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on 16 October 2013
I won't go into fine details about what this TV can do because there are hundreds of in depth reviews about it.
-I researched TV's for months. Very nearly went for a Samsung (F6400) but the Sony has a much better build quality, nice metal, thin bezel and better picture. You sacrifice not having 3D, but that's fine for me.
-I don't use the Smart features so much, as the laptop is more convenient. However it's good to know that the TV has those features if needed!
-You can use a phone/tablet as a remote control! Very cool, even my iPad works fine. With the App you can access all of the buttons that are on the remote control, you can select a program from the TV guide on the iPad and the TV will change channel, genius!. You can also share media (videos, pictures, music from your Windows PC wirelessly to the TV!.
-You CAN record on the TV but you need at least a 32gb USB memory stick (I use a 64gb one). It pops neatly into the back of the TV. Recording is very basic but it's there if you need it!.

I wanted to talk about WALL MOUNTING. The stand/base on the Sony doubles up as a wall bracket, handy but check that you can use it on your wall. You cannot attach a 3rd party TV bracket, as the TV does not have the correct holes in the back.
I was worried at first, because I have 2 power plug sockets on my wall, but luckily the bracket fits around the sockets. Also note that the TV has a speaker system which protrudes out of the back, at the bottom of the TV, this is fine when wall mounted, but make sure that you don't have anything on the wall that would get in the way. You also need to make sure you have room for the Power supply (which comes with it's own small wall bracket), it sits neatly behind the TV. So just be aware of these things before you start putting sockets and plugs in your wall.
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Size: 42-inch|Colour Name: Black|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
♦ Brief ♦

Having previously owned a much older Sony LED TV, I was quite excited to see how well this would compare and if it was actually any better in quality.

One things for sure, it's very light for a TV it's size and has a good weight distribution making it easier to lift.

It has a lovely design, the TV width is nicely thin and has very little frame in the way of the screen.

This TV also boasts an X-Reality Pro picture processing engine with 200Hz Motionflow to deliver smooth and detailed images.

♦ Box Contents ♦

Television | AC adapter & power cable | Remote control | 2x AAA batteries |
Wall mount kit | TV stand & bolts | Instructions & other paperwork.

♦ Set-Up ♦

All you need is a Philips screwdriver (Unless you are mounting it onto the wall, in which you will also need a drill).

As my walls are extremely flimsy, I decided to go for the stand option which took barely 5 minutes (except for finding the darn screwdriver which took me 15 minutes).

- Stand Set-up -

Fixing the TV onto its stand is simplicity at its best:

1) Attach the two metal fixtures onto the stand and make sure they are screwed on securely.

2) Place the TV over the metal fixtures and insure they go into the slots. *Note: it's always best to get someone to help on this part to ensure an easy installation.

3) On the back of the TV there are two holes, one on each side, make sure the last two screws are inserted and securely tightened.

And that's it!

- Wall mount -

I'm really impressed with Sony making the stand double as a wall mount with the provided kit, this gives consumers a set-up choice right out of the box.

Those who are wanting to use this will be pleased to know it comes with a big piece of paper that shows you the exact distance of where the holes need to be drilled, this will certainly make the installation less of a hassle.

♦ TV Ports & Sockets ♦

HDMI x2 | Aerial | SCART(AV) | Component | LAN | Digital Out (Optical) | USB | Headphone | Power.

♦ Usability ♦

The remote control included is not only comfortable to hold, it's light and has a decent button layout.

As for the home interface, I absolutely love it, it runs very smoothly with no noticeable lag; the menu is also broken into convenient categories making navigation a breeze.

♦ Internet Connection ♦

Whilst this TV has a LAN port for wired connections, it also has a built-in WiFi adapter which gets a big like from me; a lot of TV's which are "WiFi Ready" require a WiFi USB dongle of the same brand as the TV and are normally very expensive, for example; some previous models from Sony needed such dongle with a hefty price-tag of £50+!

Connecting the TV to the internet via WiFi was effortless to do and the results are great, I can stream YouTube videos directly on my TV in HD quality! (As long as the video was rendered in HD of course).

♦ Picture Quality / Viewing Experience ♦

I am in complete awe of the picture quality, my previous Sony LED TV is around 2-3 years old and I honestly thought it was the bee's knees and that the quality couldn't get any better, but how wrong was I.

When it comes to HD content, the images are sharp, crisp & very smooth, it really brings life to what your watching. The TV also has many different scene modes to choose from such as 'Cinema', 'Cinema 24p', 'Music', 'Sports', 'Gaming' and more, this will adjust the picture & audio settings that will suit what your watching better.

The other main factor which really adds to the viewing experience is the frame of the TV, as mentioned before there's barely any frame taking space of the screen which makes it look like the images are going to flow off the edge.

- Unfortunately I can't comment on the Freeview quality as I don't have the appropriate cables/antenna installed. -

♦ Sound Quality ♦

The sound quality is actually rather good considering how thin this TV is, now it may not be the best and of course wont beat a home theatre, however it does deliver well and don't have any qualms about it.

♦ Final Opinion ♦

This TV definitely heats up the competition in the TV market, not only does it look amazing, it has great online features and is more than able to deliver stunning picture quality.

The more I use the TV, the more I love it!

- EDIT 20th May 2013 -

I've now included a video that shows the box contents, how to set the TV up via the stand & an overview of the TV's interface.

*Music used in the video were the following: 'Speed of Light' &'No Regret' by Zircon.
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on 9 March 2014
I bought this because it offered the best range of features for the price, and was a great looking design too.
I've been very impressed so far. The screen is excellent and is great for 1080p gaming or blue ray films. The contrast it also exceptionally good - the blacks are very deep; none of that backlit LCD 'glow' of old.

The internet functionality is great too. It's best to have the TV wired via ethernet if you can - the wifi is a little slow by comparison but still works a treat. The applications are great too. I've used Netflix on it a great deal and the interface is really good. Youtube is also great since you can pair the TV with you laptop or phone and 'throw' videos from these devices to the TV; a great party trick and actually very useful.

The sound is pretty good too - better than many of its competitors although a sound bar or 2.1 system would be helpful to reach a more dynamic range.

Since owning it, Sony has released 2 or 3 updates for its operating system. All have been helpful and glitch free and show that Sony have an eye on continual product improvement rather than just leaving it in its 'as launch' specification.

One point that I'd raise is that the stand that it comes with does not have a tilt or rotate functionality - they are just legs for the TV so you'll need to make sure that the table you sit it on (in my case) is a suitable height for your viewing.

All in all a very good product that I have qualms in recommending.
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I bought this tv as an upgrade to my ageing Sony Bravia and I am not disappointed with it at all.

Firstly, the TV looks very good. The slim bezel is lovely and means you could potentially go larger on the screen and infact my wife commented that she was apprehensive about such a big tv but having seen it, it isn’t too big or imposing which is a clear design win.

Setup was really straightforward. It has Wi-Fi built in but I connected up with Ethernet cable as I have a switch near the TV. On the WI-FI front if you have a compatible device you can mirror your tablet/phone straight to the TV. Just like Apple’s Airplay.
It has a number of connection types for external sources but I was disappointed that it only has two hdmi’s rather than 3, but I imagine this wouldn’t be a problem for most.

Picture quality is subjective but I found the picture crisp and clear and a vast improvement over my old Bravia. I’ve not seen any ghosting when watching sport and movies look great.

Sound is fair and more than plenty for my living room needs and can go quite loud before breaking up. The remote is light and well laid out. I love the little white light that glows under the tv when using the remote. Though Sony also offer an app for controlling the tv.
This is a Smart tv and connecting to the web allows for updates and accessing online content. I’ve not explored this too much but it plugs the Sony network quite heavily, obviously. The usual suspects are there though such a web browser, Skype, Netflix and YouTube. Though if you are considering Skype I believe you have to by the Sony Camera which is very overpriced but goes nice with the tv.

Now what I did find interesting is that I have a QNAP NAS running media server and also plex on it and the tv was easily navigated to the relevant shares and played the content back flawlessly. That said it did occasionally hang when accessing one particular file, which was odd as it played larger mkv’s fine, requiring it to be powered off and on. I was really impressed with this and negates the need for a media streamer. That said my QNAP TS-470 is also a very capable HTPC so I use that mainly. When using the HTPC the screen was brilliant when surfing the web or watching a movie.

The TV also has a USB port that can be used for playback and record which is great.

One thing to consider is that if you are wall mounting you use the stand as there’s no vesa holes. And it uses a brick style psu which would need some planning too.

I’m really happy with this tv and does what I want it to well.
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on 13 February 2014
I have been doing lots of research and visited many shops to see how the different screens compare with each other. When I saw this Sony I knew that was going to be mine. The quality of the image is fantastic, audio is not too bad and seems to be on par with other models, the extra thin bezel makes the television smaller without sacrificing screen size.

I've done some basic testing of smart functionality and the Netflix app was quite good, allowing me to watch the first season of breaking bad with no glitch.

The remote is ok, even though I'm still using the Virgin remote for most of the Tivo functionality. There's an iphone/ipad (probably android app) that allows to control the television which seems good, although the text input is a bit weird as id doesn't allow you to see the text as you type on the screen (you will see it on your phone for instance but you have to confirm before seeing the whole text on the television).

Only slight downside is that there is practically no clearance under the screen; so if you have a blu-ray player or a tivo box keep it in mind (I didn't and my tivo box is now on the floor until I find a more permanent solution). Not too sure why Amazon and other shops are keeping this price tag, as a quite famous department store offers a 5 year guarantee for the same price.

In conclusion, definitely recommend it.

PRO: thin bezel, brilliant picture quality, nice design

CON: screen sits very low
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on 2 December 2013
Just got this TV a few days ago along with my PS4... all I can say is WOW!

The TV itself is stunning, the brushed silver frame looks so high quality and frames the screen perfectly. As for the picture quality, it's flawlwess! I play BF4 which is in itself a visual impressive game and this TV just does it justice completely. Colours are vibrant and the picture clarity is crystal clear, no motion blur at all!

I couldn't recommend this enough!!
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on 18 December 2013
I wanted to replace my Panasonic 32" LCD TV and originally chose Panasonic TX-L42E6B 42-inch Full HD 1080p Smart LED TV with Built in Wi-Fi and Freeview HD as I've always had Panasonic and the reviews were great for it.

I was so disappointed in the picture quality even compared to my 8 year old 32" screen that I sent this back to Amazon and asked for them to replace with this Sony TV.

What a difference, this is the clearest TV I've ever seen, I generally only watch football or movies using Sky HD and this TV enhances what I've had previously to another level. On the original TV I ordered anything fast moving was blurry, people out of focus on wider shots couldn't be made out at all, on this TV everything is crystal clear.

Set quality is great, the stand is really nice. I use Sky HD so didn't bother with the Freeview set up, WiFi connected easily, as did Sky. I use a home cinema system so can't comment on the TV sound.

Really happy with the purchase and Amazon's no hassle returns and exchange for the original TV.
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on 28 December 2013
Ordered from amazon warehouse deals, and arrived as new- I can't see any blemishes at all, it's just been repackaged (but don't quote me on that, they're all different!). Setting up was very straightforward, and the picture is fantastic. Very clear, vivid colours, and great blacks. Freeview HD is stunning. Stand definition is still good, but obviously inferior.

Smart functions are very good, the iplayer app is very intuitive and well thought out, though it's notably lacking itv player and 4on demand. Maybe in an upgrade, Sony? The only downside for me is the miracast ability to mirror your tablet or phone, that doesn't work with any of the phones (or the google nexus 7 2012 edition) in my house. But all in all, a very classy tv for the money.
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on 13 February 2014
- Excellent HD picture; SD quality is largely dependent on the source, and can range from very good to poor.
- Good enough motion (much better than my previous generation Sony Bravia XXX3000)
- Surprisingly good quality sound; haven't felt the need to hook it up to my (decent) hi-fi yet; reasonable bass (not boomy).
- Cheap.
- Efficient energy usage.
- Wireless works well for youtube etc.

- No glaring weaknesses; I don't consider a lack of 3d a great loss.
- I almost forgot to mention the huge external power supply.

I'm no great expert on the subtleties of TV picture quality - far fussier about audio - but I'm very satisfied with the purchase.
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on 19 December 2013
Due to the various opinions by other reviewers on Amazon, I decided to go into a nearby well-known electrical store, which had both the Sony KDL42W653 42-inch, and the Panasonic TX-L42E6B 42-inch side-by-side on the display unit.

Both were showing the same program. The Sony KDL42W653 42-inch had a far superior picture when compared to the Panasonic. Personally I would have expected the Panasonic to be better, but it wasn't. I also looked at Samsung within the same price range, its picture quality wasn't as good as the Panasonic or Sony.

I ordered the Sony from Amazon as it was £30 cheaper.

The Sony comes with wall brackets and a base stand. It is easy to set up using Sony's menu. It was up and running within 10 minutes.

TIP! When you go through Sony's menu configuration, you will be offered the option to set up for satellite dish viewing. If you are using a freesat box or Sky box select "no" as you will be connect the freesat and sky box to one of the hdmi sockets at the back. If you have a satellite dish and cable fitted directly to the tv select "yes".

Comments by other reviewers about the picture quality on the tv channels being poorer quality and darker when compared to watching DVDs- there is a difference but by changing the tv's default picture settings the quality can be improved. I think the main issue is with the broadcasters on their standard channels, once broadcasters switch-over to only hd channels, the issues should be resolved.

I've also watched a few fast action movies and there has been no pixelation problems, which older or cheaper televisions suffer from.

The only thing I really wish it had was three hdmi connections instead of two. This can be overcome by buying a hdmi auto switcher.

For under £500 I would recommend this television without hesitation. It's really good and I have no regrets.

4 Star rating given because itv player is not available on the tv's internet, and for only having two hdmi sockets.
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