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3.5 out of 5 stars65
3.5 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 17 July 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is a fantastic gadget. I have the cam setup to email me at work if anyone comes to my front door. I get photo's of the postman and people delivering leaflets regularly. It's very comforting to be able to check everything is OK at home when you're not there.

First, the good stuff. It's very easy to setup (I would recommend some basic understanding of networks, IP Addresses, etc. a total novice may struggle), the picture quality is great, sound quality isn't perfect but still very good. The frame rate (smoothness of picture movement, TV's are around 24fps) reduces as you increase the picture quality, and at the highest quality I was getting around 18-19fps, which is very useable, only slight jerkiness.

Even the night vision performance is good. The night image more or less looks like a slightly darker black and white version of the day or lit view. The cam looks neat and seems well made.

I have the cam setup at home on my wireless network (you can plug it in as well, doesn't have to be wireless) looking through my front window towards the front door. If someone rings the door bell, I can pick up my iPod or iPhone, run the D-Link app and connect to the cam within about 10-15 seconds, see who it is, and answer the door or not... great!

I can even use the same iPod or iPhone and connect to the cam from work, many miles away. Less useful for answering the door, but if you had cam's throughout the house, you could look round your house and hear what was going on remotely... fantastic stuff!

You can setup movement detection and the cam will email you when it sees something, which works, but you have to setup the areas the camera should ignore, or you'll get endless pictures of grass blowing in the wind. It seems you can record the cams feed through a piece of software supplied with the cam, if installed on your PC, but I haven't tried that. The same bit of software supports up to 32 cams.

Now the not so good... the cam struggles when looking through glass, as I have it installed. If you can look through straight forward, no problem, but looking at any kind of angle will pickup reflections on the glass you never even noticed, and it detracts from the picture rather than ruins it, but in night mode, the infra red LED's make it look like a bright torch is shining on the window and it's unusable.

All said, a great gadget, if not perfect.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've been using this camera to keep an eye on a sick pet whilst I'm at work, and it's been a great help.

The camera needs a power cable, it can't be run from batteries, and can be connected to a PC via cable or wifi and cloud. The wifi connection was very easy to set up and the resolution is good enough for day-to-day use, but certainly not film quality.

The camera is fixed and has quite a narrow field of view (view can't be re-angled remotely), but gaffer-taping a camera wide-angled lens on did improve the field of vision substantially. The camera's build-in stand is a bit thin and flimsy, so I found it was best to weigh the stand/camera down to prevent it tipping.

The viewing set-up on your PC or smartphone has nice built in apps where you can easily take and email screen shots, and the camera streams through to smartphones with no problems...but the data usage to view the camera is absolutely enormous, so beware the phone bill.
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on 10 July 2014
The camera is very easy to set up and I think the picture quality is very good. However my only issue with it is that the AC adaptor is not long enough. It needs to be at least 2 metres. I have had to buy an extension so hopefully that will solve the issue. The app's quite good too. Just had a slight problem with being emailed all the time so I have turned the sensitivity down and this has also solved the issue.
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VINE VOICEon 25 June 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The camera is reasonably straightforward to set up, and once it has been it can be used wirelessly away from a router. It always needs to be plugged into the mains, the lead is not very long and there is no battery option, which restricts where it can be placed. But if that is not an issue you can set this where you please, or screw it to a wall.

Once it has been set up you can access this simply from your computer on the D-Link website or from your mobile device using the mydlink app. You can have a number of devices set up on the one account and easily switch between them. You can also set it to alert you when the camera picks up movement or sound.

The image quality is decent and allows you to zoom but not pan in any direction. The night mode makes it a lot easier to see what's going on in darker places, and the audio quality is good enough to actually hear what people are saying on it.

A simple monitoring solution, depending on what you actually need it for.
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on 26 December 2014
I bought two of these and broadly they do what they say on the tin, but there are a couple of issues.

Firstly, I cannot make the wifi extender work, whatever I do. The documentation states that you must be connected by wifi to do this, but whatever settings I give it (there are options to use your existing SID, or a new one) as soon as you enable the extender, it drops off the network and never comes back.

The second issue Is the web management interface, the whole thing is slow and clunky, and the motion detection screen, which requires java, is very hit & miss.

The image quality is probably fine for the price, but is only VGA and not particularly sharp, the night illumination could be better, highlights blow out easily, and it reverts to night mode under better light than you might think.

On the up side, once you do get it set up, the motion detection works well with your email service.

The supplied power lead is probably abut 3m long, not bad, but not great if you intend installing it close to the ceiling.

For the price they are decent enough, just be aware you are not buying a top of the range piece of kit.
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on 30 October 2014
Images (video or still) are relatively (5/10) but for the price this is good value for money. I did find setting this up a bit confusing at first but made the error of registering the camera with the wrong site or something. Sorted out in the end.

Am considering buying at least another one if not two for both front and back of the fl;at (currently installed in my hall - which you have to walk through to get to any room in the flat.
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on 24 October 2015
I was looking for a cheap, no maintenance wifi/ethernet camera to be able to check some test bench in remote room. I also wanted to see what can such a cheap product offer so I experimented with this one and deployed it at my home.

Overall, it is an OK product for the low price but its technical performance is not great. It may work to cheaply monitor something without guarantees if you will be able to reach it when you want. From there on, I do not think this product is marketed as a security solution, nevertheless somebody may consider using it for such purposes. So, for such applications my impressions are that the product is not reliable and its technical performance is too low to ensure useful video evidence;

Here are details from my experience:
- installation within my home network was easy, I suppose anyone who can setup home network can do it or resolve issues if any occur
- installation on the wall was also OK, I did not like the bulky power adapter;
- cloud integration works but it is somehow slow to reach the camera and quite unreliable - sometimes you can connect to it over the internet with just 5-10secs waiting, sometimes you need 3-4 attempts and sometimes it does not connect at all. What I am certain about is that it is not my home network that presents a problem. Also, I thought that there was some record on d-link site from which I can access record of the last days however I cannot find such thing - so I resorted to sending e-mails from the camera when it detects some sound/movement;
- resolution is low - if someone is more than 2 meters away, their faces will not be recognizable in infra red;
- the sound and motion detection features work, however the performance is not great and is not reliable. Sound is kind of difficult to adjust sensitivity and for motion - it is not quite clear how to prevent a fly not to trigger it. Anyway, a 15 seconds 4MB video, recorded around a sound/motion detection, takes 2 minutes to be sent to my e-mail. This means that a person will see the infra red lights on the camera and can destroy it before it sends anything. And as it is not quite certain if there is anything stored on the D-link cloud - this makes this camera one of the worst security solutions that you can make. The camera has also the feature to send images from interval around the time it detects something, however those are very few and only +-3secs of the event. I would say some 5-10 seconds is much more useful. Also, once the camera detects something, it does not continue to re-trigger for some time and I could not find way to configure this. Also I observed that sometimes, triggering no more works, so every few days I restart it (d-link can just make it reset itself from time to time).
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on 20 June 2015
When I first got this camera, I ignored the quick start guide and just downloaded the my D-Link Lite app from the Windows Phone store (yes, they have a Windows app! One of the main reasons for me buying this). I then just followed the setup process in the app. It told me what to plug into where, and how to setup the camera to view on my phone. I would highly recommend you do this instead of the install CD, as the app setup is so much easier!

It was fine for a while, and worked perfectly. Then I went to install it on the wall, so unplugged the power cable and plugged it back in again. I could not get it to connect to my phone again. No matter what I tried, I had no luck. This was not a problem before, as I had to unplug power after setup. To resolve the problem, I simply pushed a pin in the reset hole and set up the camera like new. Fixed! It's now on the wall and working perfectly. So if your camera disconnects, just reset it and start again.

The only thing I can't seem to work is the email notifications with pictures/video clips. They just say if motion/sound happened.

Overall, I would highly recommend this camera for its easy and simple setup, and the fact that it has a Windows Phone app! Buy it, it's great for the price.

UPDATE: Due to a fibre broadband upgrade, I've had to move my router (to the master socket) meaning I wanted to take advantage of the camera's WiFi extender function. However, as soon as I enabled this, the camera disconnected completely and could not be accessed, I also couldn't access the settings to change it back off. Unfortunately I had to reset the whole camera to get it to work again.
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on 20 May 2015
I bought this camera to use with a dlink NAS with its own cctv app rather than as a stand alone camera. The resolution isn't brilliant but is ok for indoor monitoring of a hall and stairway for example. The night vision is good enough but will not work through a double glazed window out into the garden for example as the infra red bulbs reflect off the glass and create glare. As a stand alone camera that can be viewed remotely with the dlink lite app it works well but, and here's the rub, the app needs the camera to be on a dynamic IP address. If you are going to use this with a cctv setup on a NAS like I am then you will need to have the camera set to a fixed IP address otherwise the connection with the NAS will keep getting lost. So you can't have it both ways in my experience. The settings are easy enough to sort out but perhaps not recommended for a newbie. For starters , the unit needs to have its firmware updated straight from the box, The full extent of the settings are in many ways quite difficult to access, perhaps it was me but I took quite a while to find and use the many useful settings. Be warned that you will need to use internet explorer as the camera needs Java support. Firefox works in my experience but you will have to mess about getting extra plugins to work or you will not be able to see the camera image ( essential for setting up the motion sensor area).The extender appears to work very well giving a it more range to a wifi signal.
In short, it is a good unit and does what it says on the tin but whether it is quite as simple as " plug and play" would suggest is debatable. Get to grips with it all and it is a great unit. I have subsequently bought another one so I guess thay are pretty good overall.
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on 13 August 2014
Great camera. crisp photo and very easy to setup. Very sensitive to light intensity and adjusts accordingly. I did not connect to cloud service but you can choose from various DNS services "on the line". Mount has an excellent twist action and not loose like many on the market. Only disappointment is that the supplier is a bit of a cheat. Sold as new but was in fact a used, returned or show case sample.
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