradle but it does seem to be stable emough.
Only thing I dont like is the glossy black upper half (like almost everything at the moment) which soon gets covered in fingerprints.
Initial setup was a bit confusing as I was looking for the grid like settings button in the guide on the phone but this is actually an onscreen icon that is only visible when the handset is removed from the cradle and disappears in the cradle. The set up guide is telling you to charge it first and the handset is telling you do the setup first. Once i found this out is was easy.
I like the push button "find the misplaced handset" feature. I could do with that on my TV remote.
There are less buttons to cause confusion than my previous Panasonic so a pleasure to use.
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on 22 July 2013
Can't fault these phones so far. Good looking, good performance, comfy to hold, plenty of features (although mastering all these takes a little time). The ring tones are mostly rather strange but I found one that I like. Some people say that Panasonic phones have rather low handset volume and this was indeed the case with my older Panasonic phone set that I have had a few years now. I think Panasonic have listened and corrected this. I can't listen at full volume on these phones as they would be too loud both with and without speakerphone. There seems to be plenty up and down adjustment on volume to cater for all calls on my phones. In summary, very pleased and would recommend these.
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