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on 17 August 2013
I received this laptop last week. After looking around at various laptops on various sites i decided upon the lenovo Z500, merely for it's amazing specification to money ratio. Featuring a speedy 2.6ghz intel i5 processor with a turbo boost, huge 1Tb hard drive and a dedicated Nvidia GEFORCE 1gb graphics card it seemed as if this piece of kit had anything your average user, student or light gamer would need and i wasn't disappointed on the whole.

- Excellent specification, Featuring a quick 2.6ghz intel i5 processor with a turbo boost, huge 1Tb hard drive and a dedicated Nvidia GEFORCE 1gb graphics card it certainly has a lot of bang for it's buck!
- back-lit keypad, turned on using the Function (fn) and spacebar keys, it certainly does help when using at night/in dark lit areas.
- Sturdy and robust design built out of a mixture of metal, presumably aluminum and plastic, is comfortable to use and feels well built and put together.

- There seems to be a design floor with the speakers being on the bottom of the laptop, i'm not sure if this is common with laptops these days but I've never come across it before. This creates a slightly muffled sound when used on certain surfaces, such as if i put it on my lap.
- The mouse pad is very very sensitive, this causes unwanted actions, namely zooming in/out, fairly reguarly. Not often enough for it to be a major hassle, more a mere minor inconvenience.
- There is no keys for audio and playback on the keyboard like with allot of laptops these days. What i mean by this is there is no key for play/pause, and next/previous on the keyboard. There are however volume keys, which would be expected on any laptop. Not a major inconvenience but like with the mouse pad, its just an inconvenience having to switch to whatever your watching or listening to in order to change the track or pause it.

views on other users cons...

Windows 8 - yes it is hard to use at first, but as with any new OS i takes time to get used to it and a couple of hours of playing around and you'll be fine. Also the windows 8.1 update incorporates a start button to the desktop.
Flex keyboard - To be honest when using it you can't even tell. If it wasn't previously mentioned i wouldn't have even noticed it!
- fingerprint prone - If you don't want fingerprints don't buy a touch pad, simple as that. Any touch screen device has the same problem, my advice is deal with it. With regards to the ones on the back of the screen, yes they are anoying but you get them on most laptops these days and they do just wipe off.
- Software problems - Simply uninstall nitro before you update for the first time and jobs a good'n. All drivers gnerally configure and download themselves.
- Internet opens as an app - Easy enough to solve, just go on the internet settings bar (on Chrome this is the three horizontal lines button at the side of the address bar)and click relaunch in desktop mode or whatever the option is along those lines. This automatically saves as as your default setting so no need to do this every time, similarly to change back to opening as an app just select relaunch in windows 8 mode.
- Microsoft office is a trial - yes, yes it is, what did you expect. I don't know of any laptop or Desktop for that matter that comes with a full unlocked copy of Office on it, it's always a trial. If you want it free you can torrent it, not that i'm condoling that, but if you really want a complete copy for free there are ways. Additionally Microsoft works is free! and that does pretty much the same job.

Overall i would thoroughly recommend this laptop, there are a few problems, none serious and for your money you won't get a better piece of kit. Don't listen to all these whingers complaining about nothing and making problems, you've got to remember the vast majority of people will only leave a review when they have a problem.
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on 5 November 2013
I received the laptop 3 days after I had placed the order, which was a day before the beginning of the estimated 12-day delivery period, making it stupid for me not to recommend Designer Gadgets if you ever see a product you want sold by them.

I'll get straight to the pros and cons;

+ Very fast, at a great price for the performance (boots within seconds)
+ A lot of storage space, meaning I can store all my games and software without having to worry about space
+ Touchscreen is responsive and what I'd expect from a touchscreen device, even though I hardly use
+ Touchpad is very sleek and easy to use, and is very quiet once you learn not to use the touchpad buttons
+ Keyboard is very comfortable to use, unlike most other flat keyboards I've used with my desktop PC

- Only one audio jack (I know, I should've checked specs beforehand), meaning I needed to buy a splitter to use my headset
- Comes with McAfee and some other bloatware programs, however these can all be easily uninstalled
- Fingerprint magnet, as mentioned in a bunch of other customer reviews
- Don't know if it's something I've done, or just a problem with the software, but the Gesture API for the touchpad doesn't actually begin to work until after about 5 minutes of being booted up

~ Battery life is good for gaming, but not what I expect from a laptop, which is why this opinion of mine is down here, away from the pros and cons, since I wasn't expecting 10 hours of battery life while playing games

Overall, it's a good laptop for a good price, and the cons of it can easily be overcome if you look after your laptop and purchase some cheap additional accessories.
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on 24 February 2014
Had to return a Z500 to Amazon 2 months back for a full refund after serious power failure. This is my 2nd Z500. I also nearly returned this one after the touchpad kept going dead. But it's only doing that occassionally. When the touchpad dies, - the touchscreen is still working, so I can save my work and reboot, - taking about 2 minutes. Decided to keep this Z500 with the occassionally occuring touchpad fault - as other than these 2 problems, I really like the laptop. This 2nd one has an I5 processor. Not noticing any speed difference from the I3 Z500 I had a couple of months back. So not worth the extra cash. Only seems to run off the battery for about 3 hours - even with the keyboard back lights turned off and screen brightness turned down to 60% and not running any power hungry apps..I suspect all touchscreens are power hungry.
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on 31 October 2014
The Lenovo is great the windows 8 program is frustrating even now 12 months on I can't say I like the program at all. Touch screen is excellent tracks well.

One criticism is the onboard battery - within 6 - 8 months the usable unplugged life was less then 15 minutes not impressed with that I have been told that it is a software issue not the actual battery itself - but if it was replaceable I would have bought a spare at the time of purchase as in my experience laptop batteries are pretty rubbish at lasting any length of time
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on 2 October 2013
Very pleased with my purchase....especially at the price of £450.
Nice looking, well made, light up keyboard, fast, touchscreen, decent graphics and a good size hard disk. Still not totally sold on Windows 8 but i guess I'll get used to it.
If you're looking for negatives, it's a touch on the heavy side and battery life isn't that great.
All in all though a very nice little machine for the money paid.
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on 15 December 2013
It has always been much slower than I expected given the spec. Took an age to start up. Now, after 4 months, a Windows update has left it unable to boot up. Amazon's website is making it difficult to contact them to return the product. It also appears that hard drive failures are not uncommon with this model. Save your money and buy something else.
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on 1 November 2013
Ok so it's been a good few years since I owned my last laptop and prior to that Vaio I had a Pico Direct Laptop..each cost me well over a thousand. This laptop, perhaps technology has moved on but is far superior. Might also be Windows 8 integration but I am chuffed to bits. Arrived with 1h35 of charge so didn't even need to plug in charger..I just checked charger worked. I know it's ill advised but I thought 1h35..should be more than enough. Anyway faults. Only 2 i can name are when you shutdown and the screen goes black, it's a good few seconds before the power light extinguishes(I know sleep mode is recommended but I'm old school traditional) and secondly lack of accompanying software but if that's how Lenovo has managed to offer such a well priced good spec laptop and scrimp on costs, all i can say Is well done Lenovo (who buys a laptop for accompanying software anyway!) Fully Recommended.
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on 26 August 2013
I've had this laptop for two weeks now and now want to send it back because of the amount of problems im having with it; firstly i have tried to use skype and the laptop just tells me something is wrong with the microphone (no suggestion of how to fix this by changing any settings) tried turning it off and on again to find that it now freezes on the lenovo logo start screen sometimes. Finally I tried watching a tv program on the laptop and with no explanation the audio has just stopped, tried turning it off and on again, then froze on the lenovo logo again, then after trying again to turn off and on again still no sound. i now just want to send it back and will go for a different brand never going for lenovo again!

The laptop has good features, when the mousepad works properly its good and the touchscreen is actually really good but can't be bothered with the rest of the hassle.
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on 2 September 2013
I got given this laptop as a gift and I have to say it is absolutely fantastic. Quick, quiet, and good looking. It has incredible specs for the price (it was less than £500 a few weeks ago, it seems to have jumped up in price!). It even has a dedicated, high quality graphics card. Windows 8 is great with a touchscreen, I imagine using it without one would be pretty awful actually.

My only gripe with the laptop is that the battery life and screen quality are average. However very few laptops actually have great screens or battery life. The screen definitely isn't bad, it's just nothing to get excited about (in contrast to how good the rest of this laptop is).
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on 1 September 2014
Using it now to write this review 6 mnths later. takes a god beting from my three year old as well so thmbs up all round!! W8 takes a bit to get used to but the latest update helps a lot!
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