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4.6 out of 5 stars91
4.6 out of 5 stars
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Colour Name: White|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Weighing just over 1½ Kg and with dimensions of Length: 34cm; Height: 11cm; Depth: 6cm this is, size wise, at the upper-end of the portable Bluetooth speaker range. It's smart and stylish with a high end finish and it looks the part. It's not free standing - a kick stand that covers some of the controls has to be opened to support it and it has to remain open for it to work. The Bluetooth paired seamlessly with my iPad, the range is good within the house and my iPad now recognises the speaker every time I switch it on. The volume and speaker phone buttons are conventionally situated on top of the speaker.

Powered by 2 channel speakers with a combined output of 20W, the sound delivered is MASSIVE. The volume goes up, up & up and the quality of the sound is excellent. It's rich and detailed and, most importantly (and where some Bluetooth speakers fall down), the bass is near perfect - it doesn't get lost in the mix and it doesn't have an unnatural forced sound either. There are three sound modes - Standard, Megabass and Megabass & Surround. I have it defaulted to Megabass & Surround but if the truth be told, there's no real noticeable difference between the three. Nonetheless, as the product information states, the sound really does fill every corner of the room.

Portability wise, this is perfect for the home and garden. However, given its size and weight, high end finish and the fact that you have to open the kick stand to use it, this is not the sort of speaker you'd want to take camping or down to the beach. Also, the battery life is limited compared to some of the competition - I've been getting between 7 and 7½ hours of playback. If you're after a truly portable speaker, then I'd recommend the Braven 650. Although it doesn't go as loud as this, the quality of the sound is just as good, it's much more compact and lighter, will not mark or scratch as easily, delivers approximately 16 hours of playback and you can switch between tracks (a function that this speaker doesn't have). It is, at the time of writing, in the same price range. But, if you're just after a speaker for the home then this speaker is the better option.

A full charge takes about three hours and you can use it whilst its charging. There's no indication that the battery is running low - it just powers off. It also has some added features - you can charge a mobile device from it, it doubles as a speaker phone and it is Near Field Communication (NFC) compatible. Download an NFC app for Android devices and by touching the speaker with your device it connects the two. However, it will work with any Bluetooth enabled device - NFC is an optional extra function. It also comes with a handy carry case.

In summary, if you're after a portable or dedicated speaker for the home or workplace, this is the one to get. Sound wise it's astonishing and it's the next best thing to a stereo system setup and for the price it represents EXCELLENT value for money. However, if you're after a truly portable speaker for outside of the home then consider the Braven 650 instead.
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on 17 July 2014
I have had the Sony SRSBTX300 for a few months now. The sound is really good for the price and size. I bought it to replace an old HiFi / CD player, since I no longer listen to CDs. The sound is not as good as my HiFi, which has two large speakers, but it's good enough to let me ditch the old thing. I compared it in store to the Jambox Big and a Bose SoundLink II, it sounded a lot better than the Jambox, the bass really comes through which it didn't on the Jambox. The sound was pretty comparable to the Bose, great volume and bass and a clear sound throughout. At about a third of the price of the Bose this was a no-brainer.

Connecting various phones and computers to it has been relatively painless, most things just connect right away. I love being able to get home, flick the bluetooth on on my phone, and play a song. It has connected before the song even starts usually.

The only problem I've had is with my laptop, which runs Ubuntu Linux. The speaker connects ok although there was a bit of trouble getting it to play high fidelity, the default seems to be a phone quality stream, which doesn't sound good. The connection also dropped after about 30 mins. I think this is probably down to poor Linux bluetooth support though, and I imagine you would get the same problems with any bluetooth speaker. I've had no problems with a Mac Mini and a bunch of different Android phones and tablets.
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on 24 January 2015
Htc users take note. If you turn the Bluetooth on your phone on and then turn the Sony on you'll get a stuttering cut out every thirty seconds. You have to turn the Sony on first and then turn the Bluetooth on the phone on and it works perfectly. It's a bit of a pain because if you forget and turn off the WiFi on the phone and turn it on again you'll get the stuttering connection and you have to turn the Sony off and then on again. The Sony worked connecting either way on a Sony tablet, an iPhone and 2 other android devices. Only the htc m8 had this annoying fussiness.

Anyway, this is a superb piece of kit that oozes quality. The definition is really excellent and both the bass output and volume were better than previous Bluetooth towers about three foot high that I've had. (though you do really need a good equalizer such as that on the Poweramp app or the one on Spotify. It sounds exceptionally good at a loud volume but also sounds great at low volumes. I listen to mostly classical music and the clarity of this unit is spot on. Stuff like Rage Against the machine or muse sound really powerful though. It's got strength as well as finesse. Highly recommended.
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on 17 October 2014
After long deliberation reviewing top brands, I decided to run with this.
Ok, it lacks a bit in bass, but the sound is balanced, clarity is crystal, if extra bass is needed, I use a bass enhancer on my smartphone, it works a treat. Never drops Bluetooth signal and is small enough for travel with its traveling case (nice touch Sony).
All in all I would highly recommend this unit for sound, size, price, looks, weight and sheer sexiness ( I have white version), it's a joy to connect and watch peoples expressions when they realise the large sound is coming from such a small device!
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on 8 April 2014
Nowadays My money goes where the integrity is so when it comes to white-goods I only buy Sony. This is a phenomenal piece of kit. I wanted something to fill the room with good quality sound when I'm doing stuff around the house - washing dishes, getting ready etc. and this does that job as well as anything. I see that there are more expensive ones on the market and I couldn't possibly comment on them .. but seriously, if you're not made of money you don't want to spend a fortune on this kind of toy .. at just under a hundred pounds this one if GREAT value for money. The build quality is unmatchable and I recon there's no need to worry about this speaker ever developing any rattle. I listentoeverything from Classical to Prog' .. from Jazz to Folk .. including some 1930s stuff recorded in mono (Busby Berkeley etc) and this Sony Blue-toothS peaker seperates the sound very,very well, you can hear every thing going on in the mix. One reviewer said (being super picky) the top end could sometimes be a bit brighter .. and perhaps it could for hi-hats and high-end electric guitars etc .. but you can fix that by selecting a different pre-set in your EQ settings. PersonallyI think the highs are as good as the full, fat booming basses that this box delivers. It's about as big as a ladies clutch bag and it sits perfectly solid on it's pull-out support leg with rubber feet. There was a time when everyone got completely anal about sound delivery .. with diagrams telling you where to position yourself between the speakers and so on but those days are gone .. with this little beauty you can still close your eyes and enjoy the very best, the very finest music of Mozart, Vangelis, Joni or Toot without any compromise whatsoever. I love it and if you're a music lover I think you will too.
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on 20 September 2013
This doesn't happen often but Currys was £30 cheaper than amazon for this. At that price it's even more of a good deal. I tried out several speakers in Currys bless 'em. It was quite fun connecting to a bluetooth device and not knowing quite which one was going to pay - not always the closest. Bluetooth connection was pretty straightforward.

I did first of all try the BTX500, which as you'd expect was beefier and a pretty good sound - surprising me in its quality, but I guess I started out with low expectations. I then tried out this smaller speaker expecting a pale imitation and sure it wasn't quite as muscular, but it was actually very acceptable; in particular I was trying orchestral and chamber music, and listening for two features - some clear stereo separation (very helpful in hearing the detail in complex sound textures), and even more importantly a good balance of bass, treble and everything in between. Nothing else I listened to came close in getting an acceptable balance on orchestral stuff from a small box; the logitech UE device - with a neat carry handle - had impressive bass, but the mid and treble were muffled and unclear. That may work very well with some types of music but sounded drear with say music for chamber wind ensemble where there isn't a driving percussive bass. That said the bass on this sony doesn't hide in corner; it's got quite a satisfying thump to it but strings come across sweetly as well.

It's also a very handy size, and that together with the price outweighed the increased oomph of the larger sony. And the stereo separation was actually every bit as good, despite the case being about 3/4 the width.

Battery life seems so far very acceptable, and the real clincher - I listen to this thing a lot. It doesn't just sit in the drawer ignored.
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My iPad mini 2 refuses to remain paired with my Sandstrom speaker,hence this purchase.Its wonderfully elegant and reeks of quality.Not for dragging around everywhere,but perfect for the house and garden.Its really a portable hifi and is so well made it's more a rolls royce weight wise than a Ferrari.
Pairing is simple and instant and never seems to fail.The amazing thing about this Sony is that it proves that listening to MP3's wirelessly can be done with style and sound fantastic to boot.It sounds so detailed with great clarity and beautiful bass.I tested it with several genres,Sonic Boom Six,Slayer,Eminem and Hollywood Undead,all sounded fabulous.It really has great volume,separation and bass.
It's a little bit of a conundrum that Sony have produced.It cannot really be counted as a portable speaker,I am not likely to be lugging this thing anywhere except round the house.So compared to most bluetooth speakers and their perceived reason for existing it seems to fail,however as a complete home music system it excels.So if viewed as a very portable full hifi system that looks amazing anywhere and can follow you to any room in the house it's an absolute winner.
Finally at the £79.99 price mark it's a steal,it was over £150 when released and looks and feels ever inch a £150+.Bargain!
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on 20 May 2015
This is as close to hifi sound as you can get for the price. Spotify via Bluetooth is very clear. I was listening to Chris Isaak's greatest hits and couldn't believe how much the speaker sounded like a hifi system. Its also great connected to a flatscreen tv , via the headphone socket .Giving the tv more bass and a clearer sound. If your after something for the home, this is perfect. If you want something portable, this speaker is probably to large and heavy.
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on 17 May 2014
Just a quick review. I have a good ear for good quality sound and these speakers, for the price I paid, performed more than good enough. I searched around for a good amount of time and these are by far the best in their price bracket in my opinion.

I listen to different types of music. The speakers perform well in most circumstances. They have 3 different sound modes, EQ off, Extra Bass and Bass and Surround. I found that the Extra bass worked best in most music genres.

Giving that the speakers are a 2.0, I can see through the grill that there is two speakers and 1 radiator to resonate the bass more.

For the rock genre they sound great. The mids and highs are awesome although the bass gets drowned out slightly when listening on very high volume. For dance tracks the music sounds excellent but again when on 100% volume the bass gets drowned out slightly. Keeping it on Xtra Bass sound setting gives it a good music balance. Of course if you want more bass you can get the boss but you will be shedding out twice the price that these cost.

Overall the speakers are just brilliant. They have a good quality feel and the sound it excellent. Would highly recommend for this price bracket!
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VINE VOICEon 25 July 2013
Colour Name: White|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is a Bluetooth enabled portable speaker - although by portable it is quite a hefty device and surprisingly heavy for the size. Although the size gives it a good sound, and the weight (presumably made up of batteries) makes for a good eight hours of playback at moderate volume.

Connection to my phone was easy. I tried using NFC but gave up after a while as it is just as easy to pair with Bluetooth and then just turn the connection off and on when you want to use the speaker. My iPad and iPod also connect as easy with the device, and I have no trouble switching between music players - simply switch Bluetooth off on one and on on the other and you are away. I have not had any problems with the connection above the usual Bluetooth interference that I suffer on all my various bits and pieces. If you don't have Bluetooth there is a socket for a cable connector. Probably useful to plug in a laptop perhaps?

Sound quality is very good for the size of the speaker. The highs are crystal clear, and the bass (depending on what you stand the speaker on) is also very passable for such a small package. There are various sound modes available by pressing a button on the side of the speaker, my favourite is the green lit mode which is a room filling surround mode with mega bass. Works well. Volume isn't as loud as some of the party type Bluetooth devices on the market, but it is a lot louder than most of the mini sized speakers, and certainly loud enough for a garden speaker or a beach barbie.

Styling is very well thought out. There are a couple of buttons on the top for volume and to answer calls (it works as a speakerphone for some reason...) but otherwise the more utilitarian controls are hidden behind the handy pop out leg on the side. All of the controls give a satisfying click, and along with the weight of the speaker give a feeling of quality. As well as the aforementioned leg and socket for external audio in there is also a USB out socket to charge your phone or iPad if you run it down playing too much music. There is also a groove styled into the back so that when you pick it up it helps to stop it slipping from your grasp, a nice touch. And there is an LED panel along the bottom of the front which lights different colours to tell you if it is pairing or various other information.

Overall then, this is a great multipurpose music player - It will fill all but the biggest of room with quality sound without taking up much more space than a couple of books - but if the sun comes out you can unplug it and carry it to the garden, or the beach, or the campsite, or to work etc. etc. etc...
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